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Index to Combs Land of Russell Co.

& the Neighbors
Carr's Cr., Big Moccasin, North Fork Holston River Alexander & Dicey PERRY Combs?
Cedar Creek, South Side of Clinch River, Upper Russell Counts, Gilmore, Smith
Weavers Creek, Clinch River, Upper Russell William & Anna THOMPSON Combs and Crabtree.
Combs Farm, Dorton's Fort, Copper Creek, Clinch River Not Known
Crabtree Br., Big Moccasin, North Fork Holston River, Lower Russell William & Seth STACY Combs, Sr. and Cody, Cornett, Davidson, Farris, Loveall, Osbourne, Thompson, Turner, White

Carr's Creek, Big Moccasin Creek, North Fork Holston

05 May 1866 Alexander Combs, Jr. was shot as a Robber at Carr's Creek, as reported by his father, Alexander Combs, Sr. It is not known if the family lived on Carr's Creek (Alexander Sr. lived in Hansonville, west and north of Carr's Creek, at the time of his death), but has been included here in case any descendant researchers should become interested in researching Alexander Sr.'s land holdings.

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Weavers Creek, North Side of Clinch River, Upper District

Note: The few records that follow are only "place holders" pending our acquiring deed whereby William Combs came by his land

1781/08/24 Washington Co VA Survey. Richard THOMPSON. 200 a. Weavers Cr.

1783/03/20 Washington Co VA Survey. John THOMPSON. 29 a. Weavers Cr.

1783/12/13 Washington Co VA Survey. Richard THOMPSON. 1793 a. Weavers Cr.

October 2, 1797 Russell Co VA Survey Book 1, 273 - 100 ac for Abraham HAYTOR - part entry of 500 ac February 19, 1782 - Warrant 10022 dated December 30, 1781 - on both sides of Weavers Creek adjoining HAYTORS 400 ac survey - line of John THOMPSON

October 2, 1797 Russell Co VA Survey Book 1, 274 - 400 ac - Abraham HAYTOR - part entry 500 ac entered February 19, 1782 - Warrant 10022 dated December 20, 1781 - on the south side of Weavers Creek - in Haytors Valley

26 Jul 1803 Russell Co VA DB3:400. Indent. John THOMPSON and Millinder his wife to Samuel FIELDS and George BELSHER, al of Russell. $300. Land in Russell on both sides of Weavers Cr. Beg. at a cond. line made bet. the sd. John THOMPSON and Samuel FIELDS. s/John THOMPSON. Wits: None. Ack/Rec: 26 Jul 1803.

06 Feb 1810 Russell Co VA DB4:314 Indent. Samuel FIELDS & Martha his wife to William LEE, all of Russell County. L200. Land cont. by surv. 100 acres m/l on both sides of Weavers Creek beg. at cond. line made bet. John THOMPSON and Samuel FIEDS, running from thence down said cr. including all the land from sd. cond. line, running to cow-pen br. crossing Weavers Cr. to foot of Hiters Hill. s/Samuel FIELDS, Martha FIELDS. Wit: Drury WOOD. Akc/Rec: 06 Feb 1810. Martha priv. exam.

29 Mar 1841 - 09 Jun 1841 (Russell Co VA Will Book 5, Pages 203-4) Will of William Combs. my mansion house where I now live and the land belonging to the same as far west as what is called the little field… to be my son Cullen Combs … for the benefit and support of the said Anna Combs during her life… to my son William Combs the lower end of my holm [sic] plantation where he is now living as far this side of his house as the little field … all my lands … Weaver Creek I will and bequeath to my two sons Thompson Combs and John M Combs they mae [sic] divided [sic] it between themselves as they chose…

Notes: Weaver Creek is rather long, and there's a 40 year gap between the Thompson-Haytor entries and the will of William Combs; however, in the meantime, we are in the process of organizing records which will be added here based on the 1810 Russell Co VA Tax List (showing William's post-marital neighborhood). Although the deeds are still missing in regard to William's acquisition of the Weaver Creek land, Russell Co, VA GenWeb Coordinator Michael Dye offers the following additional data:

"Apparently, Abraham HAYTER failed to pay the taxes on the land along Weaver Creek. William GENT, Sr., who was a brother of Obediah GENT, paid the taxes on the 400 acre plot & the land became his. When William GENT, Sr. died in 1804 in Tazewell Co., VA., he willed each of his 4 sons, Josiah, William, Jr., Mark & Joshua GENT 100 acres of the land. In the 1820's or 30's (again, I don't have the document with me, but I'm sure it was about then), Mark GENT sold his share of the land to William Combs. In 1835, 2 children of William GENT, Jr. sold 100 acres of the land to James GENT who had married Lydia Combs, d/o William & Anna Combs. I believe that James GENT was a s/o Mark, but don't have proof as of this time. It is also possible that was a s/o William, Jr. In 1847, the children of William GENT, Jr. sold another tract of the land to James GENT. How they came into possession of this second tract I don't know."

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Cedar Creek, South Side of Clinch River

This area between present-day Lebanon and north to the Clinch. The former Glade Hollow of Stacy and Counts fame was in this area.

13 Apr 1795 Russell Co VA Survey Book 1, P. 184

(shown on map: Big Cedar Creek & Clinch River)

April 13, 1795 - James RAMSEY - 15,000 ac - part Treasury Warrant 1146 dated February 4, 1795 - on the south side of Clinch River & west side of Cedar Creek - beginning on the bank of Clinch River at the mouth of Big Cedar Creek - nearly opposite John COWANS dwelling house - nearly opposite Shadrack WILLIAMS dwelling house - north side of Little Cedar Creek - crossing Little Cedar Creek twice - in a valley nearly opposite John DOLLERHIDE dwelling house - near the lower end of Peter LAWSONS plantation - north side of the main county road - near a large cave - nearly opposite Pat. COILS dwelling house - corner of plantation of Samuel HENDRICKS - near the head of Reeds Branch - on the bank of Clinch River between the mouth of Reeds Branch & the mouth of Dumps Creek - included within boundary: Steven OGDON 260 ac, Edward KELLY 120 ac, Robert WEBB 30 ac, Luke KELLY 100 ac, Joseph KISER 85 ac, Jacob ROBERTSON 180 ac, David CRAIG 400 ac - Thomas COLLEY 360 ac, James KELLY, 100 ac, William GILMORE 300 ac, Thomas CONWAY 400 ac, Shadrick MONK 50 ac, William MONK, 50 ac, Laurence VANHOOK 140 ac, Joseph MCRENOLDS 100 ac, John JESSEE 250 ac - Henry WILLARD 75 ac, Jacob RARESNAK 400 ac, Zechariah HENDRICKS 150 ac - Elijah HURST 100 ac, John COMM 200 ac - Henry HURST 30 ac, James HURST 250 ac, Samuel HENDRICKS 100 ac, James DICKERSON 50 ac - Samuel VANHOOK 100 ac, Timothy BURGESS 300 ac, John BREEDING 60 ac, Spencer BREEDING 200 ac, Robert RETHERFORD 50 ac, Shadrack WILLIAMS 50 ac, James GRAY 180 ac, Peter LAWSON 50 ac, Daniel PRICE 40 ac, Samuel EWING 40 ac, John COWAN 93 ac

Note: The 1790 Russell Co VA Land Tax Lists, Upper District, include a William Combs, "assignee of GILMORE" with 300 acres, and the above GILMORE entry is believed to be the land in question. No land has been found for either the above John COMM or the John Combs who (along with William Combs) is listed on the 1791 Upper District Russell Land Tax List with 100 acres. Moreover, the above John COMM may have been a COUNTS instead:

30 Jul 1797 Russell Co VA DB2:496-504

Indent, Major DOWELL of the County of Rockbridge and Commonwealth of Virginia to Samuel Andrew LAW of Cheshire in the County of New Haven and State of Connecticut… whereas… patent bearing date of 09 Feb 1795 to Major DOWELL assignee of RAMSEY… [DWELL] assigns forever … tract in Russell Co on south side of Clinch R, west side of Cedar Creek cont. 15,000 a. by Survey in name of sd. RAMSEY bearing date 13 Apr 1795 [same description as above except that John COMM is transcribed as "John COONES."] Major DOWELL'S patent is on-line at VSLA, Grant Book 33, pages 450-? at Click Page 451 to view this patent which clearly reads COUNES; i.e., it will be necessary to view the 1795 survey to make a determination as to whether this was Combs or Counts land.

Side Note: Major DOWELL and RAMSEY are found with numerous additional VA patents in numerous additional counties. Some of his Rockbridge land was on the Augusta County line and some is described as on South River of Shenandoah. See Mason Combs of Frederick and Augusta Cos VA, and see also Combs-DOWELL of Breckenridge Co VA.

This land has proved impossible to trace thus far - other than that it's undoubtedly in the Glade Hollow area where STACY, PRICE etc. are also found. Not only is SMITH too common, but GILMORE had numerous surveys/patents, and none sufficiently detailed to trace the land (research in progress).

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Combs Farm, Dorton's Fort, Copper Creek,
Clinch River, Nicklesville, Scott Co, VA

According to Robert M. Addington's "History of Scott County, Virginia," 1932:

"Dorton's Fort was located on the Combs farm, about one mile southeast of Nickelsville. It seems to have been built sometime about the year 1790…"

(Provided by Ervin-Johnson Researcher Max Ervin)

Note: It is not clear if Addington's reference to the Combs Farm is to a farm in 1790 or to one in 1932. However, we do know from the above tax lists that at least two Combs Farms were in Russell Co, VA at this time - although not if either or both were in that part which became Scott Co.

"William [DORTON], Jr., was a militia captain and was one of the party who went in search of the Indians led by the half-breed BENGE after they had murdered and captured the LIVINGSTON family, the last raid on the Virginia Frontier in 1794."

("Unsettled Settlements, Indian Forays on the Holston and Clinch Rivers, 1773-1794," Hamilton, Mullins, Weaver, Mullins Printing, Clintwood, VA, 1992, p. 71)

Notes: The "Livingston Family" was that of Peter LIVINGSTON, s/o William Todd LIVINGSTON of Essex Co VA > Rowan > Surry > Wilkes NC, who had removed to Moccasin Creek by 1774. William Todd LIVINSTON'S name appears only a few away from that of Mason Combs, Sr. on the 1768 Rowan Co NC tax list (See also Dickey Diary references re Benge and Livingstons and our Combs-Associated Families of Russell)

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