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Russell County was organized from Washington Co VA in 1786; Lee Co was established from SW Russell in 1792-3; Tazewell from Russell and Wythe in 1799; and Scott from Russell, Lee and Washington in 1814-5. In 1855, Wise was formed and in 1858, Buchanan (In 1880, Dickenson was formed from Wise and Buchanan). Kentucky lay to the East and Tennessee to the South. Important! Due to va/TN state line boundary conflicts, Sullivan Co, TN records should also be checked.

1816-1850 Russell Co VA Records (Chronology)

5/4/1819 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 6:116)

William Combs appeared in court as the father of defendant Jacob Combs who is under 21.

Notes: Jacob s/o William and Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.

1820 US Census, Russell Co VA

Lebanon District

p. 136
William COMES 420101-12210-6

p. 137
William Combs 11001-01101-0

(Transcribed by Combs Researchers John & Doris Hamilton)

Notes: The above census was alphabetical by first letter of surname, thus the two William Combs, the first the family of William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, were probably not residing adjacent to each other. Who was the "other" William Combs on this census? See also William CUMBOW below and see the US GenWeb 1820 Russell Co VA Census Transcription by Michael Dye, which shows

P. 4
COMES, William 420101-12210, 6 in agriculture, 1 female slave, 26-45 years of age.

P. 5
CUMBO, William 110010-01101, 1 in manufacturing, no slaves.

P. 22
STACY, Simon 000100-10100, 1 in agriculture, no slaves

1830 US Census, Russell Co VA

p. 141

Combs, Alexander
2 m under 5; 1 m 20-30; 2 f under 5; 1 f 20-30
[h/o Dicey PERRY, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth HARRISON Combs?]

James Combs
1 m under 5; 1 m 20-30; 1 f under 5; 1 f 20-30
[s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.?]

p. 142
Isaiah COMBOW [unidentified, but see also 1850 Census below]

p. 143

William Combs
1m 5-10; 1m 10-15; 2 m 15-20; 1 m 50-60; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 15-20; 1 f 50-60
(and 1 female slave, 24-36 with children)
[s/o William & Sarah Ann MILLION Combs, Sr. & h/o Anna THOMPSON]

Solomon CRABTREE [m Susannah THOMPSON, sis/o Anna THOMPSON Combs]

p. 144
Fielding Combs [s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.]
Jacob Combs [s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.]

p. 157
James JENT [James GENT m Lydia, d/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.]

p. 161
Alexes MUSIC [Elexius Musick m Lydia THOMPSON, sister of Anna THOMPSON Combs]

p. 162
Elijah MUSIC [m Nancy Combs, d/o Wm. & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.]

P. 164
William PERRY [m Nancy JOHNSON, f/o Dicey PERRY Combs?]

p. 167

p. 172
William THOMPSON [father of Anna THOMPSON Combs?]

(Entries without stats are from census index. Transcribed statistics are by Combs researchers John & Doris Hamilton from M- 1911 M-19 ROLL 199 PAGE 143)

Add'l Notes: **Alexander Combs: According to Researcher Jeff Combs, Alexander Combs b. 1795 Loudoun Co., VA (See 1850 Census), died Apr 1868, Hancock Co., TN; married Sodica (Dicy) PERRY, b 15 Nov 1803, Russell Co VA, died 5 Dec 1887, Scott Co., VA, d/o William & Nancy JOHNSON Perry. Alexander is said to have been the s/o Joseph Combs of Loudoun Co, VA. According to Jeff: "Alexander Combs lived in Hansonville, Russell Co., VA, went to visit a son William and Dau Martha in Robinette Valley, Hancock Co TN, took sick and died, is buried in Snapp-Combs Cemetery, Eidson, Hancock Co., TN. Jeff's sources for most of the above information are unknown. Josiah H. Combs' Combes Genealogy states Alexander Combs was s/o Joseph Combs & Mary McMAKIN (d/o Alexander McMAKIN), and gs/o Joseph & Elizabeth HARRISON Combs, but this has not yet been confirmed.
**James Combs: b 1809, was s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr., m Nancy (HOBBS? YEARY?); yet appears on same census page as Alexander Combs of Loudoun VA? See Lee Co VA

07 Aug - 05 Oct 1830 (Russell Co VA Will Book 4A; 569-70)

Will of William THOMPSON of Russell. Children: Anna Combs ($1), Susannah CRABTREE, John THOMPSON, William THOMPSON, Nancy SMITH, James THOMPSON, Lydia MUSICK, Celie FLETCHER; granddaughter, Nancy FLETCHER; exec. son, William THOMPSON.
s/William [X] THOMPSON (Seal).
Wits: Richard JACKSON, Jacob HELMS.
Rec. 05 Oct 1830. On 2 Nov 1830, William THOMPSON, junr.
Exec., took oath. Joseph SHOEMAKER, John JOHNSON, Secs.

(Abstracted from transcription by Michael A. Dye, Russell Co, VA GenWeb)

Notes: Anna, d/o William THOMPSON, m William Combs, Jr., s/o William & Sarah Ann MILLION Combs. Question: Had William THOMPSON deeded land, slaves or personalty of some kind to Anna prior to his death? Perhaps a dowry? Was this the reason for the $1 bequest?

10 May 1839 (Russell Co VA) Ibby Combs m. William "Old Billy" MUSICK 10 May 1839

(Musick, Rev. Grover Cleveland, 1964, Genealogy of the Musick Family and Some Kindred Lines, Meadow Bridge, WVA)

1840 US Census, Russell Co VA

11 Combs Jacob: 1101001-112001-0

p. 6
17 HART Isaac 010001-310001-0

p. 07
05 COUNTS, Jr. John: 0212001-2000001-0
30 Combs Fielding 100001-001001-00
31 *JOHNSON William 100001-12101-0

p. 8
18 MUSICK Elijah 4 1 1 2 2
19 BREEDING Elijah 1 2 1 2 1

p. 14
04 Combs Alexander: 122301-212001-0

p. 19
4 CUMBOO Isaiah 110021-22001
5 TIGNER, Jr. Josiah 1 1 2 1

p. 20
5 GENT James 110001-21101-0

p. 27
31 Combs John B.: 10001-00001-0

Notes: The transcription of Combs Researcher Sharon Combs Mize lists this as John M. Combs (John Million, s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs Jr.)

p. 32
12 COODY Thomas 11110001-01000001-0
30 Combs William:: 000100001-0010000001-2

Notes: William & Ann THOMPSON Combs, Jr., age 60-70 (b 1770-1780) of Weavers Creek. According to Combs Researcher Sharon Combs Mize, the female child in the HH, age 10-15, may be the daughter of Celia Combs, fathered by William NASH before her marriage to Isaac HART. Thomas CODY, Sr., s/o William and Sinai STACY Cody, removed to Perry Co KY between 1840 and 1847. William and Seth STACY Combs, Sr. of Crabtree were his uncle and aunt. Is there any significance to his having been on same census page as William Combs of Weaver?

p. 33
09 Combs William: 21001-00001-0
13 Combs Thompson: 31001-01001-0

p. 34
07 MUSICK William 10001-0001
14 CUMBOO Polly: 21-00200101

(Russell Co, VA GenWeb Archives)

29 Mar 1841 - 09 Jun 1841 (Russell Co VA Will Book 5, Pages 203-4)

Will of William Combs.
I William Combs of Russell County & State of Virginia being weak in body by great and severe pains but of sound mind and having the fear of God before me and being satisfyed [sic] that my time of life will be short in the world, I do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form as follows to wit | that is to say to my dear & beloved wife Anna Combs I will and bequeath my mansion house where I now live and the land belonging to the same as far west as what is called the little field and all my household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils also two horses one old bay horse and one young gray horse ten choice hogs & ten choice cattle also one negro woman named Winney & a boy named Isaac to have and to hold during [her/illegible] life then this above house and lands & household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils & property is to be my son Cullen Combs the above property is to remain upon the above premises for the benefit and support of the said Anna Combs during her life. I also will and bequeath to my son William Combs the lower end of my holm [sic] plantation where he is now living as far this side of his house as the little field and a negro boy named Daniel also my black smith tools all my lands [on?/word omitted] Weaver Creek I will and bequeath to my two sons Thompson Combs and John M Combs they mae [sic] divided [sic] it between themselves as they chose [sic] I also will and bequeath to Thompson Combs one negro girl named Sarah to John M Combs I will and bequeath a negro girl Chany and I also will and bequeath to Thompson Combs my mill and itts [sic] aparatus [sic] and my still & tubs the balance of cattle and hogs & 4 horses it is my will they b [sic] divided between my son Fielding Combs & my grand daughter Cyndesta Combs it is my will also that my son Cullen have my stock of sheep by his maintaining Anna Combs in a good and comfortable manner & paying Celia HART, Jacob Combs, Sally LEE, James Combs and Virginia MUSICK, Sally MUSICK, William MUSICK, Combs MUSICK, John MUSICK the children of Nancy MUSICK deceased the sum of one dollar each. To my daughter Ibby MUSICK I will and bequeath a negro boy named Crockett to my daughter Lydia GENT I will and bequeath a negro girl named Hannah. To my daughter Anna TIGNOR I will and bequeath a negro girl named Paty Lastly and finaly [sic] it is my will that when my spirit is taken out of this tabernacle of clay that my body be lade [sic] in the grave in a decent and in the customary manner
Signed Sealed in the presence of this 29th March 1841.
William Combs {seal}
Wits: James JACKSON, Russell DUTY, Increase S JUDD.

At a Court of quarterly Session continued and held for Russell County at the Courthouse on Wednesday the 9th day of June 1841. William Combs, Thompson Combs, John M. Combs and Cullen Combs presented in Court by Dale CARTER their Counsel the above writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of William Combs deceased for probat [sic], which was opposed by Jacob Combs, Isaac HART & wife & William MUSICK & wife, by Joseph STRAS their Counsel; whereupon James JACKSON, Russell DUTY and Increase S. JUDD the subscribing witnesses to said writing and other persons, being sworn and examined and the parties fully heard, it is the opinion of the Court that the said writing is the true last Will and Testament of the said William Combs dec'd, and that at the time of making and publishing the same he was of sound mind and disposing memory, and thereupon the same is established and ordered to be recorded. And no executor being named in said Will on the motion of Ann [sic] Combs widow of said deceased, and of James GENT, who made oath, and together with George COWAN, James FLETCHER and John THOMPSON their securities, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty or $6000 conditioned as the law directs, certificate is granted them for obtaining letters of administration on the said decedents estate with his will annexed in [disc?, desc? dire?/illegible] form. Teste James P. CARROLL, CRO

(Transcribed 25-26 May 1997 by Wesley Combs, Kelowna, B.C., Canada, and Sharon Elaine Combs Mize, Bakersfield, CA, from a photocopy of original handwritten will of William Combs (d.1841).] The transcribers are gr gr gr grandchildren of William Combs (d.1841, Russell Co, VA, gr gr grandchildren of daughter, Celia Combs (Hart), and gr grandchildren of her son William Cecil Combs (by William NASH)

Notes: How did William Combs come to own the land on Weavers Creek? What other land did he own, if any? Had he previously gifted land to his older sons? If not, how did they come to acquire their land? See Also Combs Occupations: Blacksmiths

1850 Russell Co VA Census

Note: Other CUMBOW-COMBOW, including Isaiah, not yet transcribed

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Div. 54

p. 223b/12; 21 Jul 1850, Isaac Vermillion

75/75 FULLER Flemming G. 21 M Farmer Russ.
Martha 23 F Russ.
Calvin P. 1 M Russ.
Francis M. 6/12 M Russ.

Note: Martha is d/o Alexander & Dicey PERRY Combs; Flemming is s/o Isaiah & Mary “Polly” BURK FULLER (Russell County, VAGenWeb 1850 Annotated Census)

p. 226a17; 25 Jul 1850

103/103 SMITH Albert G. 24 M Farmer 2000 Russ.
Virginia B. 22 F Russ.

Note: Virginia B. d/o Fielding & Susan FRANCIS Combs; Albert s/o George & Ibby Smith; Russell County, VAGenWeb 1850 Annotated Census

p. 226b

112/112 FULLER Abraham 19 M Farmer Russ.
Nancy 22 F Russ.

Note: Nancy is d/o Alexander & Dicey PERRY Combs; Abraham is s/o Isaiah & Mary “Polly” BURK FULLER (Russell County, VAGenWeb 1850 Annotated Census)

p. 233b/32; 1 Aug 1850

209/209 Jacob Combs 51 M farmer $1,000 Russ.
Margaret 50 F Caswell NC
Arminda 18 F Russ.
Rachael 17 F Russ.
William J. 13 M Russ.
Anna 11 F Russ.
Larken H. 10 M Russ.
Margaret 8 F Russ.
Sally 4 F Russ.

p. 234a/33; 2 Aug 1850

215/215 Cullen Combs 30 M Farmer 1000 Russ.
Sally 23 F Russ.
Eliza 6? F Russ.
William D 5 M "
Frederick J 3 M "
Julia A 2 F "
Virginia B 5/12 F "
Anna Combs 79 F "
William Combs 19 M " Laborer

Notes: The above Anna, age 79, is Cullen's mother, Anna THOMPSON. William, age 19, has not been identified. Frederick J. is listed as Frederick G. in the 1860 census. William D. is listed as William A. in the 1860 Census.

p. 278b

821/821 William CUMBOW 21 M farmer Russ.

p. 279a/123; 24 Sep 1850

821/821 Combs Mary A. [sic] 21 NC
Sarah C. Combs 5/12 F Russ.
John Combs 19 M labourer Russ.

Notes: Who were the above? Was Mary A. a widow? Of whom? Was Sarah C. her daughter? Or: Was William CUMBOW a.k.a. Combs? (See 1853, 1858 and 1861 Russell Co VA Birth Records and 1860 census) In which case, was John Combs his brother? Was Alexander who follows their father? An uncle? See Scott Co, VA cemetery records (which file includes some Hancock Co, TN) (Russell County, VAGenWeb 1850 Annotated Census suggests this is indeed William Combs s/o Alexander & Dicey PERRY Combs, which turn suggests that John is in fact William's Brother and the following Alexander is their father.)

824/824 Alexander Combs 52 M farmer Louden Co VA
Dicy 47 F Russ.
Robert 17 M Russ.
Samuel 10 M Russ.
Alexander 4 M Russ.
Anna 16 F Russ.
Hannah 14 F Russ.
William TIPPIN 26 M labourer Russ.
Abigail 27 F Russ.
Sarah E. 2 F Russ. [not Sarah B.]

Notes: According to The Combes Genealogy…, the above Alexander Combs was the s/o Joseph & Mary McMAKIN Combs and grandson of Joseph & Elizabeth HARRISON Combs of Loudoun Co VA (No sources). According to the research of Jeff Combs, Alexander's wife, Dicy, was neè PERRY, the d/o William & Nancy PERRY Johnson, but again the source is unknown. Question: Who were Anna and Hannah Combs, b 1834 and 1836, respectively, in Russell Co, VA, listed “out of order”, generally indicating not children of Head of Household?

p. 146; 7 Oct 1850

988/988 Fielding Combs 44 M 700 farmer Russ.
Susan 44 F Russ.

Note: s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.

989/989 John M. Combs 35 M 390 farmer Russ.
Sally 31 F KY
Fielding 11 M Russ.
Nancy Jane 9 F Russ.
Wilbourne 5 M Russ.
Colbert 1 M Russ.
Elizabeth GUINN 21 F NC

Notes: According to long-standing oral family tradition, John M. [s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.] was known as Million Combs, Million having been his middle name. His wife, Sally, was neè HAGINS (Hayter Valley Cemetery Records)

p. 199; 5 Nov 1850

1347/1347 Thompson Combs 37 M 875 farmer Russ.
Jane 37 F Russ.
Anna 18 F Russ.
Cullin 15 M farmer Russ.
Samuel 14 M Russ.
John M. 12 M Russ.
William 10 M Russ.
Simon F. 3 M Russ.
Elizabeth WOOD 21 F Franklin Co VA

Notes: Thompson Combs was the s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.

p. 200; 5 Nov 1850

1353/1353 William Combs 36 M 1500 farmer Russ.
Nancy 36 F Russ.
Thompson 15 M farmer Russ.
Timothy 13 M Russ.
Binson 12 M Russ.
Anna 6 F Russ.
Shadrick 3 M Russ.

Note: s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.

DH Note: Binson could be Benson, the census taker dotted no i's on this page.

p. 201;

1359/1359 GENT, James 43 M Farmer Tazewell Co. VA
Lydia 40 F Russ.
Fielding 20 M Farmer Russ.
Ann Eliza 15 F Russ.
Jacob C 14 M Russ.
Margaret 12 F Russ.
Sarah C 10 F Russ.
William 8 M Russ.
Evaline 7 F Russ.
Albert 4 M Russ.

Note: s/o William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr.

p. 232; 21 Nov 1850

1582/1582 John DICKENSON 535 M 12,600 farmer Russ.
Fanny 52 F Russ.
Robert H. 26 M farmer Russ.
James J. 22 M farmer Russ.
Josephine D. 12 F Russ.
John C. 9 M Russ.
Joseph Combs 22 M saddler Russ.

Notes: Ancestry of the above Joseph Combs? Was he the same as Joseph M. Combs, b 2/16/1826, Russell Co, VA; d 5/31/1901, Washington Co, VA; m Eunice Ann "Nicey" OSBORNE? (See below)

p. 240; 26 Nov 1850

1649/1649 Fielding Combs, Jr. 25 M farmer Russ.
Sally 22 F Russ.
Nancy 2 F Russ.
William 9/12 M Russ.

Notes: Ancestry? Possibly s/o Jacob & Margaret? (See 1854 birth of son, Jacob)

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