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Russell County was organized from Washington Co VA in 1786; Lee Co was established from SW Russell in 1792-3; Tazewell from Russell and Wythe in 1799; and Scott from Russell, Lee and Washington in 1814-5. In 1855, Wise was formed and in 1858, Buchanan (In 1880, Dickenson was formed from Wise and Buchanan). Kentucky lay to the East and Tennessee to the South. Important! Due to VA/TN state line boundary conflicts, Sullivan Co, TN records should also be checked.

1786-1815 Russell Co VA Records (Chronology)

Although both the 1787 and 1788 tax lists are extant for Russell, the earliest Combs-by-Surname are not found in Russell Co VA until 1789. In 1787, however, we find Combs-Associated families who provide "clues" to where the early Combs lived - since the 1787 personal property tax lists were ordered by location:

1787 Tax List A (Upper District)

6/20/1787 (all)
CONWAY, Thomas
GILMORE, Jer. (or Jno./Jas.?)
HAINS, Christopher
HURST, Henry
ROMAN, William
SHORT, Thomas

Notes: See Combs Land of Cedar Creek re William GILMORE and William Combs, and others on the above list

6/21/1787 (all)
Colo. Andw. COWAN
John ELAM 1-0-0-5-4 Not Tithable
James ERWIN 0-0-0-0-0
William EVANS
John STACY, Sr. 1-0-0-0-0 Not Tithable
John STACY, Jr. 1-0-0-1-2
Meshack STACY 0-0-0-1-0
Simon STACY 0-0-0-0-0

Note: See Combs Land of Cedar Creek re John COMM (Combs? Counts?) and others on the above list

1787 Russell Co VA Tax List B (Lower District)

5/3/1787 (all)
Richard DAVIS
James DAVISON, Sr.*
William HUSTON*
Elijah JONES
William FARMER
Richard PRICE
Jonathan WOODS

Note: See Combs Land of Crabtree re William and Sitha STACY Combs and others on this list.

5/4/1787 (all)
Alexander BARNET
Christopher & Frances COOPER
Charles DEVER
Anne, Henly, William and Zachariah FUGET
Joel & Thomas HOBBS
James, John & Luke LEMAR
Patrick RILEY
Thomas STAPLETON, Jr. and Sr.
John & Robert TATE

See Combs Researcher Jim Jackson's RW Pension File for Thomas STAPLETON and wife, Sarah JOHNSON, m 1783, "at the forks of the Yadkin River, Rowan Co, NC, later resided (for a short period during the 1790s) with RW John Combs of Perry Co, KY at Long Island of the Holston River (Sullivan or Hawkins Co, TN). Their granddaughter, Elizabeth (d/o Edward STAPLETON), m in the same year and county that Thomas STAPLETON died, in 1835 in Clay Co, KY, William Combs (s/o Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs?). See also Patrick RILEY in records of Clay Co, KY near an unidentified William Combs. Robert TATE'S son, Capt. James TATE, removed to Warren Co, TN, where in 1814, Sgt. Martin JOHNSON (h/o Sarah Combs of Hawkins Co, TN) was a member of Capt. Tait's Militia Company.

11/22/1787 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 1:84). John STACY vs William WILMOUTH } on an attachment. Suit dismissed since neither party appeared.

1788 Russell Co VA Tax Personal Property Tax Lists

William WEIR'S List - Upper District

No Combs by Surname

COUNTZ, John (1)
STACY, John Sr. (1)
" John Jr. (1)
" Peter (1)
" Simon (1)

Notes: Lower District is missing.

1789 Russell Co VA Personal Property Tax Lists

Capt. William WEIR'S Upper District

Combs, Mason (1) [s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.?]
Combs, William (1) [s/o William & Sitha STACY, Sr.]
Combs, William (1) [s/o Mason, Sr., and h/o Sitha STACY]
CODY, William (1)[h/o Sinai STACY]
STACY, Benjamin (1) [h/o Ann Combs]
STACY William (1)
STACY Jesse (1)
STACY John (1)
STACY Peter (1)
STACY John Jr. (1)
STACY Meshack (1)
STACY Simon (1)

Lower District

No Combs

(1789 Russell Co VA Tax Lists, GenWeb)

Notes: Also on the Upper District List are David THOMPSON (m Nancy CODY, d/o William and Sinai); Reuben PRICE (m Dolly, d/o William and & Sinai STACY Cody); Lydia JACKSON (widow of Jacob and mother of Nancy); William THOMPSON (m Nancy JACKSON, f/o Anna THOMPSON who later m William Combs of Weaver Creek)

5/18/1790 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 1:195). The court ordered John STACY to show why he should not be treble fined for not providing a list of his taxable property.

1790 (Russell Co VA - John Weir's List - Upper District)

COADY, William (1)
Combs, John (1) [s/o William & Sitha?]
Combs Meshek (1) [Mason, brother of William Combs, Sr.?]
Combs William (1), (1) [h/o Sitha STACY]
Combs William Jr. (1) [s/o William and Sitha?]
PETIT, Judith (0)
STACY, Benjamin (1) [h/o Ann Combs]
STACY Jesse (1)
STACY Meshack (1)
STACY Peter (1)
STACY Simeon (1)
STACY Jeremiah (1)
STACY John (1)
STACY Moses (1)
STACY Solomon (1)
STACY Zachariah(1)
SCAGGS, Henry (1) (and more)

Lower District

No Combs

Notes: Mason Combs of the 1789 tax list and Meshek Combs of the 1790 tax list are believed to have been the same (Combs-Stacy researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews has documented that the two given names are interchangeable in her STACY Family Research). It is not yet known which Mason Combs he was; i.e., Mason Combs, Jr., b 21 Feb 1746/47, Stafford Co VA, s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr. of Richmond, Stafford & Frederick Cos VA & Surry Co NC - who may have been the same as Mason Combs (Jr.?) of Hawkins Co TN; or possibly the Mason Combs who m 29 Jan 1793 in Wythe Co VA to Jane "Jennie" RICHESON, and who later d in Perry Co KY, probably the s/o John Combs d 1820, Floyd Co KY, who is thought to have been an undocumented elder son of Mason Combs, Sr. Also on the 1790 Russell Co VA Tax List, Upper District, is Bean SMALLWOOD (served with RW William Combs of Shenandoah Co, VA; both later in Bath Co KY); William THOMPSON and others…

1790 Russell Co VA Land Tax Lists

(Russell Co VA GenWeb)

John WEIR'S Land Tax List, Upper District

Combs, William, assignee of GILMORE 300 ac.
COUNTZ, John, assignee of Robert MCFARLAND 100 ac.
GILMORE, William, assignee of R. PRICE 76 ac.
GILMORE, William 750 ac.
GILMORE, William, assignee of B. ALDERSON 78 ac.
GILMORE, William, assignee of PRICE 300 ac.

Notes: See 23 Oct 1804 Land Records below (Combs-Gilmore-Smith).

1791 (Russell Co VA Tax Lists)

Upper District Personal Property


Lower District Personal Property

(missing list)

Upper District Land

Combs, John 100 acres
Combs, William 300 acres
GILMORE, William 76, 78, 300 & 750 ac.

Lower District Land

No Combs

(Russell Co VA Tax Lists, GenWeb)

Notes: It appears that no Combs were actually residing in Russell Co VA at this time (assuming they weren't either missed by the tax collector and/or in the Lower District, for which personal property tax list is missing), but now we have, in addition to William Combs' 300 acres, 100 acres acquired by John Combs. See Combs Land of Cedar Creek in regard to John Combs Also. According to Robert M. Addington's "History of Scott County, Virginia," 1932: "Dorton's Fort was located on the Combs farm, about one mile southeast of Nickelsville. It seems to have been built sometime about the year 1790…" (Irwin-Johnson Researcher Max Irwin) It is not clear if Addington's reference to the Combs Farm is to a farm in 1790 or to one in 1932. However, based on the above, at least two Combs Farms may have been in Upper District Russell Co, VA at this time, although neither appear to have been in that part which became Scott Co.

11/25/1791 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 1:250). Jeremiah HERRAL to receive 12sh6p for killing 1 old wolf.

1792 Russell Co VA Tax Lists

Upper District

No Combs, CODY or STACY (Land or PP)

Lower District

No Combs, CODY or STACY (Land or PP)

(Researcher Mary Fugate)

Note: Assuming all four tax lists were extant, then somehow the two properties from 1792 were disposed of - although not apparently by Russell Co VA deed (Deed Books checked thru 1814).

6/26/1792 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 2:13). HORTON v SMITH} A commission was awared the pltf to take the depositions of Edward SMOOT and John STACY Senr of the Territory.

bef 1793 Affidavits of Sarah Ann MILLION Combs, dated Jan - Apr 1843, resident of Edgar Co, IL "for last six years," declares she is widow of William Combs of Stafford Co, VA, that she lived formerly in Montgomery Co, KY and bef that in Russell Co, VA and South Carolina; and that her son, William Combs, Jr., was b 11 Jan 1777. The Apr 1843 Affidavit of Sarah Ann VARVELL [neè HANKS?], aged "fifty years past," declares she has resided in Edgar past seven years, and has known Sarah Ann MILLION Combs since earliest recollection of her childhood, that she first became acquainted the said Sarah Ann Combs in Russell County Virginia [placing Sarah in Russell Co VA pre-1793]. It is not known with whom Sarah Ann MILLION Combs might have resided during her stay in Russell Co VA. Sarah Ann (HANKS?) Varvell was the wife of Andrew VARVELL who has not been found in the records of Russell Co VA as yet, but who may be the same who appears on the 1820 Floyd Co KY Census.

1793 Russell Co VA Tax Lists

Upper District Personal Property

No Combs, CODY
Simon STACY (1)

Lower District Personal Property

No Combs, CODY
John STACY, Jr. (1)

Upper/Lower Land and Personal Property


7/23/1793 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 2:93) Court ordered John WOOD to pay 3pds annually to the overseers of the poor for the maintenance of a baseborn child of whom he is charged to be the father by Sinah HOGG, its mother and that Sinah be allowed to keep the child in her possession. Sinah was later presented by the grand jury for having a baseborn child and….

9/24/1793 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 2:108) Court ordered Sinah HOGG to pay Robert TATE, Stephen HOGG, Mary HOGG, and James HOGG for their attendance in court for her suit against John WOOD. Sinah HOGG won her suit against John WOOD on 8/26/1794 (p. 178-9) and received a judgment for $20.001/3 plus costs.

SE Note: I copied these entries because of the name Sinah being a name found in the STACY/CODY connection. The John WOOD was son of Jonathan WOOD and his wife Nancy (DAVISON) Osborn Wood who may have been a daughter of James DAVISON I (d. 1794). On p.109, Stephen HOGG was ordered to pay John STACY for his attendance in court for him against John WOOD.

1794 Russell Co VA Tax Lists

Upper District Personal Property

No Combs, CODYS
John STACY (1)
Simn STACY (1)

Lower District Personal Property


Land (Upper and Lower)


6/25/1794 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 2:155) Simon STACY and John STACY sat on a jury that heard the case of Stephen HOGG vs John WOOD} trespass, assault, and battery.

1795 Russell Co VA Tax Lists - Land and Personal. Upper and Lower Districts. No Combs, CODY, STACY

ca 1795 From "The Southwest Virginian" #26 p.46, WPA Interview on 22 Sep 1937 of Mr[s]. W. S. ISRAEL of Drill, VA, age 88, to interviewer Maida CLOUD

(Copy in WPA Historical Files in the Clerk's Office of Russell Co., VA):

“This happened in the New Garden [Upper District] section of Russell Co., west of Honaker. The Indians captured a Combs family, killed the husband and one child. The mother and remaining children were taken captive, being carried on horses. They (the Indians) were careful to leave no trace. They were finally tracked to old Sand Lick (now in Dickenson Co.) where they were camping. The horses were the best means of recognition. When the men came near the woman was down at the spring. They told the women to bring the child and be back at the spring within such a length of time and they would take her back home. In this way the mother and child were restored to their loved ones. The man and child were buried near where they were killed.”

According to submitter Emory Hamilton, “The above story may, however, be a traditional version of the killing and capture of the MUSICK family, included in this book since the MUSICK family were, as far as can be proven, the only known captives to be retaken at Sand Lick.”

Notes: See Dickey Diary Interviews, where, although interviewees do not refer to the above incident, they do make reference to both Indians and to Chief BENGE.

April 13, 1795 Russell Co VA Survey Book 1, P. 184 - (shown on map: Big Cedar Creek & Clinch River) James RAMSEY - 15,000 ac - part Treasury Warrant 1146 dated February 4, 1795 - on the south side of Clinch River & west side of Cedar Creek - beginning on the bank of Clinch River at the mouth of Big Cedar Creek - nearly opposite John COWANS dwelling house - nearly opposite Shadrack WILLIAMS dwelling house - north side of Little Cedar Creek - crossing Little Cedar Creek twice - in a valley nearly opposite John DOLLERHIDE dwelling house - near the lower end of Peter LAWSONS plantation - north side of the main county road - near a large cave - nearly opposite Pat. COILS dwelling house - corner of plantation of Samuel HENDRICKS - near the head of Reeds Branch - on the bank of Clinch River between the mouth of Reeds Branch & the mouth of Dumps Creek - included within boundary: Steven OGDON 260 ac, Edward KELLY 120 ac, Robert WEBB 30 ac, Luke KELLY 100 ac, Joseph KISER 85 ac, Jacob ROBERTSON 180 ac, David CRAIG 400 ac - Thomas COLLEY 360 ac, James KELLY, 100 ac, William GILMORE 300 ac, Thomas CONWAY 400 ac, Shadrick MONK 50 ac, William MONK, 50 ac, Laurence VANHOOK 140 ac, Joseph MCRENOLDS 100 ac, John JESSEE 250 ac - Henry WILLARD 75 ac, Jacob RARESNAK 400 ac, Zechariah HENDRICKS 150 ac - Elijah HURST 100 ac, John COMM 200 ac - Henry HURST 30 ac, James HURST 250 ac, Samuel HENDRICKS 100 ac, James DICKERSON 50 ac -Samuel VANHOOK 100 ac, Timothy BURGESS 300 ac, John BREEDING 60 ac, Spencer BREEDING 200 ac, Robert RETHERFORD 50 ac, Shadrack WILLIAMS 50 ac, James GRAY 180 ac, Peter LAWSON 50 ac, Daniel PRICE 40 ac, Samuel EWING 40 ac, John COWAN 93 ac

Notes: See Combs Land of Cedar Creek re why the above John may have been a COUNTS instead of a Combs.

1796 Russell Co VA Tax Lists

Personal Property Upper District

No Combs, No CODY, No STACY

Personal Property Lower District, Robert TATE'S List

CODY, William (1)
THOMPSON, David (1)
STACY, George (1)
STACY, John Sr. (0)
STACY, John Jr. (1)
STRONG, Samuel (1)
STRONG, William (1)
HARVEY, Andrew (1) [Molls Creek of Copper Creek.

See Clay and Breathitt Co KY]

1797 Russell Co VA Personal Property Tax Lists

No Combs

Lower District, Robert TATE'S List

CODY, William (2)
STACY, George (1)
STACY, Peter (1)
THOMPSON, David (1)
HARVEY, Andrew (1)

1798 Russell Co VA Personal Property Tax Lists

Upper District

No Combs, No CODY
John STACY (1)

Lower District

CODY, John (1) [m 1809 Clay KY, Elizabeth SUMNER d/o Samuel & Winnnifred Combs Sumner (Hicks)?]
CODY, William (3) [of Crabtree]
Combs, John (1)
Combs, William Sr.(0)
[of Crabtree]
Combs, William Jr. (1)
CORNET, Samuel (1) [of Crabtree & later to Clay Co, KY]
HARVEY, Andrew (1) [of Molls Creek & later to Clay Co, KY]
STRONG, Samuel (1) [of Crabtree?]
TATE, James (1) [of Crabtree? Later to Warren Co, TN]
TERRY, Miles (See Breathitt Co KY)
THOMPSON, David (1) [of Crabtree]
DAVISON, James (1) [ one was of Crabtree]
STACY, George (1)
STACY, Limon [Simon] (1)
STACY, Peter (1)

1798 (Russell Co VA?) The marriage of William & Anna THOMPSON Combs, Jr. is estimated to have taken place abt 1798. Anna was the d/o William & Nancy JACKSON Thompson who were already living in Russell Co VA thus the marriage probably took place in this county. 1798 is also the first year in which Combs are found in Russell Co VA's lower district. Which of the following William Combs, each listed with a John Combs, might have been William Combs, Jr.? And who was the John Combs listed with him? (See Also Notes below)

1799 Russell Co VA Tax Lists

Upper District Personal Property

Combs, John (1)
Combs, William (1)
STACY, John (1)

Notes: The above William Combs was apparently William Combs, Jr. of Weaver Creek (now of age?), but if so, who was this John Combs?

Lower District Personal Property

CODY, John (1)
CODY, William (3)
Combs, John (1)
Combs, William Sr. (levy-free)
Combs, William Jr. (1)
CORNET, Samuel (1)
STACY, George (1)
STACY, Peter (1)
STACY, Simon (1)
STAPLETON, Joseph (1)
STAPLETON, Joshua (1)
STAPLETON, Thomas Sr. (1)
STAPLETON, Thomas Jr. (1)
TATE, James (1)
TATE, Robert Sr. (3)
THOMPSON, David (1)
DAVISON, James (1)

Notes: William Combs, Sr., b 30 Jun 1740, Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA (s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr., h/o Sitha STACY (d/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy) would have been 58-59 years of age at this time. Important! It will be necessary to refer to Hening's Statutes in regard to the age at which one was legally "levy-free" during the 1700s and early 1800s. The records of Surry Co NC identify William Combs, Sr. as having had a son, John, and the above William Combs, Jr. may have also been a son.

9/24/1799 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 3:21) Indenture of Bill of Sale from William TURNER to William Combs was presented in court and proven by HOWERTON. This indenture was again proven in court on 11/24/1801 by the oath of Wm LAWSON. Indenture from William Combs to William HOWERTON presented and acknowledged by Combs. Indenture from William HOWERTON to William Combs presented and acknowledged by HOWERTON.

SE Note: This is the very first record for any Combs in the Russell Co. Court Order Books. See Combs of Crabtree Branch of Big Moccasin.

1800 Russell Co VA Tax Lists

Upper District Personal Property

Not Extant

Lower District Personal Property - James Dickenson's List

Combs, John
Combs, William

CODEY, William
STACY, George
STACY, Peter
STACY, Simon
HICKS, Robert
HARVEY, Andrew

Notes: William Combs, Jr. of the Lower District is gone. To where? Robert HICKS, h/o Winnifred Combs, widow of Samuel SUMNER appears for the first time.

8/26/1800 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 3:74). A Power of Attorney from William COPE and William COPE Jr to Enoch WRIGHT was certified in Grainger Co., Tenn. and ordered to be recorded.

SE Note: A William COPE was in Russell Co. court orders as early as 1790.

19 Dec 1800 (Russell VA Grants 46:569) William Combs 100 A. … that by virtue of two exchanged treasury land warrants, No. 665 and No. 663, both aforesd the 6th day of Sep 1796, there is granted unto William Combs A Certain tract or parcel of land Containing one hundred acres, by survey bearing date the 13th day of Jan 1798, being in the County of Russell adjoining the survey of the said Combs & bounded as followeth… Dated 19 Dec 1800.

From the VSLA Website

GRANTEE Combs, William. grantee.
DATE 19 December 1800.
NOTE Location: Russell County.
NOTE Description: 100 acres adjoining a survey of said Combs's.
NOTE Source: Land Office Grants No. 46, 1797-1801, p. 569 (Reel 112).
NOTE Part of the index to the recorded copies of grants issued by the Virginia Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Grants A-Z, 1-124, reels 42-190; Virginia State Land Office. Grants 125- , reels 369-.

Notes: See Combs Land of Cedar Creek

11/24/1801 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 3:168) The sheriff was ordered to immediately jail William Combs and Champion FARIS for insolent behavior in court.

SE Note: Champion FARIS, a neighbor of William & Seth STACY Combs and the DAVISONS removed to Warren Co., Tenn (See 1812 Warren Co, TN Tax List of James Cooper). I think Champion was born by 1770 or possibly earlier.

1802 Russell Co VA Personal Property Tax Lists

Upper District

No Combs

Lower District

Combs, John 3 tithables
Combs, William (no tithables)

Notes: No property records have been located for John Combs thus far. Note that John Combs had 3 tithables, possibly sons? If so, then he was probably b bef 1760, in which case possibly John Combs, Sr., brother of William?

9/29/1802 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 3:222) Commonwealth vs Samuel CORNETT} on an indictment. The deft found not guilty. Court ordered that William Combs and John Combs be paid for their attendance on behalf of the Commonwealth in the suit against Samuel CORNETT.

(SE Note: This is the only mention of John Combs in Russell court order records.)

23 Oct 1804 Russell Co VA DB3:548-9)

William SMITH to William GILMORE, both of Russell Co, L100, land on waters of Clinch River beg. line of tract granted to William [SMITH] by patent 17 Apr 1782, and with a conditional line made by said William SMITH and William Combs to sd William SMITH'S own survey, granted 12 Nov 1785, along sd. line to conditional line made by Wm. GILMORE and one _____ ROBERTSON, tract granted sd. William SMITH from thence to beg., being part of 2 tracts, one granted William SMITH by patent and the other to William GILMORE Senr. by patent. 100 acres m/l.
s/William SMITH.
Wits: None.
Ack. Oct Court 1804.

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher C. Hammett from "Russell Co VA Deed Book 3, 1798-1806," Tom Colley, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, GA, 1995)

Notes: See Combs &c. Land of Russell Co VA and 1790 Land Tax List, Upper District (Combs-Gilmore)

22 Oct 1804-Aug 1805 Russell Co VA DB3:614.

William Combs & Sytha his wife to William HOURTON, all of Russell. $60. 100 a. in Russell Co on Big Mockerson Cr. waters of Northfork of Holsten and joining the old survey of the sd. Combs and bounded corner to the sd. Combs… another corner to sd. Combs… crossing Mockerson Cr. which land was granted sd. Combs by patent bearing date 20 Jan 1798.
s/William (his X mark) Combs, Sytha (her + mark) Combs.
Wits; Isaac O'DONOLD & John SMITH and continued for further proof.
Ack./Rec. Aug Court 1805 on Oath of John WELLS

2/26/1805 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 3:367)

Deed from William Combs and wife to William HOWERTON presented and proven by oaths of Isaac O'DONALD and John SMITH.

SE Note: Was John SMITH related to and/or the same as John SMITH who m Wilmoth HARDING (sister of Nancy HARDING, wife of John Combs, Sr.)?

1/2/1805 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 3:420)

Deed from William Combs to William HOWERTON again proven in court by the oath of John WELLS.

29 June 1807

GRANTEE Reed, Benjamin. grantee.
DATE 29 June 1807.
NOTE Location: Russell County.
NOTE Description: 60 acres on the south side of Mockerson Creek and its waters adjoining Samuel Cornett and William Combs &c.
NOTE Source: Land Office Grants No. 56, 1806-1808, p. 251 (Reel 122).
NOTE See also the following surname(s): Read.
NOTE Part of the index to the recorded copies of grants issued by the Virginia Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Grants A-Z, 1-124, reels 42-190; Virginia State Land Office. Grants 125- , reels 369-.

1/3/1809 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 4:18)

Indenture of Bargain and Sale from William Combs and Sytha his wife to William HOWERTON proved by the oaths of Clinton and James GODSEY.

SE Note: The name Clinton is interesting since it came down in the Combs line. See later Combs-Godsey marriages in Scott Co, VA.

10/3/1809 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 4:92)

The court ordered Susanna CRABTREE, William THOMPSON, and Anne Combs to be paid for two days attendance as witness for the Commonwealth vs Charles SHERMAN on case of buggery.

Note: William THOMPSON father of Susanna, wife of Solomon CRABTREE and Anna, wife of William Combs, Jr. (s/o William and Sarah Ann MILLION Combs, Sr.).

6/6/1810 (Russell Co, VA Order Book 4:147)

Jury: William Combs

The 1810 Russell Co VA Census is not extant; however, an extant tax list indicates the following:

1810 Russell Co VA Personal Property Tax List

Partially ordered, Partial Extraction from list for this date only.
(Head of Household - White Tithables - slaves - horses - notes)

Wilson Vermillion's List
01 Mar 1810

Abraham CHILDRIS 1-0-6
George COLLY
John COUNTS 2-0-13
Abraham CUMTON
Archer JESSE
William JESSE
Joseph KISOR, Jr.
Michal KELLY
William PEDIGO
James THOMSON 1-0-5
John THOMSON, Jr. 1-0-12

02 Mar 1810

Combs, William 1 - 0 - 4 [m Anna THOMPSON, d/o William & Nancy JACKSON Thompson]
CRABTREE, Soloman 1 - 0 - 2 [m Susannah THOMPSON, "]
FIELDS, Samuel 1 - 0 - 5
FIELDS, Joel 1 - 0 - 1
FERREL, John 1 - 2 - 8
FERREL, William 1 - 1 - 5 - 1 stud horse---$1.50
HAINS, Christopher - 1 - 0 - 8
JACKSON, Gibson - 1 - 0 - 1
JONES, Elisha - 1 - 0 - 4
JESSE, John Jr - 1 - 0 - 3
JONES, John - 1 - 0 - 0
-----, Jacob - 1 - 0 - 1 - a free Negro
SHORT, Thomas - 1 - 0 - 3
WILSON, Thomas - 1 - 0 - 2

03 Mar 1810

William FARIS
Stephen FULLAR, Jr.
Edward KELLY
William PUCKET
William ROACH
Absolom SMITH
Richard THOMSON, Jr.
James WALTRIP [See 1788 Sullivan Co TN Militia List]
Thomas WALEP

Henry DICKENSON'S List (Alpha by 1st letter of surname) includes:

Zedikiah CODY 1-0-4
Thomas CODY 1-0-2
William CODY 0-0-2
John DAVISON 1-0-1
Elizabeth DAVISON 1-0-0
Daniel DAVISON 1-0-2
James DAVISON 1-5-2-2 Stud horses $6.67
Joseph DAVISON 1-2-3
Robert DAVISON 1-0-1
William HOLIDAY 1-0-1
Nathaniel HICKS 1-0-2
Aln? HICKS 1-0-1
Andrew HARVEY 10-1
Solomon HOBB (2)
George STACY 2-1-6
George SMYTH
John SUMMERS 1-0-1
Mashack STACY 2-0-3
Joseph TATE 1-0-3
Isaac TATE 1-0-6
Alexander TATE 1-0-4
Robert VICAR 1-0-6
Jonathan WOODS
Henry WOOD

(Supplement to the 1810 Census of Virginia, transcribed by Netti Schreiner-Yantis, 1971)

Note: The above is believed to have been William Combs, Jr. of Weavers Creek (1777-1841).

1812 Russell Co VA Tax List

1st Section (includes)

William COMES
William CUMBOW


2nd Section (includes)

Zedekiah COODY
William CODY
Thomas CODY
George STACY
Meshack STACY

(Russell Co. Va. Personal Property Tax Lists 1811-1814, by Margaret Case, Catherine Hall)

Notes: The above William COMES was probably William Combs of Weaver Creek, but where were the Combs of Crabtree? The CUMBOWS are making their first appearance in Russell Co VA, and this surname is spelled a variety of ways, including, on occasion, COMBES, and may, in fact, have been Combs at one time, thus will be included herein.

1812 Petition to Legislature to Suspend Laws for Processioning Land

George Combs
George STACY

Notes: Who is this George Combs? Not found elsewhere in the records of Russell Co VA? Why would he sign this petition unless he owned land in Russell Co? Is this George Combs who m Lydia HARRELL of Hawkins Co TN, and who d ca 1822, Perry Co, KY? George STACY was the s/o John STACY, Sr. (s/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy and h/o Lucy SKAGGS?)

1815 Russell Co VA Land Surveys
(Scott Co organized this same year)

No Combs

Note: Surveys for several Combs-Associated Families still to be added.

1815 Russell Co VA. According to Josiah H. Combs in his The Combes Genealogy…, William Combs of Crabtree on Moccasin Creek, was last recorded in 1815. It is not known if a search has been made of the records of Scott Co VA (est. from Russell Co this year) since Dr. Combs mentions only the possibility that the land was near Washington Co, VA, speculating that "John Combs of Boyle" (RW John Combs of Perry Co KY) might have been a son of William and Sitha STACY Combs.