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Updated Jul 1999
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Indexed by Given Name, regardless of spelling of Surname. When surname is spelled other than Combs, the variation is noted under Comments.

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Warning! Very Incomplete. 2nd Rough Draft Outline Only


Note: Rank is private unless otherwise stated. County and State of Residence are given when known (either at time of enlistment, or at time of pension application, if any). Otherwise, State of unit, and county when known. This is an Index only. More info re Confederate Soldiers can be obtained via applicable State Archives (not Federal). See Also Sources.

A.ARInf. Adams' Regt. Moore's Co.
A.KY8th Mtd. Inf. Co. ACOMBES
A. G.GA63rd Inf. Co. G
A.J.AR45th Cav. Co. C
A.R.FLLt. Arty. Dyke;s Co. 2stGy. Sgt
Abner A.NCLt. Arty. 3rd Bn. Co. BQMSgt
AbsalomHampshireVA114th Mil. Co. BSgt
Adelma P.LA8th Inf. Co. C
Adolphus M.GAArty. 9th Bn. Co. A, ECOMBEE
Aix.VAInf. 23rd Bn Co. C
AlbertAR7th Cav. Co.A1st Sgt
AlbertAR27th Inf. Co. B
Albert W.NC13th Inf. Co. H.Sgt
AlexanderNC53 Inf. Co. D.
Alexander C.NC7th Inf. Co. B
Alexander M.VA22nd Cav. Co. A
AlfordKY13th Cav. Co. G
AlfredNC33rd Inf. Co.D
AllenKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
AndrewKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
Andrew J.MO1st Cav. Co. F
Andrew J.MO2nd Inf. Co. G
ArmsteadVA11th Cav. Co. B
AshtonVA25th Mil. Co. A
AustinPerryKY13th Cav. Co.I1/25/1913, Auston Combs Pension Application #1650
B.H.TX2nd Inf. Co. E
B.N.GA40th Inf. Co F
B.W.AR8th Inf. New Co. E1st Sgt.
BenjaminAR2nd Mtd. Rifles Co. D
BenjaminAR35th Inf. Co. K
BenjaminMDCa. Harris' or Harrison's Regt.
BenjaminVACav. Harness; Co.
Benjamin B.NC1st Arty., (10th St. Troops) Co. F
BensonVA72nd Mil
BerryVA29th Inf. Co. E
Bolivar C.StaffordVA9th Cav. Co.ACpl. Bolivar C. COMBS, s/o William Rousseau & Sarah WICKLIFFE Combs, d 14 Apr 1862.
BurrellGentryMO1st Cav. Co. HSgt. Burrell (a.k.a. Burrel) COMBS
C.MOLt. Arty. Farris' Btty. (Clark Arty.)COMBES
C. B.Gen & Staff Asst.Surg COMBE
CalebTN63rd Inf. Co. E
CalvinKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. E
CharlesALCp. of Instr. TalladegaCOMBE
CharlesAR1st Field BatteryCombs Researcher Keith Marshall
CharlesAR1st Field Btty
CharlesFL7th Inf. Co.KCOMBE
CharlesGA20th Vol. Inf.
Co. K
Sgt. Charles Harrold -Private 08 Aug 1861, Apptd. 4th Sgt., 1864, Deserted. Took oath of allegiance to U.S. Govt. at Louisville. Ky. and released to remain north of Ohio River during war October 24, 1864. (Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)
CharlesSC1st SC Inf.
Co. C
Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)
CharlesTN3rd (Clack's)Inf. Co. H, CCombs Researcher Keith Marshall
CharlesTX9th TX Cav.Combs Researcher Keith Marshall
CharlesVA18th VA Cav.
Co. B
Combs Researcher Keith Marshall
CharlesVA62nd Mtd. Inf. 1st Co. G.COMBES
CharlesVA18th Cav. Co. B
Charles A.TN18th Cav. Co. B
Charles HarroldGA20th Inf. Co.KSgt
ChurchillVA4th Res. Co. F
ChurchillGrayson?VA22nd Cav. Co. G
ChurchwellVA29th Inf. Co. D.
ChurchwellVA29th Inf. Co. E
Churchwell C.VA29th Inf. Co. E
Churchwell C. Sr.VACav. 47th Bn Co. C
Churchwell C., Jr.VACav. 47th Bn. Co. C
ClabournKY5th Mtd Inf. Co.I
Comte T.VA22nd Inf. Co. B.
Cullen Jr.RussellVA72nd Mil.
D.VALt. Arty. 12th Bn. Co. B
D. W.TX20th Inf. Co I
DanielKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
DanielBurlesonTXClaimant: Daniel W. Application Rejected.
DavidConf Cav. Wood's Regt. 2nd Co. G
DavidPerryKY13th Cav. Co. G, I.6/20/1914, Pension Application #2940
DavidKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co.I
DavidNC17th Inf. (2nd Org.) Co. L
DavidTN30th Inf. Co. ESgt COMBES
DavidTN26th Inf. Co. K
David H.MOCav. Slayback's Regt. Co I
David S.TX8th Cav. Co. D
DempseyTNLt. Arty. Barry's Co.
E. A.TX19th Inf. Co. C.
E.G.TN23rd & 44th Cons. Inf.
E.M.KY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
E.S.KY10th (Johnson's) Cav. New Co.H
EdgarMDInf 2nd Bn. Co. B
EdgarVA22nd Inf. Co. B
ElhanonKY13th Cav. Co. I1st Sgt.
Eli G.NC54th Inf. Co. E
ElijahKY13th Cav. Co. B
ElijahKY13 Cav 63rd Inf. Co. D.
Elijah W.KY7th Cav. Co. A
EncohKY13th Cav. Co.I
EphraimKy13th Cav. Co. G
Ethell E.NC38th Inf. Co. G
F.VA53rd Inf. Co. ACOMBES
FerdinardLAInf. 1st Sp. Bn.(Rightor's) Co. ECOMBES
FieldenRussellVA16th Cav. Co. B
FieldenRussell?VACav. Caldwell's Bn. Gent's Co.
FieldingKnottKY7/10/1912, Pension Application #2601
FieldingKY13th Cav. Co. C
FieldingVA37th Inf. Co. E
FieldingVA37th Inf Co. I
FloydVA45th Inf. Co. ECOMBES
FountainALCAv. Hardie's Bn. REs. Co. E.
FrancisKY13th Cav. Co. C
Francis H.TX1st (McCulloch's)Cav. Co. C1st Lt.
Francis H.TXCav 8th (Taylor's) Bn. Co. ECapt
Francis H.TX1st (Yager's) Cav. Co. H.Capt.
FranklinNC32nd Inf. Co. I
FrederickLA30th Inf. Locoul's Co.COMBE
G. W.VA18th Cav. Co. B.
G.M.NCSnead's Co. (Loc. Def.)
G.N.KY2nd (Woodward's) Cav. Co. B
G.N.KY1st Inf. Co.F
GeorgeFLCav. 5th Bn. Co. G
GeorgeKY13th Cav. Co. H
GeorgeVA13th Mil. Co. D
George B.GAArty. 11th Bn. (Sumter Arty.) New Co.C
George B.GA9th Inf. Co. A
Gilbert T.McNairy?TN33rd Inf.
GranvilleKY13th Cav. Co. A, B
H.GA5th Inf.COMB
H.SCM. Ward's Co. Waccamaw Lt. Arty.)Lt Arty. COMBEE
H.M.KY13th Cav. Co.GCapt.
HamptonFL1st Cav. Co. KCOMBEE
HanabellKY13th Cav. Co. I
HarrisonNC5th Inf. Co.D
HarryDavidsonTN44th MS Inf. Co. B
(Blythe's Reg)
Enlisted in June 11 1861 at Memphis [Davidson Co], Tenn. age 22. Went from corporal to color sergent then back to private before deserting in November 11 1862. (Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)
HenryKY13th Cav
Co. I
1st Sgt. (Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)
Henry D.KY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I(Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)
HenryNC39th Inf. Co., C,GCpl. (Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)
HenryKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
Henry G.KY13th Cav. Co. C(Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)
Henry T.GA61st Inf. Co. F(Combs Researcher Keith Marshall)
HiramMadisonAR7th Cav. Co. E.Capt.
HiramKnottKY7/10/12 Pension Application #2941
HiramKY13th Cav. Co. C
HiramKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
Hiram W.VA45th Inf. Co. E.
HughKY13th Cav. Co. G
IraKY13th Cav. Co. G.
IraNC4th Inf. Co. D
Irvin T.S.KY5th Mtd. Inf. Co.A, B
IrwinKY10th (Diamond's) Cav. Co.D
IsaacKY13th Cav. Co. C
IsaacNC27th Inf. Co. K
J.AR27th Inf. Co. H.
J. D.Brush Bn
J. D.TX22nd Inf. Co. E
J. E.GA40th Inf. Co. F
J.A.MSCa. 2nd Regt. Res. Co. E Bvt. 2nd Lt.
J.A.MSInf. 3rd Bn. Co. H
J.C.Sap. & Min., CSACOMBES
J.C.LA16th Inf. Co.GCOMBES
J.C.MO2nd Inf. Co. E
J.D.GA3rd Res. Co. DCOMBEE
J.G.AR30th Inf. Co. E
J.H.TN5th Inf. 2nd Co.C1st Sgt
J.J.MSGage's Co
J.J.VA77th Mil. Co. B
J.L.E.VA1st Cav. Co. B Bugler
J.P.AR17th (Griffith's) Inf. Co. G.
J.R.AR7th Cav. Co. G
J.R.ARInf. Adams' Regt. Moore's Co
J.S.MSShield's Co.
J.T.AR35th Inf. Co. K
J.T.MSInf. 3rd Bn. (ST. Troops) Sgt.
J.W.MO6th Cav. Co. A
J.W.TX4th Inf. Co. ECOMBE
J.W.TX15th Cav. Co. A
J.W.VACav. Harness' Co.
JacksonKY13th Cav. Co. I
JacksonNC22nd Inf. Co. F
Jackson A.TN3rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf. Co. I
JacobSCM. Wards Co. (Waccamaw Lt. Arty.)Lt Arty. COMBEE
JacobTN37th Inf. Co. F
JacobTN60th Mtd. Inf. Co.E.Sgt
Jacob N.TN19th Inf. Co. G
Jacob N.TN60th Mtd Inf.
JamesAR1st Mtd. Rifles Co. K
JamesAR25th Inf. Co. I
JamesFL1st Cav. Co. D.
JamesFL1st (Res.) Inf. Co. G2nd Lt.
JamesKY4th Cav. CplCOMBE
JamesKY13th Cav. Co. G
JamesKY13th Cav. Co. I
JamesKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. E.
JamesNC27th Inf. Co. K
JamesHaysTXClaimant: Fannie A. Pension Number: 47219. Husband: James Henry 
JamesVA37th Inf. Co. E
James A.MSSt. Cav. 2nd Bn. (Harris') Co. A
James C.NC3rd Cav. (41st St. Troops) Co. C
James D.MS11th Inf. Co. D
James H.TX17th Cons. Dismtd. Cav Co.H
James H.TX6th Inf. Co. E.Sgt
James H.VA62nd Mtd.Inf. 1st Co.GCOMBES
James H.VA18th Cav. Co. B
James Jr.KY13th Cav. Co. C
James K.MO7th Cav. Co. I
James M.KY13th Cav. Co. I Cpl.
James M.KY13th Cav. Co. K
James M.KY4th Mtd. Inf. Co. A
James M.KY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
James M.TN4th Cav.
James P.KY13th Cav. Co. G
James R.TX25th Cav. Co. B
James Sr.KY13th Cav. Co. C
James T.GAArty. 11th Bn. New Co. C
James W.MS2nd Inf. Co. G.2nd Lt
JehuVA18th Cav. Co.B
JehuVA14th Mil. Co. D2nd Lt
JeremiahAR35Inf Co.K
JeremiahBreathittKY10/1/14, Pension Application #3108
JeremiahBreathittKY5/18/1818, Pension Application #3815, widow Sally (neè NOBLE)
JeremiahKY13th Cav. Co.C
JeremiahKY13th Cav. GSgt
Jeremiah C.KY13th Cav. Co. I
JesseKY10th (Diamond's) Cav. Co. E.
JesseKY13th Cav. Co. B
JesseKY13th Cav. Co. G
JesseKY13th Cav. Co. I
JesseLAInf Cons. Crescent Regt. Co B
JetMSCav. Yerger's Regt. Co. C
JohnALCav. Forrest's Regt.
JohnAR7th Cav. Co. E
JohnAR21st Mil. Dollar's Co.
JohnGA7th Cav. Co. C
JohnGA56th Inf. Co. K
JohnMO4th Cav. Co. F
JohnNC5th Sr. REs. Co. K
JohnNC8th Inf. Co. B
JohnNC22nd Inf. Co. F
JohnTNCav. 5th Bn. (McClellan's) Co. FCOMBES
JohnTN4th Cav.
JohnTN9th Cav. Co. F
JohnTN18th (Newsom's) Cav. Co. H
JohnTN19th (Biffle's) CAv. Co F
JohnTN48th Inf. Co. B
JohnTN59th Mtd. Inf.
JohnVA22nd Cav. Co. A
JohnVA14th Mil. Co. DCpl
JohnVA33rd Inf. Co. G
JohnVA72nd Mil
JohnVAInf. Lyneman's Co.
John A.GAArty. 11th Bn (Sumter ARty.) New Co. C
John C.MO2nd Inf. Co. GCpl
John C.MO10th Inf. Co. A
John C.TNInf. Crew's Bn. Co A
John C.VA45th Inf. Co. E
John J.AL17th Inf. Co. E
John M.NC56th Inf. Co. H
John M.VA37th Inf. Co. G
John R.FL4th Inf. Co. D,E
John S.VA18th Cav. Co. B.
John S. McKenHampshireVA13th Inf Co. ICpl. -
John T.MS11th (Perrin's) Cav. Co. B
John V.TN61st Mtd Inf. Co. E
John W.GA6th Inf. Co. K
John W.MOCav. 4th Regt. St. Guard Co. C
John W.MOInf. 8th Bn. Co.BSgt
John W.MO9th Inf. Co. FSgt
John W.NC54th Inf. Co. E.Cpl
JosephKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
Judson S.MSInf. 1st St. Troops Co. F
KendrickKY13th Cav. Co. C
KendrickPerryKY13th Cav. Co. ISee Jim Jackson's CW Records for Kendrick COMBS
L.G.TX20th Bn. S.S. Co. A
Larkin M.KY1st Bn. Mtd. Rifles Co. B
LeviKY8th Cav. Co. G 1st Sgt
LorenzoKY13th Cav. Co. I]
LutherKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. D
Manderville J.GilesVA36th Inf. 2nd Co. C


Note: Mandeville Jackson Combs - married 1871 in Giles Co, VA 1880 Pulaski Co, VA census. (SHGilley)

MarionVA29th Inf. Co. E
MarkGA34th Inf. Co. KCOMB
MartinPhillips?AR6th Inf. Co. A. Cpl.
MartinPhillips?ARInf. Cocke's REgt. Co. ACpl.
MathewKY13th Cav. Co. C
MathewKYField's Co. (Part. Rangers)
MathewKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. B,K
MathewVA33rd Inf. Co. F
MathewHampshireVA114th Mil. Co. B2nd Lt.
MeredithNC58th Inf. Co. L
MiltonKY13th Cav. Co. ICpl.
Moses S.TN60th Mtd. Inf. Co E
NelsonNC17th Inf. (2nd Org.) Co. H
NewelVA4th Res. Co. F
Newton P.NC56th Inf. Co. H
NicholasKY13th Cav. Co. C
NicholasKY13th Cav. Co. I
NicholasKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co.I
NoahVA45th Inf. Co. I
Oliver C.MS21st Inf. Co. E
P.TN61st Mtd Inf. Co. K
PeterKY10th (Diamond's) Cav. Co. B
PeterKY5th Mtd Inf. Co I
PeytonHampshireVA114th Mil. Co. B.Sgt
PhelixKY13th Cav. Co. CSW: Felix
PhillALArty. Clanton's BttyLt. COMBES
R.LAMil. Chalmette Regt. Co. B Cpl.
R.SCManigault's Bn. Vol. Co.BCOMBEE
R.B.NC4th Inf. Co. C
ReubenVA29th Inf. Co. C., 2nd Co. F
ReubenVAMil. Carroll Cty.
RichardLAMiles' Legion Co. F
RobertNC35th Inf. Co. I
RobertTX18th Cav. Co. C
RobertDallasTXClaimant: Mary C. Pension Number: 34266. Husband: Robert Martin COMBS
Robert C.KY5th Mtd. Inf. Co.I
Rufus R.TN3rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf. Co. H
Rush F.VA45th Inf. Co. E
S.H.KY13th Cav. Co. H
S.H.TN15th (Stewart's) Cav. Co. BCOMB
SamuelVA37th Inf. Co. G
Samuel A.MS18th Inf. Co. C
Samuel A.VA48th Inf. Co. K Cpl.
Seth R.VA9th Cav. Co. A
Shadrach H.BreathittKY5/28/1918, Pension Application #2602, widow Lucinda (neè Day), wife of S. A. [sic].
ShadericKY13th Cav. Co. H
ShadrachKYField's Co. (Part. Rangers)
ShadrackKy5th Mtd. Inf. Co. K
ShadrickKY13th Cav. Co.G 1st Lt.
SimeonKnottKY7/10/12 Pension Application #0573
SimpsonKY13th Cav. Co. C
SolomonAR34th Inf. Co. C
Solomon H.VA64th Mtd. Inf. Co. K
St. ClairVA45th Inf. Co. E
StansberryVA111th Mil. Co. 8
StephenKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. I
Stephen C.VA8th Cav. Co. C
Sterling J.AL47th Inf. Co. D
Sterling J.ALVol. Medor's Co.
SylvesterKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co. C
T.A.MS41st Inf. Co. K
T.C.ALAuburn Home Guards Vo. Darby's Co.
T.F.VACav. 41st Bn 2nd Co. H
T.H.SCManigault's Bn. Vol. Co. BCOMBEE
TalbertGA54th Inf. Co. A
Thadeous M.TX11th Inf. Co. D
Thomas8th (Wade's) Conf. Cav. Co. K
ThomasFL4th Inf. Co. FCOMB
ThomasTN3rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf. 1st Co.K
ThomasTN63rd Inf. Co. E
Thomas C.AL47th Inf. Co. D
Thomas J.GA39th Inf. Co. D
Thomas JacksonGA40th Inf. Co. FSee Pension File
Thomas M.KY5th Cav. Capt.
Thomas MonroeKY3rd Cav. Co. GCapt.
Thomas T.NC12th Inf. Co. L
Thomas T.NC32nd Inf. Co. F,ACpl.
TimothyVA72nd Mil.
Van B.VA20th Cav. Co. A
W. A.TNCAv., William's Co.
W.C.MS7th Cav Co. I
W.C.SC1st (McCreary's) Inf. Co. B
W.H.MS14th (Cons.) Inf. Co.E1st Lt.
W.J.ARInf. 4th Inf. Co. B
W.J.TN47th Inf. Co. B
W.L.TX20th Bn. St. Troops Co. A- Pvt. Alvarado Rifles. See Johnson Co TX
WaineKY5th Mtd. Inf. Co I
Walker C.KY4th Cav. Co. G
WallerKY11th Cav. Co. A
WashingtonPerryKY8/15/12 Pension Application #0574
WashingtonKY13th Cav. Co. G
WashingtonKY13th Cav. Co. I
WesleyKY13th Cav. Co. C Sgt.
Wesley P.GAArty. 11th Bn. (Sumter Arty.)New Co.CQMSgt
Wesley P.GA9th Inf. Co. A
WileyKY13th Cav. Co. D
WilliamVA29th Inf. Co. E
WilliamConf. Ca. Wood's Regt. 2nd Co. G
WilliamFL9th Inf. Co. ECOMBES
WilliamFL1st Cav. Co. D
WilliamGA36th (Broyles') Inf. Co. G
WilliamMO1st Inf Co. H
WilliamMO9th Inf. Co. H
WilliamMOInf. Clark's Regt. Co. H
WilliamMOSt. Guard
WilliamNC2nd Inf. Co. A
WilliamNC37th Inf. Co. F
WilliamNC64th Inf. Co. K
WilliamTN20th Cav
WilliamTN26th Inf. Co. K
WilliamTN60th Mtd. Inf. Co. A
WilliamTNDetailed Conscr. Co. B
WilliamVA15th Cav. Co. E
WilliamVACav. 15th Bn. Co. C
WilliamVA24th Inf. Co. C
WilliamVA111th Mil. Co. 8
William B.KY13th Cav. Co. G
William C.VA37th Inf. Co. GCpl
William F.72nd Mil
William F.GAArty. 11th Bn (Sumter Arty.) New Co. C
William F.VA16th Cav. Co. B
William F.VACav. Caldwell's Bn. Gent's Co.
William F.VACav. McFarlane's Co.
William G.NC35th Inf. Co.I
William H.MS14th Inf. Co. H1st Lt
William H.JacksonVA22nd Inf. Co. B
William J.VA16th Cav. Co. B
William J.VACav. Caldwell's Bn. Gent's Co.
William J.VA72nd Mil
William JrTNInf. 4th Cons. Regt. Co. E
William K.TN29th Co. G
William L.TX12th Inf. Co. C
William M.MS2nd Inf. Co. G
William M.TNCav. 5th Bn. (McClelan's Co. F.COMBES
William M.TN59th Mtd. Inf. Co. C
William McC.GA13th Inf. Co. CSgt
William N.VA64th Mtd Inf. Co. K
William R.TN19th Inf. Co. G
William T.GA49th Inf. Co. D Cpl.
WilsonKY13th Cav. Co. G,I
Wilson T.MorganKY3/2/1917 Confederate Pension Application #3838
Z. EllisTX31st Cav. Co. G.Capt.; See also Dallas & Johnson Cos TX. Zachariah Ellis
ZachariahWilkesNC26th Inf. Co. CCOMBES
ZadocVA29th Inf. Co. E
ZenoxTX20th Bn S.S. Co. A
ZurCarsonTXClaimant: Sarah. Application Rejected. Husband: Zur David 

Sources include: Texas State Archives, extracted by Combs Researcher C. Hammett from Index to Confederate Pensions ; "The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865. Vol. IV edited by Janet B. Hewett. Broadfoot Publishing Co., Wilmington, NC 1996, extracted and partially annotated by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt; and original research of Combs Researcher Ken Marshall.

Important: All CW Records collected have not yet been added. See also the Combs List Archives and/or applicable Combs Counties (Combs &c. Records Index)

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