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Pike County was organized in 1821 from Madison, Bond and Clark, and included at that time most of northern Illinois. In 1822, Pike lost most of it's territory to non-county area, retaining only a small block of land in east central Illinois. In 1825, Adams Co was established from Pike and non-county area, Calhoun was established from Pike, and Schuyler from Pike, Fulton and non-county area.

1830 Pike Co, IL Census

p. 236 ln. 1
Simeon F. Combs 2 m<5; 1 m5-10; 1 m15-20; 1 m20-30; 1 f20-30; 6 total

(Combs Researcher Bill DeGarmo; Updated from USGenWeb Census Project)

Notes: Simeon & Lavina COFFEY Combs m 22 Jul 1823, Adair Co, KY. By 1830 they were in Pike Co, IL, but by 1840 had removed to Russell Co, KY. By 1849, they were in Crittenden Co, KY, and by 1858, in McGhee (Now Cherokee) Co, KS where Simeon d 21 Dec 1859, age 59, born in VA. No known relationship to the later Combs of this county (as yet, at least).

1840 Pike Co IL Census Index

No Combs

29 Apr 1849 Pike Co IL Marriages. Combs, Sterling & STARK, Sarah Ann (Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre)

JWK Notes: Sterling Combs was the s/o John & Delilah APPLEGATE Combs (See below), gs/o Lewis & Jane "Jenny" SMITH Combs, Sr., and ggs/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs, Sr. He is listed in Spring Twp., Pike Co, IL 1850 and 1860 Census, and in the 1870 and 1880 Newton Twp., Taney Co MO census.

07 Oct 1849 (Pike Co IL, I:143) Marriage of Mrs. Delila Combs and Parley PEASE by H. K. FREEEMAN JP on 8 Oct 1849 Pike Co, IL (Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre)

JWK Notes: Delilah APPLEGATE m (1) 25 Dec 1825, Scott Co IN, John Combs, s/o Lewis & Jane "Jenny" SMITH Combs, and gs/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs, Sr. They had several sessions in DuBois Co, IN for divorce. The 1850 Census of Calhoun Co, IL: Belleview Precinct #62 Parley PEASE 55 farmer b NY, Delila 44 b VA illiterate, Eliza 8 b IA, Minerva 12 b IA. Marriage license of Mr. Nathan ALISON and Mrs. Delilah PEAS 23 Nov 1854 in Pike Co, IL signed by James B. JOHNSTON, MG. Stark-Hutton Cemetery, Pike Co IL, tombstone engraving: "Delilah wife of N. ALLISON, died March 19, 1872 aged 64 years 2 mos 19 days.. The pains of death are passed, Labor and sorrow cease, And lifes long warfare closed at last, Her soul is found in peace." Her grave is between her son Litle Combs and brother? Samuel APPLEGATE. In 1850, Litle H. Combs is found in the Bureau Co IL census HH with APPLEGATES. He was born 18 Oct 1834 in Indiana, died 18 Apr 1864. (Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre )

1850 Pike Co IL Census Index

7 S 3 W

p. 106
Combs, Sterling

12 Nov 1853 (Pike Co, IL Vol. 1 pg 194) COMBY [sic], Sarah M. J. to Lindley J. HIGHEM [HIGHAM]

(Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre who adds: I believe her to be the dau of John and Delilah APPLEGATE Combs)

19 Feb 1854 (Pike Co IL Marriages, I:198) Combs, Helen C. & UNDERWOOD, John H. (Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre)

1860 Pike Co IL Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre who adds that this census is much in dispute because of the bad photocopying, the following from IL Archives in Springfield, IL)

Page 639, Line 2

Combs, Sterling 32 b IN
Sarah A 32 IN
William L. 11 IN
James H. 10 IN
B. D. 8 IN
John W. 6 IL
Francis N. 4 IL
Franklin 4 IL
Daniel J. STARK 29 MO

JWK Notes: By 1870 Sterling & Sarah Ann STARK Combs (m here 1849) were in Taney Co MO.

1870 Pike Co IL Census

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New Salem

New Salem

p. 3, 8 Aug 1870

23/23 Combs, John D. 73 M W Retired Shoemaker 1200 500 France **
_____ Catherine 70 F W Keeping House NJ *

** Father & Mother of foriegn birth; * Father of foreign birth

1880 Pike Co IL Federal Census

Spring Creek Township

Margaret Combs 39, widow, OH, general housework
John S. 14 son works on farm IL IN Mo IL
Frank W. 12 son works on farm IL
Charles L. 10 son works on farm IL
Susan M 8 dau Il
James O 6 son IL
John W HOWSE 44 brother to Margaret farmer/single OH OH OH

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Pat Orton who adds that the above was the only Combs family listed in this census)

Note: No marriage record found as yet. Also note that John S. was not Margaret's son according to the above (incomplete) record based on parents' birth states).

Provided by Joyce Winter Kahre from information received from Eliz Hardy, in Jacksonville, IL: 1880 Pike Co, IL History page 632 (Old settlers biographies) John D. Combs.

"John D. Combs was born in 1792 in France and was the son of John D. and Mary A. Combs who were also natives of France. The family emigrated to New Castile in Portugal when he was young; at the time of Bonaparte's defeat at this place. John D. fled to seek shelter from the shot and shell of the British army; he got lost from his mother and supposing she had been killed, wandered around in search of his father, he being on Bonaparte's staff, but found him dead. Our subject was now left without parents, brother or sister and he knew not what to do. A Jewish peddler proved to be a good Samaritan to him, taking him in charge, feeding him and conveying him to Lisbon; here the orphan wandered about the city, sleeping out of doors and in abandoned retreats for 3 or 4 weeks, and getting nothing to eat except what he could pick up from the back doors of hotels and boarding houses. Here again a good Samaritan appeared in the person of an American sea captain and took him aboard his ship and cared for him until the captains death. The captain's wife then became his guardian and bound him out to the boot and shoemaker's trade; after 4 1/2 years' stay he ran away from his master and enlisted in the US service for 5 years under Scott's command at Baltimore [Co MD], and Council Bluffs [Pottawatomie Co IA]. This expedition was for the purpose of making treaties with the Indians in Nebraska and as far north as the Yellowstone. After 5 years' service he was mustered out at Omaha [Douglas Co], Neb. and went to New Orleans [Orleans Parish, LA] for his pay; then returned to his state, then a territory and located at Alton [Madison Co IL], where he was first married. After working at his trade for several years, he commenced selling goods on the Illinois river, at Perry, and also at New Salem. He is at present living a retiree life at the age of 88 years. He has been 3 times married, but is now a widower; is unusually spry and active for one of his age and challenges any man in the county for a half-mile race. P. O. New Salem."

Notes: John D. Combs has not been researched; however, he appears to have been the John D. (Daniel? or 'des') Combs who was on the 1830 Madison Co, IL Census, the 1840 Jersey Co, IL census and the 1850 Macoupin Co, IL census. One of his marriages may have been to Phoebe CURTISS in 1827 in Madison. He was apparently not in this county for the 1880 Census, yet appears to have been the same who follows.

28-30 Jul 1885 Death Records of Pike Co, IL, item 1: Joseph COOMBS d. 28 Jul 1885; bu. 30 Jul 1885 in Grigsville; he res. Grigsville;; married: His undertaker: A. G. WOODMAN, res. Grigsville; his physiciam: E. R. STORM res. Grigsville (Combs Researcher Deb Coombs from LDS Film # 1314768)

Feb 1889 (Transcribed from photocopy of Verdict of Jury, State of Illinois Pike Co by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre)

In the County Court, at the February term, AD 1889 C. L. H. Pierce vs John COOMBS
Petition for the Appointment of a Conservator.
We, the undersigned Jurors, chosen, selected and sworn to ascertain whether a Conservator should be appointed to take charge of the property and estate of John COOMBS Defendant herein, do find that said John COOMBS is distracted and in consequence of such distraction is not capable of caring for and taking charge of his property and effects. And do further find that a Conservator should be appointed as provided by law. Witness our hands this 4th day of February AD 1889. (signatures of the following)

Attached on separate piece of paper:

In matters of the Conservatorship of John D. Combs, Insane April Term 1895 George JOHNSON Conservator herein deposes and says that he has not recieved or collected any assets of any kind or nature since his last report. Which shows that he had paid out $12.23 more than he had recieved and that his said Ward John D. Combs is now dead and he asked to be dischaged. Subscribed and sworn to before me March 30, 1895 W. B. ? Judge. signed George JOHNSTON (ibid.)

30 Jul 1889 (Pike Co IL Marriage Records, page 192 of Marriage Register 3) Marriage License. Alfred H. CAMPBELL of New Canton, Pike Co, IL age 27 and Miss Minerva J. COMBS of Pike Co, IL age 18 by H. D. WILLIAMS JP of Pittsfield, IL 30 July 1889. Attached note of 30 July 1889 states: "I the undersined parent give my consent to the mariage of Alfred H. CAMPBELL and Jane COMBS. s/Maget COMBS (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre from photocopy of original)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives