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Barren Co., KY was established on 20 Dec 1798 from Warren & Green Counties. Descendant counties include Allen Co., KY, est. in 1815 from Barren & Warren Cos. In 1819, Hart Co. was est. from Barren and Hardin, and in 1820 Monroe Co., organized primarily from Barren, but including some Cumberland County. In 1860 Metcalfe Co., KY was org. from Adair, Barren, Cumberland, Green and Monroe.      

Some Barren Co., KY Combs have been identified as having come from Loudoun Co., VA, but numerous more have not yet been identified although there appear to be some possible Middle Tennessee connections (See Combs-Hash below). See also the William Franklin Coombs Manuscript.

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Chronicle of John L Combs
Chronicle of Benjamin Combs

Chronology of John L. Combs of VA, Barren Co., KY, Morgan Co., MO and Pettis Co., MO prepared by Natalie McClendon

Census Data

  • Abt. 1796 - John L. Combs born in VA. This is based on census data spanning 1820 - 1860.
  • 1820 Barren Co., KY census p. 6: John Combs probably the white male age 18-26 in the John Combs household.
  • 1830 Barren Co., KY census: John Combs probably the white male 30-40 in the John Combs household

  • 1840 Pettis Co., MO census, Richland Twp, p. 184: John Combs h/h, one male 40-50.
  • 1850 Pettis Co., MO census, John L. Combs listed as 70 yo, b. VA 1860 Pettis Co., MO census, p. 767, Bowling Green Twp: John L. Combs, 64, b. VA, lives in the h/h of Levi Combs, 40, b. VA NOTE: All census except 1850 support a birth year of abt. 1796.
  • 1817 - Barren Co., KY Tax List, Jolliff's District, first appearance of John Combs, paying taxes on 100 acres in Little Barren River watercourse, J. Mathews entry, 1 white male over 21, 2 horses. He continues to be listed off and on through 1829 on this same land. How he came into possession of it is unknown. This land on the South fork of the Little Barren River is in present-day Metcalfe Co.
  • Abt. 1817 - John married Phebe Read, probably in KY, but possibly in VA. Levi Combs, their presumed son, born about 1820 consistently listed VA as his birthplace on census records. The only census record that lists Phebe's birthplace (1850 living with John L. Combs) says she was also born in VA. See information on Read family below at 1835.
  • Abt. 1820 - Levi Combs born, presumed son of John L. and Phebe Combs. When John L. appears in Morgan/Pettis Co, MO, buying land, Levi also buys land adjacent to his. In his old age, John L. lived in Levi's h/h (1860 census, age 64)
  • 1820 Census, Barren Co., KY, p. 6 - John Combs h/h lists Males: 1 under 10; 1 18-26; Females: 1 under 10; 1 10-15; 1 15-25. This suggests one boy and one girl child born to John and Phebe, but the girl 10-15 yo seems too old. The only listing of Phebe's birth year (1850 age 45) means she was born in 1805. Giving birth to Levi in 1820 is about as early as she's likely to start childbearing. This older girl could be sister of one of the adults. (See 1828 Court case of Jane Combs, mother of bastard child.)
  • 1824, KY: Nargus Fenton Combs born, daughter of John L. and Phebe Combs of Barren Co., KY. (See her marriage, 1843, below. Relationship documented by Deed of Trust 1835 below.)
  • 1825 Nov 18 Deed Book K, Page 307: Joseph Read and Milly Read his wife of the one part and John Combs, County of Barren on the waters of Little Barren, containing one hundred Acres.
  • 1828 April Court [Barren County Order Book 5, Dec 1827-Feb 1838, page 9, published 1991] "Commonwealth vs William Goodman for Bastardy, charged by Jane Combs of Barren County, a single woman, who made oath before John Birks, Esqr, that William was the father of a bastard child." Could Jane be the older female in John Combs' household in the 1820 census? See 1850 Barren Co., KY Census listing John Combs and William Combs, single men living near the Shirleys, born 1828, and 1829. Could these men be the children of Jane Combs and William Goodman?
  • May Court 1828 Page 11: "Commonwealth vs William Goodman, appeared in Court. Wm Goodman and Lewis Goodman acknowledged their indebtedness to the Commonwealth. Wm. Goodman to answer charge made by Jane Combs of him being father of bastard child." Is Lewis Goodman the same as Louis Goodin, father of Benjamin Combs' wife, Ann? What's Lewis' relationship to William? There were both Goodmans and Goodins in Barren Co in 1820-30. Could Jane Combs be the female age 10-15 in John Combs' household in the 1820 census?
  • 1828 October - Minutes of Dripping Springs Baptist Church, Barren (now Metcalfe) Co, KY, Page 8 - membership list: JOHN COMBS joined by experience, later excluded May 1831. See details under Benjamin Combs chronology 1831.
  • 1828 December 15th [Deed Book L- Page 379 dated 12/15/1828-Barren County, transcribed by Myra Britt, and annotated by Birdie (Totty) McNutt 2001] John Combs and wife Phebe E. Combs sells 100 acres of the 200 acre parcel they live on to Joseph Read, who lives on the portion in question, on the Little Barren River, for $300.
  • 1829 September 1st [Barren County, KY Deed Book L, Page 491 dated 9/1/1829, transcribed by Myra Britt, and annotated by Birdie (Totty) McNutt 2001] John Combs buys 200 hundred acres of land on Little Barren River for $500 from William CROW & Susan his wife Joshua CROW and Sally his Wife, Ezekiel HUFFMAN and Elizabeth his wife, Andrew L CROW and Emmely his Wife, Julius HUFFMAN and Nancy his Wife & Hetty (?) MOODY of the County of Monroe and State of Kentucky. Benjamin Combs gives oath of the transaction.
  • 1829 September 5th [Barren Co., KY Deed Book L, Page 490 dated 9/5/1829 transcribed by Myra Britt, and annotated by Birdie (Totty) McNutt 2001] John Combs buys 6 acres of land on Little Barren River from Lewis Ferguson and wife Polly for $23.00. Benjamin Combs gives oath of the transaction.
  • 1830 Barren County KY Census, p. 149: John Combs 011001 males//101001 females 1 male 5-10 (Unidentified); 1 male 10-15 (Levi?); 1 male 30-40 (John); 1 female under 5 (Fenton?); 1 female 10-15 (Saphony/Sephrona?); 1 female 30-40 (Phebe)
  • 1835 Barren Co Tax List: A store named "Combs & Read" listed adjacent to John Combs personal tax listing, value $700. (See 1836 tax listing)
  • 1835 Sept 21 -- Deed of Trust signed between John Read and John L. Combs; Combs signed over to Read ownership of all property inherited by wife Phebe from her father (unnamed) for the sum of $10. Combs and wife to have use of property in lifetime and then it goes to Combs' daughter "Fenton S. Combs." (sic) Phebe's mother identified as Delphia Read, still living at this time. Reason for this deed is unclear but it suggests that John Read, Phebe's brother, did not trust Combs to handle the property wisely. This deed was originally filed in Barren Co, KY in 1835, then the County Clerk certified it on 22 July 1844, and finally it was filed again in Pettis Co, MO on 21 April 1852. These other dates may coincide with the deaths of Delphia Read and Phebe Read Combs respectively. This document proves that the John L. and Phebe E. Combs of Barren Co, KY is the same as that of Morgan/Pettis Co, MO.

    [According to Charles Wickliffe Read III, direct descendant of Philadelphia Read and husband John Read through their son Noah Read, family history says John and Philadelphia's children were Joe, Levi, Jack, Martha, Phoebe, Sophia, Jane and Noah. Records show that the two oldest boys, Noah and Joseph, moved to KY about 1817, Joseph settling in Barren Co and Noah in Logan Co to the west. Daughter Phebe Read may have traveled with Joseph to Barren Co in 1817, but no records show when for sure. John Read (the father) died about 1812 in Stafford Co, VA. Philadelphia, along with children John, Levi, Sophia, and Jane, moved to Barren Co, KY about 1831. An older daughter Hannah Read, already married to Sanford Carter, stayed in Stafford Co, VA. The Reads were Baptists. Hannah Read Carter, a member of the Chopawamsic Baptist Church of Stafford Co, Va , named a son William Fristoe Carter, after a minister of that church. Joseph Read served as clerk of the Dripping Springs Baptist Church, Barren Co, KY for about 20 years. Joseph's mother Philadelphia and sister Jane joined "by letter" when they moved to Barren Co., indicating they were members of a Baptist Church in Stafford Co, VA. A John Read was among the founding members of Chopawamsic Baptist Church in 1766. The Shirleys of Barren Co, KY had been members of this church while still in VA. John Read Jr. and Sophia Read married Shirleys when after they came to Barren Co.]
  • 1836 Barren Co Tax List: "Read and Combs," one merchandise, value $600, listed adjacent to Levi Read
  • 1836 January 25, Lewis Burton of Barren Co, KY stabbed, and dies in February.
  • 1836 March 12 - Grand Jury indictment of John Combs for the murder of Lewis Burton.
  • 1836 June 27 (recorded 30 Sept 1836) Barren County KY Deed Book O, pages 216-217 - John L. Combs gives Power of Attorney to Joseph Read, witnessed by John Read, James Shirley. Purpose stated is to sell or otherwise dispose of his real and personal property and pay and collect all debts of John L. Combs.
  • 1836 Sept, Warrant issued for the arrest of John Combs, "late of the Barren Circuit," for the murder of Lewis Burton. This suggests he fled?
  • 1836 Sept 29 DEED John L. Combs by Joseph Read his attorney in fact and Phebe Combs, his wife to Rials Jeffreys, Barren County KY Deed Book O, Pages 217-218. For 200 acres in Barren County, waters of Little Barren. Neighbors to land Daniel Brown, Roberson. Recorded 30 Sept 1836 including the clerk examining Phebe E. Combs to be sure she wants to sell the land. This indicates that Phebe was still in Barren Co. at this time.
  • 1836, 1838, Morgan Co, MO: John L. Combs patented land.
  • 1837 Apr 06 Morgan County, MO, David VAUGHT married Saphony COMBS (JP) John B. FISHER (Extracted by Combs Researcher Bob George from "Missouri Genealogical Abstracts and Records," Vol 3, pg 120, Sun City AZ Genealogical Library) See 1843 Fanton Combs marriage, below.
       [1850 Census MO: Camden Co., Dist 13: Page 3158, Family 20/20:
      Vaught, David 36 M Farmer TN
      Vaught, Combs 26 F KY and children
      1860 Census AR: Sebastian County, Mountain Township: Page 9, Line 11:
      Vaught, David 45 M Farmer 150/400 TN
      Vaught, Sephrona 35 F KY and children]
  • 1839 Jun 17, Morgan Co, MO: Levi Combs m. Menerva Johnson
  • 1840 John L. Combs patents land in Morgan Co, MO; Levi Combs patents land in same section as John.
  • 1840 Census, Morgan Co, MO census, Richland Twp, p. 185: John Combs h/h: one male 40-50; Females: 1 10-15; 1 30-40; Slaves: F: 1 under 10; 1 10-24; one person in commerce (not agriculture). Levi Combs h/h appears on page 184.
  • 1843 Morgan Co, MO: Fanton Combs (sic) m. George W. Sands. Geo. W. Sands and Nargous(?) Sands live next door to John L. Combs in 1850 census. [According to Nora Crauthers, a direct descendant of Fenton, her name was Nargus Fenton Combs.]
  • 1844 Jan 22 (written), [Barren Co., KY Will Book 3, p. 264], Date Probated: Likely April 1846: Will of Richard Shirley, mentions William Combs who lives with the family. Also mentioned daughter Sally Shirley, wife of John Read, and son Henry Shirley [h/o Sophia Read]. James Shirley and John Read executors. [William is probably the William Combs who appears in the 1850 census Barren Co, p. 446, h/h605/621, age 22, b. Ky occupation Miller, living alone, and next door to James & Polly Shirley (h/h606/622) and near John and Sarah Shirley Read (h/h608/624). The parentage of William Combs is unknown. His approximate birth would fit with the child of Jane Combs who brought charges against William Goodman in 1828 for fathering her child. This close association with the Shirleys and Reads suggest a relationship to John L. Combs, rather that any other Combs in Barren Co. John L. Combs called on both James Shirley and John Read as witnesses for the Power of Attorney created when John L. Combs was preparing to leave the state in 1836. Also in the 1850 census Barren Co, Ky (p. 434 h/h445/456) is a John Combs, age 21, b. KY, Miner, attending school, living in the H/H of John and Mary Shirley (cousin to James Shirley, above). Neither John nor William Combs appears in the 1860 census Barren Co.]
  • 1844 July 22, Barren Co, KY Clerk certified Deed of Trust of John L. Combs to John Read, originally written and filed in 1836 Barren Co, see above. [Since this Deed of Trust sets out inheritance from Delphia Read to Phebe Read Combs to Fenton S. Combs, it's likely that Philadelphia Read died shortly before this date.]
  • 1850 Pettis Co, MO census, p. 643:
      John L. Combs, 70, m, superannuated, b. VA;
      Phebe Combs, 45, F, b. VA.
      Next door: Geo. W. Sands, 29, M, Baptist Preacher, $300, b. OH
      Nargous F. Sands, 24, F, b. KY
      Joann Sands, 3, F, b. MO
  • 1852 April 21, Pettis Co, MO Filed for record Deed of Trust: John Combs to John Read, originally filed in Barren Co, KY (see 1835 Sept 21 above). [The fact that this Deed of Trust was filed in Pettis Co at this time suggests that someone died, and the provisions of inheritance set out in the Deed needed to be made part of the public record. It's likely that Phebe E. Combs died, and the property was passed to her daughter Fenton Combs Sands.]
  • 1853 Oct 30 (Morgan Co MO Marriage Records) COMBS, Thomas married IVY, Amanda. Thomas is probably Jonathan Thomas Combs, son of James and Zelphia Hunt Combs; Amanda the daughter of Ansalem R. Ivy.
  • 1860 Pettis Co, MO census, Bowling Green Twp, P.O. Georgetown, p. 767
      Combs, Levi, 40, M, Farmer, $200 per prop, b. VA
      Combs, Minerva, 33, F, b. MO
      Combs, Mary Ann, 14, F, b. MO
      Combs, Naomi, 10, F, b. MO
      Combs, Rebecca, 8, F, b. MO
      Combs, Sarah, 4, F, b. MO
      Combs, Isabella, 1, F, b. MO
      Combs, John L., 64, M, b. VA
      no record of Phebe found, presumed died 1850-1860.
  • 1870 Census, Bates Co, MO: Levi Combs family has moved here, but does not include John L. Combs. Considering his age, presumed died 1860-1870.

    Chronology of Benjamin Combs of Barren Co., KY

    Benjamin Combs is closely associated with John L. Combs,
    and may be his brother; his activities may be revealing.

  • 21 Dec 1818 Guardian Bonds, Barren Co, KY 1809 through 1858 by Sandra K. Laughery Gorin: Combs, Benj: Orphan of _____(no name) decd. G&P James Joliff. Sur: William Hall. 21 Dec 1818. [James Joliff was the militia captain of the district John Combs lived in in 1817 when he first shows up on the tax lists. Note mortgage in 1825 below.]
  • 1824 Mar 05 Benjamin Combs & Anne GOODIN, March 5, 1824, Sur: Louis GOODIN, Md. April 27, 1824 by Robert LEEPER. (MARRIAGE RECORDS OF BARREN COUNTY, KENTUCKY 1799-1849, "THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS," by Martha Powell Reneau, p. 49)
  • 1824 Barren Co, KY tax list, district 5, no land, one white male, one horse (same district as Joseph Read on Little Barren, Lewis Goodin on Blue Springs Creek)
  • 1825 Barren Co Tax list, Hardy's District, no land, one white male, no horse (listed next to John Combs, 100 acres, Little Barren)
  • 1825 Barren Co, KY: Benjamin Combs gets a mortgage from James Joliff for personal property.
  • 1826 Barren Co Tax list, District 5 Craddock's, no land, one white male, no horse (listed next to John Combs, 100 acres Little Barren)
  • 1827 Barren Co tax list, District 10 Craddock, one white male, one horse
  • 1827 Barren Co, KY: Benjamin Combs gets a mortgage from Ralph Petty for blacksmith tools. [Ralph Petty was the minister of Dripping Springs Baptist Church at one point and at other churches in the area.]
  • 1829 Barren Co, KY: Benjamin Combs gives oath in land sales transactions involving John Combs.
  • 1830 Barren Co, KY census: Benjamin Combs, males: 1 under 5; 1 20-30; Females: 1 under 5; 1 5-10; 1 20-30.
  • 1831 Minutes, Dripping Springs Baptist Church Page 103-104: "March monthly meeting 1831.... Brother Edmund Carter informed the church there was a difficulty existing between Sister Anna COMBS complainer and brother John COMBS offender. Brother Petty, Allen, Barton and Oldham was selected by the church as a committee to converse with the parties, apart from the church, to get the difficulty in order to lay before the church. Sd committee informed the church existed between the parties was agreed to be dropt finally and live in peace. ....." (p104) April meeting 1831. "Priviledge to race no member (erase) name of without leave of the church order a committee of three brethren Tapley Oldham, Edmund Carter and JOSEPH READ be appointed to talk with Brother COMBS and Sister COMBS and cite them. The church inquired of said READ who that member was. Sd READ informed us was Brother John COMBS and it was on account of a Difficult existing between sd COMBS & Sister ANNA COMBS as he expect ... to next meeting to answer to sd complaint." (Clerk noted that the above belonged back with the March minutes.). [Sister Anna Combs is probably Anne Goodin Combs.] May monthly meeting 1831. Meet in Church capacity first opened a door for the reception of members ...." "The refference concerning Brother JOHN COMBS and ANNA COMBS cald for taken up, Sister COMBS caid [called] on to make a statement of her aggreiveance against sd COMBS, while sd Sister making her statement, Brother COMBS Broke over all order and could not be moderated by the Moderator [Petty]. The Church immediately cald on Brother COMBS to give an account of his improper conduct in the church. Bro COMBS made his necessary acknowledgements and are forgiven by the church. The Church then commenced again with the difficulty between Brother COMBS and Sister COMBS. From every statement from the brother & sister, the church believe them both in error. First cald on Sister COMBS for her acknowledgment, she appeared freely to give satisfaction to the Church. Brother COMBS cald on by the church to give satisfaction, he sd Brother refused to give any satisfaction and we there excommunicate. Brother JOHN COMBS from this Body."
  • 1836 Barren Co, KY: Benj. Combs listed as part of Grand Jury in the murder of Lewis Burton, but name crossed out. John Combs was indicted by this Grand Jury. Also on jury were Betsy Gooden and T. Gooden.
  • 1840 Census: Benajmin Combs not found in Barren Co.
  • 1841 Dripping Springs Baptist Church Minutes: Page 142: April Meeting 1845: "3rd. Bro Snow let the church know that Sister ANNY COMBS had joined another church not in Union with us, taken up by the Church and refered."
  • 1850 Census, Barren Co, KY, 2nd Division, p. 1247-1271:
      Benjamin Combs, 53, b. VA, Blacksmith
      Ann, 50, KY
      Eliza, 23, KY
      Catherine, 21, KY
      James, 19, KY
      Charlotte, 16, KY
      Frances, 14, KY
      Henry, 11, KY
      Thomas, 8, KY
  • 6-6 Aug 1858 Combs, Benjamin to Combs, Susan 6/6 Aug 1858 at T L SANDERS presence J M GILLOCK, V T GROVES (or GRAVES), by E. BUTRAM. (p. 16) (Extracted from MARRIAGE RECORDS OF BARREN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, 1850-1860, INCLUDING 279 MISSING MARRIAGE BONDS, Sandra K. Gorin, 1990, by Connie Sheets who adds: Where two dates are shown, the first is the date of application for license and the second the date of marriage, followed by the minister's name and all other information.
  • none 16) Combs, Benjamin, Wife shown as Susan DISHMAN. Sec: Henry SANDERS (p . 80) (Extracted from MARRIAGE RECORDS OF BARREN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, 1850-1860, INCLUDING 279 MISSING MARRIAGE BONDS, Sandra K. Gorin, 1990, by Connie Sheets who adds: This record refers to a missing marriage record and/or one which may add to or correct another record for the same couple.[1850 census lists a Susan Dishman, age 65 NC living alone, p. 359, h/h 779/799. Next door to Aaron Kinslow, 37 Blacksmith, and family and Thomas Kinslow 31 Blacksmith also in h/h. In 1851, a James Combs was surety for the Guardian Bond of orphan Willis K. Winslow, Guardian John P. Kinslow. A James Combs married Nancy Kinslow, d/o Adam Kinslow, in 1857 in Barren Co. This James Combs (with wife Nancy) lives near Zur and Louisiana Peck Combs in 1860 census, who also had a son named James.] Also, Barren Co marriages list: DISHMAN, Peter S. & SIMONS, Susan 22 Aug 1845
  • 1860 Barren Co, KY Census: Benjamin Combs family does not appear, but the following does: p. 870, h/h 870 Glasgow Precinct:
      Benj (or Bery) Combs 53 m Blk Smg (Black Smith?) $0/100 VA?
    (may be a rooming house) (birthplace was a ditto of previous listing that was VA, and everyone else on page was also listed as ditto for VA, suggesting that the census taker forgot what the ditto marks were for) Since we know Benjamin was a blacksmith, this very well may be him. The location is also consistent with him marrying Susan Dishman, as she lived in the 1st Division of Barren Co in 1850, which is the part of the county that remained Barren (2nd Division became Metcalfe Co in 1860).
  • 1870 Barren Co, KY Census: p. 570, h/h52/50, Glasgow Precinct:
      Benjamin Combs, 60 , M, pauper, VA, lives with four other men all listed as paupers.
      [Since Benjamin is living in what looks like the poor house and not in a relative's home, there may not be any relatives, even children, left in the area.]

    Thomas Yetman Combs
    (Transcribed by Myra Britt from the local Barren Co., KY newspaper (handwritten date says September 30-1939) around the time of the death of Thomas Yetman Combs/son of James Combs/Grandson of Zur Combs/Great Grandson of Thomas Combs of Barren Co., KY and Allen Co., KY



    Thomas Yetman Combs, son of Nancy and James Combs, was born February 19th, 1861, at Peters Creek, and died August 24th, 1939, at the age of 78 years, 6 months and 5 days.

    His father, mother, brother, Samuel, sisters, elizabeth Peck, Amanda Hamilton and Miss Mollie Combs, all have preceded him in death.

    He leaves to mourn his death, one sister, Mrs. Lula c. Kruse, of Los Angeles, California, and 4 nieces and 5 nephews, all sons and daughters of Elizabeth Peck of Bridgeport, Okla. Nephews and nieces present were Mrs. Donna Mourer, Joe and Gilbert Peck of Geary, Okla., Mrs. Lola Sullivan, of Holton, Kansas, and one son of Tom B. Peck.

    He leaves a host of other relatives and friends to mourn his loss. He professed religion at the age of 26 years, and joined the Baptist Church at Mt. Olivet and lived a Christian life.

    Funeral services were conducted at his home, Tuesday, August 29th, and burial was in the family cemetery.

    (45 page)


    The sale of the household and farming goods, to settle the estate of the lat T. Y. Coombs, brings to a close an interesting chapter in Barren County history which dates back to the early settlement days.

    The old log Coombs homestead where T. Y. Coombs lived until his death, is one of the oldest homes now in use in Barren county. His grandmother was a Peck and it was from her that the property was descended. She was descended from Jacob Peck who came to Barren county with his widowed mother, Mrs. Catherine Peck, a brother, Daniel Peck and brother-in-law, Joseph Lanning, prior to l808 established a home in pioneer Barren county and to the present day, no one has ever owned the old Peck home except a Peck and their direct descendants. Some of the old furnishings have remained to this day.

    The farm now contains 238 acres but at one time the Peck holding included thousands of acres. The story of the Peck fortunes in Barren county is one that is symbolic of the opportunities in early America which are equaled by no other land.

    Some months ago the history of the Peck family was told in the "Pages of the Past" column in this paper,--how they came to Barren county and acquired 200 acres of land. The mother, Catherine Peck, died before 1817. Tradition says she made two trips to Virginia horseback, with one of the children riding with her. One son, Daniel and the son-in-law, Joseph Lanning moved to Indiana, but the remaining son, Jacob Peck, stayed on the old homestead, and gradually acquired more land. In 1829, he started buying extensively and purchased a 1000 acre tract from the mility grant of William Croghan, on Peters Creek. In 1835, he bough another 1000 acre tract from the heirs of Wilson Boush, of Norfolk, Virginia, which was also on Peters Creek. For many years the Peck holdings extended over a wide area, in the Austin and Cross Roads section, gradually dwindling to the size of the present farm, after the tract was divided among the heirs of Jacob Peck, and portions were sold out of the family from time to time.

    The late T. Y. Coombs was the last male descendant of his line in Barren county, his only living survivor being a sister, Mrs. Lula C. Druse, of Los Angeles, Cal.

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