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Source: Marriages and Deaths St. Mary's County Maryland 1634-1900 by Margaret K. Fresco, 1982, published by same. This source is a compilation of marriages and deaths taken from a variety of public records, church records, newspapers, family and local histories, bibles, and numerous others). The author's sources (88 in number) have been coded by the author and each marriage or death entry includes the sources used. The author also tried to indicate whether marriages were the first or second for the individual. All entries are from Fresco's compilation unless otherwise noted. Some additional notes have been provided by Combs researchers.

Combs, ------ m. by 1749. Mary CRAGHILL, dau/Geo. & Mary CRAGHILL. Ref. will TA-1:226 (7)

Combs, Abraham, immigr. 1678 with dau., m. by 1684 Margaret FISHWICK, widow of Edward FISHWICK. Her 1st m. was to Thomas BASSETT. All of St. Mary's Co. (14) (39)

Combs, Alexander, m. Mary J. THOMPSON, 31 Aug. 1854. Beacon 9/14/1854 (1) (8)

Combs, Alfred John, 25, s/James Nathaniel Combs & Rebecca, of Factory dist., m. Adeline RIDGELL, 20, of St. Inigoes, dau/Nelson & Susa RIDGELL, 8 Jan 1889 at Factory.

Combs, Alice, m. 1877, Thomas L. KIRBY

Combs, Ann, m1. 1816, Benedict RALEY

Combs, Ann, m. 1820, Ezra L. RAMSEY

Combs, Ann (Nannie), m. 1889, George Washington HILL

Combs, Ann E., m1. 1825 William J. HERBERT

Combs, Ann H., m. 1870, James W. BEAN

Combs, Ann R., m. 1886, William Edward PICKERELL

Combs, Catherine Caroline, m1. 1824, Dr. James W. Roach

SE Note: Identified in the 1825 will of her father Enoch Combs.

Combs, Charles, M.D., son/William A. & Ann E. (WOODWARD) Combs, m. Rosa Hill STONE, dau/Dr. Thomas Jefferson STONE and Louisa Ford STONE, 16 June 1863. w/Robt. Combs, J. LOKER, Weigie STONE, Ellen FORD (1) (2)

Combs, Charlotte, m1. 1800, William GIBSON

Combs, Charlotte C., m. 1870, Lieut. William Kilty MCSHERRY USMC

Combs, E. Cecilia, m. 1886, Joseph B. GARDINER

Combs, Edith M., m. 1896, George J. VOLL

Combs, Edward P., 24, m1. 30 July 1833, Henrietta ADAMS, 17. (1) (17)

Combs, Edward P., m. Ann M. RIDGELL, 4 Feb. 1858. w/Louis Ed. RIDGELL, Mary Cath. & Richard LOMAS. Beacon 2/11/1858 (1) (2)

Combs, Eleanor, m. by 1742, --- MEDLEY

Combs, Eleanor, m. 1777, John CECIL

Combs, Eliza, m1. 1805, Thomas GOUGH

Combs, Elizabeth, m1. 1797, Edward SMITH

Combs, Elizabeth, m1. 1816, Charles Gregory GREENWELL

Combs, Elizabeth, m1. 1824, John B. FLOWER

Combs, Elizabeth, m1, 1833, Thomas RUSSELL

Combs, Eliza Ann, m. 1890, George Thomas HUTCHINS

Combs, Elizabeth, m. 1881, Luther HENDERSON

Combs, Elizabeth (Lizzie) C., m. 1872, Benjamin G. MCKAY

Combs, Emily, m. 1884, William H. EVANS

Combs, Frank, s/William W. Combs of Medley Neck, m. Susie M. ABELL, youngest dau/late James F. & Jennie (GOUGH) ABELL, 11 April, 1899 at St. Ignatius RCC in Balto. City. Beacon 4/20/1899

Combs, George, m1 27 Jan. 1829, Mary Catherine COAD

Combs, George, m1. 18 June 1839, Charlotte NORRIS

Combs, George, 32 widower, m. Elizabeth FOWLER, 22 single, 13 Jan. 1880 at St. Joseph RDD. w/ Thomas EDWARDS, Ella STONE (1) (2) (26)

Combs, George C., m1 22 June 1832, Mary DAVIS (1)

Combs, George Edward, 35, single, s/Jospeh F. Combs & Ann E. WHEELER, m. Lucy Estelle ABELL, 19, dau/Thomas ABELL & Amanda DORSEY, 18 April 1899 at St. John RCC, w/Mary BEAN, Henry W. ABELL

Combs, George W., 26, single, shoemaker of Chaptico, m. Mary A. MATTINGLY, 16, dau/M. J. MATTINGLY and granddau/Joseph HAYDEN, 20 Jan. 1874 at St. Joseph RCC. Mary d. 5/4/1879 age 21. Beacons 1/22/1874 & 5/29/1879 (1) (26)

Combs, Georgeanna, m. 1865, George E. DIXON

Combs, Henrietta Virginia, m. 1890, William Taylor BEAN

Combs, Henry R., m1. 15 Nov. 1825, Maria HAYDEN (1)

Combs, Henry R., m1. 13 Feb. 1833, Eleanor HEARD (1)

Combs, Ida (BOND) widow, m. 1898 William George REEDER

Combs, James, m1. 25 July 1796 Ann HENDLEY (2)

Combs, James G., M.D., of Wash. D.C., m. Emily Lydia MCWILLIAMS, dau/Clement MCWILLIAMS, 14 Nov. 1837 at White Plains, St. Mary's Co., by Fr. CARBERRY SJ. Balto. Sun 11/23/1837; Nat'l Intell. 11/22/1837 (1) (38) (61) (88)

Combs, James Nathaniel, single, b. 2/21/1821, s/Nathaniel Combs and Susanna SANNER, m. Rebecca CECIL (d. 1870), prior to 1854 (36)

Combs, James Nathaniel, 50, widower, of St. Nicholas, m. Mary Susan NORRIS, 35 spinster, 18 Nov. 1875, w/John ARMSTRONG, Alice NORRIS. Beacon 11/25/1875 (1) (3)

Combs, James Oscar, 27 and Jennie Virginia ELK, m. 10 April 1898 at St. Inigoes Manor, Both of St. Inigoes. w/John & Mary Combs, (1) (3) (26)

Combs, Johanna m1. 1843, John H. WISE

Combs, John age 30 yrs., 2 mo., widower, m. Mary Elizabeth WILLETT, age 19 yrs 10 mo., 8 Jan. 1866 at Bensville by Fr. Vicinanza SJ of St. Thomas Manor. Both of Charles Co., MD. (55)

Combs, John C., m. Elizabeth D. DRURY, dau/Bennet DRURY, 25 Jan. 1842 at Green Hills, St. Mary's Co., by Fr ENDERS SF, all of St. Mary's Co., (1); Nat'l Intell. 2/5/1842 (38)

Combs, John F., 30, single, m. Sarah Jane EVANS, 20, dau/J. R. & M. J. EVANS, 5 June 1871 at Medley Neck RCC. w/John S. BEAN, Addy A Combs. Sarah d. 6/29/1887. (1) (2) (26)

Combs, John F. of 2nd Dist., m. Cora HAMMETT, formerly of St. Mary's Co., 20 April 1892 at St. Gregory RCC, Balto. Beacon 4/28/1892.

Combs, John M., m. Mary SIMMONS, 13 May 1862 Beacon 5/15/1862 (1) (70)

Combs, John W., m1. 20 Dec. 1842, Isabella HEWETT

Combs, Joseph, m1. 2 May 1808 Monica NORRIS (1)

Combs, Joseph, m. Ann E. WHEELER, 16 Feb. 1860. w/John WHEELER, Adrian Combs, Thos. EVANS Nace NORRIS, Geo. & Thos. ARMSWORTHY. Beacon 2/23/1860 (1) (2)

Combs, Laura L., m. 1865, Fielder D. WILLETT

Combs, Laura Margaret, m. 1884, Richard Robert Mitchell HEBB

Combs, Lewis, of Balto. & St. Mary's Co., m. Margaret D. FORD, dau/Capt. Philip FORD, 6 Feb. 1805, in St. Mary's Co., by Fr. FENWICK., Balto. Amer. 2/14/1805 (1) (11) (87)

Combs, Lewis 24, s/Philip, m. Mary C. DENT (Mamie) 19, dau/Thomas DENT, 9 May 1886 at St. George RCC, w/Philip & Josephine LOVE. Beacon 5/6/1886 (1) (3) (26)

Combs, Lewis Cornelius, 29, of Park Hall Manor, m1. 11 July 1848, Mary Elizabeth COAD, 19, dau/Wm. COAD & Eliz. Rodman SMITH of Cherryfield. Lewis C. Combs d. 1899. (1) (17) Tercentenary History of Md. IV.

SE Note.  L. C. Combs, nephew of Col. Cornelius Combs (whose death notice stated he died at the house of his nephew L. C. Combs). He and wife Mary E. are listed with Cornelius in the 1850 St. Mary's Co. census, 2nd District. He was the son of Lewis and Margaret FORD Combs.

Lewis Cornelius COMBS was born in Park Hall Manor, St. Marys county, a son of Lewis and Margaret (FORD) COMBS, and received a classical education at old St. Mary's College in Baltimore, from which he was graduated in 1838. During his infancy his father died and his uncle and foster-father was one of the incorporators of St. Mary's Female Seminary, acting as president of the board of trustees of that institution until his death. His place on the board was taken by Lewis C. COMBS, who also served until his death, when he was succeeded by his son, Arthur C. COMBS. Lewis C. COMBS was commissioned first lietenant of the Third Company, Twelfth Regiment of Maryland Militia, July 11, 1845, by Thomas G. PRATT, governor of the state, and the document is now in possession of his son, Arthur C. COMBS. He had a family of eight children, four sons and four daughters, namely: Arthur Cornelius, William Coad, Robert C., Philip Ford, Mary Margaret, Fanny (COMBS) Gough, Ellen Virginia (COMBS) Bond, and Emma Elizabeth COMBS. Lewis COMBS was a lifelong resident of Park Hall Manor and passed away on the 18th of June, 1899. See Tarrant Co, TX

Combs, Louis F., 29 (d. 1888), m. Elizabeth M. ABELL 9 Jan. 1849. Beacon 6/7/1888 (1) (17)

Combs, Mamie C. (Mrs.), m. 1899, John T. HERBERT

Combs, Margaret Alverta, m. 1893, Robert Fenwork TAYLOR

Combs, Margaret S. (d. 1890), m1. 1839, John Walter BEAVEN

Combs, Marion J., m. 1860, John H. LANGLEY

Combs Martin E., 21, m. Sarah El. FENHAGEN 23, 2 Jan. 1873 at St. Geo. RCC. w/James RIDGELL & many. (1) (2) (26)

Combs, Mary, m1. 1804 Samuel P. LONE

Combs, Mary, m1. 1804, Benjamin WILLIAMS

SE Note: Is this Benjamin WILLIAMS also known as Capt./Col. Benjamin WILLIAMS the same who died 3 Aug. 1814 at the age of 73. Benjamin's consort Mary (Combs?)WILLIAMS, age 56, died 3 Aug. 1814. Both buried at St. Inigoes. If so, Mary would have been about 46 at the time of this marriage, possibly a second one for her. See death record below.

Combs, Mary, m1 1816 William BEAN

Combs, Mary m. 1869 William PAGE

Combs, Mary A. Lucinda, m1. 1830 Noah DOWNS

Combs, Mary Ann, m. 1842, Cornelius F. KIRBY

Combs, Mary D., m. 1864, George A. SIMMS

Combs, Mary E., m1. 1829, William S. DYER

Combs, Mary Eleanor, m. 1821, Philip O. GREENWELL

Combs, Mary M., m. ---- MOORE; she m. (2) 1866 George R. TARLTON

Combs, Mary Margaret, m. 1893, Robert Ford Combs

SE Note: see entry below for Robert Ford Combs, son of Hon. R. C. Combs

Combs, Mary Queenie, m. 1896, James Wilson DENT

Combs, Mary Rosa (Mamie), m. 1886, James J. GREENWELL

Combs, Jockey Jeanette, m. 1895, Benjamin McKay SPRINGER

Combs, Mollie E. (Mrs.), m. 1892, S. C. THOMPSON

Combs, Monica, m1. 1815, Benjamin WILLIAMS

Combs, Nathaniel, m1. 4 Dec 1798, Helen JONES (1)

Combs, Nathaniel, widower, m. Susanna SANNER, b. 1790, dau/John SANNER Jr. & Eliz. ABELL, m. 4 Oct. 1813. (1), "Sanner Family USA"

SE Note: Probably the same named in the 1803 St. Mary's Co. will of Milburn Combs, relationship not identified. In the 1810 census with 4 children in the household. Wife Helen must have died and he remarried to Susanna SANNER.

Combs, P. F., of  Lovelady, Houston, Texas, m. Corrine READ, dau/Judge R. N. READ, now of Minola but formerly of Houston Co., Texas (no m. date) (East Texas Patron), Beacon 10/10/1878. Editorial note: Mr. Combs native of St. Mary's Co.

SE Note : See Houston Co., TX

Combs, Peregrine (Perry), m1. 3 June 1833, Ann TARLTON, dau/Ann TARLTON. Ann d. 3/4/1848. (1) Balto. Sun 3/11/1848.

Combs, Peregrine (Perry), m. Eleanor A. GREENWELL 29 Dec 1849 at St. Nicholas RCC. w/ Barbara DORSEY, Thos. TARTLTON (1) (8)

Combs, Perry, m1. 21 July 1858, Harriet P. COURTNEY (1)

Combs, Philip (d. 1780), m. Margaret (1743-1817), dau/John FENWICK & Monica FORD & widow of James MANNING who d. 1768. She m. (3) by 1790, Clement NORRIS (d. 1804). Ref. Wills TA-1;563, JJ-1:182 & 29:88 (7) (57)

Combs, Philip Ford, M.D., s/Lewis Cornelius Combs & Margaret B. FORD, m1. 22 Jan. 1849, Ann Virginia COAD, dau/Col. Wm. COAD of Cherryfield. Ann died 1870. Ref. will JTMR-1:143

Combs, Rachel Ann, m1. 1834, James H. SANDERS

Combs, Rachel Rebecca, m. 1878, James Edward NORRIS

Combs, Raphael, m1. 12 Oct. 1812, Margaret GOLDSBERRY

Combs, Raphael, m1. 17 Aug. 1821, Susanna REDMAN

Combs, Robert C., born in St. Mary's Co., 1/28/1863, s/o Lewis Cornelius & Mary Eliz. (COAD) Combs and grandson of Wm. & Eliz. RODMAN (SMITH) COAD of Cherryfield, St. Mary's Co., left St. Mary's Co. when he was 16 years old, m. Katherine LESLIE, dau/J. E. & Martha Jane (SUTTON) LESLIE, 16 Oct. 1889 in Fort Worth, Texas. Ref. Tercentenary History of Md., Vol. IV

SE Note: See Combs Tarrant Co., TX for more information about this Robert C. Combs.

Combs, Robert Cornelius, lawyer, b. 1 July 1834, s/William Combs of Medley Neck, grad. of Georgetown College, studied at Harvard Law School, d. 1916; m. Ruth Ellen FORD, age 21 yrs 8 mos., dau/Judge Robert FORD, 24 Oct. 1865 by Archbishop N. J. SPALDING of Balto. w/Frank FORD, Charlotte Combs. Beacons 1/7/1892, 7/13 & 9/21/1916, (1) (2) (26)

Combs, Robert Ford, of Hyattsville, MD., b. 10/15/1866, d. Sept. 1936, s/Hon. R. C. Combs of St. Mary's Co., m. Mary Margaret Combs of Wash., D.C., 15 Nov. 1893 at St. Mathews, Wash., D.C. Beacons 11/2/1893, 9/11/1936., H. R. Access, 17185

Combs, Ruth Ridgely, m. 1898, William Vincent WATERS

Combs, Sarah E., m. 1872, Trenton JOHNSON

Combs, Sarah, m. by 1684, Robert CLARKE

Combs, Sarah, m1. 1817, Rudolph TARLTON

Combs, Sarah, m. 1869 James HOWARD

Combs, Susan, m. 1892, Dr. William Baltzell BURCH

Combs, Susanna, m. 1871, James Vincent PRICE

Combs, Susanna, m1. 1836, Elisha DIAMOND

Combs, Susie E., m. 1862, William A. LOKER

SE Note: Susan Combs LOKER of Leonardtown was a d/o of William A. Combs and his first wife Ann WOODWARD. She died 11 Feb. 1910. (See death record for more information). Her stepmother Ercilla aka Ursula TAYLOR Combs, widow of William, was living with Susan and her husband per the 1870 census.

Combs, Teresa, m. 1800, John Lewis ATWOOD

SE Note: Named in the 1803 St. Mary's Co. will of Millburn Combs.

Combs, Teresa, m1. 1828, Abell SILENCE

Combs, Thomas, m. by 1739, Eliza WHARTON, dau/Thomas WHARTON. Ref. Warrant FF:340 (7)

Combs, Thomas, m. by 1753, Mary HENDLEY, dau/Robt. HENDLEY. Wills TA-1:223, 306 (7)

Combs, William, m. by 1722, Elizabeth MANNING, dau/Cornelius MANNING of St. Mary's Co. Ref. Admin. Acct 4:237 (7)

Combs, William & Rebecca PRICE, m. 18 Jan. 1801 (1) (4)

Combs, William (d. 1740 in St. Mary's Co.) m. Mary HATTON. Ref. will TA-1:116; Tercentary History of MD., vol. IV

Combs, William, m1. 22 Sep 1835, Matilda NORRIS

Combs, William A., 23, m1. 20 Jan 1829, Ann E. WOODWARD (d. 1862), (1) (17)

SE Note: William A. and first wife Ann WOODWARD can be found in the 1850 and 1860 St. Mary's Co. They were the parents of the notable physician Dr. Charles Combs and his brother the Hon. Robert C. Combs. William remarried in  1863 to Ursula TAYLOR (see record below). William A. was likely deceased by 1870 since Ercilla Combs, age 57, was living with W. F. Combs aka Franklin Combs, probable son of William A. Combs. In 1880, Ursula, a widow, was living with William and Susan E. (possible Susan, d/o of William A.) LOKER.

Combs, William A., 57, widower, m. Ursula E. TAYLOR, 51 (d. 1892), 7 Oct. 1863. w/Felix FENWICK, Ann DRURY. Beacon 10/22/1863, (1) (2) (17)

Combs, William Benjamin, 24, s/Benj. & Helen Combs of St. Inigoes, m. Idell COURTNEY, 20, dau/John COURTNEY of St. Michaels, 20 Dec. 1893 at St. Inigoes Manor.

Combs, William Franklin (d. 1891 age 62), m. Sarah (Sallie) Ann SIMMS, 3 May 1853, w/ Jack SPALDING, Mgt. Ann GREENWELL (1) 8.

SE Note: Possibly the Franklin in William A. Combs 1850 household.

Combs, William F., s/Perry Combs, m. Ida BOND, dau/Benedict BOND, 24 Nov. 1880 at St. Nicholas RCC. w/Ign. LANGLEY, Thos. MAGILL, Ida BOND Combs m2 William George REEDER

Combs, William Jefferson Stone, 24, eldest s/Dr. Charles Combs & Rosa Hill STONE, m. Mary (Mamie) Sellers DYE, 19, of Troy, Ohio, dau/Charles R. C. DYE, 27 April 1889 at St. Aloysius RCC, w/R. Ford Combs, Joseph F. NEALE, Beacon 5/23/1889, (1) (2) (26)

Combs, William W., of St. M. Co., m. I. J. SLATER of Balto., at the Cathedral in Balto., 17 Dec. 1867 by Rev. Dr. COSKERY, Beacon 12/25/1867

SE Note: Probable son of William A. Combs. Wife named Isabel per 1870 census record.

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