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The Carolinas were originally one colony - The Carolina Colony, and the majority of the early settlement was in the part that is now South Carolina, centered around present-day Charleston. In 1682, the Carolina Colony was divided into South and North Carolina, and Berkeley was one of the original "proprietary" counties. In 1769, the southeastern portion of Berkeley became part of the Charleston District, and Orangeburg the northwestern (generally).

The early French settlements in Berkeley were Huguenot settlements. In Charleston, the Huguenots were a significant portion of the population, although not a majority. In fact, there is still a Huguenot parish in downtown Charleston. The phrase French Parish, as seen below, indicates that the individual(s) were Huguenots.

Combs &c. Research of South Carolina has been minimal thus far, and from whence the earliest Combs came, still remains unknown at this time, although it appears that at least some, those found in the counties of Berkeley and Charleston, may have been French Hugenots (although possibly by way of England).

Phillip as a given name among Combs Families is seen in both early St. Mary's Co MD and Westmoreland Co VA, but whether there was a connection between the early MD and VA Combs, and the early Combs of SC also remains unknown.

Also Note: One proprietor of the Carolinas was John ARCHDALE of the Archdale-Combs Families of England.

Our Special Thanks to Researcher Bess Villeponteaux for background on the early Huguenot Settlements of South Carolina.

The earliest Combs record located thus far in South Carolina is in Berkeley County in 1734/5:

22 Feb 1734/5 - 6 Apr 1737 (Berkeley Co SC - SC Will Book 1736-1740, p. 24) Will. Phillip COMBE, his mark, St. Thomas' Parish, Berkeley County, planter, names wife Martha, plantation where I dwell: youngest James, plantation after his mother's death or when he comes of age; John, Paul, Francis, and Philip. Daus: Damris, Mary, Magdelen, Susannah, and Martha. Exors: wife and son John. Witnesses: Joh. James TISSOT, Guillaume GALLATIN, Anthony BONNEAU. D: 22 Feb. 1734/5. P: 16 Mar 1736/7. R: 6 Apr. 1737. p. 24 (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1670-1740, Volume 1, Compiled and Edited by Caroline T. Moore and Agatha Aimar Simmons, 1960, pp. 234 & 235)

14 Apr 1737 - 16 Jun 1737 (SC Col. Inventory Book II:78-80) A True and Perfect Inventory of the Goods rights and Credits of Philip COMBE late of Berkley County Deceased taken this 14th Day of April 1737. Includes three Negroes. Total: 838/15/0. Appraisers sworn April 14, 1737 before Anthoney BONNEAU, J. P. in Berkley County: Messrs Henry VIDEAU, Francis PAGETT, Anthony BONNEAU Junr., and Peter PAGETT.
Appraised goods shewn to us by Martha COMBE Extx & John COMBE Exr. of the Last will and testament of Philip COMBE. Recorded June 16, 1737. (The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. VI, No. 3, Summer 1978, "Abstracts of Colonial Inventory Book I-I.")

Notes: When and from where did Phillip & Martha (-----) Combs come to South Carolina? Is this probably a French Huguenot (Protestant) Family? Directly from France? Or from England? Possibly via Barbados?

12 Nov 1750 (Berkeley Co SC - SC Will Book 1747-1752, p. 496) Will. John JEFFORDS, St. Thomas' and St. Dennis' Parish, Berkeley County, planter. Wife Margaret. Sons: John; Daniel, under 21 years. Dau; Ann MILLER. Mentions: residue of estate divided between my wife, dau. Ann MILLER and youngest son Daniel. Exors: Henry PERONNEAU; Moses MILLER; sister Mary HESKETT. Wit: John COMBE, Damaris COMBE, Thomas WATTS. D: 12 Nov. 1750. P: nd r: nd (Abstract of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1740-1760, Compiled and Edited by Harold A.. Moore, 1964, page 146)

John & Damaris COMBE above would appear to be the children of Phillip (d ca 1737). Damaris is apparently of age by this time, and John was presumably (although not necessarily) of age by 1734 when his father signed his will naming him executor. The witness, Thomas WATTS, is of possible interest due to the Thomas WATTS of Stafford & York Cos VA, whose sister, Elizabeth, m Simon STACY whose descendants intermarried with Combs in Stafford Co VA.

16 Jan 1750 - 16 Nov 1750 (Berkeley SC - SC Will Book 1747-1752, p. 323) Will. Francis GOUGH, Berkeley County, planter. Brother: Edward GOUGH, residue of estate, executor. Niece: Mary GOUGH, dau. of O'Neal GOUGH. Mentions: Samuel BONNEAU. Wit: Margaret O'NEAL, Andrew McMASSERS, Richd. GOUGH, D: 17 Jan. 1750. P: 16 Nov. 1750. R: nd. p. 323. Will Book 1747-1752. (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina, 1740-1760, Harold A. Moore, 1964, pg. 120)

22 Jun 1752 - 25 Jun 1753 (Berkeley SC - SC Will Book 1752-1756, p. 89) Will. Richard GOUGH, planter. Wife Rachel, to live on my plantation during her widowhood. Son: Richard, under age, my plantation in St. John's Parish purchased of Col. George PAWLEY next to lands of Mr. Thomas CORDES and land belonging to the parsonage of said parish, my silver mounted pistols left me by Maurice KEATING, my sword left me by my brother Edward GOUGH, and my watch. Sisters: Mary ST. JOHN; Ann SCOTT. Nephew: John GOUGH, son of O'Neal GOUGH, under 21 years, legacy left him by my brother Edward GOUGH. Niece Mary GOUGH, 2 legacies left her by my brothers Edward and Francis GOUGH. Mentions: Rebecca SIMONS, dau of Benjamin SIMONS; children of Benjamin SIMONS of St. Thomas' Parish; Richard SINGLETON of Goose Greek; son Richard to be sent to England at 13 years of age to be educated. Exors: wife during her widowhood; Richard SINGLETON of Goose Creek, Sedgwick LEWIS; at their deaths then Thomas CORDES and James CORDES, Jr., to be guardians of said son in case of my wife's death. Witnesses: James CORDES, John COOMBE, Levy DURAND. D: 22 June 1752. CODICIL. Mentions: in case of death of my son, wife Rachel to have plantation where I now live; executors to sell land across Santee River near Mr. KINLOCK'S plantation to pay my debts. Wit: James CORDES, James COOMBE, Levi DURAND. D: 1 March 1753. P:___________. R: 25 June 1753. (Abstract of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1740-1760, Compiled and Edited by Harold A. Moore, 1964, page 164)

Notes: Could CORDES be a variation of CODE, COODE, CODY as seen with Combs &c. in early Maryland and later North Carolina? Are the above GOUGHS kin to those of St. Mary's Co MD, and/or the GOFF-KENDALL Family of Old Rappa. Co VA? Presumably the above John COOMBE is the same who was son of Phillip (d ca1737), although note that the spelling of Combs is different.

22 Dec 1753 (Charleston SC - SC Will Book 1752-1756, p. 134) Will. William COOMER, his mark, Charles Town, mariner. Wife: Mary, residue of estate with said children. Son: William, under 21 years, house and lot in Bedon's Alley. Daus: youngest Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah, house and lot in Queen Street when youngest is 18 years. Mentions: sale of my share of schooner "William". Exor: Mr. John SAVAGE, Charles Town merchant. Wit: Jams. FISHER, John TUCKER, John REMINGTON. D: 9 Dec. 1753. Codicil. Mentions: appoints Mr. Thomas SMITH, Jr., and Mr. Thomas LAMBOLL, Esq., exors. Wit: Lionel CHALMERS, John TUCKER, Jno. REMINGTON. D: 11 Dec. 1753. P: nd. R: nd. (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina, 1740-1760, Harold A. Moore, 1964, pg. 169-70)

Notes: This is a Charleston record, not Berkeley. The above William could be either COOMER (a.k.a. COMBER, COMER) or Combs (See Also Combs of England notes re COMBES vs. COMBER) See Also (another?) William COOMER below. Also note presence of John SAVAGE & the SAVAGE-Combs Families in Co Warwick EN, and Combs-SAVAGE records of Virginia's Eastern Shore.

1757 (Berkeley SC - SC Will Book 1757 - 1760, p. 86) Will. Isaaac GUERRIN [Guerin], St. Thomas' and St. Dennis' Parish, Berkeley County, planter. Wife: Martha, to live in my house during her widowhood. Sons: Henry; Robert, and Samuel, under 21 years, plantation where I now live. Dau: Ester, under 21 years and unmarried. Mentions: residue of estate divided between and said children. Exors: wife; sons Henry and Robert. Wit: D. WATTS, John HOW, Damaris COMBE. D: 31 May 1757. P: ------ ------ 1757. R: nd. p. 86. Will Book 1757-1760. (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina, 1740-1760, Harold A. Moore, 1964, pg. 234)

Notes: Damaris COMBE (if the same) is apparently still unmarried, although at least 28 by this time.

25 Feb 1758 - 22 May 1761 (Berkeley SC - SC Will Book QQ 1760-1767, p. 84) Will. Margaret Henrite BONNEAU, St. Thomas' Parish, Berkeley County, widow. Son: Anthony, under age. Daus: Dargarite Henrite ASHBY and Mary ASHBY; Catherine under age. Mentions; £50 to Rev. Mr. James TISSOTT to buy a gown; Miss Magdalana COMBE. Eors: Paul TRAPIER, Esq., Samuel BONNEAU, Mr. Benjamin BONNEAU. Witnesses: Joachim ZUBLY, Ann ZUBLY. D: 25 Feb. 1758. P: 22 May 1761. R: nd. (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1760-1767, compiled and edited by Caroline T. Moore, 1969, page 11)

Notes: The above Magdalana COMBE was probably the same who was daughter of Phillip (d ca1737). Is the ASHBY name of significance given the 1741 Marriage of Jane (Jean) Combs to John ASHBY in Stafford Co VA? The John Combs that follows appears to have been the son of Phillip:

7 Apr 1759 - 22 Jan 1762 (Berkeley SC - SC Wills, p. 136) Will. Robert MURRIELL, Christ Church Parish, Berkeley County. Wife: Susannah, liberty to live in house on plantation where I now live during her widowhood. Sons: Robert, plantation at head of Samipit [River]; John, plantation at Washo in "Santee Parish;" Paul, land in St. Dennis' Parish where John COMBE now lives, land at Winyah; Peter, land where I now live. Daus: Mary BELL'S husband "here share already;" Martha, Susannah, Elizabeth, Damaris, Sarah, John BASKERFIELD. D: 7 Apr. 1759. P: 22 Jan 1762. R: nd. P. 136 (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1760-1784, Compiled and Edited by Caroline T. Moore, page 20)

Note: Based on the following Charleston SC will, the above-referenced "Winyah" was in Craven County.

1 Feb 1779 (Santee, Orangeburgh Dist, SC) John COOMBES md. Ann SHEILDS ("North and South Carolina Marriages" by Clemons)

According to the 1790 Census of SC:

1790 Orangeburgh District (North Part):
(consecutively from part of col. 3 of source)
GOODWYN, Richard
BOLAN, Benjamin
HOWELL, Daniel
COMBAA, John Jordan 1-2-2-0-0
HARTLEY, Daniel Junr.
(consecutively from part of col. 4 of source)
COMELONDER, Barbarah 0-1-2-00
FAUR, Frederick
KELLY, William
LOGY, Widow
Combs, Thomas 1-0-1-0-1
FETNER, George

(Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in te Year 1790, South Carolina, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1972)

To Be Continued …

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