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Smith Co, Tennessee was established in 1799 from Sumner County, Tennessee. Descendant Counties include Jackson Co in 1801, and White from Jackson & Smith in 1806. Circa 1819-1821, Smith Co, TN lost land to Allen Co, Kentucky, the result of settlement of a long-standing territorial dispute.

13 Jul 1802 (Smith Co, Tennessee DBB:162-63) Thomas HARWOOD of Pendleton Dist, SC, p.o.a. to William MURPHREE. 13 July 1802.

(Smith County, Tennessee DB'S B-M, 1800-1835, Abstracted, Thomas E. Partlow, Lebanon, TN, SHP, 1993)

Notes: See William MURPHREE in Pendleton SC in records with Bennett Combs.

1804-1806 County sale for unpaid taxes on 25th February next (owner-acres-situation-year) Martin JOHNSON - 320 - Indian Creek - 1804 (last paid)

(TN Newspaper Abstracts, Sistler. "THE IMPARTIAL REVIEW AND CUMBERLAND REPOSITORY 1805-1808 *February 1, 1806, Vol 1, No. 8 Smith)

Notes: The above may have been Martin JOHNSON, h/o Sarah COMBS, earlier of Hawkins Co, TN, thence Jackson, thence Warren Cos, Tennessee, and may have referred to Indian creek of the caney fork, this land later of Jackson, then White< Cos, TN

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives