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Important! Early Colonial Combs-Coombs families had connections with both the Booker and Boogher families. The former appear to have had English origins and the latter either (or both) German and French origins (possibly including Boucher or Bouchier?):

Excerpted by Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas from "The BOOHER Genealogy 1772-1969," no author, Graham Printing, Piqua, Ohio, June 1969, p. 1. "The BOOHER name was spelled BUCHER by the earliest colonists. Alfred Wilfrid Dellquest in "These Names of Ours", Crowell, 1938, says that it was a Norman- French name meaning woodhouse from 'bois', a wood, and that it was pronounced Boo-shay. Other variants are Couchar, Coucher, Bouger, Bougher, Boogher, and Booker."

See Also Combs-Booker Connections for links to the English Booker Families. Also note that all Booher Connections have not been included here. See Also the Combs Research List Archives for possibly more about these families and/or others of this surname.

Primary emphasis in this report is on the Combs-Booher Families of Frederick Co, MD and Bedford Co, PA; however, see also additional Miscellaneous Combs-Booher Connections below.

Combs Researcher Zelda Dubel reports that one source (which includes no documentation or references), Bartholomew BUCHER (BOOKER, BOOGHER, BOOHER, BOUCHER, etc.) came to America 3 Sept 1739 on ship Loyal Judith, Bartholomew d ca 1792 at home in Middletown, Frederick Co MD, s/o Balgas BUCHER & Unknown from Bas-Rhin, France (seeking source!). According to Booher Researcher Blair R. Vorgang, Balgas was a.k.a. Baltas, and s/o Nicholas Boogher I, as versus Nicholas II as noted in "The Booher Genealogy 1772-1969," no author, Graham Printing, Piqua, Ohio, June 1969 (extracted by Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas), which lists different origins:

p. 1. "The first of the family of BOOGHER in America was Nicholas BOOHGER, Sr. born in 1680 in Germany who came over on the Friendship in 1717 and settled in Pennsylvania. He was descended from Peter BOOGHER who received a grant of arms from his sovereign for military services in 1450. The line descent is given through Nicholas II, 1712-1767.

"...Bartholomew BOOHER is one of the descendants of Nicholas II. The first record of Bartholomew, after his arrival in 1739, is a warrant 15 Aug 1748 for 100 acres of land in Lancaster, now Franklin Co., PA. He lived in Frederick Co., Maryland in 1757. He owned land in Frederick Co. MD in 1760 - 1773-1791 and in Bedford Co. PA in 1785.

"... Bartholomew BOOHER lived in Middletown, Frederick Co., Maryland, b. 1773 (see Montgomery County History will probated 1 May 1792 G.M.2.431 Frederick MD.) m. Margaret [COMBS, 2nd wife] d. 1796 Children (14):

1. Catherine BOOHER, b 1 Ma 1748 d. Nov 1, 1800
Margaret BOOHER
Bartholomew BOOHER
Leah Esther BOOHER
Mathhias BOOHER
Barbara BOOHER
Elizabeth BOOHER
John BOOHER, twin, born in 1773, died in 1860
Salome BOOHER Twin
Hannah BOOHER [m Jacob CRULL]

P. 3 John BOOHER, b. 8 May 1773 Washington Co. MD (in 1773 went to Washington Co, PA); d. 9 Jan 1860 86 yrs. 9 mons. and 1 day; m. Elizabeth CROLL, b. Jan 1772; d. 30 Aug 1865 age 93 years and 8 months. In 1803 the family moved to Clark Co. OH., and later to four miles north of Dayton [Montgomery Co] OH. Four children were born in PA. Children:

John BOOHER, Jr. b. 1795 d. 1841
Margaret BOOHER b. 1798
Catherine BOOHER b. 1799
Samuel BOOHER b. 1801
Elizabeth BOOHER b. 1804
Mary BOOHER b. 1806
Bartholomew BOOHER b. 1807
Daniel BOOHER b. 1807
Sarah BOOHER b. 1815
Hannah BOOHER b. 1816 d 1851
Levi BOOHER b. 1817 d. 1864

p. 20 Samuel BOOHER (son of John & Elizabeth [CRULL] Booher) b. 1801; m. (1) Mary BEARDSHEAR. Children (5)

Maria BOOHER 1827 -1910
George B. BOOHER 1829 -1894
Elizabeth BOOHER 1831-1910
Mary L. BOOHER 1833
Catherine BOOHER 1834 -1923

p. 46 [Samuel] m. (2) 1835 [4 Jun 1835, Montgomery Co, OH] Elizabeth COMBS. Children (9)

Anna E. BOOHER b. 1836 d 1909
Martha J. BOOHER b. 1839
Daive BOOHER b. 1841
Jacob BOOHER b. 1843
Samuel J. BOOHER b. 1846-1857
Sarah E. BOOHER 1848 - 1848
William E. BOOHER 1850 -1888
Henry BOOHER 1853 - 1859
John K. BOOHER 1859 Although the above lists all the children of Bartholomew by wife, Margaret, she was apparently his second wife:

11 Jun 1882 Myers-Pressell Letter. Provided by Combs Researcher Zelda Dubel who has re-typed from transcription from another researcher in reference to:

Millville Henry Co. Ind., June the 11th 1882.
Mr. G. W. MYERS. Dear Sir
I received your note of the eight and with pleasure proceed to answer it as well as I can I will send you the names as you requested Just as I got them from __. B. ROHRER of Dayton [Montgomery Co OH?] he had a copy of old grand Father BOOKERS will he stated that he had two wives and his last wifes name was Margret COMES before he married her and she was your grand mother CRULLS mother

There is fourteen children of the BOOKER family as you will see and your grand mother is the yongest (sic),

Mr. ROHRER stated to me that there was not more than seven of those belonged to the last woman and perhaps not more than five so you see that they are not all heirs to this lease as it comes through the last woman.

I will give it as I got it the leases at Baltimore was made to William RICHARDSON and his sister William RICHARDSON died leaving no heirs but his sister then she being married to a man by the name of COMES they had one child which was Margret COMES She married Bartholomew BOOKER, being his Second wife and being the mother of your grand mother CRULL whose name was Hannah BOOKER. So you see the fortune by those leases belong to that last woman children not to the whole BOOKER family for it come by the last woman and never was a BOOKER lease but belonged to Margret COMES from ehr mother and of core belongs to her posterily, When I came home from Dayton I rote (sic) your mother a letter about the matter so that she could have some of you to look after it now you want to fix out a genealogy of your mothers

____ rather of her Fathers and mothers family and send it to ROHRER so that he will know who is heirs you will state what your grand fathers name was This way Jacob CRUL and Hannah BOOKER then give all of your mothers brothers and sisters names that have heirs. ROHRERS address is S.B. ROHRER, 114 Third Street, Dayton, Ohio. That is all the information that I can give you
yours truly Eli P. PRESSEL

It is not yet known how many or which of Bartholomew's children were by Margaret (research in progress). Combs Researcher Frank L. Myers adds: "G. W. MYERS was my 2nd great-granduncle. At the time he received the letter (and for the remainder of his life), he was living in Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana. Millville is in Henry County, Indiana. G. W. MYERS' mother, Catherine CRULL, lived in Wayne county, Indiana in an area only a few miles from Millville. Catherine CRULL was Bartholomew's granddaughter. I have no idea who Eli PRESSELL was, but can probably find out since I do a lot of research in that area and have quite a few contacts there."

Bartholomew appears to have been on the 1790 Bedford Co, PA Census, but by 1791 was in Frederick MD:

21 Oct 1791 - 1 May 1792 Frederick Co, MD Will Book ??:431-433. In the Name of God Amen I Bartholomew BOOHER of Frederick County and State of Maryland, being in sound mind and memory: but weak in body calling to mind all men must die do make this my last will and testament, recommending my soul into the Hands of the Almighty God, who gave it me and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner by my executors, and touching my worldly estate. I dispose of the same in the following manner and form ­ first, that all my just debts be paid by my executors. Item I give and bequeath unto my two sons Bartholomew and Mathias their heirs and assigns for ever, one tract of land containing about the quantity of three hundred and seventeen acres lying in Bedford County and State of Pennsylvania know by the name of the Yellow Spring to be equally divided between the yielding and paying to my Estate or to the executors hired the sum of two hundred and sixty pounds lawful money. Item I give and bequeath unto my son Peter during his natural life one hundred and twenty acres of land lying in Bedford County and State of Pennsylvania to be taken off at the lower end of my land near RIPPLEOGLES Plantation where one GREEN lives and after his decease to be the right and Estate of the heirs of my son Peter for ever he yielding and paying to my Estate or the executors thereof the sum on one hundred and twenty pounds lawful money; Item I give and bequeath unto my son Daniel his heirs and assigns for ever, two hundred acres of land lying in Bedford County and State of Pennsylvania to be taken off my land adjoining my son Peters land above mentioned he yielding and paying to my Estate or the executors thereof the sum of two hundred pounds lawful money. Item I give and bequeath to my son John his heirs and assigns for ever the remaining part of the said tract of land lying in Bedford County and State of Pennsylvania know by the name of Rippleogles Plantation at the upper end thereof and adjoining my son Daniel part above mentioned containing two hundred acres he yielding and paying to my Estate or the executors thereof the sum of two hundred pounds lawful money. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Leah her heirs and assigns one feather bed and furniture one cow a heifer and a side saddle. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rachel heirs and assigns one feather bed and furniture one cow and a side saddle. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary her heirs and assigns one cow one feather bed and furniture. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Salome one feather bed and one cow to her and her heirs and assigns with furniture to said bed. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah her heirs and assigns one feather bed and furniture and one cow. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Margaret her heirs and assigns one cow. Item I give and bequeath my daughter Barbara her heirs and assigns one cow. Item It is my will that all the remaining part of my real and personal estate be sold by my executors to the best advantage and I give and bequeath the one third part of the money so arising from the same to my beloved wife Margaret, with the one third part of all my bills, bonds, notes and accounts except the moneys payable from my five sons, Bartholomew, Mathias, Peter, Daniel and John with one feather bed and furniture and her side saddle to her and her heirs and assigns for ever. Item I also give to said wife Margaret my house clock during her natural life then to be the right and estate of my son John his heirs and assigns. Item It is also my will that all the remaining part of my estate not heretofore devised when sold by my executors and the moneys so arising with all the remaining part of all my bills, bonds, notes and accounts with the different sums of monies payable from my five sons Bartholomew, Mathias, Peter, Daniel and John, be equally divided between all my sons and daughters share and share alike. That is Catharine, Daniel, Peter, Margaret, Bartholomew, Leah, Mathias, Rachel, Barbara, Elisabeth, Mary, Salome, John and Hannah ­ and lastly I nominate and appoint my beloved wife Margaret and Frederick FOX my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament revoking all other wills by me formerly made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety one. Signed sealed published and declared by Bartholomew BOOHER to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto the day and year first above written. /s/ Bartholomew BOOHER (seal). Wits: Philip Jacob SHAFER Henry SMITH Jo. SWEARINGIN

Frederick County May the 1st 1792 then came Margaret BOOHER and Frederick FOX executors of Bartholomew BOOHER dec. and solemnly affirmed and declared that the foregoing instrument of writing is the true and whole will and testament of the said Bartholomew BOOHER late of Frederick County deceased that hath come to their hands and possession and that they doth not know of any other. /s/ George MURDOCH Reg.

Frederick County (undecipherable) May 1st 1792 then came Philip Jacob SHAFER and Henry SMITH two of the subscribing witnesses to the aforegoing last will and testament of Bartholomew BOOHER late of Frederick County Dec. and made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see the testator therein named sign and seal the will, that they heard him publish pronounce and declare the same to be his last will and testament, that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehension of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding, that they respectively subscribed their names as witnesses to this will with presence and at the request of the testator and that they did also see Joseph SWEARINGIN in the other subscribing witness sign his name as witness thereto in the presence and at the request of the testator and at in the presence of each other. /s/ George MURDOCH Reg. (Last will and testament of Bartholomew Booher (1717-1792). Transcribed by Frank L. Myers on 15 March 1999 from a photocopy sent by Barbara Skinner in 1996. Complete citation is lacking but pages of the photocopy are numbered 431, 432 and 433. Ed Note: Only changes to transcription are capitalization of surnames).

Aug. 28, 1792 Maryland Gazette. Margaret BOOKER, Frederick FOX, exec., to sell farm, late the property of Bartholomew BOOKER, deed, 304a., on road from Fred Town to Williams Port, and Hagers Town, about 3 miles above Middletown. (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Zelda Dubel from Western Maryland Newspaper Abstracts 1786-1798. #101. p.14.)

Based on the wording of and bequests in his will, it appears that Catherine and Elizabeth were already married at the time Bartholomew signed his will (not having been bequeathed dowers). According to the DAR File Volume 78:

Mrs. Oliver BOOGHER Moffitt, d/o Simon L. and Sophie HOGAN Boogher, gd/o Nicholas and Rebecca David [sic] COMBES (1804-1874), ggd/o Bayless COMBES (d 1810) and Sarah RICHARDSON (1770-1844). Sarah's parents are listed as Richard RICHARDSON (1742-1802) and Mary PIERPOINT (1738-1803). The file further states that Richard RICHARDSON (1742-1802) signed the Oath of Allegiance in Pennsylvania. Nicholas BOOGHER is listed as the s/o Jacob and Elizabeth CHRIST Boogher. The file also states that Jacob BOOGHER (1756-1804, Frederick MD) enlisted as matross, 1776, in Capt. Nathaniel SMITH'S company of Maryland artillery and served to the end of the war. See also Volume 79 DAR Files of Miss Louisa BOOGHER Wickard and Miss Frances Rebecca Brengle (also descendants of Nicholas and Rebecca Davis [sic] COOMBS Boogher.

Baylis COMBS "is said to have been" the son of a Joseph COMBS of Loudoun Co, VA who d 1804, Prince George's Co, MD, and an Elizabeth BAYLES who was d/o a Capt. William BAYLES (a.k.a. BAILIS, etc.) of Loudoun Co, VA (Source records needed). Baylis married Sarah RICHARDSON on 3 Jun 1799, in Frederick Co, MD, following which she was recorded on 28 Sep 1799, and on 23 Nov 1799 as having been dismissed from the Friends (Quakers) for both the marriage and for holding slaves (Minutes of Fairfax Monthly Meeting, Loudoun Co, VA). According to Richardson researchers, Sarah was the d/o Richard & Mary PIERPOINT Richardson, Jr. and gd/o Richard & Margaret COLE Richardson, Sr. of Anne Arundel Co, MD (source not known). Sarah's relationship, if any, to Margaret COMBS Booher's uncle, William RICHARDSON, remains unknown.

Miscellaneous Combs-Booher Connections

1790 Census, Booher-Booker Families of MD and PA, including var. sp. (Extracted from Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1790, Broderbund)

LastFirstStateCountyPageStats (if any)
BOOKERBendigoMDAnne Arundel1302-02-03-00-00
BOOKERJohn, Jr.MDFrederick6004-00-03-00-00
BOOKERJohn, Sr.MDFrederick6001-03-03-00-00
BOOKERJamesMDSt. Mary's10701-00-02-00-00
BUCHERChristenPAAlleghenyPitt Twp 013
BUCHERJacobPAAlleghenyPitt Twp 013
BOOHERBortle, Imler, PetPABedford022
BOOHERJohnPACumberlandNewton Hopwell T 080
BOOHERJacobPADauphinHarrisburgh Twp 086
BOOHERGeorgePAFayetteBullskin Twp 104
BOOHERPeter, Jr.PAFayetteBullskin Twp 104
BOOHERPeter, Sr.PAFayetteBullskin Twp 104
BucherJacobPALancasterCocalico Twp 129
BucherJohnPALancasterCocalico Twp 129
BucherChristianPALancasterMay Town 142
BucherJosephPALancasterWarwick Twp 146
BucherJacobPAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia City 214
BOOKERJohnPAPhiladelphiaSouthwark 210
BOOKERPhillipPAYorkNewberry Twp 275
BOOKERNicholasPAYorkMixed Twps 284

8 Apr 1816 Hardin Co KY WB B, page 281. Samuel COOMBS-report of sale. Principal purchaser was : Mrs Polly COOMBS. Other purchasers were: Thomas KOONROD, Robert BLEAKELY, Henry LEASER, Edward WILSON, Josiah E. BEST, Adin COOMBS, Thomas SMALLWOOD, Benjamin MOORE, William KINGCADE, Walter BRISCOE, Samuel MARTIN, Adam MONAN, Isaac THOMAS, James CRUTCHER, Hezekiah SMALLWOOD, Moses BLACK, William JACKSON, Thomas COOMBS, Jacob BOOHER, Gabriel WATHEN, Jonathan SHEPHERD, Jonathan PADDOX, recorded Apr 8, 1816 (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from HARDIN CO., KY. WILLS 1793-1866 by Mary Jo Jones for Ancestral Trails Hist. Soc., 1984, McDowell Pub.)

(1) Samuel COOMBS, Jr. (s/o Samuel and Mary WILKES Combs I of Tonoloways) b 7 Jun 1760, probably in Loudoun Co, VA; d 22 Aug 1815, Hardin Co, KY; m 23 Jan 1809, Hardin Co, KY, Polly BRISCOE. His brother, Adin COMBS m 2 Oct 1794, Frederick Co, MD, Pamelia WILLIAMS. See Combs Counties of Record and William F. Coombs Manuscript.

13 Dec 1825 Frederick Co, MD. Married: Joseph Richardson COOMES and Margaret Ann BOUGHER (Researcher L. Bert Nye, Jr.)

Notes: See Joseph Richardson & Margaret Ann BOUGHER Coomes Bible Record. Joseph is said to have been s/o Baylis and Sarah RICHARDSON Combs (seeking source) who m 28 Sep 1799, Frederick, MD, and was later in Montgomery Co, MD. Relationship of Margaret Ann to other BOOHER Families? 

1830 Sullivan Co, TN Census, p. 318
L23 Martin BOOHER 0011101-131201 [BOOKER?]
L24 John BOOHER 1121001-0001001 [BOOKER?]
L25 John COMBS 10001-21001 (b 1800-1810, s/o Jonathan COMBS of 1797?)

The above Martin and John BOOHER have not been identified, but appear in var. Sullivan Co, TN records as both BOOHER and BOOKER. The above John COMBS (who may have been s/o a Jonathan COMBS, b ca 1775, PA) m Mary BOOKER, presumably the d/o (or somehow related to) Martin or John BOOHER.