Indiana - Boone County

John Newton Coombs

  1. John Newton COOMBS (1835-1903) m: Nancy Ann Slavens
  2. Joseph Clarence COOMBS (1869-1957) m: Jessie Myrtle Gray
  3. Neville Luther COOMBS (1911-1978) m: Winifred Nadine Brookshier
  4. Duard “Skip” COOMBS (living)
  1. Boone Co, IN; Polk Co, IA; Jackson Co, MO
  2. Van Buren, Crawford Co, AR; Adair Co, OK; Carthage, Jasper & Jackson Co, MO
  3. Jackson Co, MO
  4. - - - - - - - -


  • Determine the “genetic profile” for this branch of COOMBS. Done
  • Identify the “lineage genetic profile” of the ancestry for Gen 4 John Newton COOMBS. Done
  • Establish the branch of COOMBS this branch belongs.
  • Note: Well documented. Determine the relationship with Denman COOMBS and parentage of both John Newton and Denman.


A “Lineage Genetic Profile” has been established for this line, to the “Tonoloways Coombs”' Special Study DNA - Findings through DNA testing. DNA match to Andrew COMBS 1 of 2 Lineage Snapshot, Andrew COMBS 2 of 2 Lineage Snapshot, Samuel COMBS/COOMBS Lineage Snapshot & John COOMBS 1 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 2 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 3 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 4 of 4 Snapshot, Edward COOMBS 1 of 3 Lineage Snapshot, Edward COOMBS 2 of 3 Lineage Snapshot & Edward COOMBS 3 of 3 Lineage Snapshot & Edward COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Joseph COOMBS Lineage Snapshot, William Henry Harrison Combs Lineage Snapshot William COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Harvey D. COOMBES Lineage Snapshot, John Joseph COMBS Lineage Snapshot & Denman J. COOMBS Lineage Snapshot