Pennsylvania - Tonoloways Settlement Cumberland County


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  1. John COOMBS (1730/40-1801) John COMBE SEE ALSO m: Alice Nelson Jolly
  2. Joseph COOMBS (1778-1855) m: Rachel Herron SEE ALSO
  3. Joseph COOMBS (1820-1906) m1: Delila Wright, m2: Amanda Wright
  4. William COOMBS (1841-1912) Combs m: Matilda Jane McKinney
  5. Zoma COOMBS (1873-1935) m: Ella Louise Gulbrandsen
  6. Oren COOMBS (1904-1996) m1: Arlene Dingman, m2: Marian Patton
  7. six sons (living)
  1. Cumberland (Bedford,Fulton) Co. PA; Fayette Co, PA; Nelson Co, KY
  2. Nelson Co, KY; Clark Co, IN, Parke Co, IN
  3. Clark Co, IN; Putnam Co.IN,Champaign Co. IL; Greene Co. IA
  4. Putnam Co, IN; Champaign Co, IL; Greene Co, IA; Cherokee Co. IA
  5. Cherokee Co, IA
  6. Cherokee Co, IA
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  • Further the lineage of John COOMBS’ father Joseph COOMBS.
  • Establish the “genetic profile” of this lineage for comparison. Done Use this to determine if Joseph was the immigrant ancestor or is derived from other lineages such as Archdale COMBE of VA or other early colonial COMBS &c. Stafford County COMBS' ruled out
  • Test the assumptions that there were five COOMBS brothers and their father in the Tonoloway settlement of PA in 1749/50 and 1755. Validate the relationships by comparing their “genetic profiles” to one another. Started
  • Note: Fairly well documented back to John Coombs of the Tonoloways settlement in PA. We believe that John Coombs’ father named Joseph lived in the Tonoloways Settlement in PA in 1755. Lack of documents is a roadblock. Migration of some family members points to Loudoun Co. VA as the possible location before PA. Some research is derived from other researchers but the main lineage is well supported and documented. The five brothers assumptions are not well documented, although relationships can be established among some of them. One of the putative brothers namely Samuel has a history that has a number of unanswered questions. Herron, Jolley, Nelson, Wright & McKinney are associated families.


A “Lineage Genetic Profile” has been established for this line, to the “Tonoloways Coombs”' Special Study DNA - Findings through DNA testing. DNA match to Andrew COMBS 1 of 2 Lineage Snapshot, Andrew COMBS 2 of 2 Lineage Snapshot, Samuel COMBS/COOMBS Lineage Snapshot & John COOMBS 1 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 2 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 3 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 4 of 4 Snapshot, Edward COOMBS 1 of 3 Lineage Snapshot, Edward COOMBS 2 of 3 Lineage Snapshot & Edward COOMBS 3 of 3 Lineage Snapshot & Edward COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Joseph COOMBS Lineage Snapshot, William Henry Harrison Combs Lineage Snapshot John Newton COOMBS Lineage Snapshot, William COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Harvey D. COOMBES Lineage Snapshot, John Joseph COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Denman J. COOMBS Lineage Snapshot