Virginia - Hampshire

John Joseph Combs

  1. John Joseph COMBS (1814 - 1900) m: Susan Melvina CRAWFORD
  2. John Slidell COMBS (1844 - 1909) m: Emma V. SEABER
  3. Frank Brown COMBS (1889 - 1954) m: Pearl Leata LYONS
  4. (living)
  5. (living)
  1. Fauquier Co, VA (see Note:), Hampshire Co, VA (now WV)
  2. Hampshire Co, VA (now WV), Allegany & Garrett Co, MD; Mineral Co, WV
  3. Allegany Co, MD, Mineral Co, WV
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  5. - - - - - - - -


  • Determine the “genetic profile” for this branch of COMBS. Done
  • Establish the “lineage genetic profile” of the ancestry for this line. Done
  • Determine how this line connects to Joseph COOMBE of the Tonoloways.
  • Note: GEN #5 of John Joseph Combs was considered to have ties to Fauquier Co, VA by Opal Combs (now deceased of Oregon) and Hazel Groves Hansrote, a pre-eminent genealogist from Allegany County, MD. While this assumption could have been a result of confusion with the Joseph I COMBS line of Stafford County, VA, validation of the Fauquier Co. VA reference lacks documentation thusfar.


John Joseph Combs' lineage has been genetically linked to the “Tonoloways Coombs”' Special Study DNA - Findings through DNA testing. DNA match to Andrew COMBS 1 of 2 Lineage Snapshot, Andrew COMBS 2 of 2 Lineage Snapshot, Samuel COMBS/COOMBS Lineage Snapshot & John COOMBS 1 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 2 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 3 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 4 of 4 Snapshot, Edward COOMBS 1 of 3 Lineage Snapshot, Edward COOMBS 2 of 3 Lineage Snapshot & Edward COOMBS 3 of 3 Lineage Snapshot & Edward COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Joseph COOMBS Lineage Snapshot, William Henry Harrison Combs Lineage Snapshot John Newton COOMBS Lineage Snapshot, William COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Harvey D. COOMBES Lineage Snapshot, Denman J. COOMBS Lineage Snapshot