Pennsylvania - Tonoloways Settlement


  1. Samuel COMBS/COOMBS Samuel Coombs (c1729/31 - bef 21 Nov 1814) m:1 Mary_____ m:2 Pamelia Williams COOMBS
  2. Amos COMBS/COOMBS (c1766-1818) m: Tacy Drake
  3. Thomas COMBS/COOMBS (c1795-1834) m: Elizabeth Combs/Coombs
  4. Isham COOMBS (1821-1887) m: Martha Ann Cash
  5. Samuel COOMBS (1851-1930) m: Emma Evelyn Mitchell
  6. John Hardin COOMBS (1895-1963) m: Emerine Banks
  7. COOMBS (living)
  8. James COOMBS (living)
  1. Tonoloways, PA, Loudoun Co, VA, Nelson Co, KY
  2. Loudoun Co, VA, Montgomery Co, VA, Nelson and Hardin Co, KY
  3. Montgomery Co, VA; Nelson, Hardin, and Henry Counties, KY
  4. Henry Co, KY, Hardin Co, KY, Hart Co, KY
  5. Carroll Co, KY
  6. Carroll Co, KY
  7. - - - - - - - -
  8. - - - - - - - -


  • Establish the genetic profile for this lineage. Done
  • Determine the parentage of Samuel COMBS/COOMBS.
  • Determine by genetic profiles who is and is not related to this branch of COMBS in the Tonoloways group of COMBS/COOMBS.
  • Note: Connection of Gen 7 to Gen 8 is based on the WF COOMBS Manuscript and there is circumstantial evidence linking Samuel to Amos. Associated families include Banks, Mitchell, Cash, Drake, Williams. Intermarriages Gen. 6 Elizabeth, is the dau of Adin Combs/Coombs and Pamelia Williams & is therefore a 1st cousin. Pamelia Williams was a daughter of Thomas Williams and Elizabeth who married the above Samuel Combs Gen 7, as a second marriage.


A “Lineage Genetic Profile” has been established for this line, to the “Tonoloways Coombs”' Special Study DNA - Findings through DNA testing. DNA match to Andrew COMBS 1 of 2 Lineage Snapshot, Andrew COMBS 2 of 2 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 1 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 2 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 3 of 4 Lineage Snapshot, John COOMBS 4 of 4 Snapshot, Edward COOMBS 1 of 3 Lineage Snapshot, Edward COOMBS 2 of 3 Lineage Snapshot & Edward COOMBS 3 of 3 Lineage Snapshot & Edward COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Joseph COOMBS Lineage Snapshot, William Henry Harrison Combs Lineage Snapshot John Newton COOMBS Lineage Snapshot, William COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Harvey D. COOMBES Lineage Snapshot, John Joseph COMBS Lineage Snapshot, Denman J. COOMBS Lineage Snapshot