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What is now the state of Iowa was formed from Missouri Territory in 1816, and designated Howard County. When MO was admitted as a state in 1821, Iowa became again “unorganized territory”. In 1834, it became part of Michigan Territory, with the counties of Dubuque (Northern IA) and Des Moines (Originally Demoine) (Southern IA) established. In 1836, further “splits” took place, with Wisconsin Territory formed, and a territorial census was taken that year that included both Dubuque and Des Moines.

Combs &c. Iowa Counties of Record

BLM Land of IowaLand
Earliest Combs to IowaRecords
Buena VistaRecords
Calhoun New 05 Feb 2009Records
Des MoinesRecords
Palo AltaRecords
Van BurenRecords

Buena Vista Co, IA

Buena Vista County was established in 1851 from Sac & Clay. The County seat is Storm Lake.

1885 Buena Vista Co, IA State Census

IAGenWeb State Census Project 1885-IA-BV-Fairfield.txt

Fairfield Twp


T92 R35 Sec25

60/1 Combs Henry 45 M M Farmer MO
Marty P. 34 F M OH
Berty E. 10 M S IN
Clarence 7 M S IL
Mabel 5 F S Buena Vista
Anne 3 F S Buena Vista
William 0 M S Buena Vista

Butler Co, IA

Butler County was established in 1851 from Buchanan & Black Hawk. The County seat is Allison.

1895 Butler Co, IA State Census

(IAGenWeb State Census Project 1895-IA-butler-aplington.txt)

Monroe Township

Aplington Town

p. 548

68/73 Combs Albert 34 M M WS N N Livery man None X X
Mary A 32 F M Dubuque Co IA F F Keeping house Catholic
Orlee E 10 F OR N N
Edydge M 8 F Butler Co IA N N
Verle 6 F Butler Co IA N N
Lea 4 F WS N N
Albert H 1 M Cerro Gordo Co IA N N
Harrison C 18 M S Butler Co IA N N X
HALL William 33 M M Dubuque Co IA N N Livery man None X X
Minnie F 33 F M IL N N Keeping house None
Edith G 11 F Butler Co Ia N N age is badly written.

FHL # 1020336, HQ # V221-142 IAGenWeb State Census Project 1985-IA-butler-washington.txt)

Washington Twp

p. 721a

113/113 Combs Anna L Mrs 42 F W Germany F F Methodist
Jerome B 13 M S Butler Co IA N N
Bertha R 11 F S Butler Co IA N N
Harrison 67 M M PA N N Farmer X 1

Note: Harrison Combs, deseased

Cherokee Co, IA

Cherokee County was established in 1851 from Crawford. The County seat is Cherokee.

1880 Cherokee Co, IA Census

ED 52

Town of Cherokee

p. 40D/12

113 Main Street

114/118 Coombes James W. W M 66 blacksmith ME ME ME
Lucretia W F 67 wife keeping house ME ME ME

114 Main Street

115/119 Coombs Edwin F. W M 31 blacksmith ME ME ME
Celia E. W F 27 wife keeping house VT VT VT
Arthur W M 4 son IA ME VT
Harold W M 6/12 Nov son IA ME VT
Mahoney Kittey W F 16 servant dom servant MI IRE SCOT

USGen Web Census Project ed52-pg040c.txt

ED 53

Afton Twp

p. 56C/11

110/110 Coombs H.G. W M 29 Farmer ME ME ME
Annie W F 23 wife keeping house N.B. N.B. N.B.

USGen Web Census Project ed53-pg051a.txt

Dallas Co, IA

Dallas County was established in 1846 from Polk. The county seat is Adel.

1854 Dallas County, IA State Census

FHL# 1022206 Items 2-16, HQ# V221-5 IAGenWeb State Census Project)

Union Twp

p. 14

Combs John H 2m; 1f; 1 voter; 1 militia; 3 total

Fayette Co, IA

Fayette County was established in 1837 from Clayton & Wisconsin Territory. The county seat is West Union.

1860 Fayette Co, IA Census

REEL NO: M653-322


p. 289

2248/1965 McALLESTER Damiel 25 M Farmer 800 600 Canada
Sarah 23 F IN
Mary J. 3 F IA
Nancy A. 2 F IA
Combs Gideon P. 27 M Farmer 800 IN

USGen Web Census Project pg00282.txt

Henry Co, IA

Henry County was established in 1836 from Wisconsin Territory. The County seat is Mount Pleasant.

1850 Henry Co, IA Census

REEL NO: M432-184

Marion Twp

p. 223a

894/894 MAHAFFEY Stephen 47 M farmer 480 OH
Martha 46 F OH
Esther A 17 F OH
Rachel J 16 F OH
Combs Job 6 M IN

USGen Web Census Project pg0223a.txt

1860 Henry Co, IA Census

REEL NO: M653-324

Marion Twp

Mount Pleasant

p. 347

2694/2388 SIMONS Geo. 38 M Farmer 250 ENG
Elizabeth 25 F ENG
Geo. Washington 1 M IA
Combs Jesse A. 21 M 150 MA
Mead Wm. 49 M School Teacher 2,500 200 NY

USGen Web Census Project pg00317.txt

1870 Henry Co, IA Census

REEL NO: M593-395

Center Twp

Mt. Pleasant

p. 204B

870 835 Combs John 36 M W PA

Insane - Iowa Hospital for Insane

Mitchell Co, IA

Mitchell County was established in 1851 from Chickasaw. The County seat is Osage.

1895 Mitchell Co, IA State Census

(IAGenWeb State Census Project mi95wayn.txt)

Wayne Township

p. 571

41/4 Combs Wesley 44 M M WS none
Fanny 40 F M Irish none
Edward 17 M S MN
Ellis 14 M S MN
Blanch 12 F S MN
Earl 10 M S MN
Clifford 6 M S MN

O’Brien Co, IA

O’Brien County was established in 1851 from Cherokee. The County seat is Primghar.

1880 O’Brien Co, IA Census

ED 157

Grant Township

p. 255B

17/17 Combs Frank W M 24 Batch Farmer PA NY NY

USGen Web Census Project 157-255a.txt

Page Co, IA

Page County was established in 1847 from Pottawattamie. The county seat is Clarinda.

1900 Page Co, IA Census

MICROFILM#: T623-452
ED 159

Iowa Hospital for the Insane

p. 177B/1B

Combs Emma R W F July 1876 23 S KS IL IL Waitress

USGen Web Census Project ed159-pg177a.txt

Warren Co, IA

Warren County was established in 1846 from Polk. The County seat is Indianola.

1860 Warren Co, IA Census

REEL NO: M653-341

p. 678

Indianola/Washington Twp

110/105 NICHOLLS James 60 M Farmer 1,500 2,000 VA
Keziah A. 41 F KY
J. M. 25 M Farmer 100 IL
O. M. 21 M Farmer MO
D. W. 19 M Student MO
Anna M. 17 F MO
Victoria 15 F MO
Savannah 10 F MO
Lutheria 6 F IA
Clay 1 M IA
SHEPHERD Israel 2 M Mail Carrier IN [2 year old mail carrier?]
Coombs Michael 18 M Mail Carrier KY

USGen Web Census Project pg00665.txt