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Hardin is located in the Pennyrile region of the State. The County seat is at Elizabethtown, KY. The county was established in 1792-3 from Nelson, and in 1799, Breckinridge was established from Hardin. In 1804, Green gained land from Hardin and in 1810 Grayson was established from Hardin and Ohio.  In 1823-4, Meade was established from Hardin and Breckinridge; and in 1843, Larue was established from Hardin.
See the Combs Families of Tonolloway, PA and also the Dr. William Franklin Coombs Manuscript (descendant of Samuel & Mary [WILKES, CHESTNUT?] Combs of Loudoun Co., VA and Nelson Co., KY).

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2 Feb 1895 Christian Standard, Feb 2, 1895 extracted by Linda Berney

Another hero has fallen, another noble life has ended; the aroma of another Christian life ceases to be diffused among men. Dr. W. F. Coombs has left us and gone over the river to enjoy the heavenly Canaan; gone to unite with his departed wife and the redeemed host to praise God and the Lamb forever. I never knew a purer life. I was associated with him in the battle for pure Christianity about forty years. He was related to all the Coombs preachers. He was born March 4, 1818; died December 30, 1891. He leaves a son and daughter. He has in his son, Dr. H. W. Coombs, a noble representative. I have lost one of my best friends. He loved the STANDARD, and was always anxious to get it. My love for him covered all his faults. He built a light-house for Christ in Hardin County that will shed its rays upon the people for years to come. In example he lives in the hearts of the people. He reared a monument to Jesus -- S. Collier

NOTE by LB: (Dateline "Ashland, O., Jan. 21, 1895 is written above this article, but it may pertain to the article above it instead.) Editor's note: This is the gentlemen that wrote the manuscript known as the W. F. Coombs manuscript. His son H. W . Coombs resided in Barren Co., KY.
8 Dec 1899 Friday The Elizabethtown News, Hardin Co KY. Mrs. Elveree CASH died Friday, Dec. 1. Was the daughter of Thomas COOMBS of Trimble Co., (Ky) Was 66 years old and married R. T. CASH in 1852. Leaves one sister, Mrs. Evaline MILLINER of Indianapolis [Marion Co], In., and 8 children: Miss Katie and Thomas CASH of Elizabethtown, Mrs. Henry PICKARILL of Glendale, Mrs. Stephen BRODWELL of Elizabethtown, Mrs. Hagan BLAND, Mrs. Wm JONES of Sonora, Leslie CASH of Garden City [Finney Co], KS., and John CASH of Mo. Burial Sunday at Glendale Church. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp)

Notes: According to Wm. F. Coombes manuscript., "Elvoree, the third daughter of Thomas COOMBS by his last wife, married Robert CASH of Hardin County, Kentucky."
1900 Hardin Co, KY Census (Transcribed from microfilm by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp who adds that format is: born-age-yrs md.)

Page 26A
Walter COOMBS Dec. 1844 55 30 Ky Ky Ky
Virginia Dec. 1848 51 30 Ky Ky Ky
Linda Nov. 1872 27 Ky Ky Ky
Bertha July 1883 16 Ky Ky Ky
Walter Nov. 1889 10 Ky Ky Ky
James Mar. 1894 6 Ky Ky Ky

sh 9B
Robert T. Cash, head, Jan 1840, 70, widowed, KY, KY, KY, farmer
Kate C., daughter, Dec 1869, 30, single, KY, KY, KY
Thomas T., son, May 1857, 33, single, KY, KY, KY
Samuel Fork, boarder, Jun 1875, 24, single, KY, KY, KY

Note: Robert Cash was the widower of Elvoree Coombs Cash, the daughter of Thomas Coombs and Paulina Ashburn. Elveree is mentioned in both wills of her parents: The will of Thomas Coombs probated in 1834 in Henry Co., KY and the will of his second wife Paulina Ashburn Coombs Buchanan probated in Trimble Co., KY 22 Sep 1853. Her obituary was printed in the Elizabethtown News 8 Dec 1899 (Hardin Co., KY)

Page 29A
Thomas Combs June 1837 62 Ky Ky Ky single farmer

Page 30B
William COOMBS June 1858 41 farmer Ky Ky Ky
Jilla Feb. 1861 39 Ky Ky Ky
Herbert Aug. 1884 15 Ky Ky Ky
May Oct. 1887 12 Ky Ky Ky
Josephine Dec. 1890 9 Ky Ky Ky
Elven E.(dau) Aug. 1894 5 Ky Ky Ky
Samuel Jan. 1897 3 Ky Ky Ky

Note: The above Jilla is better transcribed as Tillie or Tillee; she was Margaret Gray Runner who married William Coombs in 1883 in Hardin Co., KY. Although the Elven here is transcribed pretty much as written on the census, she is Elvira (various spellings) who married Charles E. Riggs and is later in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY with her mother and sisters by 1920.
Friday, Jan. 30, 1903. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) An impromptu family reunion took place at the residence of Mr. W. W. Coombs Sunday. Those present were: Mrs. James Burgress, Mrs. Maud Funk and son, Master Walter and Mrs. Chas. Huntsberry and son, Master Herbert of Louisville and Mr. Frank Hoover and family of this city.
24 Dec 1903 (extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from The Elizabethtown News ) Letter to Santa.
Dear Santa,
I live in the country near Glendale, and I want you to come to see me, and bring me a drum, a gun, express wagon, little ax, candies, nuts, oranges, bananas, apples and everything nice. I know you wont forget me, because you always come. Dont forget Mamma, Papa, sister and brother. I will be a good boy.
Friday, June 10, 1904. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) Mrs. W. W. COOMBS died at her home in the city Saturday of tubercolosis of the lungs, aged 55 years. She had been ill for some length of time and her death was not entirely unexpected. She was a member of the Christian Church and was a very exemplary woman, she being a faithful christian, a devoted wife and a kind mother. She was held in high appreciation by a large circle of friends, who deeply deplore her death. She is survived by her husband and 8 children: Mesdames Frank Hoover and Charles Huntsberry, Mrs. Birch Funk of Little Rock, Ark., Misses Lynda and Bertha Coombs, Messrs. Walter and James Coombs of this city, all of whom were present at her death and burial. Her funeral was preached at her home Sunday by Rev. W.H. Brengle and her remains were interred on the same day in the city cemetery, a large number of friends and relatives being present.
Friday, December 15, 1905 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) Old Aunt Patsy Coombs, widow of the late Isham Coombs, who formerly lived here (Sonora, Hardin Co., Ky.) died at the home of her son in Carroll County at the ripe old age of seventy-nine years. Her remains were brought back by her son, William and interred in the Gilead churchyard. Aunt Patsy, as she was familiarly called, will be remembered by the older residents of this vicinity as an excellent Christian lady and a good neighbor andwas well beloved by her neighbors and Christian friends.
19 Feb 1907 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) (Hardin Co., Ky.) , Feb. 19, 1907 Telegrams were received here early yesterday morning from Meridian, Miss., announcing the death at that place of Mr. William T. COOMBS of this city. A little more than a week ago, Mr. Coombs left here for Meridian to accept a paying postion in the yards of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad at that place. After a week's work in the yards, he was caught betweens cars while making coupling at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, receiving fatal injuries. Mr. Coombs was employed as switchman and while making the coupling his head was crushed by projecting lumber against the end of a car. The nerve he exhibited after receiving the fatal injury was remarkable. With his head crushed and his neck broken, the dying man walked to a hydrant, washed his face free of blood, entered a carriage and drove to a doctor's office, where he died without ever speaking. Mr. Coombs was a native of this county andwas raised at this place. When a young man, he held a postition in the Elizabethtown Mills,and later became a railroader, serving in the capacity of yardmaster and conductor on the Illinois Central. In later years he had operated a threshing machine. He was a member of the Christian Church and had many friends at this place. He is survived by a widow, who before marriage was Miss Tillie Runner, and 5 children: Herbert, Mary, Lizzie, Josie and Elvirie and Samuel Coombs, all at home. The remains will reach here tonight on No. 1 at 10:40 and the funeral will take place tomorrow morning at the Christian Church.
March 1, 1907 Friday (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.)) Memorial To Wm. T. Coombs

     William Thomas Coombs, a native of Hardin County and a citizen of Elizabetown, age 49 years, met with an unfortunate and tragic death in the railroad yards at Meridian, Miss., Feb. 17. His remains were brought to Elizabethtown and interred in the family lot in the cemetery,Wednesday morning, February 20.
The large concourse of mourners about his bier, the immense crowd assembled at the church and theseeming endless cortege that followed his corpse to the grave, were evidences of the esteem and respect in which he was held at his home.
More than a quarter of a century ago, when William Thomas Coombs and I were budding in to the first fulush of young manhood, we met and became comrades, engaged in the perilous pursuit of a live on the rail. The hazardous calling seemed to have a tendency to alleviate fear and stimulate the intrepid impulses to a recklessness that disregards danger when summoned by duty's call.
     Under these conditions we were associated together on the same train, each sharing with the other our troubles and pleasures and naturally became fast friends. Each watching with pleasure the success and advancement of the other as the years rolled by.
      When I stood at the marriage later "Billie"Combs was my "best man."
Well do I remember (in sprit of jollity) of him once telling a "tenderfoot" who wanted a "job of braking," of how we "carry a coffin in the caboose and are frequently forced to take the dustpan and broom and run back down the track and gather up all that was mortal of a less fortunate comrade" and the fellow's fright. Little did I think the sad duty of loading his casket into my baggage car would fall to my lot as was a fact a few nights ago.
      August 1883 he married to Miss Tillie Runner, and five children blessed the happy union. With the wife and children he leaves four brothers to mourn his untimely death, and with their tears I beg to mingle my own.
      His career was eventful and varied, for he was ambitious, industrious, he was brave, true, he was a veritably a good man. His loyalty to his friends was pure and princely. His religion (as I knew him) was simple, confined to no particular church not creed -it was the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.
      In the death of my friend I realize that "no man liveth to himself and no man dieth to himself." I also realize that "it is not all of life to live nor all of death to die." The life we live, lives after us. The infulence of a true man's character lingers with those who knew and loved him. When the sun sinks in the west, the after-glow in the sky is matchless, the crimson and gold, mantle alike the hills and the sleeping valleys. Pen cannot picture it, but the soul of man fain would gather inspitation and mount to higher heights.
      In death my friend has solved the problem of live and has entered into the mysteries of the great Beyond.
     The grave is but the dark tunnel through which he has passed to the light of the final station for which he was destined. There he finds rest at last for the tired body and sweet peace to his soul. May this Station be the great Union Depot where all of his comrades, friends, brothers, together with wife and children shall join when the last train rolls into the Station of Eternity.
-- Conductor McAttee
Friday, 5 Jul 1907 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) Leslie COMBS of Bartlesville, Indian Territory was married last week at Houston, Tx. to Mrs. Nellie Sharp. His birde was educated at Lynnland College and was a sister of John P. Rowlett of Hart Co., KY. Mr. Combs was formerly from Eagle Mills.
19 Jul 1907 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.)) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bland of Sonora were called to Glasgow on Monday on account of the death of Mrs. Henry Coombs. Mrs. Coombs is a brother of Mrs. Bland. Mrs. Coombs died of typhoid fever. Survived by husband and 4 children.

Note: Henry Coombs married secondly Eugenia Witt who di. 14 Jul 1907.
Friday, Sept. 11, 1908. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) Sonora, Sept. 10-Mr. C.R. BLAND received a telegram Thursday morning stating his brother-in-law, Gabe COOMBS of Kendrick [Lincoln Co], Oklahoma, died Wednesday at his home, very suddenly with heart failure. Mr. COOMBS was about 48 years old and was born and raised near Sonora and was the son of the late Isham COOMBS. Mr. BLAND informs up [us] that he and his daughter, Miss Donnie Mae, visited Mr. COOMBS on their recent visit to Oklahoma and that he seemed to be in his usual health when they left there 2weeks ago.
5 Jan 1909. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) "Mrs. A. J. PATTERSON, the wife of the well known farmer residing near Chest Grove, this county, says she will come into possession of $3,000,000 as her share of the $80,000,000 estate of the great Sir Francis DRAKE. Mrs. PATTERSON who was a Miss Combs before her marriage, is in communication with the Adminstrators, who are settling the estate and seems to have no doubt but that some day she will get this vast fortune. Her great grandmother was a Miss Drake, who it is claimed was a direct descendant from the great Englishman. Messrs. John and Leslie COOMBS, now also of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, but formerly of this county, are heirs to the estate. A copy of the will of Sir Francis DRAKE has been procured and is at Hodgenville. From all appearances there seems to be come prospect of Mrs. PATTERSON coming into possession of this fortune and her many friends here and in the county will shower congratulations on her when this fact becomes known." (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp)

Ed Note: Descendants were told that they descend from Sir Francis Drake who actually left no direct descendants. Tacy Drake, the wife of Amos Coombs was actually a descendant of Capt. Francis Drake of Middlesex Co., NJ and perhaps this was condused with the name of Sir Francis.
1910 Census Soundex Hardin Co., KY (extracted by Lynda Gibson):

Tellie COOMBSS H W 50 Ky
Elvarah son 15 Ky
Samuel son 13 Ky

NOTE: Tellie/Tillie/Jilla RUNNER was the wife of William Thomas COOMBS who died in 1907. The Elvarah son above (and also on the 1910 census written as is) was Elvira, daughter. See obituary of William Thomas Coombs 19 Feb. 1907 extracted by Carolyn Wimp and posted above. Margaret Gray Runner Coombs lived in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY by 1920 along with her married daughters Elvira, Josephine, and Mary E. who married respectively Charles E. Riggs, A. Raymond Holland and Robert B Johnston.
Friday, Feb. 4, 1910 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) The burial of Mrs. Sarah Combs who died Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock in Bartlesville, Ok., will be at Big Spring Baptist Church near Tonieville (LaRue Co.) today. Mrs. Combs was the mother of Messrs. John and Leslie Combs and for many years loved in this county with hers sons. She went west several years ago. the remains reached here last night. Her death was due to old age and is a source of deep regret to her many friends in this community.

CW Notes: Sarah was the wife of Walter Williams Coombs who died in Hardin Co. in 1862. Her maiden name was Churchill.
31 Aug 1910 Mary E. Coombs married R. B Johnston Hardin Co., KY in presence of Tillie Coombs; Hardin Co., KY (Marriage Bk H p. 99 transcribed by Deb Coombs; Original can be found at the Hardin Co., KY Clerk's website)

Note: Mary E. Coombs was the daughter of William Thomas Coombs and Tillie Runner. She resided with her husband by 1920 in Jefferson Co., KY, as well as did her mother and sisters, Elvira and Josephine.
Sept. 13, 1910 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) Mrs. Bettie COOMBS Saxby, the only daughter of the late Dr. W.F. COOMBS of Hardin Co. and sister of Dr. Horace COOMBS of Cave City, andwife of Rev. SAXBY of New Orleans, died of cancer at the Nashville sanitarium Aug. 25, aged 57 years. She had many friends in this, her native county,was consecrated christian and perfectly resigned to her last sad affliction. She will be sadly missed by her devoted husband in whose work she enlished so faithfully.
Tuesday, Oct. 1, 1912 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.), Letcher COOMBS, aged 72, died last week at his home at Tulahoma [Coffee Co], Tn., after a long illness with complications. He was born and reared near Elizabethtown and resided here until his removal to Tennessee over 30 yearsago. W. W. COOMBS of Louisville, his only surviving brother, attended the funeral. The deceased was a Federal soldier.

CW Notes: Letcher COOMBS was the son of Thomas Finley COOMBS and Chloe WILLIAMS of Hardin Co., Ky.
13 Oct 1911 Friday (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co., Ky.) Telegrams received here Tuesday afternoon announced the death of Miss Sue COOMBS at Denver, Col. Cancer was the fatal malady. The deceased was past 50 years old and was the only sister of Messrs. John and Leslie COOMBS of Ok. She was reared near Eagle Mills but left this section nearly 20 years ago. Her remains reached here Wednesday night and the interment took place yesterday at Big Spring Church, services conducted by Rev. W. P. STUART. The 2 brothers accompained the remains.

CW Note: According to LaRue Co. cemetery records, Susan was buried in Coombs-Williams Family Cemetery which is located a short distance from Big Spring Church Cemetery. She was the daughter of Walter Williams COOMBS and Sarah Elizabeth CHURCHILL. Susan was born Sept. 30,1853 in LaRue Co., Ky.
05 January 1913 Prestonville, Carroll Co., KY Death Certificate 3205 for Benie Roberson, housekeeper, widow, female, born 16 Mar 1845 Trimble Co., KY; died 5 Jan 1913, aged 68; father: Addison Mitchell, born Henry Co., KY; mother: Emily Coombs, born Hardin Co., KY; informant: Saml Coombs; burial Campbellsburg, KY 7 Jan 1913

NOTE: Emily Coombs was the daughter of Thomas Coombs of Hardin Co., KY (son of Amos Coombs and Tacy drake) and his first wife Elizabeth Coombs (daughter of Adin Coombs and Pamelia Williams.) Samuel Coombs the informant was her first cousin and also her brother in law, since he married Minerva/Mariam/Beanie's sister Emma Eveline Mitchell. See her Henry Co., KY census in 1900 and 1910 with husband Richard Roberson above.
8 May 1921 Kentucky Death Certificate: No. 9577, File No. 576, Reg No. 201; Emmer E. COOMBS, Carrollton,Carroll Co., KY; Sex: Female; Color: White; Married; Date of Birth: 5 Dec 1855; Age 65 yr 5 mo 3 da Occupation: Housewife; Birthplace: Trimble Co., KY; Father: Adison MITCHEL; Birthplace of Father: Trimble Co., KY Maiden Name of Mother: Emily COOMBS; Birthplace of Mother: Hardon (sic) Co., KY; Informant: Judge Sam COOMBS, Carrollton, KY; Date of Death: 8 May 1921; Cause of Death: Mitral Stenosis; Physician Allen DONALDSON; Place of Burial: IOOF (cemetery), Carrollton, KY; Date of Burial 10 May 1921; Undertaker: W. T. MOSGROVE, Carrollton, KY. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs)

DC Notes: Emma Eveline/Evelyn (Mitchell) Coombs was the wife of Samuel Coombs residing in Carroll Co., KY. Samuel Coombs (the informant) married Emma Eveline Mitchell 12 Aug 1874 in Trimble Co., KY. Emma's mother Emily Coombs was a daughter of Thomas Coombs and Elizabeth Coombs of Hardin Co., KY and Henry Co., KY. Samuel and Emma were first cousins.
Tues, Dec 6, 1927 The Elizabethtown News transcribed by Carolyn Wimp

Leslie Coombs, for many years a prominent figure in the life of Hardin and LaRue Counties, died of a complication of diseases at a hospital in Kansas City. Burial took place at his home in Bartlesville, Ok., where he had resided many years.

Mr. Coombs was born and reared near Eagle Mills, and farmed and dealt in livestock extensively during his residence here.

In the west he was a farmer, ranchman and oil operator. For several years he was a president of the First National Bank of Blackwell, Ok., and later organized a bank in Bartlesville. He was 75 years old.

His survivors are his widow, Mrs. Mary Ellen Coombs, a son, Walter Coombs of Bartlesville, a daughter, Mrs D C Phillips of Tulsa, and a brother, John Coombs of Bartlesville.

Note: This is William Leslie Coombs, the son of Walter W Coombs and Sarah Churchill. See Washington Co., OK records where he resided with his wife.
6 Jan 1930 Hardin co., Kentucky Death Certificate of Susan P. Pickerall, female, white, widow of Henry Pickerall, born 6 Aug 1857 Hardin Co., KY, aged 72y 6 mo, housewife, Daughter of R. T. Cash b. KY and Elvira Combs b. KY, informant: Clint Pickerall, Glendale, (Hardin Co.) Ky; bu 8 Jan 1930 Christian Church Cemetery, Glendale, Ky (transcribed by Deb Coombs from image of original)

Note: Elvoree Combs/Coombs's obituary was printed in the Elizabethtown News 8 Dec 1899 (Hardin Co., KY) and posted previously by Carolyn Wimp. Elveree is mentioned in both wills of her parents: The will of Thomas Coombs probated in 1834 in Henry Co., KY and the will of his second wife Paulina Ashburn Coombs Buchanan probated in Trimble Co., KY 22 Sep 1853. Susan's brother's death certificate is below dated 26 Feb 1944.
12 Jan 1933 Hardin Co. (Ky) Enterprise transcribed by Carolyn Wimp
Jan 12, 1933
Word was received here (Elizabethtown, Ky) last week that Mrs Burch Funk, who has been an invalid for some time had died in Little Rock, Ark. She was the daughter of the late W W Combs who for many years was City Marshal of Elizabethtown.
26 Feb 1944 Delayed Hardin Co., Kentucky Death Certificate of Thomas Cash, male, white, (marital status blank) born 14 May 1866 KY, amount of time spent in Hardin Co.: lifetime, farmer, son of Robert Cash b. Ky and Alberta Combs b. Ky, informant: Mrs. Wil Jones, Nolin, (Hardin Co.) Ky; bu 28 Feb 1944 Glendale, Ky; filed 8 Mar 1944 (transcribed by Deb Coombs from image of original)

Note: Although the above record states that his mother was Alberta Combs, she was Elveree Combs/Coombs, of which her obituary was printed in the Elizabethtown News 8 Dec 1899 (Hardin Co., KY). Elveree is mentioned in both wills of her parents: The will of Thomas Coombs probated in 1834 in Henry Co., KY and the will of his second wife Paulina Ashburn Coombs Buchanan probated in Trimble Co., KY 22 Sep 1853. Thomas Cash's sister's death certificate is above dated 6 Jan 1930.
abt.1974. The following is a transcription by Deb Coombs is of a letter written by Nellie (Bland) Adams to Julia Becker written around 1974. Nellie was a granddaughter of Isham and Martha Ann (Patsy) (Cash) Coombs of Hardin Co., KY, and a daughter of Betsy Katherine (Kate) Coombs and Charles Robert Lee Bland. Nellie is now deceased. Julia, also a descendent of Isham, has given permission to have it posted here:

Grandfather Isham Coombs was a farmer. Sometimes he bought a herd of mules in Kentucky, then, after his crop was planted in the spring, he would take the mules to Mississippi or Louisiana to sell. He had a number of mules ready to market when the Civil War broke out in 1861. He risked the dangers of conscription and made thet rip. (He never held slaves, in fact opposed slavery). Money was so scarce in the south that he had to trade the mules for baled cotten which he hid in the high reeds near the Mississippi River. Those, who knew he opposed slavery, burned the cotten. Grandfather had to hide a great deal but finaly made his way home after several months. Grandmother was convinced that he had been killed since he was gone so long. She began smoking a corncob pipe, could never break the habit much to Grandfather's chagrin. Union soldiers often passed by their farm. One afternoon an officer ordered her to deliver a load of corn to the encampment a few miles away. She and Uncle Henry loaded the corn, but loosened something about the wagon so that it would break down in a little while. Uncle Henry was in his teens, Grandmother feared that they would not let him return home. Next morning the officer returned but she convinced him that they had done all they could. On another occasion a group of soldiers started to gather the vegetables from Grandmother's garden. She took a hoe and bucket (with one or two little ones hanging to her skirts and crying) and demanded that she (a poor widow) be allowed to dig a few potatoes for her starving family. The officer in charge hesitated a moment, then ordered, "Get out of this woman's garden and leave everything alone....

(signed) Nell B. Adams (no date)

Note: Isham Coombs was a son of Thomas Coombs of Hardin and Henry Co., KY. He married Martha Ann Cash in Hardin Co., KY. See also W.F. Coombs manuscript
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