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 of Hardin Co., KY 1860-1889

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Hardin is located in the Pennyrile region of the State. The County seat is at Elizabethtown, KY. The county was established in 1792-3 from Nelson, and in 1799, Breckinridgewas established from Hardin. In 1804, Green gained land from Hardin and in 1810 Grayson was established from Hardin and Ohio.  In 1823-4,Meade was established from Hardin and Breckinridge; and in 1843, Larue was established from Hardin.
See the Combs Families of Tonolloway, PA and also the Dr. William Franklin Coombs Manuscript (descendant of Samuel & Mary [WILKES, CHESTNUT?] Combs of Loudoun Co., VA and Nelson Co., KY)

Index for Hardin Co., KY Records


31 May 1860 Hardin Co KY Will book E, page 327. Josiah H. YAGER, will, Mar 31, 1860. Wit-W. F. COOMBS, J.E. WILLIAMS. Proven-July 10,1860. (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from HARDIN CO., KY. WILLS 1793-1866 by Mary Jo Jones for Ancestral Trails Hist. Soc., 1984, McDowell Pub.)
1860 Hardin County, KY Census (HARDIN CO., KY 1860 CENSUS, compiled by Carolyn Wimp for Ancestral Trails Historical Society, 1996, McDowell Publications, unless otherwise noted.


Charles Combs 53 C. Priest Ky
Margaret MENTON 13 Ky
Terressa MC LURE 61 Ky


p. 137 HH 304/298 (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs
R. T. CASH, 30, farmer, $3300, $1700, KY
Elvree, 24, F, KY
John W., 4, M,KY
Perlina S., 2,F,KY

NOTE: Robert Thomas CASH married 02 February 1853 in Trimble Co., KY, Elvree COOMBS, the daughter of Thomas COOMBS and his second wife, Paulina ASHBURN.

W.B. WILLET 54 farmer Ky
Mildred 48 Ky
Warren 17 Ky
Charles M. 12 Ky
William R. 4 Ky
Sarah C. SLAUGHTER 24 Ky
Frances E. 16 Ky
T. F. COOMBS 44 farmer Ky

Cloah A. COOMBS 39 Ky
Archibald 19 Ky
Adin H. 18 Ky
Walter W. 16 Ky
Martha E. 14 Ky
William T. 2 Ky

Notes: Thomas Finley Combs in HH#378 married 23 Feb 1839, Hardin Co, KY, Chloe A. WILLIAMS. (HH#378) In 1850 they are in Butler Co., KY census. The above Archibald Combs (son of Thomas F. & Chloe A.) probably had the full name of Archibald Letcher Combs, referred to as "Letcher" Combs in the Wm. F. Coombs Manuscript, and named after the Archibald LETCHER who was guardian of Chloe A. WILLIAMS at the time ofher marriage. (Archilbald Letcher married Winifred Williams, the widow of Henry Williams and mother of Chloe. See land record of 1 Apr 1844.) Archibald Combs/Coombs later married Sarah E. BROWN according to the William F. Coomb manuscript, and was living in Coffee Co TN where he is referred to in 1890 as Mr. A. L. COOMBS.

W.F. COOMBS 42 physician Ky
Martha 39 Ky
Horace 13 Ky
Bettie 8 Ky
Deney B. STILES 19 Ky
Mat LOGAN 35 farm lab Ireland
Andrew WHITE 50 farm lab Ireland

Notes: William Franklin COOMBS, son of Adin & Pamelia WILLIAMS Combs. Bettie may have been daughter, Mary Elizabeth.
30 Oct 1863 - 15 Aug 1864 Hardin Co KY WB E, page 388. Mary BROWN, will, Oct 30, 1863. Wit-Samuel J. MILLER and W.F. COOMBS. Proven-Aug 15, 1864 (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from HARDIN CO., KY. WILLS 1793-1866 by Mary Jo Jones for Ancestral Trails Hist. Soc., 1984, McDowell Pub.)

Notes: William Franklin COOMBS married 29 Aug 1841, Hardin Co, KY, Martha BROWN. Kin to the above?
1870 Hardin County, KY Census (extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from 1870 CENSUS OF HARDIN CO., KY, by Jennie Deardorff for Ancestral Trails Historical Society, 1983, McDowell Publications)


Adam H. Combs 27 works on farm Ky
Eliza RUSSELL 40 keeps house Ky
Maria RUSSELL 19 Ky

Notes: Adin [sic] H. Combs, son of Thomas Finley and Chloe A. WILLIAMS Combs. In 1893, William F. Coombs stated that Adin H. was living in Louisville [Jefferson Co KY] and "in the railroad business."

Watt W. COOMBS 26 farmer Ky
Jane 21 Ky
Louella 8/12 Oct. Ky
Lewis F. POTTER 23 works on farm Ky

Notes: Walter W. "Wattie" Combs, son of Thomas Finley and Chloe A. WILLIAMS Combs, In 1893, Wm. Franklin Coombs stated that "Wattie" was living in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, KY and had been "City Marshall there for several years."


William F. COOMBS 52 physician Ky
Martha 44 keeps house Ky
Horace H. 24 Ky
Alice 22 Ky
Mary C. 17 Ky
Andy WHITE 60 works on farm Ireland
Sarah JEFFERS 20 dom. ser. Ky

Notes: William Franklin & Martha BROWN Combs, son of Adin & Pamelia WILLIAMS Combs. According to his manuscript, his son was named Horace Wintersmith, and married Alice "Allie" PARRISH and daughter, Mary Elizabeth.

1870 Census Nolynn, Hardin Co., KY p. 376b HH 138/134
Robert T. Cash, 41, farmer, KY
Elvira, 33, F, KY
John W., 13, wks on Farm, KY
Pauline, 12, F, KY
Leslie C., 10, M, KY
Elvira, 7, F, KY
Thompson F., 4, M, KY
Lydia C., 6/12, F, KY Dec

Note: Elveree is mentioned in both wills of her parents: The will of Thomas Coombs probated in 1834 in Henry Co., KY and the will of his second wife Paulina Ashburn Coombs Buchanan probated in Trimble Co., KY 22 Sep 1853. See also her obituary printed in the Elizabethtown News 8 Dec 1899 (Hardin Co., KY).

HH 42/39
William COOMBS, 59, M, Black, Works on farm, KY, cannot read or write
Mariah, 57, F, Black, Keeps House, KY cannot read or write

p. 374
HH 91/89
Joseph K. VANMETER, 50, M, Farmer, KY
Mary, 43, F, Keeping House, KY, cannot write
Martha, 20, F, at home, KY, cannot write
Catherine, 14, F, at home, KY, cannot read or write
Adam K. COOMBS, M, works on farm, KY

Wallingford Prect., Sonora P.O.

Thos COOMBS 19 (black) works on farm Ky
(with Edward PATTERSON family)

Notes: Not identified.
1880 Hardin Co, KY Census (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from microfilm. Carolyn adds: This roll was in poor condition from unreadable handwriting to water stains.)

Page 270R
Watty W. COOMBS 35(?) farmer Ky Ky Ky [Walter W.]
Jenny L. 31 (?) Ky Ky Ky
Louella 11 Ky Ky Ky
Linda 8 Ky Ky Ky
Mary(May?) E. 6 Ky Ky Ky
Maud(?) 4 Ky Ky Ky
Gertrude(?) 2 Ky Ky Ky

page 322R
James Combs 40 widow brick mason [CW:No place of birth listed. Was living with Dr. J.H. OWSLEY and family)

Page 335
Isham (?) COOMBS 59(?) farmer Ky Ky Ky [s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Combs Combs]
Martha A. 51(?) Ky Ky Ky [CASH]
Wm F. 23 Ky Ky Ky [a.k.a. William T.?]
Donna M. 18 Ky Ky Ky
Lee A. 16 Ky Ky Ky
Chas F. 12(?) Ky Ky Ky
Bettie C. 11(?) Ky Ky Ky

The author of the following letter is unknown. Presumably, it was written in 1882 as Hardin was not established as a county until 1792-3.

Brandywine Springs, Maryland

My dear Cozzin,
Since you have been so thoughtful at last to write to me i will answereth it with plessur. Father took ill last month and died of consumption. Mother has gone to stay with my brother Nathan in Hardin Co., Ky. We hope she wil survive the winter. My sisters finally got married. Clove married Benjamin COOMS and Alice married his twin brother James. They bought the JINKINSON Farm. I have two children, Amos and Lucy Jane two fat harty children. Amos will be 3 years old on the eithteenth of February and Lucy Jane will be five months on the twentieth day of October. My husband is busy with the harvest and I with preserves.

I remain Your Affectionate Cozzin
(Transcribed by Coomes Researcher Patience Northern from a copy in her possession.)

Notes: Presumably Brandywine, Prince Georges Co, MD although the only Brandywine Springs found is in New Castle,Delaware. Benjamin and James COOMS have not yet been identified.
23 Aug 1883 Matilda G Runner married William Coombs; father Samuel Runner present and gave consent (Hardin Co., KY; Marriage Bk E p 176; transcribed by Deb Coombs; Original can be found at the Hardin Co., KY Clerk's website)

Note: William T. Coombs was a son of Thomas Findley Coombs and a grandson of Adin Coombs and Permelia Williams) See their family in the 1900 census and 1910 soundex for Hardin Co., KY.
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