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Darke County was established in 1809 from Miami County. In 1820, Mercer, Paulding, Van Wert and Williams were each est. from Darke. In 1848, Auglaize was est. from Allen, Mercer, Darke, Hardin, Logan, Shelby and Van Wert Counties.

Except where otherwise noted, marriage sources are Miami Valley Ohio Genealogical Index.

1810-1840 Darke Co, OH Census Index

No Combs?

Dec 23 1846 Darke Co, OH. Married: COMBS Ellenore & EDWARDS Caleb (Provided by Combs Researcher Pat Orton from Marriage CD'S)

1846 Darke Co, OH Marriage Book 3 P. 115 COMBS, Ellenore & EDWARDS, Caleb

1846 Darke Co, OH Marriage 3 104 COMBS, Elizabeth N & BANKS, Creed T

1849 Darke Co, OH Neave Twp. (Gravestone) Died: COMBS, Aaron (Above-noted Miami Valley Genealogical Index)

Mar 26 1850 Darke Co, OH. Married: COMBS Josephen & TAYLOR Joseph (Provided by Combs Researcher Pat Orton from Marriage CD'S)

SW: Josephine

1850 Darke Co, OH. Neave Twp. (Gravestone) Died: COMBS, David (Miami Valley OH Genealogical Index)

1850 Darke Co, OH Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Town of Greenville

p. 251a; 15 Jul 1850

118/124 CREEGER/CRUGER Mannassa 44 m carpenter $400 MD
Margaret 37 f MD
Martha E. 15 f MD
Wm. H. 8 m OH
Matthias 4 m OH
John COMBS 20 m carpenter OH

Neave Twp

p. 319a; 1 Nov 1850

17/17 John COMBS 49 m farmer MD
Barbary 50 f VA
Wm. T. 19 m OH
John 21 m OH
Noah C. 15 m OH
Francis F. 13 m OH

1860-1870 Darke Co, OH Census Index

188C COMBS, Margaret Town of Greenville
268B COMBS, W. T. Neave Twp

30 Jul 1868 Union City, Darke Co, OH. Rachel COOMBS Murphy, b 31 Jul 1786, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ; m 8 Mar 1808, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ, Azael NICHOLS (b 12 Dec 1784, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ; d 9 Mar 1816, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ); m (2) 28 Dec 1816, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ, John MURPHY (b 24 Apr 1770, Woodbury, Gloucester Co, NJ; d August 14, 1850, Daretown, Salem Co, NJ).

(Combs Researcher John T. Nichols - sources still needed)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives