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 of Breathitt Co., KY 1920-1929

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Index to Breathitt Co., KY Records

Editor's NOTE: All Breathitt Co., KY Death Certificates are now in chronlogic order along with all other records.
1920 Breathitt Co., Ky Census Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Breathitt County 1920 Census transcribed by the Breathitt County Historical Society, unless otherwise noted.)

Highland Ave.

Cordellia COMBS 43
Lizzie LITTLE 24 servant

Broadway St.

John COMBS 35
Laura 29
Sam 8
Walter 6
Luther 9/12

Goff Ave.

Carrie 46 wife
James 2 1/12 son
Albert COMBS 16 s-son

Notes:  Carrie was married to Rodnie H. COMBS son of William and Sally DANIEL Combs per his 1912 Ky Death Certificate.

College Ave

Alfred ALLEN 63 jailor
Nancy 64
Maggie BRYANT 21 dau
Lillie 1 6/12 g-dau
Carrie CAMPBELL 14 neice
Albert ROBERTS 14 nephew
Wilse CAMPBELL 30 prisoner
Harlan MILLER 30 prisoner
Mary THARP 53 prisoner
Mace COMBS 18 prisoner
Walter HOLLON 21 prisoner
Jack COMBS 23 prisoner

Hiram GROSS 47
Rosanna 45
Berry 24
Charles 23
Elvin 21
Joanna 17
Harlan 16
Myrtle COMBS10 adopted dau

Chester COMBS 36
Alpha 36
Kenard 8
Elsie 6
Aloa 1 11/12 f

Notes: Was Chester the son of A. Bonaparte "A.B." & Ella CARDWELL Combs listed on the 1910 Breathitt Co., KY Census?

(not numbered)
H. L. RADER 53
Sarah 52
Minta 21
Ben 19
Florence 17

Notes: Sarah Jane COMBS daughter of William M. & S. Jane COMBS Combs, was married 1st to Edward CARDWELL and 2nd to Henry Lincoln RADER.

Joe COMBS 54
Sallie 45
Abraham LUNCE 33 boarder

Notes: Who were Joe's parents? His wife was apparently Sallie MOORE per the 1910 Breathitt Co. Ky Census which listed six MOORE inlaws with Joe and Sallie.

Minta COMBS 69

Notes: Arminta "Minta" CARDWELL was the 2nd wife of William M. COMBS, son of Matthew & Francis BROWN Combs.

Mag. Dist. #1 Pct #2

Stephen KING 33
Oscar 13
Arthur 11
John 9
Golder 8 f
Margarette 5
Lillie COMBS 20 sister

Sam COMBS 43
Amelia 34
Waren 11
Emma 9
Thomas 6
W. J. 4 5/12
Walter 2 9/12

Notes: Samuel Goodloe COMBS, son of William H. B. & Susan STRONG Combs. He married 25 Dec 1901 Breathitt Co., Ky to Amelia SNOWDEN.

John COMBS 28
Raymond SNOWDEN 9 boarder
Marion 7 boarder m

Notes: John COMBS, son of William B. COMBS & Sarah MILLER, married 23 Dec 1915 Breathitt Co. Ky to Cinda SNOWDEN.

Guss COMBS 21
Cora 30
Hagor 12
Brack 68 father
Willie 21 nephew

Notes: James B. Wilgus "Gus" COMBS was married to Cora M. BACK. Brack, his father was William H. Breckinridge Combs, son of Wm. M. & Jane COMBS Combs. Brackwas married to Susan STRONG. Willie COMBS may be the son of Samuel G. COMBS. The 1940 Ky Death Cert. lists William COMBS as the son of Samuel and Kansas HIGGINS Combs. The same person?

Garvy COLLINS 62
Mary 56
Sherman 35
Kelly 25
John 21
Ed 15
Eliza 8
Julia YOCUM 20 g-dau
Charlie 10 g-son
Arthur COMBS 8 g-son

Elkatawa, Pct #3

Willie COMBS 39
Martha 34
Leslie 16
Edward C. 14
Marry B. 12
Mercy E. 10
Charles 8
William H. 6
Sarah J. 4
Oscar 2

Notes: Who was William/Willie? He and his wife, Martha ROBERTS are listed on the 1910 Lee Co., Ky Census.

Lizzie ROBERTS 51
Arthur 19
Mitchel 16
Lora 14
Vina COMBS 21 dau

Walker COMBS 26
Lillie 25
Gracie 5
Luther 3
Stella 1

Notes: Walker was the son of Luther and Fanny COMBS. He married Lillie POTTER on 16 Oct 1913 Breathitt Co., Ky.

Quicksand, Pct #16

Thos. COMBS 36
Mary 35
Jesse 13
Stanley 12
Virgie M. 9
Robert 7
W. B. 5
Ray 3
Milton 1/4

Notes: Thomas was married to Mary HALL per the Ky Birth Index listing of their son Milton K. COMBS b 12 Sep 1919. Thomas was the son of William B. & Sarah MILLER Combs.

Mace COMBS 44
America 42
John 20
Lona 18
Pryce 3

Notes: Mason COMBS was the son of Tarlton COMBS & his 2nd wife Martha.

W. B. COMBS 61
Sarah 58
Asher 18
Ova 16
Hager 13

Notes: William B. Combs was the son of Nicholas and Mandagreen ANGEL Combs per the 1858 Breathitt Co. Vital Birth Return and William's 1942 Ky Death Cert. His wife was Sarah MILLER per The Combs Genealogy.

George CAMPBELL 28
Laura 30
Ollie 12 son
Thona 9 dau
Troy 3
Hoy 1
(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Notes: Laura COMBS, daughter of Frank and Isabella CARPENTER Combs, married 19 Jun 1916 to George CAMPBELL.

George COMBS 45
Bell 40
Ben 19
Dean 12
Herman 6
Elizabeth 4

Notes: George was married to Bell DEAN per the Ky Birth Index record of birth for Herman b 13 Feb 1913.

America ARROWOOD 38 wid
Mary 18
Chas. 15
Polly Anne 22 sister
James COMBS 45 servant
Thursday 42 servant
George KEITH 28 lodger
Dove 25 lodger
W. A. NORMAN 26 lodger
Vina OWENS 23 lodger
Fonr-- DAVIS 22 lodger

Notes: This transcript doesn't say this but I believe James COMBS and his wife were African-Americans. The 1943 Breathitt Co. Ky death cert. of James Combs, of color, born 1871 Perry Co., Ky, lists his wife as Thursea age 65.

Green WATKINS 32
Georgia Ann 28
Kern 11
Mace COMBS 16 lodger

Robert COMBS 58
Phoeba 45
Alpha 29

Notes: Robert son of Luther and Jemima THOMAS Combs, was married to Phoebe GROSS. Who is Alpha?

Mag. Dist. #1 Pct 19

James COMBS 69 (B)

James G. COMBS 36 (B)
Martha 36 (B)

Harrison C. COMBS 54

Note: Is this the same person listed as Harson COMBS on the 1910 Breathitt Census? Who is Harrison?

Bill COMBS 27 (B)
Polly 25 (B)
Virgie M. 9 (B)
Hazel 4 4/12 (B)
Vernon 3 10/12 (B)
Veril 6/12 m (B)

Gola COMBS 39
Deemie 27
Arthur 10
Cecil 6
Wessie 4 5/12 m [JohnWesley]
Keenie 2 9/12 m [Kenny]
Karl 10/12 [Carl]

Notes: Goldie "Goley" COMBS 1882-1961 was married to Deama HENSLEY 1888-1971 Goley was the son of Frank and Isabella CARPENTER Combs.

Charley NICKELS 40
Mae 37
Glenn 13
John COMBS 18" brother of Gola COMBS"

Notes: John is actually listed as "brother of Gola Combs" on the census. John was the son of Frank & Isabella CARPENTER Combs.

Mag. Dist. #2, Pct #4, Frozen

Bud COMBS 42
Caroline 43
William 19
Nancy Jane 17
Arthur 14
John 12
Captin 8
Allie 4 f
Dorsa 1 3/12 m

Notes: Calvin "Bud" COMBS was married to Caroline COMBS per the Ky Death Cert. of their son Arthur 1902-1944. Also the Ky Birth Index lists the birth of Captain born 13 May 1911.

Elizabeth COMBS 71
Harve TYRA 45 son-in-law
Nancy Jane 50 dau

Notes: Who is this?

Isaac COMBS 48
Dora 33
James 18
Gracie 16
Stella Mae 14
Taylor 12
William 10
John 7

Notes: Isaac and Dora WILLIAMS Combs were listed on the 1910 Wolfe Co., Ky.

176/176 (duplicate numbers)
Jerry COMBS 71
Martha 52
Henry 37
Cleaveland 29
Hesakiah 23
Henerson 18
Eveline 16
Lones 6 m

Notes: From the naming pattern of Jerry's children, he appears to be the son of Henry and Evaline COMBS Combs. His age is off by 10 years. Jerry was married to Martha BARNETT and they can be found on the 1900 Breathitt, and 1910 Morgan Co., Ky Census.

Jack COMBS 31
Susie Jane 25
Curtes 5
Victoria 3

Notes: Jackson COMBS 1888-1941 was the son of Jeremiah and Martha BARNETT Combs. He married 4 Dec 1913 Breathitt Co., Ky to Susie Jane COMBS stepdaughter of Will COMBS & daughter of Martha COMBS.

Mag. Dist. #2 Pct 14

Rollin COMBS 32
Lauer 5 dau

Note: Rollon COMBS son of Nathan L. & Silva COMBS Combs, was married to Ida TURNER per the Ky Birth Index listing several children born before 1920 but with Lenora born 1 Feb1914 apparently the only one surviving. Rollin can be found with his fatheron the 1910 Wolfe Co., Ky Census.

Fanny RATLIFF 13
Willie COMBS 9/12 son

Mag. Dist. #3 Pct 5, Crawford

Katie COMBS 65 wid
Ruth LITTLE 16 servant

Note: Kate was married to John COMBS and both were listed on the 1900 & 1910 Breathitt Co., Ky Census.

Charlie COMBS 58
Victoria 48
Rebecca CHAMBERS 24 s-dau
Ben 23 s-son
Potter 18 s-son
Alex 15 s-son

George COMBS 62
Martha 37 wife
Fitch 19
Ferna 17
Cat NORD 75 mot-in-law

Hardy COMBS 50
Doal 21 wife
Chester 18
Woodford 16
Ledford 14
Manford 12
Bob 4
Carlow 1
Nancy 6

Notes: Hardy is the son of Woodson and Rachel BOWMAN Combs. On the 1900 Breathitt Co. Census, Hardy is listed with two daughters, no wife. His wife Doal [sic] is actually Dora GROSS and they were married 14 Oct 1915 Breathitt Co., Ky.

Mag. Dist. #3, Pct #6

Clint CAUDELL 39
Sitha An 34
Price 16
Frank 4
Jack 3
Mariba 11
Rosa 9

Note: Clint CAUDELL was the son of B.F. "Frank" CAUDILL/COMBS & Jane SLOAN. According to Shirley Caudill Evans in her book Fallen Leaves, Clint was married to Cynthia Ann COMBS.

Oscar COMBS 27
Maud 24
Clarence 9/12

Notes: Joseph Oscar COMBS, son of James S. & Mary C. HANDY Combs, was married to Maude CONGLETON, daughter of Hill and Fronia STEPP Congleton. Clarence was born 10 Nov 1919 Lee Co., Ky (per Ky Birth Index & his obituary) and he died 10 Nov 1995.

Turkey Road

Henry CAUDELL 45
Alice 38
Charlie 20
Albert 17
Shurman 15
Asberry 12
Miles 6
Alex 4
Cora 21
Jane 9
Bessie 2

Note: Henry was the son of Benj. Franklin COMBS/CAUDILL & Jane SLOAN.

Lizie 32
Gaber? 8 son
Linerd 8/12

Note: John was the son of Benj. Franklin COMBS/CAUDILL & Jane SLOAN. John's wife was Elizabeth TERRY.

Mose COMBS 28
Eliera 24
unnamed son ?

Notes: Mose is probably Mason COMBS, son of James and Mary HENSLEY Combs.

Jane 64
William 21
Joseph 12 g-son
Lizzie 23 div
Chester HULEAD 24 g-son

Notes: Benjamin Franklin "Frank" CAUDILL, a.k.a. COMBS, was the son of Syra and Polly CAUDILL per his 1928 Ky Death Cert. Frank's wife, Jane SLOAN daughter of Jesse & Lizzie BURNS SLOAN, also was listed as COMBS on her 1928 Ky Death Cert. Their grandson Joseph CAUDILL was the son of their daughter Minerva by Wilgus S. STEELE. This info is from Joseph's daughter, Shirley Caudill Evans.

Nerve 40
Miles 2

Note: Manerva CAUDILL, daughter of Frank & Jane SLOAN Caudill/Combs, was married to Bill GIPSON per her granddaughter Shirley Caudill Evans.

Wm. TERRY 69
Dice 54
Albert 35
Nanie 20
Luellie COMBS 16 niece

Notes: Dicie COMBS Terry was the daughter of Hardin and Dicie COMBS Combs.

Logan COMBS 52
Jane 55
Fred 18

Notes: Logan Combs was the son of Luther and Jemima THOMAS Combs. Logan was married to Jane HOUNSHELL per his 1937 Ky Death Certificate.

Merrida COMBS 42
Hany 40
Edward 17
Robert 14
Millard 4
unnamed son 4/12
Dortha 12
Alice 38 sister
Amelia 68 mother widow

Notes: Leslie COMBS, son of Hardin and Dicy COMBS Combs, was married to Amelia ?? and they are listed on the 1880 Breathitt Co. Ky Census with son Meredith.

Arch COMBS 46
Dice 42
Sam 14
Pierce 10
Kelly 9
Edward 5
Wilson 3
Rader 1
Cora Bell 12

Notes: Arch was the son of Woodson and Rachel BOWMAN Combs. He was married to Dicy GRIFFITH per her 1945 Ky DeathCertificate.

Pearl COMBS 58
Margret 50
Sam 28
Radr 25
George 20
Della 16
Evalee 13
Millie 7
Forester 2 g-son

Notes: Granville Pearl COMBS, son of Mason & Vianna ANGEL Combs, was married to Margaret CHADWICK, daughter of James and Lucinda COMBS Chadwick.

Buen? COMBS 40
Marry Jane 30
Minnie 5
Surennie 3
Clerra 9/12

Note: Wesley COMBS, son of Woodson & Rachel BOWMAN Combs, was married to Mary Jane HOWARD per the Ky Birth Index records of Minnie born 19 Feb 1914 & Clara born 2 May 1919.

Charlie COMBS 35
Jane 37
Anda 11 m
Clarrence 9
Wess 7
Henry 5
Loura 14
Ellen 2
Rachell 75 mother widow

Note: Rachel BOWMAN was married to Woodson COMBS, son of Hardin & Dicie COMBS Combs. Charlie COMBS was married to Jane HOLLON per the Ky Birth Index record of Henry's birth on 13 Mar 1915.

Mina COMBS 43 wid
Letch 21
Oscar 16
Lula 13
Frank 11
Lizzie 7

Notes: Armina COMBS, daughter of Luther and Jemima THOMAS Combs, was married to Nicholas COMBS, son of Woodson and Rachel Bowman COMBS.

Sallie COMBS 50 wid
Oakie 21
Lizzie 13
Adinia 10

Notes: Sallie COOMER, daughter of Jack COOMER, was the 3rd wife of Luther COMBS, son of Sebron & Margaret COMBS.

Hosay COMBS 23
Darcus 22
Enna 1

Notes: Hosay [sic] COMBS, was the son of Luther and Fanny COMBS. On the 1900 Breathitt he was listed as Anthony. On the 1910 Breathitt he was listed as Hazzel. The 1995 obituary of theirson Harrison COMBS lists his parents as Hasley & Darcus JOHNSON Combs. Enna is probably Harrison's sister Emma listed in his obit.

Prince COMBS 35
Lizzie 26
Linard HOUNDSHELL 10 s-son
Bryan COMBS 1 son
Clara HOUNDSHELL 12 s-dau
Bertha COMBS 7 dau
Alphia 4 dau
Julia 1 dau

Notes: Prince COMBS 1883-1933, was the son of Luther and Gemima THOMAS Combs per Prince's Ky Death Certificate. His wife was Lizzie KEENE per the Ky Birth Index for daughter Alphia COMBS.

Samuel COMBS 55 md
Bryan 23 son
Beadford 19
Kelsey 26 dau

Notes: Samuel was married to Eliza GROSS.

Big Turkey at Four Mile Creek

Talton COMBS 30
Maggie 29
Rosco 6
Lucy 3
May 3
Gracie 1

Notes: The Ky Birth Index lists the following births for Maggie GABBARD: Lucy & May born 6/7/1916 and Gracy born 9/20/1918. Talton COMBS was the son of Roger and Nancy MURRELL Combs.

Roby? COMBS 64 md

Notes: This is Roger COMBS, son of Tarlton and Jemima SPICER Combs. Roger was married to Nancy MURRELL.

James COMBS 58
Pearl 30 son
Silas 25
Isaac 21
Joanie 15

Notes: James COMBS, widower of Mary Jane HENSLEY, was the son of Mason & Vianna ANGEL Combs.

Mag. Dist. #3 Pct. #15 War Creek

Coarge? COMBS 46
Lounellie 40
Jeff 20
Taylor 18
Garrett 6
Lizzie 14
Buck 10
Nannie 8
Angeline 7
Jeanie 4

Notes: Richard COMBS, son of William Breck & Sarah HERALD Combs, was married to Celia WATKINS per the Ky Birth Index records of Angaline born 29 Jun 1912 & Jene born 5 Mar 1915. Lounellie may be a 2nd wife. Was Richard's middle name CRAIG?

Jeff COMBS36
America 31
Gracie 11
Alex 8
Jerry 7
Ida B. 5
Maude 5
Bessie 3
Willie 2

Notes: Jeff COMBS, probable son of Clinton and America HERALD Combs, was married to America VIRES.

Alfred GROSS 60
Sarah 60
Emily COMBS 30 neice

Note: Sarah COMBS Gross was the daughter of Deck [sic] and Sallie HEARLD Combs per her 1922 Breathitt Co. Death Certificate.

Berry COMBS 32
Dovia 27
Edna 8
Mayane 7
Gracie 4
Richard 2
Ethel 2/12

Notes: Berry was the son of Delaney & Matilda DUFF Combs. He was married to Dovia GROSS per the birth of their children: Edna born 1- Oct 1911; Nannie 28 Nov 1912; and Gracy born 17 Feb1916

Jerry COMBS 28
Barthine 32
Jesse 14
Shelby 10
Ella 7
Lela 5
Maude 4
Ida 1

Notes: Jerry's wife, Barthenia COOMER, may be the daughter of Clinton & Cora FULKS Coomer. The 1900 Lee Co., Ky Census lists them with a daughter Bartheny age 15. Who were Jerry's parents?

Isaac COMBS 49
Martha 31
Jim 14
Cappy 12
Gracie 10
Hurbert 8
Wood Row 6
Cary 3
George 1

Notes: Isaac was the son of Mason and Vianna ANGEL Combs. Who was Martha's wife?

Richard COMBS 44
Luly 38
Lillie 16
Lela 15
Bedford 13
Harlin 11
Estal 9
Rudy 6
Francis 2 f

Notes: Richard, son of Clinton & America HERALD Combs, was married to Lula BACK.

John L. COMBS 28
Allie 25
Sylva 6
Conley 4
Clive 2
Wilgus 4/12

Notes: John L. Combs, son of William D. and Phoebe COMBS, married 17 Aug 1912 Breathitt Co., Ky to Allie BACK. William D. COMBS was the son of James E. & Margaret FRENCH Combs of Powell Co., Ky

Kern COMBS 41
Josie 35
Lillie 12
John R. 8
Clara 5
Wood Row 3
Goodlo 3/12

Notes: Keen COMBS was the son of Elhannon & Minerva GABBARD Combs. His wife was Josie COMBSper the Ky Birth Index records of their children: John Robert 6/27/1911; Clara 10/2/1914; Woodrow 1/31/1917; & Goodlow 10/5/1919.

Goodloe COMBS 26
Mollie 22
Luly 1

Notes: Goodlow Combs was married to Mollie CHILDERS.

Mag. Dist. #4, Crockettsville

Road Fork Road
George STAMPER 21
Lizzie 23
Charlie COMBS 15 bro-in-law
Larkin COMBS 21 bro-in-law

Notes: The 1900 Wolfe Co., Ky Census lists Lizzie and Larkin as children of Isaac and Mary COMBS

Canoe Fork Road

Johney GRIFFITH 39
Mimie 39
Boyd 21
Richard 19
Nancy 17
Robin 12
Kelly 10
Virgil 8
Jeopard 5 m
William 3 5/12
Dora COMBS 7 neice

Notes: Mima was a COMBS per her daughter Nancy's 1994 obituary. Who were her parents?

Middle Fork River Road

Price COMBS 31
Florence 21

Note: Price may be the son of Pearl and Margaret CHADWICK Combs.

Jasie COMBS 25
Otie 19 wife
Carl 1 ?/12

Note: Who were Jason's parents? Oatie KEENE 1900-1992, daughter of James and Emily HOLLON Keene, was Jason's wife.

Oscar COMBS 31
Nancie (Turner) 27
John A. 10
James Woodrow 9
Stella 6
Seldon 4 7/12
Ed 1 11/12

Notes: Oscar's wife Nancy was a TURNER per the Ky Birth Index of their children Stella born 13 Mar 1913; Seldon born 8 Oct 1915; and Edward born 29 Jan 1918.

Mill Creek Road

Eden COMBS 38
Manda 35
Alfred 15
Lettie 12
Abx 8 m
Lettie JOHNSON 77 mot-in-law

Notes: Edward COMBS was the son of Alexander & Mahala HERALD Combs.

Little Fork Road

Lee COMBS 39
Lillie 39
Dailey 18
Pearly 17
Clara 11
Fannie 9
Leonard 6
Belle 2 6/12

Notes: Lee was the son of Woodson & Rachel BOWMAN Combs. His wife was Lillie HOWARD.

Mag. Dist. #4, Crockettsville

Mary E. COMBS 57
Shannie D. TURNER 28 dau
Levi DEATON 22 son
South STRONG 19 son
Lacy G. TURNER 11 g-dau
Beatrice RICHARDSON 11 neice
Geraldine TURNER 3 g-dau
James G. BRYAN 1/2 g-son

Richard COMBS, Jr. 38
Eliza 15
Pearl 12 m
James 10
Hacker 8
Lacy 5

Notes: Richard was married to Rosa DEATON per the Ky Birth Index record of Lacey COMBS born 14 Jun 1914. Richard was married to a Martha ?? when he died in 1936. His parents were Richard C. & Orlena DEATON Combs.

William B. COMBS 50
Mary 50
Harrison 17
Gemima 15
Eliza 8
Roy 5

Notes: William Buck COMBS was married to Mary DEATON. He was the son of Richard C. & Orlena DEATON Combs.

Nathan COMBS 28
Manda 24
Chester 2
Lester 7/12

Notes: Amanda KEENE was the wife of Nathan COMBS, son of Richard C. & Orlena DEATON Combs.

Richardson COMBS 68
Lillie B. 23 dau
Woodrow 8 g-son
Delbert 6 g-son
Lizzie 2 g-dau

Notes: Richard (or is it Richardson?) was the son of Edwin & Sylvania HERALD Combs. He was married to Orlena DEATON. His grandchildren are Lillie's children per the Ky Birth Index Delbert born 27 Nov 1913. Lillie later married Floyd NOBLE per their daughter Elza NOBLE Cole's 1995 obit. which lists Delbert COMBS as her brother.

John L. COMBS 47
Sallie 47
Thomas 19
Floyd 17
Bertha 15
Gola 13 m
Calla 11
Jasie 9 m
Bryan 7
Myrtle 5

Notes: John L. was the son of Richard C. & Orlena DEATON Combs. His wife was Sallie DEATON.

Ned COMBS 40
Harlin 21 son
Calla 16
Mary 11

Notes: Edward "Ned" was married to Lucinda ?? on the 1900 Breathitt Co. Ky Census but she was deceased by 1910. Ned was the son of Richard C. & Orlena DEATON Combs.

Robert COMBS 33
Sallen? 32 wife
Green Berry 5
Gracey 5/12

Notes: Robert was the son of Richard C. & Orlena DEATON Combs.

Mag. Dist. #4, Turner Creek

William COMBS 40
Elizabeth 45
Sylvania 12
Johney GROSS 20 s-son

Note: William COMBS son of William B. & Sarah HERALD Combs, was married to Elizabeth COMBS daughter of Clinton and America HERALD Combs. Elizabeth was married 1st to Levi GROSS and is listed as a widow on the 1900 Breathitt with her GROSS children, one being John GROSS born June 1899. John was listed as COMBS on the 1910 Breathitt Co., KY Census.

Johnell COMBS 43
Arminda 36
Calla 16
Goodloe 14
Elizabeth 11
Ida 9
Alex 7
Woodrow 5
Jalia 3 5/12

Note: John L. COMBS son of William B. & Sarah HERALD COMBS was married to Arminda HERALD. Their daughter Bertha is listed living with her uncle John HERALD and grandmother below.

Alex COMBS 36
Nannie 35
Mary 14
Mattie 12
Dora 10
Evalee 8
Price 5
Lizzie 2 1/12
Elizabeth SPICER 68 mot-in-law

Note: Alex COMBS 1882-1942, was the son of Richard C. & Orleana DEATON Combs

William BAKER 26
Sarah 26
Solomon W., Jr. 7
Alex 5
Mahala 3 5/12
Alexander COMBS 66 g-father
Polly 40 aunt
Sylvania BAKER 46 mother

Notes: Alexander COMBS 1855-1940, was the son of Edwin & Sylvania HERALD Combs. He was married to Mahala HERALD. Sylvania BAKER is there daughter. She islisted on the 1910 Breathitt Co Census married to Solomon BAKER.

Jahew COMBS 35
Lizzie 30
Charlie 11
Lidy 8 f
Louis 3 1/12
Ollie 1/12 f

Note: Jahue COMBS, son of William B. & Sarah HERALD COMBS, was married to Eliza MORRIS per the 1916 Ky Birth Index record of their son Lewis COMBS. Jahue was listed as John COMBS on the 1900 Breathitt Co. Ky Census transcription of William O'Conners was an error.

John HERALD 34
Jennie 74 mother
Bertha COMBS 18 neice

Note: Bertha COMBS was the daughter of John L. & Arminda HERALD Combs. She was listed on the 1910 Breathitt Co., Ky Census with her parents.

Patric TURNER 47
Lizzie 50
Billie 11
Moses 8

Note: Elizabeth "Lizzie" COMBS daughter of William Breck COMBS & Sarah HERALD, was married 3 Apr 1916 to Patrick TURNER. This was her 2nd marriage. Who was Lizzie's 1st husband?

Mag. Dist #5 Pct. 9 George's Branch

Sherman COMBS 41
Bessie 23
Charlie 9
Carlo 5
Serena 3
Sarah Jane 1/6

Note: Is this the same family listed on the 1910 Breathitt Co. Ky Census? Bessie's age is off if it is.

Clarence COMBS 30
Maude E. 27
Virginia 8
Katylee 5

Charlie COMBS 21
Martha 18
May 1

Note: Charlie COMBS is the son of William Buck & Mary DEATON Combs. Charlie married Martha BURTON 11 May 1916 Breathitt Co., Ky. Their daughter May is listed on the Ky Birth Index as being born 6 May 1917 daughter of Martha BURTON.

Brown COMBS 36
Hattie 22

Who is this?

Jeremiah COMBS 45
Lizzie 37
Susie 18
Palaca? 17 m
Jane 13
Willie 10
Nellie 6
Clearsey 5
Versie 3

Lewis HENSLEY 50
Sylvania 35
Snowden 20
Mary 16
Ed 13
Fanny 5

Note: Sylvania was a COMBS per the 1917 Ky Death Certificate of her and Lewis' child John HENSLEY.

Samuel COMBS 66
Jennie 60

Note: Samuel COMBS *may* be the son of Kendrick & Elizabeth JONES Combs of Perry County. Jane a.k.a. Jennie, is supposed to be a COPE.

Mag. Dist. #6 Pct #10, Noble

G. C. COMBS 35
Paulina 33
Logan 11
Allen 8
Catherine 6
Alfred 3
Merica 63 mother widow
Lucinda CAMPBELL 4 neice

Note: Grover Cleveland COMBS (1885-1921) son of Alfred A. & America NOBLE Combs, was married to Paulina DUFF (1887-1960) daughter of Marcus & Rebecca WELLS Duff. Paulina is said to have married Henry FRANCES after Cleveland's death.

Asberry COMBS 31
Delilia 30
Maud L. 8
Millie 6
Joe 5
Margarett 4
Lessley 1 1/12 m

Note: Asberry COMBS (1889-1921) son of Alfred A. & America NOBLE Combs was married to Delilia DUFF (1889-1974) daughter of Marcus & Rebecca WELLS Duff. Both Asberry and his brother Cleveland (above) were murdered on election day "by Republican Party"

J. B. COMBS 69
Arminia 38
Callie 23
John Henry 16
Alfred 14
Sandford 12
Sarah 10
Gracy 7

Note: Isaac B. COMBS (1849-1924) son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs, was married 1st to MollieALLEN (1853-1891) daughter of James & Mary L. ROBERTS Allen. Isaac's second wife was Arminia HAYNES (1872-1962)

Sampson COLLINS 50
Diance 65
Melda 25
Eva 9 g-dau
Adam 4 g-son
Gracy 6/12 g-dau

Note: Diance COMBS was the daughter of William B. & Susan CAMPBELL Combs. She had several children before she married Sampson COLLINS/COLLINSWORTH.

Tom COMBS 33
Merry 25
Sarah Ellen 6
Johny 4
Calloway 1 11/12 dau

Note: Tom COMBS was listed on the 1900 Breathitt Co. Ky Census as the son of Diance COMBS Collinsworth. His wife was Mary GILBERT per the Ky Birth Index listing of Calloway's 1918 birth.

Polly 52
Lilia COMBS 7 g-dau

Note: James SPENCER was the son of Allen & Farinda COMBS Spencer. His wife was Polly GROSS and they were the daughter of Phoebe GROSS born 1893, possibly the wife of Tilden below. Lilia might be a double listing of Tilden's & Phoebe's daughter.

Tilden COMBS 35
Flida 27
Viola 13
Elvaria 10
Lilia 8
Polly 5
Arpy 4 f

Note: On the 1910 Breathitt Co. Ky Census, Tilden's wife is listed as Phebie. Was she the daughter of James & Polly GROSS Spencer above?

Sherman COMBS 22
Cora 24
Clutie 10/12

Walter STRONG 59
Maggie 58
Ben 21
Walter G. 12 g-son
Earl J. COMBS 5 g-son

Note: Earl Jay COMBS was the son of Shade H. & Eva Jay STRONG Combs per Ky birth index and Earl's 1991 obituary. Where are Shade & Eva?

Jordin COMBS 45
Georgia 35
French 20
Docia 18
Florence 15
Nathan 13
Molly Belle 11
Ezel 8 son

Notes: The ages on the children are apparently way off on this family. Did a neighbor give this families info? Jordon COMBS was married to Haney MILLER as late as June 1920 when their daughter Callie was born. French b 9/18/1904; Docia b 1908; Nathan b 2/11/1913; Nancy Belle b 1/31/1916. Jordon was the son of Diance COMBS.

James COMBS 46
Ester 43
Jerry 20
Cora 18
Nancy Ann 16
Coly 14 son
Monroe 12
Lourania 8

Note: James COMBS was the son of Elijah & Katherine NOBLE Combs. His wife was Esther TURNER. The ages are off on this family too.

Sewel COMBS 69
Mary 60
Elix 20
Sam 50 head
Haley 48
Katy 12

Note: Who is this? Is this family mistranscribed too? A Sewell COMBS b 1874 d 1930 son of Dick &Melinda MILLER COMBS lived in Breathitt Co. at the time of his death. Then we have a the Ky Death Certificate of Mary NOBLE Combs b 1880 d 1923 Lost Creek, Perry Co., Ky with Sewell COMBS being the informant. The same as the above Mary?

G. B. COMBS 39
Lida 38
Henry 16
Parrott 14
Daniel Boon 10
Rachell 7
Macisseroe 5 m
Sinda 2 10/12

Note: Green Berry COMBS (1882-1943) was the son of Jeremiah & Sarah NOBLE Combs. His wife was Lydia NOBLE per the Ky Birth Index of children Rhuedell [sic] (listed as Rachel above but he spelled his name Rudell) & Sinda.

Jerry COMBS 29
Angeline 28
Isabell 8
Monroe 6
Alonzo 4 1/12
Lillie 2 11/12

Note: Jeremiah COMBS was married to Angeline NEACE (1893-1933). He was the son of John Henry & Mariah NEACE Combs.

Mariah 50
Edward 16
Leslie 14
Malissa 12
Lyda 8

Note: John Henry COMBS (1868-1945) was the son of Jeremiah and Sarah NOBLE Combs and was married to Mariah NEACE.

Raymon COMBS 46
Mary 38
Gran 10
Goodloe 8
Malcum 6
Caudil 4 3/12

195/195 (duplicate numbers)
Sallie COMBS 40
Arminia 39 wife
Lee 18
Lewis 16
Elijah 14
Logan 9
Laura 6
Mitch 4 1/12
Marie 2 10/12
Arthur 10/12

Note: Saul/Solomon/Solly COMBS was married to Arminia CAMPBELL. Was Solly the son of Elijah and Catherine NOBLE Combs?

196/196 (duplicate numbers)
Billie COMBS 48
Katie 46
Martha 18
Lillie 16
John 14
Nancy Ann 12
Matt 9
Marion 7
Ethel 4 6/12
Martha WATTS 5 g-dau

Notes: Another case of the ages off? William "Billie" COMBS was the son of Elijah & Catherine NOBLE Combs (Source?) He was married to Martha COMBS daughter of Granville & Louranie WOOTEN Combs per her 1928 Ky Death Certificate. Research is needed to confirm William's relationship to Elijah.

Mag. Dist. #6, Pct #11

Wilse COMBS 72
Dulcinia 67
Robert TYRA 22 g-son md
Dulcena 22 g-dau md

Note: Wilson COMBS 1844-1937 was the son of Stephen & Martha FRANCES Combs per his Boyd Co., KY death certificate. He was married to Dulcenia ALLEN 1852-1937.

Jack COMBS 46
Lida Margarett 35
Edgar 15
Robert 14
Sarah 13
Henry 4
Martin 11/12

Solly COMBS 22
Minnie 19

Martin WILLIAMS 23
Maranda 30
Sandford FUGATE 12 stepson
Perley GROSS 10 servant

Note: Maranda COMBS, daughter of Richard and Kate COLLINSWORTH Combs, married Martin WILLIAMS in Breathitt Co., Ky on 29 Dec 1915.

Clarence LANDRUM 24
Polly 30
Maggie COMBS 9 neice

Henderson COMBS 34
Eveleace 28

Andrew COMBS 24
Canzalia 23

Melda COMBS 55
Isaac 60 husband

Richard COMBS 35 wid
Lula 6

Note: Is this the Richard COMBS that was married to Liddie FUGATE per the 1913 birth of Lula COMBS?

Lettie Belle 38
Richard 15

Lee COMBS 22
Margarett 26
Austin 6
Troy 2 4/12

Note: Lee COMBS was listed on the 1910 Breathitt Co Ky Census as the son of Isaac & Mary CAMPBELL Combs.

I. B. COMBS 47
Merry 38
Mixie? 18 m
Kale 16 m
I. V. 13
Lewis 11
Cecil 9
Bill 7
Gran 5

Note: Isaac B. COMBS, son of William B. & Susan CAMPBELL Combs, was married Mary CAMPBELL.

Faris BACH 35
Paulina 40
Danlow SMITH 18
Charity COMBS 13 3 cousin

Note: Charity COMBS was the daughter of William and Lucinda MILLER Combs.

Harlis CAMPBELL 42
Sinda 44
Sewel COMBS 11 s-son
Willie May 6 s-dau

Notes: The 1910 Breathitt Co., census listed William COMBS born 1879 married to Sinda. They had children Jerry, Charity, and Sewell. The Ky birth index lists Willie May COMBS born 25 Jan 1914 daughter of Lucinda MILLER. Also, Oma COMBS Haddix 1944 Ky Death Certificate lists her parents as Willie and Lucinda MILLER Combs.

Matt COMBS 46 Ky Ky Ky
Lilia 21 wife Ky Ky Ky
Gracy 15 dau Ky Ky Ky
Perlie 11 dau Ky Ky Ky
Lilie 4 dau Ky Ky Ky
Martin 3 1/12 son Ky Ky Ky
Halia 1 1/12 dau Ky Ky Ky
Haner 1 1/12 f dau Ky Ky Ky

Note: Matt COMBS, son of William B. & Susan CAMPBELL Combs, was married to Martha ??? b 1863 on the 1900 Breathitt Co. Ky Census.

Richard COMBS 54 Ky Ky Ky
Juda 30 wife Ky Ky Ky
Sherman 16 son Ky Ky Ky
Docia 14 dau Ky Ky Ky
Jack 11 son Ky Ky Ky

Note: Richard COMBS born 1858 was the son of William B. & Susan CAMPBELL Combs. Juda was his 2nd? wife.

William COMBS 87 Ky Ky Ky
Susia 84 wife Ky Ky Ky
Will 35 son md Ky Ky Ky
Martha 30 dau md Ky Ky Ky
Cordellia 15 dau Ky Ky Ky
Sitha 10 dau Ky Ky Ky
Luellia 7 g-dau Ky Ky Ky
Hercial 4 g-son Ky Ky Ky
Drushall 1 6/12 g-son Ky Ky Ky

Note: William Benton COMBS was the son of Stephen & Martha FRANCIS Combs. Susan CAMPBELL 1835 Breathitt Co. KY died 28 Jan 1925 Knott Co., Ky, was the daughter of Jackey CAMPBELL & Diner [sic] SMITH. William was still alive at the time of her death.

Mag. Dist. #8 Elliottsville

Dudley COMBS 38
Dove L. 23
Effie 4
Essie 2
Ova 6/12 m

Note: Dudley COMBS was married to Dovie MARSHALL per the Ky birth record of Ova COMBS 19 Aug 1919. BUT Breathitt Co., Ky marriages lists Dudley as marrying Dovie CAUDILL. Dudley was the son of James and Armina EVERSOLE Combs and was listed on the 1900 Lee Co., Ky census.

27 Feb 1920 Kentucky Death Certificate. Samuel COMBS, white male, born 26 Feb 1920 Breathitt County, died 27 Feb 1920 Breathitt County, son of Austin COMBS born Breathitt County and Stella COMBS born Breathitt County, buried Combs Cemetery, informant: Soldier NOBLE, undertaker: Soldier NOBLE. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
7 Mar 1920 Kentucky Death Certificate. Solomon COMBS, white, male, single, age 11 ds, born 26 Feb 1920 Breathitt Co., Ky, died 7 March 1920 Breathitt Co., Ky, son of Austin COMBS & born Breathitt County and Stella COMBS born Breathitt County, buried Combs Cemetery by Soldier NOBLE, informant: Soldier NOBLE. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
17 Dec 1920 Kentucky Death Certificate: Cert# 214 (Death Vol 21): Joe COMBS, white, male; day laborer; Age: 21 yrs; born: Ky; died: 17 Dec 1920 Breathitt Co., Ky of Pulmanary tuberculosis; son of Lewis COMBS & Belle MAYS born Ky (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
15 Mar 1921 Kentucky Death Certificate. Elmer COMBS, white male, single, born and died 15 March 1921 Breathitt Co., Ky son of Jacie COMBS born Breathitt Co., Ky & Ottie KEEN born Breathitt Co., Ky, buried: James Keen Cemetery, informant: Ottie COMBS of Canoe, Ky
10 Sept 1921 Kentucky Death Certificate: Sarah RADER, white, female, married, housewife; Age 53 yrs 7 mos 24 ds; Born: 16 Feb 1868 Ky; Died: 10 Sept 1921 Breathitt Co., Ky; daughter of William M. COMBS born Ky & Jane WHITTAKER, born Ky; informant: H. L. RADER of Jackson. (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

8 Nov 1921 Kentucky Death Certificate. Asberry COMBS, white male, married, farmer, age 32 yrs, born 17 Dec 1989 Breathitt County, died 8 Nov 1921 Breathitt County of gunshots causing instant death by Republican party, son of Alfred COMBS born Breathitt Co., and America NOBLE born Breathitt Co., buried Combs Cem. 9 Nov 1921 by Green ROBERTS of Clayhole, Ky. Informant: M. A. HARDIN of Clayhole, Ky. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
8 Nov 1921 Kentucky Death Certificate. Cleveland COMBS, white male, married, farmer, age 36 yrs, born 21 Nov 1885 Breathitt County, died 8 Nov 1921 Breathitt County of gunshot causing instant death while serving as an officer on election day by republican party, son of Alfred COMBS born Ky and America NOBLE born Ky, buried Combs Cem. by Green ROBERTS. Informant: M. A. HARDIN of Clayhole. (Transcribed by CombsReseacher Debi Houser)

28 Nov 1921 Kentucky Death Certificate: Jepp COMBS: white, male, single, section laborer; Age: 23 yrs 7 mos 13 ds;Born: 15 Apr 1898 Ky; Died: 28 Nov 1921 Jackson, Breathitt Co., Ky, killed by train; son of Craig COMBS born Ky & Celia WADKINS born Ky; informant: James MILLER of War Creek, Ky (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
15 Dec 1921 Kentucky Death Certificate: Perlina RISNER: cert# 25700; white, female, widow; age 62 yrs 7 mos; born: 15 May 1859 Breathitt Co., Ky; died: 15 Dec 1921 Breathitt Co., Ky of carcinoma of the womb; buried: Risner Graveyard 16 Dec 1921 by Pruda McINTOSH; daughter of Turner McINTOSH born Breathitt Co. & Nancy COMBS born Breathitt Co.; informant: W. T. RISNER of Rousseau, Ky filed 16 Dec 1921 Ruthie ELKINS registar. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

30 July 1922 Kentucky Death Certificate: Sarah GROSS, white, female, married, house wife; Age: 63 yrs; Born: 30 July 1859 Breathitt; Died: 30 July 1922 Breathitt Co., KY of dropsy; buried: Miller Graveyard 20 July 1922 by Sam MILLER of War Creek, Ky; daughter of Deck COMBS born Breathitt & Sallie HEARLD born Breathitt. no informant listed.
29 Dec 1922 Kentucky Death Certificate. Mrs.Dicey GRIFFITH, white female, married, housewife and farming, age 57yrs 8 mos 24 ds, born 5 April 1865, died 29 Dec 1922 Breathitt County, Ky, daughter of Woodson COMBS born Ky and Rachel BOWMAN born Ky, buried Turkey Creek on 30 Dec 1922. Informant: Laura GRIFFITH of Guerrant? (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

3 Nov 1923 Kentucky Death Certificate of Jaminia Combs, cert# 27471, white female married, age 67 yrs 10 mos 18 ds, occupation: housekeeper, born: 15 Dec 1856 Breathitt Co., Ky, died: 3 Nov 1923 Oneida, Clay Co., Ky of pulmonary tuberculosis, buried: Oneida, Ky 4 Nov 1923, daughter of Jackson SOUTH b Breathitt Co & Jane STRONG b Breathitt Co, informant: Nathan Combs of Oneida, Ky, filed 9 Nov 1923 A. B. BURNS registar (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
17 Apr 1924 Kentucky Death Certificate: Rachel COMBS, white female, widowed, housewife; age 79 yrs 10 mos 9 ds; born 10 Apr 1846 Kentucky; died 17 Apr 1924 Breathitt Co., Ky fell and broke her hip six years before she died & never was well any more [sic]; d/o Nick BOWMAN b Breathitt & Lizzie Moore b Lee; informant Chirlels? COMBS, Juan, Ky; buried Old Buck 19 Apr 1914.

DH Note: If Rachel's birth date is right then her age doesn't add up correctly. She would 78 yrs 7 ds instead
17 July 1924 Kentucky Death Certificate. James SPENCER, white male, single, farmer, age 21 yrs 4 mos 3 ds, born 14 Feb 1903 Breathitt County, Ky died 17 July 1924 Breathitt Co. of heart trouble, son of Alfred SPENCER born Ky & Bettie McINTOSH born Ky, buried McIntosh Cem. 18 July 1924. Informant: Lizzie McINTOSH of Houston, Ky. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
22 July 1924 Kentucky Death Certificate. Alfred SPENCER, white male, married, farmer, age 65 yrs 2 mos, born 16 May1859 Breathitt County, Ky, died 22 July 1924 Breathitt County, Ky of overheat, son of Allen SPENCER born Ky and Farinda COMBS born Ky, buried McIntosh Cem. 23 July 1924. Informant: Lizzie McINTOSH of Houston, Ky. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
11 Nov 1924 transcribed by Laura Brenner from Middlesboro News, Middlesboro, Bell, Ky Tuesday, November 11, 1924; Headline: News From Three States; Article Title: Revive Ancient Election Battle; Subtitle: Democrats and Republicans of Clayhole Precinct Dig Up the Old Battle Axe

Jackson, Ky., Nov. 11--(AP) An election battle of three falls back--when four men were killed and seventeen were wounded in a fight between democrats and republicans--is revived today in the Clayhole precinct election cases, set for trial with the opening of the fall term of the Breathitt circuit court today. On July 15, a continuation to November of the remainder of the cases, brought back to the Breathitt court after having been sent to the Boyd circuit court on a change of venue, was granted.

The pistol battle marked an alleged successful attempt to prevent an election in the precinct on November 8, 1921. Asbury Combs, Cleveland Combs, Ethan Allen, democrats and George McIntosh, republican were slain. The ballot boxes were destroyed and the balloting terminated.

Several months later, the grand jury returned indictments against Leslie Combs, French Combs, Shade Combs and George Allen, Jr., charging them with murder in connection with the death of McIntosh. ...

Note: See Bell Co., KY record for full transcription.
7 Dec 1924 Kentucky Death Certificate. I.B. COMBS, white male, married, farming, age 74 yrs 3 mos 4 ds, born 3 Sep 1850 Clayhole, Ky, died 7 Dec 1924 of heart trouble, son of Alfred COMBS born Clayhole, Ky & Margaret COMBS, buried Combs Cem., informant: Delilia LOVELACE of Clayhole, Ky. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Note: Isaac B. COMBS, son of Alfred and Margaret NOBLE [sic] Combs.
15 May 1925 Kentucky Death Certificate: Malachi COMBS, white, male, married, farmer, age 33 yrs born 27 Feb 1892 Ky; died 15 May 1925 Breathitt Co., Ky; son of Shade COMBS born Ky & Sally A. COMBS born Ky; informant: Sally A. COMBS of Ned, Ky; buried Ned, Ky 17 May 1925 by Jacob NEACE. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

10 Jan 1926 Kentucky Death Certificate: Cert# 290: Greeney COMBS, white, male, farmer; age: 24 yrs 6 mos 24 ds; born: 16 May 1901 Ky; died: 10 Jan 1926 Breathitt Co., Ky suicide by inflicting gunshot wound; buried: Ned, Ky 11 Jan1926 by Peter COMBS; son of Benjamin COMBS born Ky & Mary Jane CAMPBELL born Ky; informant: Ranie COMBS of Ned, Ky
14 Feb 1928 (Breathitt Co KY Vital Statistics) Death Certificate. B. F. COMBS Sex: male, color or race: white,, Married,, date of birth: sept 4 1850, age: 78 yrs 5 mos, Occupation: Farmer, Birthplace: Ky, Name of father: Sorry COMBS , birthplace: ky, Maiden name of mother: Pollie CAUDELL, birthplace: ky. Date of death: Feb 14, 1928, Breathitt Co. Ky. Vot Pct No. 6. Town: ury (sic) Cause of death: Heart Failure, Place of burial. Turkey Creek, date of burial: Feb 15, 1928, Undertaker. Joe CAUDELL, address, Turkey Creek (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Jimmie "CrashedOne" Combs)

Notes: B. presumed to have been Benjamin Franklin. If B. F. COMBS, Sr. d 14 Feb,1928, at age 78 years, 5 months, then his birth date would have been Sept.4, 1849, not 1850. See Also 1850 Breathitt Co KY Census record showing a Polly CAUDLE with 1 year old son, Siry - in HH of Sira & Polly COMBS, who include no B. F. COMBS. Sira COMBS married Mary "Polly" ROBERTS per Death Certificate of their son, Joseph.
6 Mar 1928 Kentucky Death Certificate: Jane COMBS, white, female, married, housewife; age 74 yrs; born 4 Oct 1852 Ky; died 6 Mar 1928 Breathitt Co., Ky; daughter of Jessie SLOAN born Ky & Lizzie BURNS born Ky; informant: Dr. GIPSON of Lee Rose, Ky; buried Turkey 9 Mar 1928 by Joe CAUDILL of Turkey, Ky; Filed 10 Apr 1928 Stella JETT registrar.

Note: Jane SLOAN Combs was married to Benjamin Franklin CAUDILL/COMBS, son of Syria and Polly CAUDILL Combs. Dr. GIPSON was Jane's son-in-law, the husband of her daughter Minerva.
28 Nov 1928 Kentucky death certificate of Martha COMBS cert# 23465 white female married age 60 yrs occupation: housewife born: 10 June 1868 Ky died: 28 Nov 1928 Breathitt Co., Ky of tuberculosis buried: Ned, Ky 29 Nov 1928 by Billie COMBS of Ned, Ky daughter of Granville COMBS born Ky & Louranie WOOTEN b ky informant: Billie COMBS of Ned, Ky filed 5 Dec 1928 Jalia ALLEN by John H. COMBS dept. (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
10 Sep 1929 Kentucky Death Certificate for Diance COLLINS female, married age: about 65 yrs died: 10 Sept 1929 Clayhole, Breathitt Co., Ky of cancers buried: McIntosh Cem 11 Sep 1929 by Samp COLLINS of Clayhole informant: Samp COLLINS of Clayhole (Transcribed by Debi Houser)

Note: Diance was the d/o William Benton COMBS & Susan CAMPBELL. On the 1900 Breathitt Co., Ky Census, Diance and husband Sampson are listed as COLLINSWORTH. Her age is about 10 yrs off on the above certificate.
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