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  of Breathitt Co., KY 1860-1869

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Index to Breathitt Co., KY Records

Note: Sue Elfving abstracted Breathitt Co., KY Court Records below from Breathitt Co., Ky. Court Order Book Vol. 1 & 3 & A 1839-1867), FHC Microfilm #1550728 which included:
  • Order Book A (Civil and Criminal with index of plaintiffs, 10 Oct. 1865- Oct. 1867)

  • 1860 Breathitt Co., KY Census (Selected Entries) Transcribed by the Breathitt Co, KY GenWeb Census Team, including Combs Researcher Debi Houser-- Breathitt Co., KY GenWeb Archives) unless otherwise noted.

    Edwin COMBS 29 M Farming Perry Co. Ky
    Sylvania 29 F Keeping House Perry Co. Ky [prev.19]
    Elizabeth 13 F Breathitt Co. Ky [prev. 15]
    William 11 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Richard 8 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Clinton 6 M Breathitt Co. KY
    Alexander 4 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Millie 2 F Breathitt Co. Ky [prev. Willie]
    Sarah 7/12 F Breathitt Co. Ky

    Note: See article below dated 28 Apr 1862.   In 1870, his wife Sylvania HERALD is married to Joseph ANGEL and children Willie, Sarah (Catherine), and Jefferson (born ca 1861) are listed in their home on the 1870 Breathitt Co. Census. His ancestry is unknown (research in progress).

    Cyria COMBS 40 M Farming Perry Co. Ky
    Polly 41 F Keeping House Perry Co. Ky
    [Benjamin?] Talton 18 M Farm Laborer Breathitt Co. Ky
    Andrew 16 M Farm Laborer Breathitt Co. Ky
    Genevia 14 F Breathitt Co. Ky [prev. sp. Jeniva; Jemima of 1850?]]
    Clerinda 12 F Breathitt Co. Ky [prev. sp. Clevinda; Ferinda of 1850?]
    Joseph 10 M Breathitt Co. Ky [d 28 Sep 1915,Lee Co., KY]
    Celia age 7 F Breathitt Co. Ky
    Claiborn 3 M Breathitt Co. Ky [b 25 Mar 1857, Breathitt Co, KY VS]

    Notes: Syra (a.k.a. Cyra), son of Preston COMBS & Nancy STACY, married ca 1842, Mary "Polly" ROBERTS. Claiborn COMBS is listed in Breathitt Co., Ky Vital Statistics as the son of (Blank) and Polly ROBERTS, and the Death Certificate of Joseph COMBS lists him as son of Sorry and Polly ROBERTS Combs (See 1870 Breathitt, Co., KY Census).

    Mary CAUDILL 30 F Keeping House Perry Co. Ky
    [Benjamin?] Franklin 11 M Breathitt Co.Ky
    Elizabeth 9 F Breathitt Co. Ky
    Samuel 6 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Allen 3 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Lucinda 1 F Breathitt Co. Ky

    Notes: Mary "Polly" CAUDILL is now listed next door to Sira and Polly ROBERTS Combs, rather than in his household, but according to the 14 Feb 1928, Breathitt Co., KY Death Certificate of B. F. (Benjamin Franklin?) COMBS, born 4 Sep 1849 or 1850, he was the son of Sorry (Sira?) COMBS and Polly CAUDELL; and according to the 17 May 1933, Breathitt Co, KY DC of Lucy COMBS McIntosh, born 15 Mar 1862 [sic], she was the daughter of Syra COMBS & Polly CAUDILL. Whether all of the above children were by Syra is unknown (See 1870 Breathitt KY Census).

    Tarlton COMBS 33 M Farming Perry Co. Ky
    Jemima 33 F Keeping House Perry Co. Ky
    Jane 11 F Breathitt Co. Ky
    Samuel 9 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Nathan 7 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Roger 4 M Breathitt Co. Ky [b 1 Oct 1855, Breathitt]
    Sally Ann 1 F Breathitt Co. Ky [prev. 11/12; b11 Mar 1859, Breathitt]]

    Notes: Tarlton (a.k.a. Talton) COMBS (son of Preston and Nancy STACY Combs) married 1st Jemima SPICER and 2nd to Martha???.

    John L. COMBS 22 M Farming Perry Co. Ky
    Mary 22 F Keeping House Estill Co. Ky
    Edward 11/12 M Breathitt Co. Ky

    Notes: John L. COMBS married Mary "Polly" BARRETT per 1859 Breathitt Co. Vital Birth Returns for their son, Edward. John and Polly are later found on the 1870 and 1880 Lee Co., Ky Census. Who are John's parents? He is about the same age as Mason and Matilda WATTS Combs son John. Is he their son?

    George DEATON 25 M Farming Perry Co. Ky
    Sarah 28 F Keeping House Perry Co. Ky
    Patsy 7 F Breathitt Co. Ky
    Cordella 6 F Breathitt Co. Ky
    William 4 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Matilda 2 F Breathitt Co. Ky
    Alexander 9/12 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Nancy BELCHER 25 F Tennessee
    Polly BELCHER 4 F Breathitt Co. Ky
    John LITTLE 22 M Guard at Jail Perry Co. Ky

    Notes: Sarah's maiden name listed as COMBS in the Breathitt Co., Ky Vital Statistics. Who were her parents?

    Allen SPENCER 37 M Farming Clay Co. Ky
    Farlina 30 F Keeping House Perry Co. Ky
    Ezekiel 12 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Kenaz 10 M Owsley Co. Ky
    Lena 8 F Breathitt Co. Ky
    Preston 5 M Breathitt Co. Ky
    Alfred 1 M Breathitt Co. Ky

    Note: The Combes Genealogy names as a daughter of Preston and Nancy STACY Combs (HH#174/174) one "Rinda" COMBS. The 22 Jul 1924, Breathitt Co., KY DC of the above Alfred SPENCER, born 16 May 1859, Breathitt, names parents as Allen and Farinda [sic] COMBS Spencer. Not found in 1850 Census yet. Farlina is sp. Clarinda in 1870 Breathitt, and Farinda in 1900 Breathitt.

    Preston COMBS 60 M Farming Perry Co. Ky
    Nancy 61 F Keeping House Perry Co. Ky
    Christine 16 F Breathitt Co. Ky [prev. Christena]
    Preston Junior 13 M Breathitt Co. Ky

    Note: Preston COMBS died 07 Oct 1877 Breathitt Co., KY; son of Mason and Jane "Jennie" RICHARDSON Combs ( Dickey Diary Interview), married bef 1827 Nancy STACY, daughter of Benjamin STACY & Barbara COMBS. Nancy died sometime in the 1860's since Preston is listed on the 1870 Breathitt Co., Ky Census with wife Sally.

    Bony COMBS 24 M Farmer Perry
    Elizbth 22 F NC

    Note: Bonaparte "Bony" COMBS was the son of Preston and Nancy STACY Combs. He and his wife Elizabeth HOLLAND are listed on the1880 Leslie Co., Ky Census (Source for HOLLAND?)

    Claborn COMBS 32 M Farmer Perry
    Gracy 32 F Perry
    Nancy 8 F Breathitt
    Gracy MAYS 60 F NC

    Notes: Claiborn COMBS was the son of Preston & Nancy STACY COMBS. Gracy may have been neè MAYS and her mother (above) neè BECKNELL (See 1850 Breathitt Co., KY Census, HH#281 and 282)

    Sampson COMBS 30 M Farmer Perry
    Elizbth 25 25 F Perry
    George 12 M Breathitt
    Margarett 10 F Breathitt
    Eliza 7 F Breathitt
    Lourany 5 F Breathitt [15 Oct 1856]
    Louisa 2 F Breathitt

    Notes: Sampson is not identified but his wife was Elizabeth BARRETT per the 1856 Breathitt Co. Birth Returns for their daughter Lurany [sic]. He is found on the 1870, 1880 and 1900 Lee Co., KY Census. This family is missing from the 1850 Census so far (Not in Breathitt, Owsley or Perry) See also his son George's 22 Nov 1918 Middletown, Butler, OH Death Certificate.

    Cebron COMBS 35 M Farmer Perry
    Margaret 36 F Perry [prev 26]
    Luther 18 M Farm Hand Breathitt
    Margaret 16 F Breathitt
    Lucinda 16 F Breathitt [prev. 14]
    Layfayatte 8 M Morgan Co.
    Armina 5 F Breathitt
    Cassanah 2 F Breathitt

    Notes: Sebron, Seaborn (& all other var. spellings) COMBS, son of Benjamin and Jane BROWN Combs, married Margaret COMBS (1855 Breathitt Co., KY Vital Statistics) though their son Samuel's 1935 Death Certificate lists his mother as a GROSS. Couple previously found in the 1850 Montgomery Co., KY Census. The Feb 22 1930 Breathitt Co DC of their daughter Mrs. Cas Annie HINSLEY lists her parents as Seaborn Combs and Peggy Combs. Margaret's ancestry unknown. Lafayette is a name found in the familly of John D Combs.

    Hardin COMBS 46 M Farmer Perry
    Dicy 37 F Perry
    Mariah 24 F Clay
    Leslie 19 M Farm Hand Breathitt
    Woodson 14 M Breathitt
    Elizabeth 12 F Breathitt
    Nancy 9 F Breathitt
    Isaac 6 M Breathitt [b Aug 1853, Breathitt KY VS]
    Nicholas 3 M Breathitt [b 6 Feb 1856, Breathitt KY VS]
    Mary 2 F Breathitt

    Notes: Hardin COMBS, Jr. (son of Hardin COMBS, Sr. & Nancy COMBS) married 5 Feb 1835, Perry Co, KY, Dicy COMBS (daughter of Nicholas COMBS, Jr. & Elizabeth COMBS) according to Dickey Diary interview of Margaret COMBS Lewis, Perry Co, KY Groom's Index and Breathitt KY VS. Was Mary, age 2, same as Louisa, b 13 Aug 1858, Breathitt?

    HH 240
    John STEPHENSON 68 M.B.C. -- 150 Va
    Mary 64 NC
    Willey COMBS 32 f Perry

    Notes: Who is this? John and Mary STEVENSON not on 1850 Breathitt.

    Jackson EDWARDS 33 M Farmer NC
    Nancy 27 Perry Co
    David A. 8 M Breathitt
    Wiley 6 M Owsley
    Lucinda 3 Owsley

    Notes: Nancy may be the daughter of Samuel and Nancy CORNETT Combs. In 1850, Nancy, age 18, is listed in her parents' Breathitt Co., KY Census HH, as is a Jackson EDWARDS, age 26, b TN [sic]. Nancy later married Orville P. TAYLOR and is listed on the 1870 Owsley Co., Ky Census. Her children, Wiley and Lucinda "Lucy" EDWARDS, are listed there as TAYLOR, and her son, David Allen EDWARDS, is listed as David ALLEN in the HH of his uncle, Andrew COMBS. In the 1880 Owsley Census, David is listed as Allen EDWARDS. Note also, however, that according to The Combes Genealogy, it was Nancy's sister, Lucy COMBS, who married Jackson EDWARDS.

    HH248/248 (transcribed by Sue Elfving)
    Alex HERRAD JR, 27, M, Farmer, b. Clay Co, Ky, RE=blank, PP=$20
    Catherine, 23, f, b. Perry Co, Ky.
    Ambrose KING, 22, M, Day Laborer, b. Estill Co, Ky

    SE Notes: Living next door to Alexander HERALD [SR] and wife Elizabeth. Catherine believed to be same Catherine Combs found in the 1850 Montgomery Co, Ky. household of William [B] and Wilmoth Combs Combs and the same who married Alexander HERALD on 7 Aug 1857 in Morgan Co, Ky. This Alexander Jr. appears to be the same who was killed on 11 April 1862 (see below newspaper article) along with Edwin Combs who was married to Sylvania HERALD.

    Abram MAYS 27 M Farmer Perry
    Mahala 24 F Perry
    James 2/12 M Breathitt
    Polly COMBS 6 F

    Notes: Unidentified.

    1860 Census PO Jackson District 1, Breathitt, Kentucky; Roll: M653_357 p. 334 HH 439/439 (transcribed by Deb Coombs)
    Robt Davidson, 55, m, farmer, 1000/1350, Clay Co KY
    Nancy, 51, f, Clay Co KY
    Polly, 20, f, wash hand, Breathitt Co KY
    Mary A, 16, f, wash hand, Breathitt Co KY
    Nancy, 14, f, Breathitt Co KY
    Jacob Juel, 25, m, day labor, Clay Co KY

    SE Notes: Nancy DAVIDSON with husband Robert defined as heir of Jeremiah C. Combs in PC-DBC:309/310 and DBC:344-5.

    Washington COMBS 21 M Farmer Perry
    Rody 30 F
    Francis WHITELY 9 M Morgan
    Nancy 7 F
    Joseph 5 M

    Notes: Who is this? Is this the same Washington COMBS listed in the 1870 Breathitt Co., Ky Census (Lost Creek HH 42/42) married to Letty? And/or the same who died 1920, Perry Co., KY, son of a John and Mehala HENSON Combs? Not found in 1850. Was Rody widow of a WHITELY?

    Wm. COMBS 26 M Farmer 200 100 Perry Co
    Susan 22 F Perry Co
    Diancy 7 F Breathitt Co
    Nancy 5 F Breathitt Co
    Richard 3 M Breathitt Co [b 21 Jan 1858, Breathitt KY VS]
    Rody 9/12 F Breathitt Co

    Notes: William Benton COMBS (son of Stephen & Martha "Patsy" FRANCIS Combs) married Susan CAMPBELL (daughter of Jackey and Diner SMITH Campbell a.k.a. Jackson& Martha "Patsy" SMITH Campbell), born 10 Jun 1835, died 28 Jan1925,Knott Co., KY. See Susannah CAMPBELL, born ca 1835, in 1850 Breathitt Co., KY, Census HH 219-219 of her parents, Jackson & Patsy SMITH Campbell. This HH precedes immediately those of Alexander and Temperance Francis COMBS Campbell and Caleb and Dicey COMBS Campbell. According to 1836 Perry Co., KY records, John [sic] CAMPBELL married Patsy SMITH, daughter of Richard & Elitia COMBS Smith. See also 1858 & 1874 Breathitt KY Vital Statistics, including notes.

    John STACY 36 M Farmer -0- 125 Perry Co
    Cynthia 36 F Perry Co
    James 15 M Perry Co
    Manford 11 M Perry Co
    Geo. W. 9 M Perry Co
    William 7 M Perry Co
    Shadrac E. 6 M Perry Co
    Joseph 2 M Perry Co
    Granville 10/12 M Perry Co

    Notes: John STACY married Synthia SMITH, daughter of Richard and Elitia COMBS Smith (12 Dec 1836 Perry Co., KY Records)

    Stephen COMBS 54 M Farmer 500 50 Perry Co
    Patsy 48 F Virginia
    James 19 M Farm Hand Breathitt Co
    Nancy 16 F Farm Hand Breathitt Co
    Wilson 13 M Breathitt Co
    Hughy? 11 M Breathitt Co

    Note: Stephen COMBS son of Henry & Rachel CLEMENTS Combs and his wife Martha "Patsy" was a FRANCIS before marriage.

    Henry COMBS 34 M Farmer -0- 115 Perry Co
    Evoline 27 F Farmer Perry Co
    Celia 10 F Perry Co
    Jackson 8 M Perry Co
    Nancy 5 F Perry Co
    Jere'mh 3 M Perry Co

    Notes: Henry [C.? G.?] COMBS (son of above Stephen and Martha FRANCIS Combs?), the same who was 24 in 1854 when he married 19 Mar1854 [sic] in Perry Co., KY, Ebeline [sic] COMBS, then age 21? Was Evaline the daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth COMBS Combs of Perry whose 1850 Census HH includes Evelina, age 22, and Celia, age 1? Who were Celia and Jackson, neither of whom are in Henry's 1870 Breathitt KY Census HH?

    Andrew ALLEN 30 M Farmer 1300 200 Perry Co
    Mary 29 F Perry Co
    Nancy 7 F Perry Co [15 Feb 1852, Perry Co, KY VS]
    Margarett 6 F Perry Co [15 Oct 1853, PerryCo, KY VS]
    Susan 5 F Perry Co
    Alfred 4 M Perry Co
    Rachel 9/12 F Perry Co
    Sarah JOHNSON 18 F Breathitt Co

    Notes: Andrew ALLEN, son of Samuel and Susan SIZEMORE Allen, married Mary "Polly" COMBS, daughter of Alfred and Margaret NOBLE Combs (Perry Co., KY VS). Polly married 2nd to William NOBLE.

    550/550, District #1, Jackson, Breathitt County, Kentucky (submitted by T Lynn Fugate) .
    (Listed as Martha Combs with her father Thomas Johnson.)

    Note: Also see Martha on the 1870 Breathitt Co., KY Census.

    Alfred COMBS 46 M Farmer 4,000 1,175 Clay Co
    Margarett 46 F Farmer Clay Co
    Henderson 23 M Farmer Perry Co
    Shadrick 21 M Farmer Perry Co
    Jeremiah 19 M Farmer Breathitt Co
    Puliana 16 F Farmer Breathitt Co [Paulinain 1850]
    Delany 13 M Breathitt Co
    Isaac 10 M Breathitt Co
    Mary A. 9 F Breathitt Co
    Alfred 5 M Breathitt Co

    Notes: Alfred COMBS, son of Matthew and Francis BROWN Combs. Margaret was the daughter of Nathan and Jane NEACE Noble.

    Henry COMBS 41 M Farmer 3,500 1,072 Perry Co
    Mary 36 F Farmer Perry Co
    James 22 Law Student Perry Co
    Stephen S. 19 M Farm Hand Breathitt Co
    Larkin 18 M Farm Hand Breathitt Co
    Elizbth 17 F Breathitt Co
    Alfred 15 M Breathitt Co
    Asberry C. 13 M Breathitt Co
    Wm. M. 11 M Breathitt Co
    Isaac 2 M Breathitt Co
    Winnie 1 F Breathitt Co
    Melvina? JACKSON 25 F Wash Woman Harlan Co

    Notes: Henry COMBS, son of Matthew and Francis BROWN Combs, married 1st to Temperance P. DAVIS who died in 1853, and 2nd to Mary "Polly" GRIGSBY. See Also Thomas A. COMBS Letter of 1922.

    Joseph COMBS 35 M Farmer Perry KY
    Delilia 36 F Perry KY
    Calvin 17 M Breathitt KY
    Willy 15 M " "
    Rebecca 10 F " " [b 15 Mar 1854, Breathitt VS]
    Preston 2 M " " [b 15 Jun 1859 per 1923 Powell Co, KY DC]

    Notes: Joseph COMBS, possibly son of Preston and Nancy STACY Combs, married Delilah COMBS (Breathitt KY VS). Some researchers list her maiden name as KING (their source?). Joseph & Delilah in 1870 Breathitt and Joseph in 1880Lee Co., Ky Census married to Eliza FARMER Johnson.

    Isaac BACK 43 M Farmer Knox Co., KY
    Rachel 35 F Perry KY
    Alex 18 M Farmer Breathitt KY
    Katharine 15 F " "
    Levica 13 F " "
    Henry 11 M " "
    John C 8 M " "
    Mathew 3 M " "
    William J 1 M " "
    James COMBS 15 M " "
    Polly ANGELL 16 F " "

    Notes: Rachel COMBS Back was the daughter of Matthew and Francis BROWN COMBS. Who is the James COMBS listed with this family? Is he the same James COMBS listed on the 1880 Breathitt with wife Elizabeth? Could this James be the son of Jackson and Martha CRANK(?) Combs (also believed to be in the 1860 Perry Co, KY Census with mother and brother, Jackson)? Is Polly ANGELL the same as Mary J., age 9 in the 1850 Breathitt HH of Delilah ANGELL?

    David HAGINS 50 M Farmer Perry KY
    Susan 44 F " "
    Clinton 15 M Breathitt KY
    Eliza 13 F " "
    Elisha 11 M " "
    Susan 9 F " "
    Mary 7 F " "
    Rebecca 5 F " "
    Minerva 1 F " "

    Notes: Susan as a COMBS per the 1852, 1854, and 1857 Breathitt Co., KY Vital Birth Statistics.

    HH 758-758
    Nicholas COMBS 21 M farmer - 50 Perry Ky
    Amanda 19 F Breathitt Ky
    William 1 M Breathitt Ky [b 4 Nov 1858, Breathitt KY VS]

    Notes: 1858 Breathitt Co KY Vital Statistics list the birth of a William COMBS on 4 Nov 1858, with parents, Nicholas COMBS and Mandagreen ANGEL (Amanda Green ANGEL?). Who are Nicholas' parents? IsAmanda the daughter of Delila ANGEL from the 1850 Breathitt Co., Ky Census?

    HH 798-798
    John WILLIAMS 28 M farmer - 300 Perry Ky
    Louisa 27 F Perry Ky
    Jas. E. 5/12 M Breathitt Ky

    Notes: John Wesley WILLIAMS, son of Pleasant & Prudence SOUTHWOOD Williams and grandson of John & Rebecca COMBS Williams, according to descendant researcher Jim Williams who also states that John and Louisa moved to Franklin Co, AR in 1869.

    HH 799-799
    William M. COMBS 35 M 5000-5000 PerryCo.,Ky
    Jane 25 F Perry Co., Ky
    Mary M. 7 F Breathitt Ky [Mary Miranda Elizabeth, b 12 Aug 1852, Breathitt KY VS]
    Elmira 6 F Breathitt Ky [b 18 Apr 1854, Breathitt KY VS]
    Elvira 6 F Breathitt Ky [b 18 Apr 1854, Breathitt KY VS]
    William H. 3 M Breathitt Ky [b 8 Oct 1856, Breathitt KY VS]
    Leander B. 1 M Breathitt Ky
    L. W. LANE 44 M Tanner Virginia

    Notes: William M. COMBS, son of Matthew and Frances BROWN Combs, married Jane COMBS, daughter of Washington and Sallie (WHITAKER?) Combs. Missing from 1870 Breathitt KY Census, but on the 1880.

    HH 807-807
    Mason COMBS 48 M Day Labor Perry Ky
    Malinda 40 F Perry Ky
    Elizth 10 F Breathitt Ky [prev. Elizabeth]
    Narcissa 2 F Breathitt Ky [prev. transcribed as Marcipa]
    Emeline 1 F Breathitt Ky [prev. transcribed as Evoline]
    Rebecca FRANCES 65 F Kentucky [not in earlier transcription - not on 1850 Breathitt]

    Note: Narcissa COMBS born 10 Sep 1856 & Emily Jane COMBS born 29 Oct 1858 both born in Breathitt County to Mason & Malinda/Belinda WHITELY Combs per Breathitt Co., KY Vital Statistics. Mason and Malinda appear to be the same who are listed on the 1850 Morgan Co., Ky Census, but if so, what happened to their 1850 children? Mason & Malinda are later found on the1880 Wolfe County, KY Census as are the missing older children James, Thomas and Martha.  Rebecca FRANCIS appears to be the same as Rebecca,age 51 [sic], who was in the 1850 Perry Co., KY Census HH of James FRANCIS (now deceased?). Also in their 1850 Perry household was an unidentified Wiley COMBS, male, age 16, born VA. In addition, in 27 Aug. 1856 Perry Co. deed (DBD:438-9) wherein the heirs of Mason Combs decd. sell (to Tarlton Combs) their interest in the widow's dower of land that had belonged to Jane Combs (wife of Mason) lists a Rebecca FRANCIS as one of the heirs selling their interest. It has been believed that Rebecca died and her husband (and first cousin) John "Jack" Combs then remarried; however, it appears they may have divorced instead.
    12 Sep 1860 Lexington Fayette Co, KY Published Announcements. Married: Married: Elizabeth Jane COMBS to Green TAULBERT. She was dau. of Henry COMBS, all of Breathitt Co. Married Sept. 12, 1860. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Breck Combs from Kentucky Marriages 1797 - 1865, p. 196)

    Notes: Combs Researcher Robert George adds: Greenberry TAULBEE [sic], son of William Ashford TAULBEE and Mary Jane BIRCHFIELD, born 1838, Perry Co, KY; died October 1, 1886; married (1) 12 Aug 1860 [sic], Elizabeth Jane COMBS (daughter of Henry & Tempie DAVIS Combs), born May 15, 1843, died August 22, 1878, Breathitt County, Kentucky; married (2) Sarah KING (daughter of George & Polly VIRES King), born November 8, 1851, died June 4, 1906, buried Taulbee Cemetery in Breathitt County, Kentucky; married (2) 31 Jun 1894, Wiley WAGERS (The Taulbee Pages).
    12 June 1861 (BC-DB1:88-89) Indenture by and between Willey Combs Widow and relict of William B Combs Deceased of the County of Morgan County and State of Kentucky of the first part and Curtis JETT of Breathitt County of the second part...for $250 in hand paid...tract in Breathitt County lying on the middle fork of the Ky. River and on a branch of said fork called Shoulder blade and more particularly described by its boundary as set out in a deed of William B Combs to Eli PORTER whi deed is recorded in Breathitt County Deed Book 1, p. 149 & 150. Signed Willey x Combs. Witnesses: Andy x BARNETT, Jackson EDWARDS. Acknowledged before me Curtis JETT DC for A B PATRICK Agt. Acknowledged on 12 June 1861. Recorded 30 June 1874 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

    SE Notes: Willey aka Wilmouth Combs Combs, d/o of Mason "8" Combs and Jane RICHARDSON. This deed clearly documents that the William Combs Jr who married Wilmouth was William B Combs. His 1857 Morgan Co, Ky death record states he was the son of John Combs. The Eli PORTER deed referenced is not found on p. 149/50 of this book
    April 28, 1862 Louisville Daily Journal, page 1 transcribed by D. Lowe

    On April 11 inst., The Richmond Messenger says two men living on Puncheon Creek, a tributary of the Middle Fork of the Kentucky River, were taken out of their homes and killed. Their names were Alexander Herald Jr. and Edwin Combs. They were tied and Herald was killed on the spot; Combs got loose at one time, broke to run, but was shot three times and died two days afterwards. He charged the murder of himself and Herald on three men named Rose, Bailey, and McIntosh, who have since been arrested. The parties killed and these charged with murder were all bad men, theives, and marauders. Rose, it is said, pretends that certain prominent citizens of the county, heretofore deemed respectable, connived at the tragedy. No politics invloved in the affair, all being secessionists.

    SE Notes: Alexander Herald Jr may have been the same who married Catherine Combs 7 Aug 1857 in Morgan Co, Ky. They are in the 1860 Breathitt Co, Ky. census where Alex is styled as Jr. Both are missing in 1870. This Catherine believed to be the same who was in the 1850 Montgomery Co, Ky household of William B Combs and his wife Wilmoth. The witness to the marriage was Killis Combs, perhaps the same as Archilles Combs, also found in Wm B & Wilmoth's 1850 household.
    26 Sep 1863 (Breathitt Co., KY Vital Statistics- Births Angeline and Evaline COMBS, (twin) daughter of Henry & Polly GRIGSBY (Combs researcher Debi Kendrick)
    16 Oct. 1865 (BC-COBA:2). Grand Jury. Hardin Combs, Hardin SMITH.
    17 Oct. 1865 (BC-COBA:3). John B. HADDIX agst. Shadrick Combs. Petition. Plaintiff proved Shadrick Combs was a non-resident of the State. George W. DANIEL attorney to defend the defendant. (p. 34) Defendant's answer filed and cause transferred to Equity Docket.
    20 Oct. 1865 (BC-COBA:10). Grand Jury Indictments against
    Shade Combs & others for Robbery, bail set at $500
    Wily Combs & others, bail set at $500
    Wm L Combs, bail set at $500
    Washinton NOBLE, Mason MILLER & Wilson L. Combs for Robbery - in April. Bail set at $500 for each. Bail not given and ordered to be taken to the Perry County jail.
    21 May 1866 (BC-COBA:17) Claims allowed by the court. Preston Combs as witness ($3.00), Polly McINTOSH as witness ($3.00), Christina McINTOSH as witness ($3.00), Mason McINTOSH as witness ($3.00).
    23 May 1866 (BC-COBA:32). Avry [Ava] Combs Plaintiff vs Jackson Combs. Continued.
    24 May 1866 (BC-COBA:47). Hardin SMITH Plaintiff agst. Jackson Combs & others. Continued. ALSO: Jeremiah LOVELACE agst. Jackson Combs & others.
    24 May 1866 (BC-COBA:49). Thomas JOHNSON agst. Luther Combs & others. Continued.

    SE Note: Luther Combs the s/o of Sebourn and Margaret Combs.
    25 May 1866 (BC-COBA:62). Commonwealth agst. Calvin STACY. Indictment.
    16 Oct. 1866 (BC-COBA:73).This day William M. Combs produced in open court the receipt of the jailor of Perry County for Houston Combs Lawson FRANCIS two of the persons for whom a reward of $200 each had been offered by the Governor of Kentucky charged with the murder of Joel W. DUFF Martin FUGATE and Wm MILESN [sp?[ which specific receipt was approved by the court and certified by auditors.
    Wiley C. DAVIS the same for Zachariah FUGATE for the same murders.
    16 Oct. 1866 (BC-COBA:80). Arvy Combs a co-defendant with Isaac B. Combs at the suit of Thomas SEWELL.
    16 Oct. 1866 (BC-COBA:83). Commonwealth agst. Wilson G. Combs. Indictment. Continued.
    17 Oct. 1866 (BC-COBA:106). Avry [AVA] Combs Plaintiff against Jackson Combs Defendant. Judgment. Court granted divorce to Avry and she restored with all the rights as an unmarried woman and he to be divorced one year after and to pay all costs.

    SE Note: The plaintiff was Ava ROBERTS. Defendant Jackson Combs aka John Combs was the son of Stephen and Martha FRANCIS Combs who married secondly Catherine WALTERS and removed to Lawrence Co., Ky. See 1860 Perry Co., Ky. census and Lawrence Co., Ky. records.
    17 Oct 1866 (BC-COBA:107). Mathew Combs Admr. Plaintiff against Mathew Combs heirs Defendant. Proved that Nicholas Combs defendant is a non-resident and is hereby warned to appear in this court and answer petition (p. 129).

    SE Note: This record does prove that Mathew Combs and Frances BROWN had a son named Nicholas Combs who was not a resident at the time of this suit.
    21 May 1867 (BC-COBA:131). Commonwealth Plaintiff against Jack Combs &c Defendants. Ordered cause dismissed.
    Commonwealth against Wilson Combs. Ordered that defendant's bail bond for $500 be forfeited, that summons issued against sureties and cause continued.
    Commonwealth against Shade Combs. Ordered cause dismissed.
    Commmonwealth against Calvin STACY. Ordered cause dismissed (p. 133)
    21 May 1867 (BC-COBA:136). Commonwealth agst. Jackson Combs &c Defendants. Indictment continued and bench warrants issued. Charge was robbery.
    21 May 1867 (BC-COBA:136). Commonwealth against Huston Combs Defendant. Robbery. Dismissed by Grand Jury and ordered defendant to be discharged.
    21 May 1867 (BC-COBA:137). James COCKRELL Plaintiff agst. Willy Combs. Ordered that cause be served in the name of Anna COCKRELL admin. of James COCKRELL decased and marriage of Defendant and William L. LANE suggested and cause to be prosecuted agst. them and continued.
    22 May 1867 (BC-COBA:142). James COCKRILL Plaintiff agst. Mason Combs Defendant. Ordered this cause be abated by the death of the plaintiff.
    22 May 1867 (BC-COBA:146). Mathew Combs Admr. Plaintiff agast Mathew Combs heirs Defendants. [Note opposite entry: Nothing taken but gold or silver]. Wm. M. Combs. On motion of plaintiff J. A. CALDWELL is appointed atty to defend for the non resident defendant Nicholas Combs whereupon said atty accepted sd. appointment...and filed his answer... and A. B. PATRICK is appointed special commissioner herein, he will audit the amounts of claims against sd. decedent and ascertain the amount of assets and report.
    22 May 1867 (BC-COBA:159). Hardin SMITH Plaintiff agst. Jackson Combs &c Defendants. Dismissed. Jeremiah LOVELADY Plaintiff agst. Jackson Combs &c Defendants. Dismissed.
    25 May 1867 (BC-COBA:180). Mathew Combs's admrs. Plaintiff agst. Mathew Combs Heirs &c Defendants. Adjusged by the court that so much of the land in the pleadings as will pay the sum of $176 be sold to the highest bidder in Jackson and the cause continued.
    25 May 1867 (BC-COBA:185). John B. HADDIX Plaintiff agst. Shade Combs &c Defendant. Continued.
    25 May 1867 (BC-COBA:188). James BARNETT Plaintiff agst. Abner Combs Defendant. Cause dismissed by agreement of parties.
    25 May 1867 (BC-COBA:191). Claims allowed by the court.
    p. 192. Preston Combs, 1 gray fox at $1.88
    Wane Combs, ditto at $1.00
    p. 193 Hardin Combs, 2 gray fox at $2.00
    Delaney Combs, guard, at $10.00
    William M. Combs, Deputy Sheriff at $15.00
    p. 194 Wane DAVIDSON, 1 gray fox at $1.00
    20 Oct. 1867 (BC-COBA:203). Grand Jury: Henry Combs, Tarleton Combs. Pettit Jurors: Alfred Combs, Preston Combs, Mason Combs, Claborn Combs
    24 Oct. 1867 (BC-COBA:228). Amanda Green Combs Plaintiff agst. Nicholas Combs Defendant. Defendant is non-resident of this state. Ordered that defendant be warned to appear on the 1st day of the next term to answer plaintiff's petition. Thomas MARCUM appointed attorney for the defendant.
    24 Oct. 1867 (BC-COBA:230).Amanda (Green) Combs Plaintiff agst. Nicholas Combs Defendant. Attorney for defendant filed his answer.

    SE Note: The above court case may have been a divorce action. An 1858 Breathitt Co. birth record for William Combs shows him to be the son of Nicholas Combs and Mandagreen ANGEL. The 1860 Breathitt Co. census shows Nicholas Combs, age 21, with wife Amanda, age 19, and son William, age 1. This Nicholas may be the same who is shown as a non-resident heir of Mathew Combs [Sr.].
    13 Dec 1869 (BC-DB2:243) Indenture between Woodson Combs and Rachel Combs his wife of the first part and William CHAMBERS of Wolfe County, Ky...for $225 in hand paid...sell and convey all their right title and interest in and to the farm upon which Nicholas BOWMAN lived at the time of his death in the Lower Twin Creek in Breathitt County. Woodson x Combs, Rachel x Combs. Acknowledged by grantors 13 Dec 1869. Recorded 14 Jan. 1870 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

    Notes: Woodson married Rachel BOWMAN (1874 Breathitt Co., Vital Statistics and Death Certificates of children). Woodson was the son of Hardin and Dicy COMBS COMBS.
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