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 of Breathitt Co., KY 1880-1899

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Index to Breathitt Co., KY Records

1880 Breathitt Co KY Census (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from the 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky census, online at Rootsweb Breathitt Co., KY unless otherwise noted.


Wilburn PATTON Self M Male W 38 KY KY VA Farmer
Jenny PATTON Wife M Female W 38 KY KY VA Keeping House
Emeline PATTON Dau S Female W 11 KY KY KY
Henry PATTON Son S Male W 8 KY KY KY
Wesley PATTON Son S Male W 7 KY KY KY
Frankey PATTON Dau S Female W 5 KY KY KY
William PATTON Son S Male W 2 KY KY KY
(Source: FHL abstraction, Bakerfork, Breathitt, Ky, Family History Library Film 1254405 NA Film Number T9-0405 p. 630A abstracted by Sue Elfving)

SE Note: Possibly Jane Combs FULLER, d/o of Jeremiah "Long Jerry" Combs and widow of Leviticus FULLER. This family next found in the 1900 Knott Co., Ky. census

HH 3
Wiley COMBS 53 KTK gristmiller
Eliza J. 45 KKK
Nepolean B. 20 KKK clerk in retail store
Emily 17 KKK
Martha 12 KKK
Mary 10 KKK
Addie 6 KKK
Mary 28 KKK sis-in-law single

Note: Wiley was the son of Samuel & Nancy CORNETT Combs; Elizabeth Jane was the daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte & Susan ISOM Combs. Wiley and Eliza are listed on the 1870 Owsley Co., Ky Census. Mary Ann COMBS, age 28, was the sister of Eliza Jane, and born 1846-1848.

SMITH, Evaline 30 KKK (divorced)
Dora B. 8
BARNETT, Henry 22 (boarder) [single]

HH 68
William SMITH 38 KKK divorced
Thomas COMBS 12 KKK nephew

Notes: The 1870 Breathitt Co, KY Census, Jackson Precinct, HH#32-32, is headed by a William SMITH, age 26 with Evline (female), age 31, and Elihu, age 23 also in the HH. Was Evaline a COMBS? Thomas may have been the son of Alfred & Esther HORTON Combs who are not found on this census...which still doesn't explain how Thomas was his nephew?

HH 117
Joseph ANGEL 52 KInIn
Sylvania 48 KNCNC
Emily 14 KKK
Jennie 12 KKK
Mahala 11 KKK
Amanda G. 8 KKK
Jefferson COMBS 19 KKK stepson

Note: Sylvania HERALD, wife of Edwin COMBS (See 1850-1870 Breathitt KY)

HH 162
Elhannon COMBS 23 KKK
Minerva 18 KKK
Keenas 1/12 KKK Aprl

Note: Could Elhannon be the son of Polly COMBS listed on the 1870 Perry Co., Ky Census? Minerva has remarried by 1900 to Floyd FLETCHER. Robert COMBS' Lee Co., Ky Death Certificate (1891-1911) list his parents as Elhanan COMBS & Minerva GABBARD.

HH 169
Catherine 25 KKK
Isaac A. MYERS 30 KVK boarder single
Roger COMBS 28 KKK laborer single

Notes: Could this be Roger, born 8 Oct 1855, Breathitt, KY, died 5 Oct 1934, Breathitt Co, KY, son of Tarlton COMBS and Jemima SPICER and husband of Nancy (Nannie) MURRELL who is listed in 1880 Owsley Co., KY Census lists a Nancy COMBS with son Elbert ?

Richard HERALD 44 KNN
Emily 44 KKN
Malissa 16 (dau)
Alex 12 (son)
Angeline 10 (dau)

Notes: Emily, daughter of Benjamin COMBS? (See 1870 Breathitt)

HH 238-241
Clate COMBS 28 KKK
America 25 KKK
Elizabeth 4 KKK
Gemima 3 KKK
Orlena 2 KKK
Richard 2/12 KKK March

Note: Is Clate actually Clinton COMBS son of Edwin & Sylvania HERALD Combs? See 1860 Breathitt and note naming patterns (Edwin's son, Richard Craig COMBS married Orleana DEATON).

HH 259-262
Sebern COMBS 60 KKK
Peggy 54 KKK
Samuel 19 KKK
Deamy 15 KKK.

Lafayette COMBS 25 KKK son
Siller 23 KKK dau-in-law
Mary 8/12 KKK gdau Sept

Note: Seaborn/Seburn COMBS (son of Benjamin and Jane BROWN Combs) married Margaret "Peggy" COMBS (ancestry unknown).

HH 260-264
Luther COMBS 38 KKK
Gemima 38 KKK
Robert 17 KKK
James 14 KKK
Logan 13 KKK
Hiram 11 KKK
Mary 9 KKK
Armina 6 KKK

Note: Gemima/Jemima was nee JAMES per 1879 Breathitt KY Vital Statistics, birth of son, Riley, missing from this record, but neè THOMAS per 1937 Breathitt DC of son, Logan. Luther appears to have been the same who was son of Seaborn/Laban & Margaret COMBS of the1850 Montgomery Co., KY Census.

HH 262-266
Stephen JETT 29 KKK
Annie 35 KKK
Hiram C. 9 KKK
Shelby S. 7 KKK
Mary F. 4 KKK
Nathan COMBS 26 KKK laborer single
Celia VIRES 18 KKK single

Note: Nathan COMBS is possibly the son of Tarlton & Jemima SPICER Combs (1853 Breathitt KY Records) Nathan married Jemima "Minnie" SOUTH and is listed on the 1900 Jackson Co., Ky & 1910 Clay Co., Ky Census. Both Nathan and Minnie are buried in the Oneida Cemetery in Clay Co., Ky.

HH 263-267
Harden COMBS 64 KKK
Dicy 61 KKK
Isaac 24 KKK
Nick 22 KKK
Dicy 18 KKK

Note: Hardin COMBS, Jr. (son of Hardin & Nancy COMBS Combs, Sr.) and Dicy COMBS (daughter of Nicholas & Elizabeth COMBS Combs, Sr.)

HH 264-268
Leslie COMBS 40 KKK
Amelia 27 KKK
Meredith 2 KKK
not named 1/12 KKK daughter April

Note: Leslie COMBS was apparently the son of Hardin and Dicy COMBS Combs.

HH 265-269
Woodson COMBS 37 KKK
Rachel 39 KKK
Belle 17 KKK
Dicy 15 KKK
Serene 12 KKK
Harden 11 KKK
Archy 9 KKK
Nicky 6 KKK
Wesley 3 KKK

Note: Woodson was the son of Hardin and Dicy COMBS Combs; married Rachael BOWMAN (1874 Breathitt Co KY Vital Statistics).

HH 266-270
Marandy 40 KKK
Daniel 22 KKK
Martha 17 KKK
Shelby 13 KKK
Fannie 12 KKK
Thomas 10 KKK
Marandy 7 KKK
Annie 5 KKK
Emily 2 KKK
Martha TERRY 38 VVV boarder married
Martha COMBS 82 KKK boarder; mot-in-law; old age

Note: Martha "Patsy" JOHNSON Terry was the 1st wife of Thomas TERRY and widow of Benjamin COMBS, died 11 Feb 1858, Breathitt KY. Marandy (a.k.a. Miranda) COMBS Johnson was her daughter. Martha is apparently listed twice on this census. Below she is listed with grandson Miles TERRY.

HH 270-276
Sally COMBS 50 KKK widowed
Simon 24 KKK
Curtis 18 KKK
Henry 16 KKK
Jefferson 11 KKK

Notes: widow of Preston COMBS (See 1870 Breathitt KY Census re step-children)

HH 321-333
Alexander COMBS 22 KKK
Mahala 23 KKK
Sylvania 7 KKK
Polly 6 KKK
Sarah 4 KKK
Edward 1 KKK

Note: Alexander COMBS md Mahala HERALD per 21 Aug 1940 Breathitt Co., Ky Death Certificate of Alexander COMBS. Alexander was the son of Edwin COMBS & Sylvania HERALD.

HH 324-336
Breck COMBS 27 KKK
Sarah 30 KNCK
Elizabeth 10 KKK
Alexander 8 KKK
Richard 6 KKK
Mahala 4 KKK
John L. 4 KKK
William 1 KKK
Polly 1 KKK

Note: William "Breck" COMBS was the son of Edwin & Sylvania HERALD Combs. He is in their 1860 Breathitt household, but missing from 1870 (See 1900 Breathitt).

HH 335-347
Craig COMBS 26 KKK
Orlena 23 KKNC
William 9 KKK
John L. 7 KKK
Edward 5 KKK
Richard 4 KKK
Clinton 3 KKK
Leander 9/12 KKK August

Notes: Richard Craig COMBS son of Edwin & Sylvia HERALD Combs (Source for middle name, 1900 Breathitt Co., Ky Census). Orlena was a DEATON per her sons' Alexander & Clinton's death certificates. Her mother Jemima DEATON was living with son Edward COMBS in 1900 Breathitt Co., Ky Census.

HH 351-367
Edward COMBS 24 KKK md within census year
Sallie 23 KKK

HH 392-409
Miles TERRY 33 KInK
Lourana 29 KKK
Charles 4 KKK
Mary J. 3 KKK
Minerva 1 KKK
Martha COMBS 79 KNCMd widowed grandmother; old age

Notes: Martha COMBS is an apparent double entry. Miles TERRY is the son of Isaac & Barbara GABBARD Terry. Isaac was the son of Thomas Miles TERRY and Martha "Patsy" JOHNSON. According to an interview of g-grandson of Thomas and Patsy, Leonard CAUDILL by Shirley Caudill Evans in 1991, Thomas TERRY left his wife Patsy and started another family in Floyd Co., Ky. Patsy later married Ben COMBS. (1850 Breathitt KY Census, District 2, HH221-221)

HH 400-417
Wiley COMBS 31 KKK
Ceily 25 KKK
Syra 9 KKK
James 7 KKK
Farinda 4 KKK [Clarinda, b 8 Mar 1876?]
Jack 2 KKK

Note: Is this the same couple as the 3/8/1876 Breathitt Co KY birth record for Clarinda COMBS, daughter of Willy/?Seby or Seley? COMBS? Is he son of Joseph & Delilah COMBS Combs?

HH 408-426
Vianna COMBS 40 KKK widowed
Granville 20 KKK
James 17 KKK
Leanna 16 KKK
Andrew 13 KKK
Angeline 12 KKK
Isaac 10 KKK
Emiline 6 KKK

Note: Vinia-Viney-Vienna ANGEL, widow of Mason (a.k.a. Moses) COMBS listed on the 1870 Breathitt Co., Ky Census.

HH 409-427
Talton COMBS 54 KKK
Patsy 44 KNCK
July A. 12 KKK
Syria 10 KKK
Mason 8 KKK
Benjamin 6 KKK
Leslie 3 KKK

Note: Tarlton son of Preston & Nancy STACY Combs.

SHORT Ancil 41 KKK
Elvira 41 "
George 21
John 18
Maranda 16
Andrew 13
Henderson 12
Evans 10
James 8
Isaac 6
Mary 4
Thomas 8 (nephew)

Note: Elvira COMBS, daughter of Benjamin & Martha JOHNSON (Terry) Combs

HH 415-433
Elihue 11 KKK nephew
Minerva COMBS 18 KKK niece; single
Wiley 1/12 KKK April

Notes: The above Polly ROBERTS appears to have been the same as Mary "Polly" ROBERTS who married ca 1842, Sira COMBS, Sr. (son of Preston and Nancy STACY Combs), who is listed in the 1880 Lee Co, KY census, apparently with Polly's niece, Polly CAUDILL, by whom Sira also had children. An Elihu (COMBS?), age 1, is in the 1870 Breathitt Co., KY HH of Sira and Polly ROBERTS Combs, not known if he was a COMBS or a ROBERTS. Minerva COMBS appears to be the daughter of Joseph and Delilah COMBS Combs (1870 Breathitt Co, KY Census), with Joseph probably brother of Sira (both sons of Preston and Nancy).

HH 418-437
Preston COMBS 30 KKK
Polly 32 KKK
Nancy J. 6 KKK

Notes: Preston was the son of Preston & Nancy STACY Combs.

George's Branch #8

Robert DAVIDSON 74 KVV [deaf & dumb or blind - could not tell which was marked]
Nancy 70 KKT
531 Hariet 18 KKK [Race-mulatto] [married] [servant]
Mary E. 1 " [dau.]
James 9 " [brother]

Notes: Combs Researcher Carol Haas states that Nancy COMBS, daughter of Jeremiah "Chunky" COMBS, born ca 1808, died 1894, married Robert DAVIDSON, born ca 1804, died 1885 Nancy DAVIDSON with husband Robert defined as heir of Jeremiah C. Combs in PC-DBC:309/310 and DBC:344-5. Robert Davidson was the son of Revolutionary War soldier Daniel Davidson.

Town of Jackson

HH 2
Henry B. COMBS 31 KKK
Colystia 22 KKK
Laura B. 3 KKK
Violla 1 KKK

Note: Henry B. COMBS, son of William and Letha A. BEGLEY Combs of Perry and Owsley, d 16 Apr 1912 Lee Co., Ky, age at death 65 yrs. Henry B. COMBS is listed on the 1900 Lee Co., Ky Census with wife Collista and mother-in-law Mary DANIEL (which also agrees with The Combes Genealogy, which states he married Calista DANIEL).

HH 13
William M. COMBS 52 KKN jailer
Jane 44 KKK
Isaac W. 16 KKK
Sarah J. 12 KKK
James G. 10 KKK
Samuel L. HAGER 10 KKK gson
Warn HAGER 9 KKK gson
Jane HARVEY 45 KUnkV widow, servant

Note: William M. COMBS (son of Matthew & Frankie BROWN Combs) married Jane COMBS (daughter of Washington & Sarah WHITAKER (?) Combs). Elmira COMBS daughter of William and Jane, married James H. HAGER and Samuel Eugene and Warren Stewart HAGER were their children according to Stephen D. BOWLING, descendant of William and Jane. Who was Jane HARVEY (See other Combs-Harvey)?

HH 19
William COMBS 21 KKK
Sarah 16 KKK
Jula 1/12 KKK May

Note: Possibly the son of Larkin & Margaret COMBS listed on the 1860 Owsley Co., Ky Census.

HH 37
Stephen BACK 53 KKK
Elizabeth 32 KKK
Joseph W. 7 KKK
James F. 4 KKK
Stephen 2 KKK
William C. 4/12 KKK January
Winney COMBS 55 KKK widow, mot-in-law
Jane 17 KKK servant
Polly 45 KKK widow, no relation given
Louisa 12 KKK
Breck 1 KKK

Note: Bluford & Winney COMBS Combs married 25 Feb 1846, Perry Co., KY. See 1850 Perry Co., KY Census, which includes daughter, Elizabeth. Polly COMBS appears to be the same Polly listed in the 1870 Perry County Ky Census living with Hiram NAPIER, as does Louisa; however, who was Breck (Breckinridge?) and who was Jane? Winnie has not been found in 1870 as yet.

HH 131
James COMBS 35 KKK
Elizabeth 25/35 TTT
Nancy J. 13 KKT
Zerrilda E. 12 KKT
Isaac 9 KKT
Mary B. 7 KKT
Miranda 6 KKT
James C. 2 KKT
Caroline 3/12 KKT Feb

Elliotsville #6

HH 316
Henderson HENSLEY 21 KNK [married within the census year]
Christene 17 KKK
Greenville 28 KNK (brother)

Note: Christine COMBS married 29 Dec 1879 Breathitt Co., Ky Henderson HENSLEY. 27 June 1918 Ky Death Certificate: Christina HENSLEY, white, female, married, housewife, age 56 yrs9 mos 18 ds; born 15 Oct 1862 Ky; died 27 June 1918 Breathitt Co., Ky of Brights Disease; daughter of Nick COMBS born Ky & Amanda HAYS born Ky; informant: H. H. HENSLEY of G----, Ky; Filed 10 Feb 1919 Mrs. W. BACH Registrar. Nicholas Combs and Amanda aka Mandagreen were divorced in 1867.

HH 361
Nancy 65 KVV
Jeremiah V. 31 KKK son
Elvira 26 KKK dau-in-law
Charles 2 KKK gson

Note: According to The Combes Genealogy, Elvira COMBS (daughter of William M. and Jane COMBS Combs) married "Jerry LITTLE." Wm. O'Conner also states that Elvira was the same who was born in 1854 in Breathitt Co., KY to William M. & Jane COMBS Combs.

Jackson No. 1

HH 1
Breck COMBS 23 KKK
Susan 24 KKK
Samuel G. 4 KKK [b 7 Jan 1876, Menifee Co, KY]
John 2 KKK
John CHAPMAN 20 KVK laborer

Notes: William Henry Breckinridge COMBS, 1856-1925 (son of William M. & Jane COMBS Combs), married Susan STRONG (1855-1914) per Menifee Co, KY records, Family Bible and oral tradition, according to descendant Stephen D. Bowling. According to The Combes Genealogy, "Wm. Henry Breckinridge (Breck, "Wild Hog") married Susan, daughter of "Red Ned" STRONG."

HH 6
America 21 KKK
Joseph WELLS 21 VVV laborer
Jack SOUTHWOOD 21 KKK laborer

Notes: Leander Buchanon "Buck" COMBS son of William M & Jane COMBS Combs according to Stephen D. Bowling, descendant of the above HH, Breck COMBS. According to The Combes Genealogy, Leander Buchanan "Buck" COMBS (son of William M. & Jane COMBS Combs) married America COMBS, daughter of Wiley COMBS (son of Samuel & Nancy CORNETT Combs) and Elizabeth Jane COMBS (daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte and Susan ISON Combs).

HH 83
Franklin COMBS 32 KKK
Sarah 26 KKK
Daniel 3 KKK
Shadrick 1/12 KKK May
Shadrick 9 KKK nephew
Elizabeth 61 KMdV widow, mother
Frank SUMMY 13 KKK nephew

Note: Franklin (a.k.a. Frank) appears to be the son of Francis & Elizabeth OLIVER Combs (1850 Perry Co., KY Census); however, note that according to the Dickey Diary Interview of William M. COMBS: "...Frank married Bettie OLIVER first, second Polly COUCH, lived and died in Perry…" If so, how can Frank Jr.'s mother, Elizabeth, be alive and widowed? A divorce hiding in the records? Another Franklin with a mother named Elizabeth? Whose son was Shadrach, age 9? See also Quicksand Cemetery Records, Knott Co, KY, which include, listed adjacent to each other in the Old Henderson Fitch Cemetery, Sarah COMBS, born 9 Jan 1842, died 12 Jan 1940, and Franklin COMBS, born 4 Jan 1846 [or 1848], died 3 Jan 1923.

HH 92
Elizabeth 19 KKK
Benjamin 2 KKK
Sally 4/12 KKK January
Ritta OLIVER 2 KKK cousin

Note: Is Moses the same as the son of Felix and Susannah COMBS Combs, born 13 Feb 1858 per Perry Co., KY vital returns? How was Ritta OLIVER a cousin?

Squire RICHIE 40 KKK
Rachel 38 "
Andrew 17
Nancy 15
Malissa 13
Wayne 9
Martha 6

DK Notes: Squire & Rachel COMBS Ritchie, the latter possibly daughter of Francis & Elizabeth OLIVER Combs (See 1870 Breathitt).

HH 114
Wayne COMBS 44 KKIn
Juda 39 KKK
Margaret 19 KKK
Polly 17 KKK
Elizabeth 16 KKK
Nancy 14 KKK
Andrew 12 KKK
William 10 KKK
Lias 8 KKK dau
Jane 7 KKK
Winna 6 KKK
Seburn 4 KKK
Allen 2 KKK
Henry 3/12 KKK Feb

DK Notes: Wayne COMBS (son of  Andrew and Polly FELTNER Combs), b 15 Mar 1833, d 23 Aug 1927, and Juda Ann DOBSON, born 5 May 1834, died 2 Nov 1925, are buried in the Bradley/Hale Cem., in Knott Co., KY. Juda's name is from her gg-granddaughter Sue STACY. (Note: 1850 and 1860 Perry Co., KY Census records for 1850-1870 show Polly FELTNER was born in KY, not IN)

HH 125
Sylvania 28 KKK
John C. 8 KKK
Paton 7 KKK
Josiah 4 KKK
Green 3 KKK
Martha BOWLIN 12 KNCK cousin
Richard COMBS 22 KKK cousin
Katy COMBS 21 KKK cousin's wife

Notes: Richard COMBS (son of William Benton & Susannah CAMPBELL Combs) is probably cousins with Sylvania CAMPBELL Ritchie, thought to be the daughter of William CAMPBELL & Hannah MILLER. William CAMPBELL and Susannah CAMPBELL Combs were both children of John CAMPBELL and Martha SMITH.

HH 135
Diance COMBS 27 KKK single female
Jordon 6 KKK
Linville J. 3 KKK
William 1 KKK

Note: Diance COMBS is listed with her parents William Benton & Susannah CAMPBELL Combs on the 1860 & 1870 Breathitt Co., Ky Census. Her grandparents, John "Jack" & Patsy SMITH Campbell are listed in HH 134. The father(s) of her children is not known (See 1888 Breathitt).

HH 139
William B. COMBS 50 KKK
Susan 43 KNCT
Thomas 9 KKK
Cytha 14 KKK
Isaac 8 KKK
Jack 6 KKK
Mattison 3 KKK
Caleb 5/12 KKK December

Note: William Benton COMBS (son of Stephen & Martha "Patsy" FRANCIS Combs) & Susannah CAMPBELL Combs (daughter of John & Patsy SMITH Campbell).

George NOBLE 29 KKK
Gemima 30 "
Dulcena 9
William 6
Losson 2

Notes: Wm. O'Conner's 1900 Annotated Breathitt Co, KY census lists Gemima as a COMBS. Source? Was she the daughter of Sira COMBS, Sr.?

Troublesome Dist. (numbers continue from previous district)

HH 148
Henry COMBS 52 KKK
Emoline 45 KKK
Nancy A. 23 KKK single
Jeremiah 22 KKK single [b 1/12/1858, Breathitt KY]
Betty 17 KKK
Isabel 6 KKK gdau
John 4 KKK gson
Ella J. 4 KKK gdau
Martha 13 KKK neice
Melva 3 KKK neice

Note: Henry G. COMBS (son of Stephen & Martha "Patsy" FRANCIS Combs) married 19 Mar 1854, Ebeline COMBS (a.k.a. Evlin, Evaline, etc.) Their grandchildren have not been identified as yet.

Alexander CAMPBELL 55 KVV
Tempy 51 KKK
Stephen 20
Benjamin 18
Irvine 16
Wilson 14
Peggy 10
John 30 [son] (married)

Note: Alexander and Temperance Francis COMBS Campbell.

HH 162
William L. HARVEY 52 KKN
Ellis 46 KKK
Ellen 12 KKK
George W. 6 KKK
Isaac COMBS 18 KKK laborer

Notes: Identity of Isaac COMBS? See 1843-1850 Combs-Harvey records of Breathitt Co., KY

HH 171
John C. ROBERTS 50 KNCK ulcoration of eyes
Lucinda 47 KNCK
Martha 19 KKK
Vina 16 KKK
Jackson 13 KKK
Anderson 9 KKK
Green 7 KKK
Elizabeth 5 KKK
Hezekiah COMBS 16 KKK laborer

Notes: Hezekiah COMBS, son of Henry G. and Evelina COMBS Combs.

HH 173
Nancy 34 KKV
Clerinda 10 KKK
John 8 KKK
Harriet 7 KKK
Elvira 5 KKK
Peggy 3 KKK
Stephen 8/12 KKK October
Stephen COMBS 75 KVV fat-in-law
Patsy COMBS 73 VVV mot-in-law

Note: Stephen COMBS, son of Henry "8" & Rachel CLEMENTS Combs

HH 189
Nancy MCINTOSH 47 KKK (wid)
Martha 23
Granville P. 22
Shadrick 18
William T. 17
Caroline 18 KIndK (niece)
CAMPBELL, Polly 26 KKK [dau] [married]
Martha A. 7 [g-dau]
Esther J. 5 "
William 3 [g-son]

Notes: Widow of Turner, daughter of Alfred and Margaret NOBLE Combs.

HH 190
Shade H. COMBS 42 KKK
Lucinda A. 19 VVV wife [d 10 Oct 1914, Breathitt KY]
William B. 17 KKK
Mary J. 16 or 6 KKK
Lavina B. 2 or 4 KKK
George W. 5/12 KKV December
Levi NIX 30 KKK (married) (laborer)

Note: Shadrach H. "Shade" COMBS (son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs) & Lucinda A. DAY (daughter of Marion & Lourainey NEALEY Day) According to The Combes Genealogy, Shade also married Nancy DAVIDSON and Sarah STRONG (not sourced). 1876 Breathitt Co, KY records include the death o an infant son to Shade and Sarah Jane COMBS Combs. Was that this Shade? Was Sarah Jane a COMBS or a STRONG? When did he marry Nancy DAVIDSON? Shad is missing from the 1870 census. Were William B. and the other teenagers in this HH his children from a previous marriage?

HH 193
Mary 16 KKK
James 8/12 KKK Sept
Jack COMBS 19 KKK cousin
William COMBS 22 KKK cousin

HH 205
Granville P. STRONG 27 KKK
Jane 26 KKK
Lilly A. 8 KKK
Wells 1 KKK son
Elhannon COMBS 18 KKK laborer
Clayton WELLS 14 KKK female, neice

HH 238
Henry COMBS 60 KVGa leumatism
Polly 52 KKK
Isaac 22 KKK
Benjamin M. 19 KKK
Edward 18 KKK
Nancy E. 16 KKK
Fanny A. 16 KKK

Note: Henry and Polly GRIGSBY Combs (son of Matthew & Frances BROWN Combs) had twin daughters listed in Ky Vital Returns for Breathitt County, Ky as Angeline and Evaline COMBS b 26 Sept 1863. The above Fanny A. and Nancy E. appear to be the same twins. (See also Thomas A. COMBS Letter of 1822)

HH 240
Alfred COMBS 66 KVGa
Peggy 66 KVV
Iceland ALLEN 9 KKK gson; broken back

Note: Alfred (son of Matthew and Frances BROWN Combs) married Margaret "Peggy" NOBLE. Note also that the GA birthplace for his and Henry's mother further confirms the likelihood that the male Francis COMBS, born GA, of the 1850 Breathitt Co., KY Census was his mother. The parents of Iceland have not yet been determined(?)

HH 241
Alfred A. COMBS 26 KKK
America 20 KKK
Mary A. 2 KKK
Delilia 4/12 KKK
Losson NOBLE 14 KKK bro-in-law
John C. B. NOBLE 12 KKK bro-in-law

Note: Alfred A. COMBS (son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs), died 1916 Breathitt, marrked America NOBLE (daughter of Worton(?) and Jennie WATTS Noble) d 1945 Breathitt.

HH 262
Delaney COMBS 33 KKK
Matilda 29 KKT
Buel 8 KKK
Buregard 7 KKK
Logan 4 KKK

Note: Delaney was the son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs, married Matilda DUFF (1850 Breathitt Census and 1875 Breathitt Vital Statistics) Search Words: Beauregard

HH 263
Isaac COMBS 30 KKK
Mary 26 KKK
Henderson 7 KKK
Margaret 5 KKK
William T. 3 KKK
Martha 1 KKK

Note: Isaac was the son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs (1850 Breathitt KY Census).

HH 265
William COMBS 31 KKK
Susan A. 29 KKK
Esther 12 KKK
Alfred L. 10 KKK
James H. 8 KKK
H/Kendrick 6 KKK
Larkin 4 KKK
Ambia 3 KKK
Baylor W. 4/12 KKK
Martha ALLEN 16 KKK sis-in-law

Note: William M. COMBS, son of Henry & Tempy DAVIS Combs, married Susan A. ALLEN. See 1920 Montgomery Co., KY Census and death certificates.

HH 275
Elijah COMBS 39 KVV
Catherine 39 KKK
John L. 17 KKK
Washington 13 KKK
Jeremiah 11 KKK
William 9 KKK
Nancy 7 KKK
Polly 6 KKK
James 4 KKK
Alexander NOBLE 15 KKK s-son

Note: According to The Combes Genealogy, Elijah, son of Jeremiah "Long" & Sally WHITLEY, married Katie NOBLE. Both Elijah and Katie Noble had children when they were married see the 1870 census of Elijah Combs for more details.

HH 289
Jeremiah COMBS 40 KKK
Sarah A. 40 KKK
Shadrick 14 KKK
John H. 10 KKK
Lavisa 10 KKK
Benjamin F. 9 KKK
Mary E. 8 KKK
Rachel 4 KKK
William A. 2 KKK

Note: Jeremiah, b 12 Mar 1840, Breathitt, d 27 Jan 1918, Breathitt, son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs (his Breathitt KY DC). Sarah was a NOBLE per Confederate widow pension application on 18 May 1918.

HH 291
Washington COMBS 48 KKK
Lettie 45 KKK
Sally A. 5 KKK
Nancy A. 1 KKK
Katy CRABTREE 15 KKK s-dau

Note: Washington and Lettie are listed on the 1870 Breathitt Census. Who is Washington?

HH 302
Solomon NOBLE 24 VInNC
Mary J. 23 KKT
Martha 8 KKK
Alexander 7 KKK
Greenville 5 KKK
Jeremiah 4 KKK
Logan 2/12 KKK March
James COMBS 30 GaGaGa single black

HH 357
Samuel COMBS 23 KKV
Jane 25 KKK
John L. 1 KKK
Biram/Hiram 18 KKK brother

Note: Samuel and Jane appear on the 1900 Breathitt Census. William O'Conner list Jane's maiden name as COPE (no source). Might Samuel and Biram have been sons of Kendrick and Elizabeth "Betty" JONES Combs of the 1860 Perry Co, KY Census? Biram is missing from the 1870, but back with parents in 1880, but Samuel is missing from 1880.

HH 364
William J. WHITAKER 59 VunkT
Elizabeth 61 KVV
Green E. 12 KVK
Rose A. 12 KVK
Evoline GRIGGY/GRIFFY 24 KVK dau; married
Alesa J. COMBS 17 KKK neice

Notes: Unidentified
7 Feb 1880 Lee Co. Marriages: Geo W. COMBS, age (smudged), born Breathitt Co., Ky, 1st marriage; at bride's fathers in the presence of George CURRY & William BURRIS, to Malvery BURRIS, age 25, born Owsley Co., KY, 1st marriage. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson)

Note: George W. COMBS is probably the son of Sampson and Elizabeth BARRETT Combs.
16 Feb 1880 (BC-DB2:574-5) Indenture by and between Thomas SMITH and Sarah SMITH his wife of Perry County of the first part and Isaac RISNER of Breathitt County of the second part...for $ in Perry County including entire farm on which said RISNER now resides on Quicksand and bounded by the lands of Ruben LOVELY and below land of Nehemiah McINTOSH and Nancy BACK...200 acres by survey including 150 acre patent in the name of Thomas SMITH and 50 acres patent to Daniel ROBBINS. Thomas SMITH, Sarah SMITH. Acknowledged by witnesses [Unnamed] on 14 Sept 1881 and recorded 2 May 1882 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).
4 May 1880 (BC-DB2:257-8) Indenture between Wm M Combs and wife Jane Combs of Breathitt County of the first part and George W SEWELL off the same of the second part...for $600 in hand house and lot where part of the second part now lives in the Town of Jackson...beginning on corner of SEWELL'S store house corner of Polly DAVIS include Lot 2 and part of Lot #2. Signed Wm Combs and Jane x Combs. Acknowledged by grantors 4 May 1880 and recorded same (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

Notes: William M Combs, s/o of Mathew Combs and Frankie BROWN per his own Dickey Diary Interview. He married Jane Combs, d/o of Washington Combs and Sallie WHITAKER.
23 May 1880 (BC-DB2:285-6) Indenture between Robert DAVIDSON and Nancy DAVIDSON and Elizabeth HENSON of the first part and Joshua NEICE of the second part, all of Breathitt County...for $150 in hand paid and secured to be paid by March 1, 1881...the whole of a certain tract of land containing 50 acres by survey made in the name of Drury BUSH lying on the south side of the North Fk of the Ky. River on Strong's branch...beginning on a Sugar tree: S75 degrees E 20 poles to a stake south 83 degrees 74 poles to a beech...Signed Robert x DAVIDSON Sr, Nancy x DAVIDSON his wife, Elizabeth x HENSON.
Attest: John M E DAVIDSON
Acknowledged by grantors 26 May 1880 and recorded 8 Oct 1880 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

SE Notes: The relationship of Elizabeth aka Betsy HENSON is unknown. She was living next door to Robert and Nancy in the 1870 census as well as William BUSH.
19 Jul 1880 MINOR: James HADDIX. GUARDIAN: William M. COMBS DATE: Jul 19, 1880 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Louise Gaskill from "The 1998 Record", a Quarterly Publication of the Breathitt County Genealogical & Historical Society, Fall, 1998 edition)
1 Sept 1880 (BC-DB2:279-80) Indenture between Alfred Combs of the first part and Delany Combs of the second part, both of Breathitt County...for $400 land in Breathitt County lying on Barge branch, a tributary of Troublesome Creek...end of Nelson SOUTHWOOD'S line...hill between Caney and Barge creek...Alfred Combs
Acknowledged by grantor 28 Sept 1880 and recorded 28 Sept 1800 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

Notes: Delaney Combs was a son of Alfred Combs and Margaret NOBLE. Specific identity of the above grantor Alfred Combs is not known as there were several Alfred Combs in Breathitt; however, there is an 1852 patent for one Alfred Combs for land on Little Barge Creek. The 1880 census shows both Alfred Sr's sons Alfred and Delaney as being adjacent to each other.
7 Sept 1880 (BC-DB2:342-3) Indenture by and between D G Combs and Rachael Combs his wife of Wolfe Co, Ky. of the first part and Wiley Combs of Breathitt County of the second part...for $ bargain, sell and convey...1/2 of the Cut off mill near the town of Jackson Breathitt Co...being 1/2 of cut off mill and boundary of lands laid off to the said mill and all their fixtures... ___ J B COLEMAN and wife conveyed to said D G Combs...carding machine in said mill...D G Combs, Rachael x Combs.
Produced in Owsley County Court by grantors 9 Oct 1880 and admitted to record 11 Oct 1880. Produced in Breathitt County court 24 May 1881 and recorded 8 June 1881 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

Notes: Daniel COMBS, son of Samuel & Nancy CORNETT Combs, was married to Rachel TURNER 1834-1934, daughter of John TURNER. Wiley Combs may be his brother who was also listed as a gristmiller in the 1880 Breathitt Co census.
_____ 1881 (?) (BC-DB2:575-6). Deed between Bonypart Combs and Susan Combs of Owsley County, Ky. and William GRIGGITH of same...for $ in Breathitt County...beginning on the 4 mile fork of Turkey Creek of lower corner of a 50 acre survey...containing 50 acres...Bonypart x Combs, Susan x Combs. Acknowledged by grantors 30 April 1881 and recorded 6 May 1882 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

Notes: Bonepart and Susan ISOM Combs, s/o of Mason "8" Combs. 09/03/1847 Grantee: Combs, Bonaparte Patent #: 20226, Grant Book & Pg: 37 180, Acreage: 50, County: Breathitt, WaterCourse: Four Mile Fk. Turkey Cr. Survey Name: Combs, Bonaparte, Survey Date: 09/03/1847, Grant Date: 09/15/1852 .
18 July 1881 (BC-DB2:629) Indenture by and between Sylvania ANGEL of the first part and Jefferson Davis Combs of the second part...both of Breathitt...for ($15.00) fifteen dollars paid...conveys...tract of land in Breathitt County on the waters of ___ creek...above Joseph ANGEL's house. Signed Sylvania x ANGEL.
Attest: Edward MARCUM
Acknowledged by Sylvania ANGEL on 18 July 1881 and recorded 12 Aug 1882 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

Notes: Sylvania HERALD married first Edwin Combs who was killed in 1862 and secondly Joseph ANGEL.
25 March 1882 (BC-DB2:599) Alexander Combs and Mahala Combs his wife and John TURNER and Sarah TURNER his wife of the first part to William HERALD his heirs of the second part a certain tract of land containing all his rights in the farm where William HERALD died being heirs of the same, all the TURNERS parts in a certain tract of land on the Mays fork of Elson Creek both on the middle fork of the Ky. River...for $330 in hand paid....Signed Alexander x Combs, Mahala x Combs, John x TURNER, Sarah x TURNER.
Acknowledged by all 4 grantors on 10 May 1882 and recorded 17 July 1882 (Source: abs by SE, orig image, FHC Film #0834251).

Notes: Alexander Combs, s/o of Edwin Combs and Sylvania HERALD, married Mahala HERALD.
15 Oct 1883 Lee Co. Marriages: George W. COMBS, age ?2, born Breathitt Co., Ky, 2nd marriage; married 15 Oct 1883 Nancy A. GRIFFITH, age 26?, b Montgomery Co., Ky. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson)

15 Oct 1883 Lee Co. Marriage: George W. COMBS age 32 second marriage and Nancy A. REFITT age 26 first marriage, md. Oct. 15, 1883 Lee County. (Extracted by Carole Bays)

Note: George W. COMBS was the son of Sampson & Elizabeth BARRETT Combs. The death certificates of both Andrew and Walker, sons of George & Nancy, list their mother as Nancy REFFITT.
17 Feb. 1886-23 July, 1886 the Hazel Green herald (Wolfe Co., KY) abstracted by Sue Elfving found at Chroniclingamerica.

Notice of death in 17 Feb. 1886, Image 3

Died, at her home in Jackson, Breathitt County, February 15th, at 5:03 A. M., Mrs. Jane Combs of heart disease, wife of Wm M Combs. She had been a sufferer the last year.

February 17, 1886, Image 3

The second is a rather laudatory memorial for Jane (Combs) Combs of Breathitt Co, Ky.

3 March 1886 image 3, column 4.

In Memoriam

Mrs. Jane Combswas born six miles above Hazard courthouse, in Perry County, Kentucky November 25th, 1835. She was the daughter of Washington and Sallie Combs, who emigrated from Virginia at an early date. She was married to William Combs, the present jailor of Breathitt County, August 28th, 1851. The newly wedded pair immediately began housekeeping in Jackson, where the husband had located the previous year, and there they lived in happy union until February 15th, 1886, when death severed the bond that had so long bound them together. Her last illness was protracted through many weary months, during which she was not able to lie down, day or night, her disease being of the heart, and a prostrate position produced a smothering sensation. But a more patient uncomplaining sufferer never felt the power of affliction. Not a murmur escaped her lips. She was the mother of ten children, nine of whom survive her; the other one, the wife of J. H. Hager of the Missouri conference, having died almost 15 years before her mother. They all live in Breathitt county, except the wife of Mr. S. B. Smith, the assessor of Wolfe county. Mrs. Combs was a woman of sterling worth. Her virtues shown in all the relations of life. As a wife, she was gentle, faithful and true. The solemn vow taken at the marriage alter to "obey him, serve him, love him, honor, and keep him, in sickness and in health, in forsaking all others to keep her only unto him so long as they both should live," was sacredly kept. "God bless your precious soul fell upon his ear" from her dying lips. In her family government, she was kind but firm. She endeavored to train her children to practice love and virtue. From their birth to her dying hour, she advised, reproved or rebuked, as occasion required, with all the tenderness and earnestness with a loving, paternal heart. Her children will carry her admonitions to their graves - they can never forget them. Her home was a hotel from the day she began housekeeping until death. This, with the rearing of a large family, made her life one of labor. Industry marked every hour of her existence. Her position as landlady gave her a very extensive acquaintance. She was perhaps more widely known than any other woman in the county. At her home a generous and bountiful hospitality was dispensed. Her friends were always welcomed, while the hungry never went away unfed. She was received into the Methodist Church by the Rev. V. B. Daughertee October 23rd, 1883, but for several years previous she had professed faith in Christ. Her death was a glorious Christian triumph. "Perfect love had cast our all fear" Though light and shadow had been mingled in her life, in death all was brightness and glory. She was laid to rest in the family burying ground, there to wait the resurrection to glory, honor, and immortality. Husband and children, let us meet her. J.J.D.

23 July, 1886 Notice of funeral scheduled for 25 July, 1886.
13 Jun 1887 MINOR: Wm. GILLIUM, Martha GILLIUM, Lula GILLIUM, Jemima GILLIUM. GUARDIAN: Breck COMBS DATE: Jun 13, 1887 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Louise Gaskill from "The 1998 Record", a Quarterly Publication of the Breathitt County Genealogical & Historical Society, Fall, 1998 edition)
26 Jul 1888 The LaRue Co. [KY] Herald, Thursday, July 26, 1888 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp). "One of the saddest cases of the effects of ignorance and the lack of moral training was placed before the public last week when an 11 year old boy was taken to the penitentiary at Frankfort, for murder, having received sentence for life imprisonment. His name is Linnville COMBS, and he came from the county of Breathitt.

"When taken to the penitentiary he whirled his straw hat in his hand and gazed around on his new and strange surroundings in a startled way, not realizing or at least not caring that he had just arrived at his home for life. His mother lived with a man who served as Linnville's step-father. Linnville had a little 3 year old sister who was disliked by the step-father, who told Linnville to kill her, and the boy says he did it in this way: "She was just walking along the floor and I hit her in the head with a skillet. She fell over into the fire, but she was dead already. I pulled her out of the fire and threw her into the creek." He afterward waded in and pulled the body out and it was buried.

"The matter finally leaked out and Linnville was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment. He does not seem to realize that he has done anything wrong, though he is a particularly bright youth. He said he had never been to school but went to Sunday-school twice, and when asked if he did not hear about the Lord at Sunday-school, replied, without attempting fun but in childish ignorance, " No, he wasn't there that day and I don't know nothing about him anyhow."

"He is totally ignorant of a Devine Being, and consquently as unconscious of right or wrong as any of the heathens to which missionaries are sent every year-and he lives right here in Ky. This is one case especially of which our State-as a State-and our moralists should be ashamed. put more missionaries to work in Ky. and send fewer of them to China and the good accomplished will be more discernible."

Notes: Setting aside the histrionics of the above editorial: Linville, born ca 1877, KY, was the son of Diancey COMBS (daughter of William Benton and Susannah CAMPBELL Combs), born 1853-4, Breathitt Co, KY. In 1880, Diancey is listed in the Breathitt census as age 27, and single, with three children: Jordan, 6; the above Linville J., age 3, and William, age 1, with no indication as to whom their father(s) might be. Abt 1890, Diancey married Sampson COLLINSWORTH, thirteen years her younger according to the 1900 Breathitt KY Census, which also listed as his step-sons, Isaac COMBS, b May 1882 and Thomas COMBS, born Nov 1888. No death certificates have been located as yet for her children, but two questions might be: (1) Do court records indicate the father(s) of any of Diancey's children? (2) What happened to the man who was living with Diancey when Linville killed his sister? Could he have been the William COMBS, born 1853, died 7 Nov 1913, at the KY State Penitentiary with his former residence listed as Bell County?
3 Sep 1888 Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 4, pg 351: James COMBS, age 28, single, married 3 Sept 1888 to Nannie BRANDENBURG, age 20, single. Married at Jackson Ky Breathitt Co., KY by Eugene NICKEL Min. (Provided by Anita Boyd and transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson)
20 Sep 1888 Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 4, pg 359: Groom: Jerimah Combs, Age 18, single, Bride: Rachel Roberts, Age 19, single; No parents listed for either; Date 20 September 1888; No other information given. Married in Breathitt Co. Ky, (Transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson)
1890 Veterans Schedule Index: (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

  1. pg. 019 Shadric COMBS Note: Rebel Shade COMBS 1838-1891, son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs
  2. pg. 021 Woodson COMBS Note: Woodson COMBS, son of Hardin & Dicy COMBS Combs may have been deceased by 1890 and this may account for the double listing of Woodson.
  3. pg. 021 Rachel % Woodson COMBS pg. 021
  4. pg. 021 Mason COMBS
  5. pg 021 Viana % Mason COMBS Note: Mason COMBS, deceased by 1880, was married to Viana ANGEL. Mason may have been the son of Preston and Nancy STACY Combs.
  6. pg. 021 Tarlton COMBS Note: Tarlton COMBS was the son of Preston and Nancy STACY Combs.

10 Nov 1890 MINOR: Orlena COMBS, Richard COMBS, Sylvania COMBS, Jeptha COMBS, Emily COMBS, Floyd COMBS. GUARDIAN: James MILLER DATE: Nov 10, 1890 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Louise Gaskill from "The 1998 Record", a Quarterly Publication of the Breathitt County Genealogical & Historical Society, Fall, 1998 edition)
12 Mar 1892 MINOR: Lillie E. HADDIX, Igo N. HADDIX, minors over 14 yrs. of age. GUARDIAN: William B. COMBS DATE: Mar 12, 1892 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Louise Gaskill from "The 1998 Record", a Quarterly Publication of the Breathitt County Genealogical & Historical Society, Fall, 1998 edition)
12 Dec 1892 MINOR: Jemima COMBS, over 14 yrs. of age GUARDIAN: James Miller DATE: Dec 12, 1892 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Louise Gaskill from "The 1998 Record", a Quarterly Publication of the Breathitt County Genealogical & Historical Society, Fall, 1998 edition)

H Notes: Clinton and America HERALD Combs had children Elizabeth, Jemima, Orlena, and Richard on the 1880 Breathitt Co. Census. Elizabeth is married by 1889 to Levi GROSS. James MILLER was married to Jane ANGEL, half-sister of Clinton COMBS.
23 Jan 1893 Lee Co. Marriages: Winfield S. UNDERWOOD, age 31, born Owsley Co., Ky, 2nd marriage; Jane COMBS, age 30, born Breathitt Co., Ky, 1st marriage. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson)
4 May 1893 Lee Co. Marriage: J.C. B. COMBS, age 23, born Breathitt Co., Ky, 1st marriage; Mary E. CRABTREE, age 16, born Lee Co., Ky, 1st marriage. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson)

Note: John C. Breckinridge "Brack"COMBS was the son of Claibourn & Gracie MAYS Combs.
28 Dec 1893 Lee Co. Marriages: Charles W. COMBS, age 24, born Breathitt Co., Ky, 1st marriage; Mary A. BOWMAN, age 24, born Owsley Co., Ky, 2nd marriage. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson)

Note: Charles Wesley COMBS was the son of B. Tarlton COMBS & Mary A. WILLIAMS.
17 Jul 1894 Breathitt Co Marriages Abraham Combs, 25, married Louisa Fugate, 21 (submitted by Lynda Combs Gipson)
28 Jan 1895 MINOR: Solomon COMBS GUARDIAN: William N. Noble DATE: Jan 28, 1895 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Louise Gaskill from "The 1998 Record", a Quarterly Publication of the Breathitt County Genealogical & Historical Society, Fall, 1998 edition)

DH: Could Solomon COMBS be Saul "Solly" COMBS b 1880, son of Elijah and Catherine NOBLE Combs and listed on the 1900 Breathitt Co., Ky Census?
2 May 1895 Lee Co. Marriages: David S. REECE, age 22, b Jackson, Lee Co., Ky [sic], 1st marriage; Laura Belle COMBS, age 18, born Breathitt Co., Ky, 1st marriage. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson)

Note: Laura B. was the daughter of Henry B. & Collista DANIEL Combs.
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