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During 1695-96 a number of county boundaries changed, affecting both hundreds and parishes. Maryland had always had hundreds (civil divisions within counties), but Church of England parishes were only now becoming an integral part of her governmental system. The following are the counties, parishes and hundreds according to the Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1696/7, on as published in the Archives of Maryland, Vol. XXIII, pages 17-25. Note that this list may not be correct given the constant changes in legislation and policy during this period (See also Colonial Maryland re early county formations). Also note that each County is linked to the applicable Combs Count of Record, and that there is some overlap of both hundreds and parishes.

"An Accot of the Severall Parishes within this Province (according as they were by Act Laid out) together with the Bounds of the same the Names of the Vestrymen and Number of Tithables within Each Parish. Vizt... [and] An Accot of the Hundreds in the Severall Counties of the Province Vizt"

Anne Arundel County


Town Neck
Middle Neck
Broad Neck
South River
West River
Herring Creek


"Ann Arrundell County is Divided into Four Parishes Vizt Herring Creek. South River. Middle Neck & Broad Neck.

"Herring Creek Parish Consists of Herring Creek Hundred and the Major part of West River Hundred." Vestrymen: Thomas Tench Esq Capt Robert Lockwood Mr Seth Biggs Mr James Rigbey Capt Wm Holland Mr Nicho Perret Taxables 507.

South River Parish consists of South River Hundred and a Small part of West River Hundred. Vestrymen for the sd Parish chosen &Ca Vizt Capt Hen: Hanslope Mr Edwd Burgess Mr John Gresham Mr Walter Phelps Taxables 460. Mr Wm Roper Mr John Watkins

Middle Neck Parish is Scituated betwixt South River and Severn River, Vestrymen for the sd Parish chosen Vizt Mr Thomas Bland Mr Jacob Harness Mr Richd Wharfield Mr Wm Brown Mr Laurence Draper Mr Corne. Howard Taxables. 374.

Broad Neck Parish is Scituated on the North Side of Severn River including Town Neck & Broad Neck hundreds. Vestrymen for the sd Parish chosen &ca Vizt Mr John Bennet Mr George Eager Mr Wm Hopkins Mr Hugh Merrican Mr Robert Eagle Mr Edw: Fuller Taxables. 223.

Baltimore County


North Side of Patapsco
South side of Patapsco
Gun Powder River
South Side of Gun Powder


"Baltemore County the Division of the Parishes and Bounds thereof have not as yet been Return'd by the Clerk of the sd County. but do find by the Returns of the Severall Vestrymen that the sd County is divided into three parishes, Vizt Patapsco St Johns & St Georges." Parishes by return:

Patapsco Parish. Vestrymen: Mr John Ferry Mr Richd Samson Mr Wm Wilkinson Mr John Hayes Mr Richd Crumwell Mr Nicho Corbain Taxables 218.

St Johns Parish. Vestrymen: Mr Thomas Staley Mr Samll Siclemore Capt Tho: Preston Mr Danll Scott Mr Richd Adams Mr Abram Tayler Taxables 128.

St Georges Parish Vestrymen: Mr Wm Hollace Mr George Smith Mr Laurence Tayler Mr Roger Mathews Mr John Parker Mr Thomas Cordey Taxables. 137.

Calvert County


Lyons Creeke
Lower End of the Clifts
Upper End of the Clifts
Hunting Creek
Leonards Creek
Elton Head

"Calvert County is divided into Four Parishes Vizt Christ Church, All Saints, St Pauls, and All Faiths."

"Christs Church Parish Consists of these following Hundreds, Vizt Hunting Creek, Leonards Creek, Eltonhead, & lower hundred of the Clifts." Vestrymen: Mr Richd SMITH Mr Francis MAULDIN Capt Tho: CLEGATE John MANNING Mr Henry FIRNLEY Mr Samll HOLDSWORTH Taxables. 537.

"All Saints Parish consists of the Lyons Creek Hundred and the Upper hundred of the Clifts." Vestrymen: Mr Walter SMITH Mr John SCOTT Mr Wm NICHOLS Mr John LEECH junr Mr Wm TURNER Mr John HANCE Taxables 507.

"St Pauls Parish consists of "from the Upper part of Mount Calvert hundred to the main branch of Swansons Creek." Vestrymen: Mr Thomas Brooks Mr Richd Charlet Mr Thomas Greenfield Mr Wm Barton Mr Thomas Hollyday Mr Samll Magruder Taxables. 500.

All Faiths Parish consists of "from the main branch of Swansons Creek to the Lower part of Harvy Hundred." Vestrymen: Mr James KEECH Mr John GILLAM Mr John SMITH Mr Charles ASKUE Mr Richd SOUTHERN Capt Richd GARDNER Taxables 278.

Cecil County


South Sassafrax
North Sassafrax


"Cecill County is divided into two Parishes, Vizt South Sassafrax and North Sassafrax."

"South Sassafrax Consists of these following Hundreds, Vizt Worton [sic] and South Sassafrax Hundred." Vestrymen: Coll: Wm PEIRCE Mr Wm Elins Mr Wm Harris Mr Geo: Sturton Taxables 350. Mr Edwd Blay Mr Edwd Scidmer

North Sassafrax Consists of Bohemia & Elk hundreds. Vestrymen: Coll: Caspas Herman Mr Henry Rigg Majr John Thompson Mr Mathias Vanderhaden Mr Wm Ward Mr Henry Jones Taxables 321.

Charles County


Lower part of Wm & Mary Parish
Upper part Ditto
East side of Portobacco
West Side of Ditto
Lower part of Nanjemy parish
Upper part of Ditto
Upper part of King & Queen parish

"Bennedict Town, being Joyned to part of King & Queen parish."


"Charles County is divided in four Parishes Vizt Wm & Mary, Port Tobacco, Nanjemy, & Piscattoway. The Bounds whereof being Artificiall and Some what Long have Omitted to insert them here."

Wm & Mary Parish, Vestrymen: Coll: John Courts Mr Henry Hardy Mr Robert Yates Mr John Wielder Mr Wm Hawton Mr Wm Harbert Taxables 256. A° 96:—258.

Port Tobacco Parish. Vestrymen: Mr Henry Hawkins Mr C. LOMAX Mr Wm Barton Mr John Hawkins Mr Phi: Hoskins Mr John Hanson Taxables 346. Ao g6. 298.

Nanjemy Parish. Vestrymen: Mr John Stone Mr Wm Stone Mr Joseph Maning Mr Richd Harrison Taxables 173. Mr Wm Dent Mr Gerrard ffowke A0 96. 175.

Piscattaway Parish. Vestrymen: John ADDISON Esq Mr Wm Tanneyhill Mr Wm HATTON Mr John Emmet Mr Wm Hutchinson Mr James Stoddart Taxables.

Dorchester County


Great Choptanck
Fishing Creek
Little Choptanck


"Dorchestr County is divided into two Parishes Vizt Great Choptanck and Dorchester Parish. The Bounds whereof being Artificiall and some what Long I have not here inserted, But are Entred among the Councill proceedings had and taken in Sr Edmd ANDROS'S time being then Return'd but no Accot of the Vestrymen was therein."

"Yet do find by a Return of the Vestry of great Choptanck parish, the sd Return being Subscribed thus. Vizt Great Choptanck parish. Vestrymen: Phil V: PITT John PERSON Obadiah King Edwd Stephens John Lecompt Taxables 407.

Dorchester Parish "as by Return." Vestrymen Mr Arthur Witley Mr Thomas Vickers Mr Wtm Robison Mr James Moadsly Mr John Button Mr Wm Shinton Taxables 221:

Kent County


Town Hundred
Lower Hundred of Chester River
Lower Hundred of Langfords Bay
Swann Creek Hundred
Island Hundred
Eastern Neck Hundred
Chester Upper Hundred


"Kent Island Parish is bounded Natureally within it Self." Vestrymen: Mr John Coppage Mr Alexander Walkers Coll: Wm Laurence Mr Edward James Mr Philip Conner Mr Valintine Southern Taxables 146.

"St Pauls Parish Consists of the Rest of the County." Vestrymen: Mr Wm Frisby Mr Charles Tilden Mr Micha Miller Mr Thomas Smith Mr Hans Hanson Mr Simn Wilmore Taxables 321. 534

Prince George's County


Mount Calvert
New Scotland


[Prince George's Parish list was not included with the other counties. They may not have had any at this point (not researched)]

St. Maries County


St. Maries City
St Maries
New Town
St Michaells
St Georges
St Inego's
St. Clements
Poplar Hill


"St. Maries County is divided into two Parishes between New Town hundred and Clements hundred by Mr Langworths branch which leads to Petuxants main road and the sd branch divides the sd hundreds & parishes and Parishes hereafter Named that is to say the Lower called by the Name of Wm and Mary Parish and the Upper by the Name of King & Queen Parish."

Wm & Mary Parish. Vestrymen: Mr Kenelm CHESELDYNE Mr John WATSON Majr John CAMPBELL Mr John LLEWELLIN Mr Robt MASON Mr Thomas BEALE to be. Taxables. 457 Ao 96. Ret: 532.

King & Queen Parish. Vestrymen: Coll: Nehemiah BLACKISTON Capt John DENT Capt John COOD Mr Philip BRISCO Mr Richd CLOUDS Mr Jno BARECRAFT Taxables. 473.

Somerset County


Poquede Norton


Somerset Parish Consists of Manokin, and Many hundreds. Vestrymen for the sd Parish as by Return, Vizt Mr John Huett Mr Nath: Horsey Mr Richd Chambers Mr Miles Grey Mr John Panter Mr Peter Elzey Taxables 304.

Coventry Parish Consists of Pocomoke and Annamessix hundreds. Vestrymen for the sd Parish as by Return Vizt Mr Francis Jenckins Mr Wm Planer Senr Mr George Layfield Mr Thomas Dixon W Thomas Nuball Mr Wm Coleburn Taxables 414 Anno 96: 369

Stepney Parish Consists of Wiccocomoco and Nantecoke Hundreds.Vestrymen for the sd Parish as by Return Vizt Mr John Huett Clergymn Mr Jam:Weatherley) Mr Robert Collyer Mr John Bounds Mr Thomas Holebrooke Mr Philip Carter Mr Philip Askue Taxables 381 A° 96. 362.

Snow Hill Parish Consists of Bogettenorton & Mattapany Hundreds. Vestrymen for the sd Parish as by Return Vizt Mr Matt: Scarborough Mr Thomas Pointer Mr Wm Round Mr Thomas Selbey Mr John Francklin Mr Edward Hamond Taxables 353.

Talbot County


Lower hundd of Kent Island


"Talbot County is divided into three Parishes Vizt St Pauls St Peters and St Michaells Parish."

"St Pauls Parish begins at the head of Chester River & Extends to the Court House, and from the Court House along the North side of Brewers branch to the Head of the sd branch and from thence to Judwins branch being the North part of Tuccohoe." Vestrymen: Majr Wm FINNEY Mr Nathll WRIGHT Mr Wm COURSEY Mr Robt MACKLIN Mr John Whittington Mr John CHAIRS Taxables—606.

"St Peters Parish begins at John Judwins branch and Extends to Oxford Town." Vestrymen: Mr Thomas ROBINS Mr Nicho LOWE Mr Thomas BOWDLE Mr Samll ABBET Senr Mr George ROBINS Mr Thomas MARTIN Taxables 453.

"St Michaells Parish Consists of Mill & Bay Hundreds and part of Island Hundred that is to say from the Court House Downward." Vestrymen: Capt John Davis Mr Michaell TURBUT Capt James Murphey Mr Hugh Sherwood Mr Thomas Smithson Mr John Power Taxables 485.