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The ANDERSON - BROWN - POPE - WROE (a.k.a. ROE, ROWE) Families may have played a large role in the lives of John & Ann “Hannah” (MASON?) Combs (Roe?) of Richmond Co VA, and the following report has been prepared by multiple Combs Researchers as part of our continuing efforts to Document Our Combs

1. Jane BROOKE was born before 1648, of Westmoreland Co, Virginia, d/o Henry & Lydia (UNKNOWN) Brooke. She died after 1702.

Henry BROOKE, father of Jane, patented land in then-Northumberland (later Westmoreland) on 31 May 1650, on land adjacent to Nathaniel POPE I and Hercules BRIDGES, with headrights including himself, David WHITLIFF, Eman. BROOKE, Jane BROOKE, Jane BROOKE [sic], Robt. WHITLIFFE, Lydia BROOKE, Ailce WHITLIFFE. (Virginia Land Patent Book 2:225, Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. I, p. 194). On 24 Oct 1655, the land of Henry BROOKE is mentioned as adjacent to that of Hercules BRIDGES and the patent of Richard COALE & David ANDERSON for 150 A (Virginia Land Patent Book 4:15 (23), ibid., p. 326.) (See Also David ANDERSON and Archdale/Archibald Combs of Stafford Co VA c1688) The Westmoreland Co VA will of Henry BROOKS, shipwright, dated 21 Jun 1662, and proved in Westmoreland Co, VA 3 Feb 1662/3, named wife Joane (to be ex.); dau Dorothy BROOKS, grandchild Lidia, dau of Lawrence ABBINGTON; Henry SAXTON, godson; dau. Jane HIGDEN; dau. Lidia ABBINGTON; and specified Richard COLE as overseer (Westmoreland Wills, Augusta B. Fothergill)

It is believed that Jane BROOKE probably married (1) bef 1662, Richard HIGDON who d testate in Westmoreland Co VA before 1677; (2) 1663-1677, Original BROWN I; and possibly (3) between 1698 and 1702, James CAMPBELL.

The will of Richard COLE, Parish of Appomattox, Westmoreland Co VA, dated 4 Nov 1663, proved 27 Apr 1664 made bequests to “Widow BROOKS”, Nicholas SAXTON; “my god daughter, Jane, the wife of Richard HIGDEN; Thomas WEBB; with the widow BROOKS to be exx. Witnesses: John BROOK and John BELL. (Westmoreland Co, VA Wills, 1654-1800, Augusta B. Fothergill, Appeals Press, 1925; SHP reprint, Easley, SC, 1982)

Jane’s father Henry BROOKE and his friend and associate Richard COLE previously lived in St. Mary’s Co, Maryland, where Henry married Jane UNKNOWN Wickliffe, the widow of David WICKLIFFE sometime between 1644 (her last record as the widow WHITCLIFF in St. Mary’s) and the 31 May 1650 patent record for Henry’s land in then Northumberland Co, Virginia. That she was the widow of David WICKLIFFE aka WHITCLIFF is proven by her 11 Oct 1650 statement to wit: Jane wife of Henry BROOKES at the request of Willm LEWIS saith upon oath that in a bargain with her former husband david WICKLIFFE made with Cpt. Cornwallis there was due to her said husband 200 acres of land within the said Capt.’s divident the right of which said 200 acres this depont saith was given by her said former husband the Lt. Willm LEWIS And further she saith not. Jane BROOKE. 11 Oct. 1650, Richard COLE stated the above agreement with Willm LEWIS was 12 years since and the land was in St. Inegoes Creek…(MD Historical Magazine, 1913, Land Notes 1634-1655, p. 265). Jane could possibly be the mother of Henry’s daughter Jane BROOKE Higden if she were born 1643 or later now that we know Jane WICKLIFFE was widowed between 1643-43. Note that Henry’s transportation list for his patent includes David, Alice, and Robert Whitliffe. David was Jane’s son by her previous husband. The others could possibly be her children alsoo since she had evidently been married to David by 1638.

A later Westmoreland court record substantiates that Jane BROOKE Higden remarried to Original BROWN, and that Henry’s daughter Lydia, wife of Lawrence ABBINGTON remarried to Wm KIMBER aka KIMBALL.

On 10 Jan.1682/3 WESTM Co. (RF Note: William KIMBER, sometimes seen as KEMBER and KIMBALL, was the second husband of Lydia (BROOKS) Abbington). Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1675-6-1688/9, Part Three 1682-1684, Abstracted and Compiled by John Frederick Dorman. (Westmoreland Co., VA Order Bk. 1675/6-1688/9, pp. 275-276) ORIGINALL BROWNE AND WM. KIMBER complaine that DAVID WHITLIFFE keeps and detains from them one messuage containinge 650 acres, formerly in the possession of JANE BROOKS, demised to Jane Brooks for her natural life by HER HUSBAND HENRY BOOKS his last will and testament bearinge date 25 June 1662 and now decendinge and COMINGE TO THE PETITIONERS IN RIGHT OF THEIR WIVES, BEING THE DAUGHTERS AND COHEIRS OF HENRY BROOKS, which David Whitliffe well knows, to the petitioners’ damage in the profits of the land, house and especially a conciderable good orchard 16,000 pounds of tobacco, wherefore the petitioners humbly pray order to the Sheriffe to putt the petitioners in quiett possession and that a jury of the vicinage may enquire into and asses the damages. The defendant pleadinge by Jno: Lord his attorney that the plaintiffs have noe right to the same, neither HENRY BROOKS THEIR ANCESTOR by virtue of anny extant patent (the Court refer to the jury) who died seezed of the lands in controversye. The verdict: Wee find by the patent that DOROTHY BROOKS died seez’d of the 650 acres claimed by plaintiffs and it [is] the judgement of this Court that 329 acres in the patent specified devolve on the heirs of Henry Brooks because Dorothy Brooks had not estate in the same until the death of JANE BROOKS, WHO DIED BUT LATELY, BUT DOROTHY LONGE SINCE, and the 321 acres taken up by DOROTHY BROOKS ALIAS BUTLER for the transportation of seaven persons devolve on the heires of Dorothy, from which judgement DAVID WHITLIFF appeals to the 4th day of the next Generall Court and Capt. John Lord assumes as security with him for prosecution of his appeale, and Mr. Lawrence Washington with ORIGINAL BROWNE and WM. KIMBER. (Westmoreland Co., VA Order Bk. 1675/6-1688/9, p. 287) [10 May 1683] It appear’d to this Court that ORIGINALL BROWNE did by force expel DAVID WHITLIFF from his land. The Court order the Sheriffe to pay DAVID WHITLIFFE into possession of his lands until hee shal legally be ejected. JOHN BUTLER VS. DAVID WHITLIFFE. Davie Whitliffe did suppena John Browne [sic] as an evidence in the above cause. The Court order Whitliffe to pay to the said John Butler 80 pounds of tobacco (record submitted by Rhoda Fone).

See St. Mary’s Co, MD for more information and records about Henry BROOKE, Richard COLE, David WHITLIFFE aka WICKLIFFE, the BALDRIDGES, POPES, and other families that first settled (some by 1633/4) in St. Mary’s Co, Maryland and relocated to Westmoreland Co, Virginia (then Northumberland Co). Also coming is separate report on Henry BROOKE and associated families. Given the probable importance of the BROOKE connection, additional information is provided about Henry BROOKE, Shipwright, the immigrant who settled in Maryland (St. Maries’ Co) by 1641. Attention is also given to David WICKLIFFE, another early Maryland immigrant who settled in Maryland in 1636, who is documented as a Protestant Catholic, and whose wife Jane remarried to Henry Brooke in Maryland shortly after his decease and who may be the mother of Jane BROOKE Hidgen Brown.

Jane BROOKE and Richard HIGDON had at least one child:

+2. i. John HIGDON I.

Jane BROOKE Higdon married next, 1663-1677, Original BROWN I who died testate in 1698 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia. His will, dated 5 Feb 1697/8, proved 27 Apr 1698, specified a chest of drawers to dau. Jane POPE, named daughter, Judith ROE (10 shillings), dau. Mary BROWN at age of 16 years one negro girl, feather bed and furniture; son William horses, pistols and bayonets; and Lawr. ABBINGTON one-half stock, books, etc., with his wife Jane to be exx. and to inherit residue of his estate. (Westmoreland Co, VA Wills, 1654-1800, Augusta B. Fothergill, Appeals Press, 1925; SHP reprint, Easley, SC, 1982)

Jane BROOKE and Original BROWN I had the following children:

+3. i. Jane BROWN

+4. ii. Judith BROWN.

+5. iii. Mary BROWN.

+6. iv. William BROWN.

Jane BROOKE Higdon Brown may have married a third time, between 1698 and 1702, to James CAMPBELL who died testate in 1702 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia, his will dated 20 Nov 1702, proved 30 Dec 1702, with bequests to John HIGDON’S sons, Original, Daniel and John, one heifer each “when 20 years of age;” to Nathaniel POPE’S two children, Mary and William, late of Richmond county when 21 years of age two cows and calves; to Elizabeth HIGGINS’ two sons 5 shillings each; to Mary TRIPLETT 10 shillings; to Original ROE 2 years schooling; wife Jane exx. and estate not willed [sic. Appraised?]. (Westmoreland Co, VA Wills, 1654-1800, Augusta B. Fothergill, Appeals Press, 1925; SHP reprint, Easley, SC, 1982; Genealogies of Virginia Families, The Foxhall-Vaux-Elliott Families, Vol. III, p. 117)

Elizabeth HIGGINS has not yet been identified, but John HIGDON’S sons, Nathaniel POPE’S children, and Original ROE were all grandchildren of Jane BROOKE Higdon Browne; thus a third marriage appears quite possible (not researched).

The husbands of Jane’s daughters, Jane POPE and Judith ROE, are documented by a Richmond Co VA deed dated 02 Feb 1702/3 and recorded 4 days later, when Nathaniell POPE of Westmoreland County, “prectioner & Law,” deeded to William WROE and Judeth his wife, “for divers good causes and considerations me hereunto moveing but more especially for and in consideration of the Love I beare unto William ROE and Judeth his Wife and theirs Children… Land scituate and being in the County of Richmond part of the Devident of Land I formerly lived on now in the occupation of Walter ANDERSON, begining in the line next to Pottomack att a marked Hickory standing close by the Path that goes by the burnt Poplar Stump and standing close by the said Poplar Stump and running along the said path about one hundred and fifty yards to a small valley called the Dogwood Valley and so downe the said Valley and the meanders thereof to the uttmost extent of the said land by estimation one hundred and fivety acres be the same more or less, I say that part of the said Land next and adjoyning to the land formerly belonging to William WHEELER now in the occupation and tenure of John PITTMAN…to the said William ROE and Judith his Wife for and dureing their naturall life and after their decease to their Son, Originole ROE and the heires of his body lawfully begotten forever…” /s/ Nath: POPE. Wits: Robt. PAYNE. Jonas (mark) SCOTT. Jane POPE relinquished dower on 2 Feb 1702/3, same witnesses. (Richmond County, Virginia DB 3:206-208, Deed Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia, 1701-1704, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)

The above Walter ANDERSON was the brother of John ANDERSON, named co-executor of the 1716 Richmond Co VA will of John Combs who named his wife, Hannah (MASON?) Combs, the other co-executor. (Richmond DB3:300). When John ANDERSON d in 1720 in King George Co VA, his will included his named brothers, Walter ANDERSON and William BROWN. It is not yet known how William BROWN and John ANDERSON were brothers - whether step-brothers, half-brothers, or (most likely) brothers-in-law. John ANDERSON named William BROWN, said to have been the same who was son of Original & Jane BROOKS Brown, executor of his will; thus William BROWN came into control of Combs’ property held by John ANDERSON (King George Court Order Book 1:26) (See more re John & Hannah (MASON?) Combs below)


2. John HIGDON I was born before 1662, and may have had the following issue: (not researched, but John appears to have been same whose sons were named in will of (step-father?) James CAMPBELL, and who d testate in Westmoreland Co VA in 1718, his Westmoreland Co VA will dated 07 Sep 1718, proved 21 Oct 1718 does not mention a wife, names sons, Daniel & John, land, 1 negro and personal property; son John to be executor (Westmoreland VA Wills, Fothergill)

   7. i. Original HIGDON, born between 1682 and 1701, probably d bef 1718.

+8. ii. Daniel HIGDON

+9. iii. John HIGDON II

3. Jane BROWN died testate in Westmoreland Co VA in 1752. 03 Apr 1752 - 30 Jun 1752 (Westmoreland Wills, Vol. XI) Will of Jane POPE. Five negroes to dau. Elizabeth PRICE; William and Benjamin POPE 1 negro each; grand-daughter, Elizabeth POPE 3 negroes; grandson John, son of my daughter, Elizabeth PRICE; son in law Bourn PRICE (Westmoreland Wills, Fothergill) She married to Nathaniel POPE (son of Nathaniel POPE II and Mary SISSON) in 1672?? in Westmoreland Co, Virginia. Nathaniel POPE was born in 1669. He died in 1719 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia, inventory returned 09 Mar 1719/20. (Westmoreland Wills, Fothergill) Jane BROWN and Nathaniel POPE had the following children:

10. i. William POPE.

11. ii. Mary POPE may have married a WEEKS.

12. iii. Lewis POPE.

13. iv. John POPE died in 1735 in Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co, Virginia. He was married to Elizabeth POPE (daughter of Nathaniel POPE and Elizabeth PIERCE) before 1730 in (of) Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co, Virginia. Elizabeth POPE was born before 1715. She died after 1730. John POPE and Elizabeth POPE had the following children: Nathaniel POPE died after 1753.

14. v. Jane POPE was born before 1715. She married George WILLIAMS of Stafford before 30 Oct 1730. George WILLIAMS of Stafford was born before 1710. He died in 1750 in Stafford Co, Virginia.

15. vi. Worden POPE was born before 1716; died in 1749. He married Hester(?) NETHERTON.

16. vii. Elizabeth POPE married to Bourn PRICE (son of Meriday PRICE II). Bourn PRICE was born before 1725. He died after 1725.

Note: Documentation for above yet to be added

Also Note From Combs Researcher Tom Lincoln:

Mary SISSON, sister of Robert SISSON, Nathaniel POPE (II), dying early and intestate, left an only son, Nathaniel(III), who, by virtue of his mothers marriage to a Mr. BRIDGES, became known as Nathaniel POPE alias BRIDGES. He received a patent of land from his mother Mary (SISSON) BRIDGES (POPE) 25 Aug 1676 and, after her remarriage to Lewis NICHOLAS, a second patent of land from Mary (SISSON) NICHOLAS (BRIDGES) (POPE) 20 Feb 1677. [She was widowed yet again and married David WHITLIFFE [or WICKLIFF, with a son named after her brother Robert], the first Protestant born in MD who came as a refugee to VA.] Nathaniel(III)’s children were *William; Mary {m. Joseph WEEKS}; *Lewis; John (d. 1735) {m. Elizabeth, dau. of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (PIERCE) POPE}, Jane; WORDEN (d. 1749) {m. Hester ? NETHERTON} [On 26 Sep 1748 he made a deed in gift to his ’cuzin’ (i.e. niece) Margaret RALLS, Daughter of George WILLIAMS, [an iron] founder of Stafford Co and Jean his wife, of a negro boy, Ben]; and Elizabeth {m. Bowen PRICE, King George County, VA.} [* = probably died in childhood.] [$$ Thomas POPE (in Virginia in 1623 ) “of London, haberdasher” V.M. XIX, 132] See Also the 1705 Westmoreland Co VA Will of John ROSIER, Jr., s/o John & Elizabeth HILLIER Rosier (Bridges), h/o Mary WILLIAMSON, d/o James & Ann UNDERWOOD Williamson.

4. Judith BROWN was born in 1677. She died before 1726. She was married to William ROE I of Westmoreland before 1698, probably in Westmoreland Co, Virginia. William ROE I of Westmoreland was born about 1672. He died in 1730. Judith BROWN and William ROE I of Westmoreland had the following children:

17. i. Original ROE I was born on 29 Aug 1697 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia.

18. ii. William ROE II of Westmoreland was born before 1724.

Following the death of his wife, Judith, William ROE m next a Hannah, who is said to have been a MASON. We believe it possible that the Hannah MASON who William ROE married may have been Ann “Hannah” UNKNOWN, widow of John Combs of Richmond (c1662-1717)

5. Mary BROWN was born in 1682/83 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia. She died after 1698 in (of) Westmoreland Co, Virginia. Mary BROWN may have married John ANDERSON (son of Walter(?) ANDERSON I) who died testate in 1721 in King George Co, Virginia, naming his “brother in law” William BROWN as executor. John ANDERSON (& Mary BROWN?) had the following children:

19. i. Walter ANDERSON III of Westmoreland. 19. Walter ANDERSON III of Westmoreland was born before 1721. He died after 1761. He married Ann THORNTON (daughter of Thomas THORNTON and Susannah SMITH) before 1729. Ann THORNTON died before 1762.

20. ii. Sarah ANDERSON was born before 1721.

6. William BROWN was born between 1680 and 1685 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia. He died after 1730. William BROWN had the following children:

21. i. William BROWN was born before 1725.

22. ii. Walter BROWN was born before 1725.

Note: An ANDERSON report is in the making…


8. Daniel HIGDON was born between 1682 and 1698. He died in 1739. He married Mary ELLIOTT (daughter of John ELLIOTT I and Sarah FOXHALL) before 1718. Mary ELLIOTT died in 1737. Daniel HIGDON and Mary ELLIOTT had the following children:

23. i. Mary HIGDON was born after 1716.

24. ii. Jane HIGDON was born after 1716. Daniel HIGDON m (2) Margaret UNKNOWN after 1736.

Note: Documentation to be added plus note that Sarah FOXHALL Elliott was the sister of:

Mary FOXHALL (1665-1711) who m (1) Robert VAULX; (2) Alexander GORGES; (3) Edward DUDDLESTONE; (4) Caleb BUTLER (which BUTLER line still unknown); and John FOXHALL, Jr. who inexplicably bequeathed property to a Susannah CAMMOCK ca1698, Westmoreland Co VA (Westmoreland Wills, Fothergill). (See Cammock Families, Foxhall Families and Ferdinando and Mary ARCHDALE Gorges.

9. John HIGDON II was born between 1682 and 1698. He died testate in 1720 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia, his will dated 28 Apr 1720, proved 29 Jun 1720, naming son, John; brother, Daniel; wife Magdalene (to be exx.) and son and wife to share equal parts of his estate. (Westmoreland Wills, Fothergill). He married Magdalene (UNKNOWN) bef 1720. Magdalene (UNKNOWN) died after 1725 (will of John/James MASON). John HIGDON II and Magdalene (UNKNOWN) had the following children:

25. i. John HIGDON III was born between 1706 and 1719.

Research, as always, is in progress…

To Be Continued…