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Jun 1860 (Owsley Co., KY - 1860 US Census Mortality Schedule) Hardin COMBS, Male, born in KY; died age 67 in Jun [of the census year] Cause of death: PALSY. Occupation: Farmer (Extracted by Combs-Hicks Researcher Pat Orton Osborn)

Notes: Hardin COMBS, Sr., son of RW John "8" COMBS, married 25 Aug 1814, Clay Co., KY, Nancy COMBS (daughter of Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs according to The Combes Genealogy).
1860 Owsley Co., KY Census (Extracted and Transcribed from microfilm by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Eliza 32 Ky
John 7 Ky
Squire 6 Ky
Jacob 4 Ky
Mary 2 Ky
Rachael 11/12 Ky
Squire COMBS 22 Ky farm labor
Granville COMBS 19 Ky domestic labor

Notes: Eliza WILLIAMS Gabbard was daughter of John & Elizabeth HUNT Williams (the latter marrying second John "Jack" COMBS, son of RW John "8" COMBS). According to the source, Owsley County, Ky Births 1843-1930 by R.L. Smith, one Squire COMBS was born 15 Mar 1838 (his source, Perry, c1900), and one Granville COMBS was born May 1842 (his source, Owsley Co., KY Cemetery Records). Neither have been identified as yet.

Elizabeth COMBS57 NC

Notes: Elizabeth HUNT (daughter of Jonathan HUNT) married (1) John WILLIAMS; (2) John "Jack" COMBS (son of R W John "8" COMBS)

Harvey COMBS 45 Ky
Elizabeth 47 Ky
James 18 Ky

Notes: Harvey Hundley COMBS, son of James and Sarah COMBS Hundley (Combs) married Elizabeth PARSONS per their daughter Susan Combs Deaton's 1911 Owsley Co., KY DC.

Joseph MARSHALL 30Tn
Caroline 35 Ky
Ruthy S. 6 Ky
Lutitia 5 Ky
Nancy 4 Ky
Green A. 6/12 Ky

Notes: Caroline was the daughter of Hardin & Nancy COMBS Combs, Sr.

James H. HONLEY 23 Ky
Elizabeth 33 Ky
Lucinda 9 Ky
James H. 1 Ky

DK Notes: James H. HUNDLEY was the son of Samuel & Elizabeth COMBS Hundley (See HH#198), married 09 Apr 1854, Elizabeth WHITE (OCK, VS)

Samuel HONLEY 46 Ky
Elizabeth 45 Ky
Theopholus 16 Ky
John 14 Ky
Kenith 12 Ky
Sarah E. 7 Ky
Susan K. 5 Ky
Henry H. 1 Ky

Samuel HUNDLEY was the son of James & Sally COMBS Hundley (Combs). His wife [Elizabeth] was an heir [daughter] of George "8" Combs and Lydia Harrell per 1852 Perry Co., Ky. deed (DBD:536-7).

Bonaparte COMBS 50 Ky
Susan 45 Ky
Cinthyann 17 Ky
Caroline 14 Ky
Mary Ann 12 Ky
Susan 8 Ky
Martha J. 5 Ky
Sophia 3 Ky

DKNotes: Napoleon Bonaparte COMBS (son of Mason & Jane RICHARDSON Combs), married Susan ISOM 24 Dec 1833, Perry Co., KY

Wiley COMBS 30 Ky
Eliza J. [COMBS] 25 Ky
Louisa 9 Ky
America 5 Ky
Bonaparte 2 Ky

Notes: Wiley COMBS (son of Samuel & Nancy CORNETT Combs) married Eliza J. COMBS (daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte & Susan ISOM Combs)

HH #276
John BURNS 62 SC
Louiza 46 Ky
Abijah 22 Ky
Martha A. 20 Ky
Meredith 17 Ky
Brice 13 Ky
Mary A. 11 Ky
Margaret 8 Ky
Manda E. 2 Ky

Notes: Louiza COMBS Burns was the daughter of John "Jack" COMBS (son of R W John COMBS). John "Jack" COMBS was married twice: First on 12 Dec 1813 Clay Co., KY to Rebecca COMBS; and 2nd on 2 June 1837 Clay Co., KY to Elizabeth HUNT Williams daughter of Jonathan HUNT and widow of John WILLIAMS. See also 1937 Lee Co., KY death certificate of John and Louisa COMBS Burn's daughter, Margrett BURNS Kendrick (and see 1880 Owsley Co., KY census). Note also: Margrett's maiden name was corrected to read BURNS. It previously said COMBS.

William COMBS 38 Ky
Mary P. (HERNDON?) 38 Va
George BURK 13 Ky
Henry COMBS 13 Ky
Jasper 11 Ky
Garrard 6 Ky
Daniel Mc 4 Ky
James 3/12 Ky
Elizabeth BURK 10 Ky

Notes: William COMBS (son of Samuel & Nancy CORNETT Combs) married (1) Letha Ann BEGLEY by whom he had sons, Henry B., Jasper, Garrett and Daniel Mc. (Perry Co., KY Census and Vital Stats) According to 1941 Madison Co., KY Death Certificate of James J. COMBS, he was the son of Mary P. BURKE. Source for HERNDON? Identity of the BURK children? Middle name of Daniel?

HH #288
Lewis COLE 39 NC
Susan 33 Ky
James 14 Ky
Samuel 11 Ky
John 8 Ky
Nancy E. 6 Ky
Virginia 3 Ky
Margaret COMBS 18 Ky
Anderson BOWMAN 27 Ky

HH #289
Henry MOORE 25 Ky
Artimitia 20 Ky
Susan 2 Ky
Deborah 1 Ky
William 7/12 Ky
Thomas GREER 25 Va
Berry BUFORD 60 Ky free black

Notes: Artimitia (daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte & Susan ISOM Combs) married Henry MOORE 11 Jul 1856, Owsley Co., KY (VS)

HH #290
Claibourn COMBS 59 Ky
Sarah 61 KY
Artimetia 29 Ky
Tinsley 23 Ky
James 14 Ky
John D. 3/12 Ky

Notes: Sarah COMBS(daughter of RW John "8" COMBS) married (1) 02 Dec 1810 Lincoln Co., KY, James HUNDLEY; (2) Claiborne COMBS (son of George & Lydia HARRELL Combs). Combs Researcher Glenda J. Flaugher adds: The 1911 Owsley Co., KY death certificate of their daughter, Artemisia, states that her father was Claiborn COMBS, born North Carolina, and her mother, Sarah COMBS, born North Carolina. That Sarah was neè COMBS is further confirmed by oral family history from my g-grandmother, the daughter of James Slaughter COMBS and Mary Cathrine HANDY Combs. From what my g-grandmother said, Artemisia was a "fallen woman." She had two children out of wedlock, and both sons were supposed to have had different fathers. Most of the information that she could recall had come from the family bible which unfortunately has been lost in the family. She also stated that since Artemisia was not married, her parents took her two sons and raised them. They were James Slaughter COMBS, born 10-29-1846, Owsley Co., KY, died 7/14/1935, Pebworth, Owsley Co., KY, & John Dishman COMBS. My g-grandmother gave my mother the following information on Claiborne and Family: Claiborne COMBS b. 1804 N.C., d. 1885 Owsley Co., KY; married in 1826 to Sarah 'Sally' HUNDLEY born 1798 N.C., died 1880 Owsley Co., KY. She could not remember Sallie's parents' names. All indications are, however, that Sally COMBS was the widow of James HUNDLEY when she married Claiborne COMBS, which would make her the daughter of RW Soldier John COMBSMy g-grandmother also stated that her father, James Slaughter COMBS, had fought in the Civil War with his Uncle COMBS. They were both supposed to be in the same unit. I have the Pension records for James Slaughter COMBS, and the roster for the 14th Ky. Cavalry Volunteers. The list shows James Slaughter COMBS and Tinsley COMBS both in Comp. 'E'.

HH #361
Jesse THOMAS 43 KY
Martha [COMBS] 30 Ky
Sylvania 15 Ky
Elizabeth J. 12 Ky
Margaret E. 10 Ky
Cinthy A. 8 Ky
John B. 3 Ky
James M. 10/12 Ky
(See Also Next)

361 Jesse THOMAS 43 M Gun Smith
Martha 40 F [COMBS]
Sylvania 15 F
Elizabeth 12 F
Margaret 10 F
Cinthy 8 F
John B. 3 M
James N. 10/12 M

Note: The 2nd transcription above is by Combs Researcher Tim Spence, who notes: In 1870 Jesse THOMAS has apparently died or married another for he is not listed with the family. All others are still living with Martha and one more child William H. 8. In the 1880 Owsley Co. Ky. census I found Jesse and Martha COMBS Thomas' son, John, married to an Emily SHOUSE their children were Martha 2, and Harden 1/12. Could Harden THOMAS, son of John and Emily SHOUSE Thomas, have been named after his grandfather? Could Martha COMBS Thomas have been the daughter of Hardin COMBS, Sr.?

HH #596-605
Robert WHITE 35 Ky
Mary 30 Ky
Sarah M. 3 Ky
Mary F. 4/12 Ky
Sally Ann COMBS 15 Ky

Notes: Mary Louisa COMBS, daughter of Hardin and Nancy COMBS Combs, Sr., married Robert WHITE 10 Feb 1856 Owsley Co., KY (VS). Sally Ann is probably her younger sister (1850 Owsley KY Census). In 1870 and 1880 they are in Lee Co., KY (where Mary is listed as Louisa (Mary Louisa?)), and in the 1880 Lee Co., KY Census, her sister, Perlina, w/of William CORUM, is also in the HH (see next). Mary Louisa may be the "Pop" of her parent's 1850 Owsley Co., KY Census.

HH #598-607
William CORUM 26 Ky
Perlina 25 Ky
Nancy 7 Ky
James 6 Ky
George W. D. 13 Ky
Daniel 1/12 Ky
Nancy COMBS 65 Ky wd

Notes: Perlina, daughter of Hardin & Nancy COMBS Combs, Sr., is on the 1880 Lee Co., KY Census HH of her sister, Mary Louisa, w/o Robert WHITE (see above).

HH 663-675 Franklin ANDERSON 33 Va
Jane 26 Ky
America 10 Ky
Eliza J. 7 Ky
Thomas 5 Ky
Jacob 2 Ky
George 31 Va

DK Notes: Owsley Co., KY Vitals list Eliza J. ANDERSON born 19 Dec 1852 daughter of Franklin and Jane ANDERSON; however, see 1849 Owsley Co., KY marriage of Franklin and Jane COMBS Anderson (1st marriage for both) and 1850 Owsley Census.

HH #677-690
John GABBARD 47 Va
Margaret 45 Ky
Peter 23 Ky
Rebecca 21 Ky
Julius 18 Ky
Benjamin 15 Ky
Isaac 11 Ky
Jane 6 Ky
Jacob 3 Ky

Notes: According to The Combes Genealogy, Margaret COMBS Gabbard was daughter of Benjamin & Jane BROWN Combs of Breathitt Co., KY.

HH #685-699
Henderson SIZEMORE 33 Ky
Minerva 38 Ky
Alcy Ann 13 Ky
John 11 Ky
Susan 9 Ky
William 6 Ky
Buchannan 3 Ky

Notes: Minerva COMBS was the daughter of John "Jack" COMBS, son of RW John COMBS (Source?)

HH #686-700
John COMBS 25 Ky
Rachel 24 Ky
George W. 4 Ky
Morris 3 Ky
James M. 1 Ky
Rhoda BAKER 15 Ky

Notes: John COMBS married Rachel BAKER 16 Apr 1855 Clay Co., KY He was the son of John "Jack" & Rebecca COMBS Combs

HH #687-701
Lacy ABNER 49 Ky
Cintha 46 Ky
Mary 18 Ky
John 16 Ky
Minerva 14 Ky
Katherine 12 Ky
Elizabeth 10 Ky
Leander 8 Ky
Harvey 6 Ky
Amanda 2 Ky

Notes: Cintha COMBS married 30 Mar 1837, Clay Co., KY, Lacy ABNER. [Source still needed for her being daughter of John "Jack" COMBS?]

HH #817-831
Larkin COMBS 23 Ky
Margaret 40 Ky
Dolly 3 Ky
William 1 KY

Notes: Who was Margaret? Mother of Larkin? Wife? Were younger children hers, his or theirs? Could she be the Margaret b abt 1820 of theDickey Diary Interviews? See also 1941 Perry Co., KY DC of Isaac COMBS, born 1861, Breathitt Co., KY, son of Larkin COMBS & Aggie [Maggie a.k.a. Margaret?] COMBS.
1861 (#1146.) Patent #: 34580, Grantee: Combs, Harvey, Grant Book & Pg: 62 268, Acreage: 20, County: Owsley, WaterCourse: Upper Wolf Cr. Kentucky R.; Survey Name: Combs, Harvey, Grant Date: 11/22/1861 (Source: Ky. SOS Land Office digital county court order land database, original images)
14 March 1861 Marriage Laurel Co., KY: Groom: Mahlon COMBS, age 20, 1st marriage, farmer, born Owsley County KY; father born Perry County; mother born Virginia; Bride: Margaret WHITT, resides Laurel County KY; age 25, 2nd marriage; born Indiana; father born Laurel County KY; mother born Indiana; to be married at John WOODS on 14th day of March 1861. (Marr. Book C, Pg 16)

Note: Mahlon is probably the son of William and Elizabeth STAPLETON Combs.
22 Nov 1861 Grantee: Combs, Harvey, Patent #: 34580, 20 acres, Owsley Co, Upper Wolf Cr. Kentucky R., Survey Name: Combs, Harvey; County Grant Bk 62:268 (Source: County Court Order Land Grants, Kentucky SOS Digital Database extracted by Sue Elfving)
1863 (#1176) Patent #: 35347, Grantee: HUNDLEY, Samuel, Grant Book & Pg: 64 34, Acreage: 15, County: Owsley, WaterCourse: Rocky Fk. Elk Lick Br. Sturgeon Cr.; Survey Name: COLE, John, Survey Date: 03/31/1863, Grant Date: 09/10/1863 (Source: Ky. SOS Land Office digital county court order land database, original images)
1865 (#1209.) Patent #: 37141, Grantee: Combs, Kenneth, Grant Book & Pg: 67 312, Acreage: 16; County: Owsley, WaterCourse: Rock House Fk. Elk Lick Br. Sturgeon Cr.; Survey Name: Combs, Kenneth, Survey Date: 12/28/1865, Grant Date: 04/16/1866 (Source: Combs &c. Families of Owsley Co., KY (1870-1880)