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Van Buren Co, Tennessee was established in 1840 from White and Warren Cos TN. See Warren Co, Tennessee re most relationships this county.

1840 Van Buren Co, TN Census

None - 1st census in 1850. See Warren & White Cos, TN.

1840 Van Buren Co, Tennessee Records (Land? Tax?). Martha Combs, owner, 165 acres. 7th District (Extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie Burr from book titled "The Early Canebreakers 1840-1940, Van Buren Tenn.

Notes: The above Martha Combs is apparently the same who appears in the 1840 Warren Co, Tennessee Census. She was not Martha MURRELL, widow of Simon Combs, as her age was only 15-20 years (assuming record is correct? Film needs to be read still).

1850 Van Buren Co, TN Census

Note: Except where otherwise shown the following records have been abstracted from the "Tennessee Census, 1850, Van Buren County," Mrs. V. K. Carpenter, Greenville, Mississippi, Publisher, Mrs. Leister E. Presley, Searcy, AR, 1971.

Civil District 01

HH#11 BRADY, Willis 34 m TN Farmer ($50)
Elizabeth 38 f KY =
William 10 m TN +
Sarah Jane 8 f TN
Lavina 6 f TN
COX, James 15 KY +
LAMB, Sarah* 80 f KY

Notes: The "1850 Census - Tennessee," transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint, lists the above Sarah LAMB as Sarah Combs and the Head of Household as Willie BRADY. The microfilm for this county has been ordered. The Households on either side of this one are SPARKMAN and LANE. In HH#05 is John PAIN, age 59 m TN; Mary, 57 f TN; Alfred 18 m TN; John K 16 m TN; Elizabeth 1 f TN. In HH#24 is Alexander BROWN, 53, m, b VA, who was "somehow kin" to RW Robert BROWN who sold land on Dodson's Creek of the Holston River in Hawkins County, Tennessee to Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson in 1797.

Civil District 02

HH#49 Samuel MOORE 95 m NC Pensioner $250
Nancy 74 F NC

Notes: Revolutionary War Soldier Samuel MOORE m Nancy CARY. His stepdaughter m John ENGLISH, an Englishman in British Service during the Revolutionary War. MOORE is found in White County, Tennessee as a near neighbor to William and Thomas RIDGE, sons of Tory William RIDGE, Sr. and Winnifred Combs, d/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr. of Surry Co, North Carolina. The land in White Co, Tennessee was purchased by MOORE from Jacob DRAKE (See Below). See also Revolutionary War Pensioners of Warren & White Cos TN. DODSON families are in HH'S 50, 54 and 55.

Civil District 05

#180 Squire JOHNSON 39 m TN Farmer ($500)
Laviney 37 f TN
Greenbury + 17 m TN
John L. + 16 m TN
Wm. R. + 14 m TN
Samuel M. 12 m TN
James M. 10 m TN
Frances M. + 8 m TN
Nancy K + 6 f TN
Leviney 3 f TN

Notes: Squire Whitely JOHNSON, s/o Allen & Nancy WHITELY Johnson. A report is planned on this "other" JOHNSON family who may be kin to the Combs-Stapleton Family of Owsley Co, KY.

#182 Martin LORRENCE 88 m VA
Jimimy 85 f NC [Jemima?]

Notes: In the 1830 Warren Co, Tennessee Census, Martin LAWRENCE [sic] is on same page as Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson. In the 1836 tax list, he is on same list as Martin's nephew, James M. JOHNSON whose descendants followed "like naming patterns" with the "other JOHNSON" family (above). The above Martin LAWRENCE may be same who was earlier of Henry Co, Virginia, and possibly linked to the MURRELL family (See Combs-Johnson-Murrell).

# 183 Charles C MARTIN 22 m TN Farmer
Sarah 30 f TN
Margarett C 2 f TN
Mary E 6/12 f TN

Notes: Sarah MITCHELL, b 1818, was the daughter of John and Elizabeth JOHNSON Mitchell, and gd/o Martin and Sarah Combs Johnson, married Charles C. MARTIN 14 Aug 1847, Van Buren Co, TN (Bev Lovett, Port Cairo, TX)

#188 John C. CLARK 29 m TN Farmer
Lydia 29 f TN
James T. CLARK 8/12 m TN

Notes: Lydia MITCHELL Clark, b 18 Dec 1820, daughter of John and Elizabeth JOHNSON Mitchell, gd/o Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson, married 6 Jan 1849 to John C. CLARK. (Bev Lovett, Researcher, Port Cairo, TX, 1996) During the period 1909-1918, her son, the above James T. CLARK, wrote that according to his uncle, Ichabod MITCHELL (See Below), his grandparents were John & Elizabeth JOHNSON Mitchell, his great-grandparents were Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson, and that Martin JOHNSON'S brother, William, had m Tisha Combs (no Combs relationships stated).

#189 Oliver L MITCHELL 25 m TN Farmer
Mary 25 f TN
John 1 m TN

Notes: Oliver L. MITCHELL, son of John and Elizabeth JOHNSON Mitchell, gs/o Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson, born 1825 TN, died Jan 18, 1919 Dent Co, MO, married April 29, 1847 Van Buren Co, TN to Mary "Polly" MARTIN, b abt 1825. (Bev Lovett, Researcher, Port O'Connor, TX, 1996)

#192 Edward SLATTON 25 m TN Farmer
Mary 25 f TN
Martha Ann + 14 f TN
Charlotta + 10 f TN
Lydia + 6 f TN

Notes: Mary MITCHELL, born Nov 3, 1816, d Oct 6, 1909, buried McElroy Cemetery, Van Buren Co, TN, daughter of John and Elizabeth JOHNSON Mitchell, gd/o Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson, married William Edward SLATTON. (Bev Lovett, Researcher, Port Cairo, TX, 1996)

#194 Fanney HEAD 50 f GA Farmer
Richard J ($275) 26 m TN
Mary E 28 f TN
John A 18 m TN
Frances S 16 f TN
Ann E 14 f TN
Anthony 12 m TN
William T 10 m TN

Notes: On the 1830 Warren TN Census, one Anthony HEAD was listed adjacent to Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson. Relationship, if any, not known; however, GA birth of particular interest since James M. JOHNSON, s/o William & (Tisha Combs?) Johnson, was b in 1806 in Georgia.

#214 Elijah DRAKE 68 m PA
Pheby 60 f PA
Carter + 21 m TN (School Teacher)
Jacob + 18 m TN
Isaac + 14 m TN
Randolph DRAKE 24 m TN
Melviney 25 f TN
William 1 m TN

Notes: Elijah m Pheby (RAY, d/o Rev. John RAY according to Worth Ray's TN Cousins), was s/o RW Benjamin and Sarah BUCHANAN Drake of Elizabethton, Carter TN, where DRAKE d in 1827. Elijah's brother was Jacob DRAKE who earlier owned land near above Samuel MOORE and William RIDGE (s/o William and Winnifred Combs Ridge, Sr.) in White County, Tennessee. PA birth state is of possible interest to Carter and Sullivan Co, Tennessee Combs Researchers.

Civil District 06

#234 William JOHNSON 50 m TN Millright
Mary 50 f KY
Hannah 20 f TN
Sarah + 16 f TN
Elizabeth + 14 f TN
Isabeller * 11 f TN
William D 3 m TN

Notes: Mary LOGUE, daughter of William and Hannah ----- LOGUE; William M. JOHNSON, son of Martin and Sarah Combs Johnson (See 1851 below). William removed to Daviess Co MO following the Civil War, later to Madison Co, Arkansas where he died in 1885. The following is his son, James Calvin with second wife, Ellender RHODES.

#235 James C. JOHNSON, 29, m, TN Farmer
Elley =, 20, f, TN
Josehie, 7, f, TN
John M., 5 m, TN

#245 John MITCHELL 55 m TN Farmer ($200)
Elizabeth 43 f TN
Ichabod 28 m TN
Mark 22 m TN
Martin 20 m TN
James + 17 m TN
Susan + 14 f TN
William + 12 m TN
Safrosia 8 f TN

Notes: John MITCHELL, son of RW Mark and Mary RYDER Mitchell, born 1795; married Elizabeth JOHNSON, born 1797 [sic - see below], eldest child of Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson. See Also Revolutionary Soldiers of Warren & White Cos, TN.

Civil District 08

#352 John BOYD 37 m TN Farmer ($700)
Suffroney 31 f TN
Charles M. JOHNSON 2 m TN

Notes: Sophronia JOHNSON, d/o William & Mary LOGUE Johnson, m John BOYD. Charles M. JOHNSON was s/o Sophronia's brother, James Calvin JOHNSON, by his first wife, Sarah "Sallie" NEAL.

#355 Alfred JOHNSON 22 m TN Farmer
Emily 20 f TN
Permeely 2 f TN

Notes: Alfred JOHNSON, s/o William M. and Mary LOGUE Johnson, m Mary Emily TALLEY, 28 May 1847, Van Buren Co, TN.

#379 John FLEMMING 60 m NC farmer ($1200)
Nancy 52 f TN
John W. 15 m TN
Jane 12 f TN
Samuel 12 m TN
Dorothy GRIFFITH 48 f TN

Notes: Nancy Combs, b 1797, Knox Co, TN (?), m 1812, Blue Springs Cove, Warren Co, TN, John FLEMMING (See "semi" Family Bible Record and Warren Co, Tennessee Records). At least one family tradition is that she was part Indian (Will check when microfilm arrives). Dorothy GRIFFITH a.k.a. GRIFFEY/GRIFFY was the d/o Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson. See 1851 below.

1851 (Madison Co, AR DBC:545-546) Dtd. 3 Sep 1851. Rec. in Van Buren Co, TN, 4 Sept 1851. Rec. in Madison Co, AR, 4 Oct 1851. POA. William JOHNSON and Dorothy GRIFFEY (also GRIFFY,, formerly JOHNSON, to "our worthy friend" Richard M. JOHNSON, agent and atty-in-fact as heirs to estate of "our father" Martin JOHNSON, deceased, Madison Co, AR. Names heirs of Said Estate (relationship not stated) as follows: Elisabeth William James Dorothy Pleasant Metildy John Thomas Martin Sarah Richard and Nancy. Wit: Uriah YORK, J. P., Van Buren Co, AR.

(LDS Roll #1035196, Abstracted by C. Hammett, Boulder, CO, 1997)

1880 Van Buren Co, TN Census

District II

#07 E. SLATTON 69 m married head SC SC SC
Mary 64 f married wife TN TN TN
Betsy MITCHELL 83 f married mother-in-law TN TN TN
Jno. 85 m married father-in-law TN ENG VA

Notes: The above are John & Elizabeth JOHNSON Mitchell and their daughter, Mary MITCHELL, and her husband, Edward SLATTON. See Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson, Sr. report for census records of additional children.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives