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Perry Co., KY was established in 1820/21 from Clay & Floyd Counties, KY. In 1839, Breathitt was established from Clay, Estill and Perry; in 1842,Letcher was established from Perry and Harlan; in 1878,Leslie was est. from Clay, Harlan and Perry; and in 1884, Knott was established from Breathitt, Floyd and Perry. Also Note: In 1843, Perry gained land from Clay, primarily in the NW section of the county, adjacent also to the newly createdOwsley.

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See also Perry Co., KY ALHN, the complete 1850 Perry Co., KY Census transcribed by Louise Gaskill, and the complete 1900 Perry Co., KY Census transcription at USGENNET

Airport Gardens Cemetery
Lothair Cemetery
Red Hill Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery
Taylor Combs Cemetery
"Tight Jerry" Cemetery
White Oak Cemetery
Young Cemetery, Lotts Creek
See Also Perry County ALHN Cemetery Site

Transcriptions provided by Combs researcher Setys Combs-Kelly unless otherwise indicated. SCK NOTES: These are the names from the cemetery of "tight Jerry" or Jeremiah C. (son of Jeremiah C. Chunky, son of Danger Nick)

Eva B. Combs b. 12 April 1906 d. 4 December 1987
Bentley Combs b. 1 July 1907 d. 2 April 1985
Evelee Combs b. 13 October 1931 d. 10 September 1937
Mary Combs b. 2 April 1934 d. 5 December 1934

There is also a plain square marker with the name Mary Combs, but no dates, located in another part of the cemetery.

Joyce Combs b 28 January 1963 d. 28 January 1963 daughter of Jimmy and Stella Combs

Plain square markers in rows are:
Bentley Combs
Ruth Miller (SCK NOTES: This is Bentley's daughter, married to French Miller, she died in birth, and I would very much like to find the daughter she had)
Mary Combs
Puss Combs*
Alice Combs ( SCK NOTES: Puss and Alice were like mothers to my father Ernest and his brother Clarence and sister Ruth until Margaret came along. Alice may have been Mary Alice b. 15 July 1884 and died 25 Decemeber 1970 . She was never married.)
Ollie Mae Combs (SCK NOTES: not in my info)
Ruben Combs

Lawrence Combs (not in my info) b.24 February 1912 d. 8 January 1950
Ester Combs b 12 January 1911
Eleary Combs PFC US Army b.14 February 1935 d. 24 May 2000
Jeremiah Combs 14 Ky Cav (remainder is unreadable)**
Julia Ann Combs b. ? 1841 d. 26 January 1933
Julie Mae and Charlie Combs - one stone: Julie Mae b. 12 December 1936 Charlie b. 19 March 1925 d. 26 September 2004

The following is one stone the Charlie referred to is the one above who is now buried beside his wife when she dies.
Wood Combs b. 27 January 1876 d. 26 October 1946
Arthur Combs b. 15 December 1908 d. 8 October 1955
Annie Combs b. 13 December 1887 d. 21 February 1978
Charlie Combs b. 19 March 1925 (buried at marker above with wife)

SCK NOTES: This is all the is Combs' wise in that cemetery. There are a few more stone that are there, but the names are not Combs. They were married to a Combs wife. I was unsure as to where they would fit in. See also Knott Co., KY for 1930 Census for Jerry "Tight" Coombs

* The most interesting story Margaret (Lovin) Combs, the wife of Pardee Combs who was the son of Judge Wiley Combs, told how Pus died. Margaret's sister, Merle killed her right there in the kitchen by the bottom of the steps. Margaret and her sister were on the way to pick beans, and Pus called Margaret's sister a horses ass. Margaret's sister went back into the house and Margaret went on to pick beans. Margaret ignored a lot of the name calling, because it happened to her all the time. Not everyone was glad she was there. After a time she heard a commotion at the house and went down to call then off each other. When she got there Pus was dead. Margaret said that her sister had hit her in the head with a bucket, and killed her. Margaret's sister took off and the law caught up with her and put her in jail. I do not know for how long. Jessie Coe Combs Notes: Tippacanoe and Puss are the same. No "Pus" or "Pres" Combs appear in the 1880 Perry Co, KY Census HH of Jeremiah and Julia Ann Combs Combs, but the above Grant may have been her brother, and she appears to have been their daughter, Tapinocea, a.k.a. Tippecanoe Combs, born ca 1871 according to the 1880 census.

**An earlier photo of the tombstone (in possession of SCK) of the grave marker shows Jeremiah was in Co. M. of the Civil War.
Airport Gardens Cemetery is in Airport Gardens about 10 mins from the Hampton Inn. Once in Airport Gardens, you turn at the flashing light (only one choice, right or left, depending on the direction you are traveling). Follow that street to the first right. Go till it dead ends andthen turn left. About 5 homes up, the street will Y and the cemetery is on the right. It is at Meadowbrook and Noah Sizemore Hill Rds. SCK NOTES: This is of couse where Danger Nick is buried.

Jencie Combs * and then Johnny Combs b. 1855 d. 1856
Ralph Combs b. 1857 d. 1857.
*NOTE by Zannetta Smith: Jencie was the first wife of Lorenzo Dow & the mother of the older children, the youngest child he had with her was Theophilis (Thee) Combs, she died in 1870 when he was 2 years old. Polly Combs that was buried with Lorenzo Dow& on the large marker was his second wife.
Lothair Cemetery: SCK NOTES: These are mostly the family of Grant Combs son of "Tight Jerry" all are buried at the family cemetery at Lothair. To get there, you leave Hazard and go past the "Dipsy Doodle" there at the Dipsy Doodle curve (these are my aunt's terms) You will go past the "Magic Mart" and around the curve. Make the first left, and go past the Old Lothair School. The school is now apartments and is referred to by the locals as the"high rise". Go past the school and the road will fork off. Goto the left (right is to the trailer park) and at the end of the road the cemetery is on the left.

Glen Ray Combs
"Auntie" Bessie Combs
Grant & Susan Combs (referred to as Old Man Grant)
Grant Jr. & Nancy Combs (referred to as Little Grant)
Paul David & Geraldine Combs
Dewey Combs
Bruce Combs
Grant Combs III, Jr.
Billy Ray Combs
James Hurst Combs (known as Hurst)

SCK NOTES: I was told by my Aunt that Hurst killed his wife Lillie with a gun and he also killed his self. According to the dates that I have Lillie died in 1954 and Hurst died in 1981.
Red Hill Cemetery: SCK NOTES: These are my findings at Red Hill I walked the entire cemetery it is bigger than "tight Jerry" and Grant's but no where near as big as Riverside. This is all the Combs buried at Red Hill Cemetery whose markers were legible on March 14, 2005. Editor's NOTE: Lynda Combs Gipson has kindly annotated these Combs families.

Henry or Terry Combs b. 1837 (SCK NOTES: This was all that was legible. I saw many more smaller markers/stones around that may have also been Combs)
Merdia Combs b. 24 March 1896 d. 25 February 1919 (probably Meredith Combs son of Wesley Combs & Clerinda Hurt, annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)
Sam Combs b.. 9 August 1892 d. 22 May 1918 (probably Samuel Combs son of Wesley Combs & Clerinda Hurt, annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)
Elizabeth Combs 1878-1942 Buried next to Lee 1869-1948
Artie M. Combs 1877-1915 / Ira Jesse Combs 1875-1931 (Ira J. Combs. 1875 - 21 Nov 1931 son of William Wallace Martin Combs Elizabeth Johnson/Artie is Artemecy DAVIDSON, daughter of John A. Davidson Mary Ann Davidson. annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)
Stanley D. Combs son of Athur M. Moba D. Combs 12 October 1942 (Stanley Davidson Combs, stillborn, son of Arthur Mable Davidson Combs, below. Annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)
Moba D. Combs 1909-1982 / Arthur M Combs 1900-1984 (Arthur M. Combs, 1900 - 04 Dec 1984 son of Wesley Combs Clarinda HURT/Mable DAVIDSON, 1909 - 13 Aug 1982 daughter of William Davidson Penelope Noble, annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)

Ollie Combs b. 1 September 1910 / Jepp Combs b. 11 May 1902 d. 30 June 1979 (Jepp was the son of Leander “Lee” Matilda Combs./Jepp was married to Ollie BISHOP. Annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)
Marshall Combs ( SCK NOTES: a cross like war symbol on top buried next to Cleva Combs (no information) (Marshall Ernest Combs, born 14 Aug 1899; died 01 Aug 1939; was the son of Ira Jesse Combs Artemecy "Artie" DAVIDSON. Cleva NOBLE, b. 10 Mar1911; d, 02 Aug 1939; was the daughter of Alfred Noble Cora Deaton, annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)
Sytha Eversole Combs b. 22 September 1877 d. 17 November 1964 (Cynthia Eversole, Jan 1877 - 17 Nov 1964, daughter of Rev. Irvin Eversole Elizabeth STACY. md. (1) Jesse Combs (2) George Washington Combs (3) Lewis L. Campbell, annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)
Clifton Combs November 1919 - August 1920 (son of Preston Combs Ida DUFF, annotation by Lynda Combs Gipson)

Also buried in the cemetery (provided by Rose Lewis):
Elizabeth Napier (nee Combs) born Aug 25, 1861 Died. Dec 25, 1959
Ashford Napier

NOTE: Elizabath was a daughter of Kendrick Combs (son of Nicholas "Squire or Birds eye" Combs and Elizabeth Combs Combs) and Milly Combs Cornett (daughter of John S. Combs ( son of Jeremiah C "Chunky" Combs and Synthia Sumner) and Celia Combs (daughter of Jeremiah "Long Jerry" Combs and Nancy Combs. Milly's second husband was Russell Cornett.
Riverside Cemetery is just out of Wabaco before you get to the Goose. The Cemetery is on the opposite side of the road as the Goose. SKC NOTES: I spent a couple of hours here and still didnot get finished. I started inside the gate on the right then went across the road on the left and circled around down the hill, pas tthe flag and to the far side of the green fence. I did not go all the way over to the end of the lot. I then went straigh tup from the fence line to the next big tree. I stopped there. There are a good 3-4 hours of Combs listing left. I did however, list the Combs in the mausoleum at the end of the lot out by the road. This is all of the information Iwas able to gather in about 1/3 of the cemetery, on March 24, 2005. I will finish recording someday soon. My only consolation is that there are few places left to bury anyone, and there is no place to extend the cemetery to. It should be easy to keep track of any new Combs burials.

Inside on left:
William G. Combs b. 1860 d. 24 January 1936 (SKC NOTES: This is my great-grandfather, my grandmother would have been the one to get the stone. The lineage I have lists his birth as 1862. I am not sure where either date was acquired)
Mary Combs b. 16 December 1898 d. 10 September 1934 (SKC NOTES: Perhaps this is the Mary daughter of Jerimiah and Julia Ann. Although I do not know why she would be buried all the way over here and not at the old home place. This is not a question for Margaret, because she does not remember any Mary. This Mary's date of death is the same year Magaret and Bently would have been married. Surely if someone had died around that time there would have been talk in the family and Margaret would know of it.)
Clara Noble Combs (SKC NOTES: My grandmother)
June Combs Cassinelli (SKC NOTES: My Aunt)

Across the road on the left:
Lottie M. Combs b. 22 May 1900 d. 2 March 1961
Henry D. Combs 1876-1950 / Maggie Combs 1886-1928
Robert Combs KY CPL US Army WWI b. 23 April 1889 d. 27 October 1953
Howard Combs CPL US Army Korea Vietnam b. 20 March 1932 d. 21 May 1986
Merza Combs 1900-1992 / McKinley Combs 1895-1958
Irvine Edwin Combs Kentucky PFC US Army Korea b. 24 January 1930 d. 3 November 1955
"Mother" Cora B. Combs b. 8 November 1871 d. 18 Dec 1961
Harlan Combs b. 28 October 1898 d. 30 December 1966 / Addie D. Combs b. 19 April 1896 d.28 November 1970
Ward D. Combs Ky Corp. 56 Inf. 7 Div. March 24 1925 (SKC NOTES: This is all the information listed. I believe it is a military tombstone from the Civil War? Perhaps it is not 1925 but 1825 I don't think so though, I do not know which line hefits into)
Hurkus Combs b. 19 May 1909 d. 2 October 1948
John H. Combs b. 18 January 1890 d. 31 December 1976
Clearinda Combs b. 12 August 1889 d. 2 November 1951
Virgil Combs b. 3 June 1913 d. 7 January 1969
Earl Combs b. 5 May 1911 d. 14 December 1976 / Isabella b. 11 January 1914 d. 11 July 1996

Earshel Combs b. 25 April 1908 d. 3 October 1984 /Kathleen b. 21 February 1916 d. 19 January 1997
Harrison Combs b. 12 January 1889 d. 23 October 1964 / Sallie A. b. 2 January 1890 d. 26 May 1972
Maude Wells Combs b. 3 December 1908 d. 28 August 1966
All of these (4) names are on one stone. The only decedent is Paul.

Paul Combs b. 12 December 1916 d. 21 March 2004
Aubrey D.
Marla C.

Kermitt Combs, Jr. b. 30 April 1965 d. 23 August 1997
Carolyn E. Combs b. 26 January 1937 / Kermitt b. 24 September 1935 d. 10 August 2001
Austin "Woody" Combs 1926-2003
Margaret Combs Riley b. 8 May 1931 d. 27 September 1999
Mary Elizabeth Combs b. 14 February 1904 d. 14 April 1993 (SKC NOTES: yes the 14 is the correct date as is on the stone)
James Combs b. 29 April 1937 d. 7 May 1975 / Sythia b. 27 June 1938 d. 4 December 1995 married 15 July 1960
John M. Combs 16 b. April 1910 d. 13 April 1991 / Margaret b. 3 June 1913 d. 29 April 1984
Sam M. Combs b. 4 May 1882 d. 16 March 1967 / Martha W. Combs b. 17 September 1882 d. 22 March 1959
William K. Combs b. 13 April 1896 d. 17 May 1982 / Nannie F. 17 August 1896 d. 7 May 1982 (SKC NOTES: accident maybe?)
Annalee Combs b. 21 October 1920 d. 26 July 1924
Samuel Clay Combs 9 March 1932 (SKC NOTES: birth or death?)
Billy Combs Jr. b. 18 April 1927 d. 18 July 1935
Brack Combs b. 27 November 1909 d. 18 July 1935 / Catherine b. 31 December 1914
J.K. Combs b. 20 January 1868 d. 16 March 1932 / Margare t b. 15 February 1867 d. 19 May 1954

SKC NOTES: This is a four part mausoleum in the front right corner of the cemetery. The first crypt on the left is titled Combs at the top (no one is buried yet inside) The second crypt is titled J.M. Davidson Family across the front. Inside from top to bottom:
the third Crypt is title A.G. Combs Family across the front. Inside from top to bottom:
The last crypt is titled McIntosh across the top. Inside from top to bottom:

White Oak in Vicco, Perry Co., Kentucky Tombstone of John Combs, husband of Nancy Harding, father of "8"
Young Cemetery, Lotts Creek, Perry Co., KY transcribed by Ann Scott and annotations in parentheses by Lynda Combs Gipson

Ola Combs b/d 1925
Robert Lee Combs, 1896-1983 (son of Jeremiah M. Combs Ellender Smith, Robt married Doshie Young (below))
Doshie Combs, 1904-1998 (daughter of John C. Young and Katherine Grigsby, Doshia married Robt Lee Combs (above))
Reubel Combs, 1927-1928 (son of Robert L. Combs Doshia Young, Rubel married Elizabeth Stout.)
Linzy Combs, 1899-1943 (Lindsey, son of William Combs Martha Young, Lindsey md. Callie Jent.)

Nellie Combs, 1916-1933
Robert Combs, 1912-1966

Alice Combs Willie B. Combs
1899-1988          1897-1936

Susan Combs, 1886-1941 (daughter of John C. Young and Katherine Grigs by Ann)

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