Greene County, was established from non-county area in 1833 (attached to Crawford Co), and originally covered all of Southwest Missouri. Descendant counties of Greene were: 1835, Barry; 1836, Polk; 1837, Taney; 1841, Dade; 1855, Webster (from Greene and Wright); and 1859, Christian (from Greene, Taney and Webster);

At least some of the Greene Co, MO Combs Families were earlier from McMinn and Warren Cos, TN, and before that from Hawkins Co, TN -- children of Simon (ca1785-1833) & Martha MURRELL Combs, and grandchildren of Mason & Dorothy Combs of Hawkins Co, TN. It also appears that at least some others of the Combs-JOHNSON-MURRELL-PAYNE Families of Hawkins & Warren Cos, TN, may have come to Greene Co, MO as well. Based on the 1848 Albert Combs land entry below, some may have lived in that part of Greene Co MO which became part of Christian Co in 1859.

24 Aug 1834 (Greene Co MO Marriage Bk A:20, cert. #65) William N (or B) Combs & Matilda WILSON by Samuel MARTIN JCC

(Greene Co MO Marriage Bk A, 1833-1854, Ozarks Genealogical Society)

Notes: Researcher Ashley Darin Combs notes that the 1850 Laclede Co MO census lists a William B. Combs, 48, b KY, and Matilda, 26. Also in HH are Robert N. (M.?) Combs, 4 months, Elihu Combs, 19, b IN and Polly Combs, 20, b MO. Elihu Combs is found in the 1860 Oregon Co MO census.

1840 US Census Index, Greene Co MO

No Combs?

24 Mar 1845 Gidson [sic] [Probably Gideon - See next] Combs, Springfield Office; Lawrence County (plotted in Lawrence County, marked on document Green Co*)
T27NR27WS18, NW¼NE¼ #7589, 40 acres.

(Greene/Lawrence Co - MO Land Patents, vol. 7, p. 325) (Combs Federal Lands in MO; U. S. LAND TRANSACTIONS IN MISSOURI - PART VI, Extracted from U.S. Land Sales - Missouri, Abstract of Entries. Vol 7 (1842-1847); and Missouri Index to Topographic and other Map Coverage. United States Geological Survey. Transcription by Michael R. Wilson)

07 Jul 1845 Gideon Combs, Springfield Office; Lawrence County (plotted in Lawrence County, document recorded as Green Co*)
T27NR27WS18, NE¼SE¼ #7694, 40 acres.


07 Jul 1845 A. B. Combs, Springfield Office; Lawrence County (plotted in Lawrence County - document stated Green County)
T27NR20WS04, S½ SE¼; #7695, 80 acres.

(ibid., p. 327)

Notes: Based on its description, the land of Gideon Combs was in present-day Greene County; however, the land of A. B. Combs and (other?) land of Gideon was in present-day Christian Co:

03 Aug 1848 Albert Combs of Greene Co MO
T27NR20WS04, S½SE, 80 Acres

(present-day Christian Co MO Land Patent) (BLM Accession No. MO5290__.444)

03 Aug 1848 Gideon Combs
T27NR20WS18, NWNE, 40 Acres

(present-day Christian Co MO Land Patent) (BLM Accession No. MO5290__.339)

03 Aug 1848 Gideon Combs
T27NR20WS09, NENE, 40 Acres

(present-day Christian Co MO Land Patent) (BLM Accession No. MO5290__.443)

01 Jul 1852 Albert Combs
T31NR24WS36, NENE, 40 Acres

(present-day Greene Co MO Land Patent) (BLM Accession No. MO5360__.354)

Notes: A. B. Combs has not yet been identified; however, the above appears to be same or adjacent tract as Albert Combs, thus A. B. may have been Albert Combs whose Kingman Co KS biography stated that he and his brother, Gideon Combs, were sons of Simon & Martha MURRELL Combs of Hawkins and Warren Cos TN (See above).

25 Aug 1846 Thursey Combs & Richard HAGAN by Jorddan W BOLDEN Eld. CC

(Greene Co MO Marriage Bk A:150, cert. #649) (Greene Co MO Marriage Bk A, 1833-1854, Ozarks Genealogical Society)

Notes: Thursey Combs Hagan has not been identified; however, note that Albert Combs' Kingman Co KS biography lists a sister, Theresa Combs. Also note that Mason Canada and Mary E. HOGAN Combs of Warren TN and Madison AR may have resided in this county at one time (See Below). Could the above Richard have been a HOGAN rather than HAGAN and kin to Mary?

1850 Greene Co MO Census

Boone Twp.

#1243 Combs Gideon 30 m TN
Elizabeth 30 f TN
Thomas 10 m TN
Martha 8 f TN
McCLURE, Louisa E 13 f TN
Combs, Isaac 6 m MO
Combs, Marcene 4 f MO
Combs, David 2 m TN
MORINE, Felin 20 m TN

Notes: Gideon Combs & Elizabeth HAMMER m 24 Aug 1841, McMinn Co TN Presumably Thomas and Martha Combs are their children. Isaac, Marcene and David Combs have not been identified as yet. Who were the McCLURE and MORINE women in the HH?

Cass Twp

Kelly Jesse H. 45 m TN
Lavina W. 37 f TN
Mary E. 16 f MO
Eliza J. 11 f MO
William L. 9 m MO
Matilda 7 f MO
Elbert R. 5 m MO
Charles 2 m MO

Note: Mary E. KELLY married Albert Combs & Eliza J KELLY married Gideon Combs (See below) (Ms. Piglet descended from Lavina Kelley's brother)

1850 US Census Index, Greene Co MO

Boone Twp

p. 327
Gideon Combs (see above)

Porter Twp

p. 295
Larkin PAYNE

Finley Twp

p. 319
Richmond JOHNSON

Notes: The 1830 Warren Co TN census shows no Richmond JOHNSON, but the 1836 Warren Co, TN District 2 Tax List includes a Richmond JOHNSON, who is nowhere to be found in 1840 (perhaps came of age between 1830 and 1836?). The 1840 Census shows a Richmond JOHNSON in New Madrid Co, MO, but census record not yet read. Interest in Richmond JOHNSON is due to another Richmond JOHNSON, b 7 Sep 1836, Madison Co, AR, s/o Martin & Lydia HAWK Johnson, Jr. and gs/o Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson - next door neighbors in Warren Co TN to Simon & Martha MURRELL Combs, parents of the above Gideon Combs. Another neighbor to the Combs of Warren Co TN was Daniel PAYNE who m (2) Sylvy Combs (whose ancestry, like that of Sarah Combs Johnson, remains unknown). The above Larkin PAYNE was Daniel's son by his first marriage (See Biography of his son, William PAYNE below)

27 Mar 1851 (Greene Co MO Marriage Bk A:217, cert. #37..1044a) Albert Combs & Mary E KELLEY by David ROSS

(Greene Co MO Marriage Bk A, 1833-1854, Ozarks Genealogical Society and MISSOURI PIONEERS, Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume 1 of MARRIAGE RECORDS OF MISSOURI (basically a companion set to Missouri Pioneers))

Notes: According to his Kingman Co KS biography, Albert Combs was the s/o Simon and Martha MURRILL Combs of Warren Co TN; and his wife, Mary E. the d/o Jesse H. and Lavina WHITENBURG Kelley.

1 Feb 1855 (Greene Co MO Marriage Bk B:22, No. 19) Gideon Combs & Eliza J. KELLEY by David ROSS MG

(Greene Co MO Marriage Bk B, 1854-1866, Ozarks Genealogical Society)

Note: The above Gideon Combs has not been identified as yet, but was presumably kin (somehow?) to Gideon, s/o Simon & Martha MURRELL Combs (particularly since both Albert and Gideon were m by David ROSS). It would seem likely also that Eliza J. KELLEY was kin (*sisters see above) to Mary E. KELLEY, wife of Albert Combs? Also note that the source, "MISSOURI PIONEERS", Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume 1 of "MARRIAGE RECORDS OF MISSOURI", lists this marriage as 02 Nov 1855 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin). *(Ms. Piglet descended from Lavina Kelley's brother)

Mar 1859/60 (Greene Co MO Deaths) Betty B. Combs, age 73, married, living in Greene Co., MO, died Mar 1859-60

("MISSOURI PIONEERS", Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume 1 of "MARRIAGE RECORDS OF MISSOURI" (basically a companion set to "Missouri Pioneers")

Notes: Who was the above woman? She does not appear in 1850 census. No likely widower is in 1860 census. She "appears to be" Betsy Bingham BULLOCK, widow of John Combs who d in 1843 in Johnson Co MO; however, the above states that this woman was married at the time of her death. Could Betsy B. have married another Combs after his death?

1860 Greene Co MO Census

Cass Twp

#568-570 Combs, G. M. 23 m TN blacksmith -250
Eliza J 21 f MO
William J 4 m MO
James H 1 m MO

Notes: G. M. Combs & wife Eliza J. were probably the 1855 Greene Co MO marriage of Gideon & Eliza J. KELLEY Combs.

#581-584 Combs, Albert 29 m TN
Mary E. 25 f MO
Margaret L 3 f MO

Notes: Albert & Mary E. KELLEY Combs who m in Greene Co MO in 1851.

#584-587 Combs, Gideon 39 m TN farmer 7000-5000
Elizabeth 39 f TN
Thomas 19 m TN
Martha 17 f TN
Isaac 15 m MO farmer
Marcena 14 f MO
David 11 m MO
Andrew 5 m MO

Notes: Despite the fact that Isaac, Marcena and David were "out of order" in the 1850 census, they may have been children of Gideon and Elizabeth HAMMER Combs given that Andrew is a new addition and listed below David, who was listed in 1850 as b in TN, but in both 1860 and 1870 as b in MO.

26 Mar 1865 (Greene Co MO Marriage Bk B:370) Martha Combs & Martral COOK by John R. LEE

(Greene Co MO Marriage Bk B, 1854-1866, Ozarks Genealogical Society)

Notes: Was Martha Combs Cook the d/o Gideon & Elizabeth HAMMER Combs?

15 Dec 1869 Green Co, MO. Isaac D. Combs married Sarah E. KILLINGSWORTH

Researcher Allen H. Harris who adds that Sarah E. was the d/o James and Sarah E. KELLEY Killingsworth (source not included))

Note: As best I can ascertain (this is a combination of censuses, marriage records, and looking at the files of various researchers from various intermingled lines) she is Susan Kelley, daughter of John Kelley and Allinden Harrison, and sister of Jesse Hunter Kelley, making her the aunt of the other two Kelley brides. (Eliza J. KELLY who married Gideon Combs and Mary E. KELLY who married Albert Combs) Marriage record shows James Killingsworth marrying Susan Kelly in Greene Co MO 24 dec 1846. (Ms. Piglet descended from Lavina Kelley's brother)

1870 Greene Co MO Census

Boone Twp

#241-247 Combs, Isaac D 25 m TN
Sarah E 22 f MO

Notes: Isaac D. Combs (m Sarah E. KILLINGSWORTH) appears to have been Isaac of 1850 and 1860 HH'S of Gideon and Elizabeth HAMMER Combs.

Springfield Campbell Twp

#918-927 CHANDLER, Willis 23 m MO mill hand
Mary 20 f MO
Emma 3 f MO
BROOKS, William 23 m IN hod carrier
Combs, William 16 m IN brick yard worker

Cass Twp

#148-154 Combs, Thomas 30 m TN farmer 1200-800
Martha J 33 f MO
William L 7 m IL
Florence E 5 f MO
James G 3 m MO

Notes: Thomas appears to be the s/o Gideon and Elizabeth HAMMER Combs. Marriage record for Thomas Combs and Martha Jane Johnston in Polk County.

#152-158 Combs, Elizabeth, 47 f IL kh 1400-800
Marcene 22 f MO
David 21 m MO
Andrew B 16 m MO

Notes: Gideon Combs d 06 Aug 1865 in Greene Co MO (buried Combs Cemetery, Greene Co MO)

# 182-189 Combs, Albert 40 m TN farmer 3200-100
Sarah 31 f WI kh 300-
Margaret L 13 f MO
Eliza Mar 4/12 f MO
NEWMAN, Edward A 11 m MN
Mary 10 f MN
Albert E 6 m VA

Notes: Mary E. KELLEY Combs d and Albert remarried next to a Mrs. Nancy VESTAL who d 8 months after their marriage (marriage record not yet located). He then m Sarah E. SMITH, widow of Unknown NEWMAN (no record found of marriage yet). Eliza Mar was the d/o Albert & Sarah E. SMITH (Newman) Combs. It appears (not documented) that the three NEWMAN children were hers from the earlier marriage.

Jackson Twp

#2160-2138 Combs, Francis 35 m IN works saw mill
Jane 25 f IN
Grant 2 m MO
Henry 1 m MO
HOLT, James 26 m MO works saw mill

Notes: Francis Combs has not been identified.

1870 Rev. Clement Combs. According to research of David Samuelson, the will of a Rev. Clement Combs of Greene Co MO is recorded in Cherokee Co KS (David Samuelson, Ref: 11-A-302) See also Clemmy Combs, named in Henry Co, MO will of father, Jesse B. Combs, and Clem Combs of 1850 Cass Co, MO.

1876 Greene Co, MO State Census

Source: Missouri State Census Collection, 1844-1881 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: Missouri State Censuses. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Submitted by Barbara RIVAS

Family 363 John Combs 21 to 34
Ella 21 to 34
Harry under 10 years
Geneveve under 10 years

Family 364 W E Combs 21 to 45
Matilda 21 to 45

Family 652 L M Combs 21 to 45
Anna 21 to 45
Homer under 10 years
Alice Melton 10 to 18

Cass Township

Albert Combs 2 1 _ _ 1 1 1 _ 1 _
1 male over 45
1 female 21 to 45
1 male 10 to 12
1 female 10 to 12
2 males under 10

Walnut Grove Township

I D Combs 1 _ _ 2 _ 1 1 _ 1 _
(listed as ID but looks more like JD)
2 males 21 to 45
1 female 21 to 45
1 female 10 to 12
1 male under ten
1 female under ten

1880 Greene Co MO Census

Cass Twp

#172 Combs, David R 29 TN TN TN
Malinda E 22 wif TN VA TN
Fred S 4 son MO MO MO
Espy E 2 son MO MO MO
Carles Apr 1/12 son MO MO MO
Elizabeth C 63 mot TN NC NC

Notes: David R. s/o Gideon & Elizabeth HAMMER Combs, the latter apparently the same as Elizabeth C., age 63 above? Note also that David and Malinda's son, Fred S., was buried in same cemetery with Gideon Combs) David m 25 Feb 1875, Dade Co, MO, Malinda E. HARRIS. According to Researcher Allen H. Harris, Malinda E. was the d/o Evan Rice and Mary Ann KILLINGSWORTH Harris)

Boone Twp

#263-278 Combs, Isaac 37 MO TN TN
Sarah E 36 wif MO TN TN
James G 8 son MO MO MO
Ioena? C 4 dau MO MO MO
Rufus J 3 son MO MO MO
GILLEN, Henry 24 bdr AR -- --

Notes: s/o Gideon and Elizabeth HAMMER Combs; m Sarah E. KILLINGSWORTH.

#264-279 MAUPIN, Andrew 33 MO TN TN
Elizabeth 35 wif MO TN TN
Louett 8 dau MO MO MO
Melcina 6 dau MO MO MO
Payton 4 son MO MO MO
Susan E 2 dau MO MO MO
Combs, Melcena 33 --- MO TN TN

Notes: Is Melcena a.k.a. Marcena and d/o Gideon and Elizabeth HAMMER Combs? (LDS census cd's for 1880 read it as Marcena) (Ms. Piglet)

Springfield, State Street

#208-214 Combs, John 39 NJ EG NJ
Helen 39 wif Canada Scotland Wales
Harry 10 son MO -- --
Katie 14 nie Canada Canada Canada
Helen 3 dau MO -- --
BLACK, Mary (B) 28 ser MO -- --

Springfield , Boonville Street

#26 EDMONDSON, B H 41 TN TN TN farmer
Nettie 34 wif? AR TN TN
Lola M 13 dau MO TN MO
James T 9 son MO TN MO
COOMBS, Emma 22 bdr IL PA OH dressmaker

Springfield , Main Street

# 89-102 COOMBS, Luther 30 IA IA IA wagon painter
Anna 26 wif IL IL IL
Robert 5 son MO IA IL
Veron T 3 son MO IA IL
Alena (Alma?) 1 dau MO IA IL

Springfield Grant Street

# 136-142
Combs Will 34 CD CD CD (Canada)
Matilda 30 wif PA PA PA
Leslie 11 nep OH CD CD

Notes: None of these other Combs have been identified as yet.

5/15/1881 Greene Co, MO. John KILLINGSWORTH married Marsena Combs

(Researcher Allen H. Harris who adds that Juan (John Foreman) KILLINGSWORTH was the s/o Anderson and Malinda KILLINGSWORTH (source not included))

18 Oct 1894 (Polk County MO Marriage Book G page 394) Ionia C. Combs of Greene Co MO marr Frank R. EDWARDS 18 Oct 1894

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter)

Extracted by Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter; published by Osage Genealogy Society

Combs Cemetery

Sec 25 Twp 31 R 24

Combs, Gideon 18 Jan 1817 - 06 Aug 1865
Combs, Freddie S d 4 Aug 1886 ae 10y 5m 28d s/o D. R. & M. E.

Greenlawn Cemetery at Walnut Grove

Combs large marker no names or dates
Combs Epsy 1877-1949
Combs David R 1849-1929 father
Combs Malinda 1857-1939 mother
Combs J.G.O. 26 March 1872 -01 Dec 1920
Combs Mary M 30 May 1878 - 15 June 1937
Combs Gene Winfield 1 Sep 1921 - 31 Aug 1930
Combs Isaac D 18 Aug 1844 - 02 June 1913 father
Mil mkr" Q.M. Sgt Co D 6 MO CAV (civil war)
Combs Sarah E 29 Aug 1848 - blank mother

Extracted by Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter

Hammontree Cemetery

Combs Albert A 25 Sep 1845 - 16 Dec 1865 s/o M C & M E
Combs Mary E 31 Oct 1834 - 16 Sep 1860 w/o A Combs
Combs Edgar E 7 Aug 1869 - 29 Sep 1871 s/o T & M J

Cave Springs Cemetery

Combs Nancy A 25 Jan 1837 - 14 Mar 1867 w/o A

Notes: Was the above Albert A. Combs the son of Mason Canada and Margaret E. HOGAN Combs of Madison Co AR and Barry Co MO? Mason Canada was the s/o Jeremiah and Charity RHOADS Combs of Hawkins & Warren Co TN, and nephew of Simon & Martha MURRELL Combs, parents of the above Gideon Combs of Warren TN and Greene Co MO.

Another connection between the Combs of TN, AR and MO is via Daniel & Sylvy Combs Paine. Daniel's son by his first marriage, Larkin PAYNE, had close ties to Green Co MO as is evidenced by the following:

“Biography of WILLIAM H. PAINE”

Mr. PAINE is accounted a prosperous farmer and stockman of Lincoln Township, Christian County, Mo., and like the native Tennesseean he is progressive in his views and of an energetic temperament. He was born in Warren County in the year 1820, the fourth of eleven children born to Larkin and Rebecca (HUDDLESTON) Paine, natives it is thought of Georgia and South Carolina. When both were young they moved with their parents to Tennessee and were married in Claiborne County of that State. Later they removed to Warren County, where they continued to make their home until 1829, when they made another move, this time to Independence County, Ark. In 1831 they came to Greene County, Mo., and located in the woods on James River, six miles southeast of Springfield. There they improved a good farm, but in 1834, on account of ill health, they moved to Kickapoose Prairie, six miles southwest of Springfield, and there Mr. PAINE died in 1857. He had followed farming all his life, and as a citizen and neighbor was highly esteemed. He was with Gen. JACKSON in the Creek War, and at an early day was elected by the Legislature as president of the bank at Springfield. A self-made man, with but limited education, he was a good calculator and seldom failed to unravel a complicated mathematical problem. He delighted in reading, and by his own perseverance and love of books became well posted on all the topics of the day. Mr. PAINE was one of the very first settlers of Greene County, and experienced all the privations incident to pioneer life. His father, Daniel PAINE, removed from Tennessee to Illinois, when the subject of this sketch was but a boy, and probably died there. He reared a large family. The mother of our subject died about 1887, near Ozark. She was a member of the Christian Church. Her father, David HUDDLESTON, was a farmer and died in Claiborne County, Tenn. Our subject's brothers and sisters were named as follows: Anderson, died in Arkansas during the war, and left a large family; Daniel, a farmer of Greene County; Gavin, died when two years of age; William H., subject; Col. John W., of Texas, was in the Confederate Army in a Missouri Cavalry as colonel under Gen. PRICE (he is now a retired lawyer of considerable repute); Houston R. is a farmer of Greene County; Martha Jane is the widow of James ROBINSON [W. ROBERTSON?]; David M. died at Ozark about 1891, where he was engaged in the practice of law (he was quartermaster in the Confederate Army during the war;) Lucy was the wife of Levin McNATT; Mary A. was the wife of Lafayette BRITTON, and died in this county during the war; and Thomas Benton died during the war (he was a solder in the Eighth Missouri Cavalry, Federal Army). The original of this notice grew to manhood principally in Greene County, but his educational advatages [sic] were limited, as he never attended school over three months all together. This was on account of the pioneer times, for he was reared in the wilds of this county when they beat their corn meal with a pellet, and when there Mere no public schools. He well remembers when the Indians were thick in this section, and when the woods swarmed with wild animals. In those days our subject with other pioneers would haul goods from Boonville and St. Louis with five yoke of cattle, and was generally two weeks or more on the road, camping out at night and doing his own cooking. He took hides, etc., as did his neighbors, and traded them for groceries, etc. Nearly everything they wore was made at home. The first pair of pantaloons our subject had made in Missouri was made from the fiber from nettles he had gathered in the bottoms. The finer fibers were made into shirting and the coarser in other articles. These ambitious pioneers made boxes for family use by taking the bark of the buckeye tree and setting it together with strings of bark, etc. People went ten miles visiting, and often fifteen miles to church. To walk five or six miles to church was considered nothing. During one fall four of the family killed fifty-two deer and one wolf. Great delight was taken in hunting in those days. Indians were plenty then and Mr. PAINE can say:

“My footsteps press where, centuries ago,
The redmen fought and conquered, lost and won,
And where whole tribes and races are gone like last year's snow.”

In the year 1848 Mr. PAINE was married in Madison County, Ark., to Miss Almira HARP, a native of Warren County, Tenn., and the daughter of Hardy and Ruth A. HARP, the former dying in Tennessee and the latter in Arkansas. To Mr. and Mrs. PAINE were born an old-fashioned family of thirteen children, as follows: John, of Franklin County, Ark.; Hardy K., of this county; Larkin, of Stone County; Jane, wife of L. L. PHELPS, of Greene County; Houston, of this county; William, justice of the peace, of Stone County; Thomas, of Greene County; Lincoln, of Christian County; Frank, of this county, as are also D. Burden, Rebecca and Joseph D. Mr. PAINE made his home in Greene County until about 1856, but since then he has resided in Christian County. He has a farm of 180 acres seven miles east of Billings, and has ninety acres under cultivation. With the exception of a few months when he was in the grocery trade in Billings, Mr. PAINE has farmed all his life. In April, 1862, he enlisted in Company F, Fourteenth Missouri State Militia, and operated in southwest Missouri until April, 1863. He was then transferred to the Eighth Missouri State Militia and was in the Marmaduke fight at Springfield. He was also at Jefferson City, and was captured there, but was paroled four days later. In April, 1865, after three years' service, he was mustered out at Springfield. He was lieutenant of the Home Guards in 1861, was wounded in the leg in July of that year, and has never fully recovered. His wife died May r, 1893. She was a devout member of the Christian Church, and Mr. PAINE holds membership in the same."

(A Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region, Goodspeed Brothers Publishing, Chicago, 1894 , pp. 398-399)

William Combs, Jr of Russell Co VA died in 1841. In his will he named his wife Anna Thompson Combs and children and some grandchildren. A Sarah "Sallie" Lee was named in the will. There is some discussion as to who she was. Some descendents believe she was a daughter. Although, Oral Family Tradition says Sallie was a slave woman with whom William raised a family. There was a Sarah Combs, m. Ephriam Lee in Russell Co in early 1800's. In 1830's they moved to Greene Co MO along with some of Ephriam's brothers. Sarah and Ephriam had a daughter Sarah Ann (maybe named after GGrandmother Sarah Ann Million. Sarah Ann, m. Jefferson Kinser and had a son John Kinser. The following was found on the Greene Co website. Also see an Alternate theory for Sally Lee


One of Clay township's enterprising farmers is John Kinser. He has made a success in his calling very largely because he has been willing to give up many of the old and antiquated ideas of farming and adopted such new ones as were practicable here. He is one of those farmers who never loses sight of the fact that the soil must be well supplied with organic matter; that humus is absolutely necessary to the soil to make plant food available; that if one practices crop rotation, one must not fail to include one or more of the legumes. These and many other similar ideas of successful farming have long been known to him and it is a pleasure to look over his well tilled place.

Mr. Kinser was born in Greene county, Missouri, about two miles from his present residence, October 11, 1852, and here he has been content to spend his life. He is a son of Jefferson and Sarah (Lee) Kinser. The father was born in Virginia and grew to manhood and received his education in that state, being a young man when he immigrated overland to Missouri with his parents, making the trip in wagons drawn by oxen. The family settled in Greene county, the father entering a large amount of land from the government which he cleared and improved, and carried on general farming and stock raising successfully here in the pioneer days. During the Civil war he joined the Federal army, under Col. John S. Phelps, and most of his service was confined to Greene county. He was a participant in the battle of Springfield, when General Brown's forces were attacked by General Marmaduke, January 8, 1863. He was honorably discharged at Rolla, Missouri, at the close of the war. After the war he returned home and resumed farming, which he followed until his death, which occurred at the age of seventy-seven years. Politically, he was a Republican. He belonged to the Christian church. He was a well known and influential man in his locality, and had a great many friends wherever he was known. The mother of the subject of this sketch was born in Virginia, and she received a common school education. She was young in years when she came to Missouri with her parents, the family locating on a farm in Greene county. She was a great help to her husband on the farm, was industrious, spun and wove most of her cloth in the early days, and raised cotton for this purpose. She was a member of the Christian church. Her death occurred prior to that of her husband.

To Jefferson Kinser and wife eight children were born, namely: Joseph, deceased; Ephraim lives in Greene county on an adjoining farm to our subject; John, of this review; Mrs. Sarah Davis, deceased; Mrs. Mary Fulton, deceased; Mrs. Anna Dykes lives in Webster county; Nancy, deceased; William is engaged in the livery business in Oklahoma.

John Kinser was reared to manhood on the home farm where he received his education in the district schools of his community. He worked for his father at home until he was twenty-five years of age, when he was married to Sarah Cloud and began farming for himself. His father gave him a good farm of one hundred and twenty acres, to which our subject has added eighty acres. He cleared part of his land, making many improvements of a substantial and permanent nature, built a comfortable home, several convenient barns and his excellent place of two hundred acres is entitled to rank among the best in this part of the county in every, respect. About thirty acres is in timber. He carries on general farming and stock raising. He has lately moved to Menter, where he now resides, going to and from his farm as necessity requires.

Mrs. Kinser was reared to womanhood in Greene county, and here she received her education in the common schools. She proved to be a most faithful helpmeet and was a woman who was a favorite with her many friends, and her untimely death at the early age of thirty-eight years was deeply deplored. She was a daughter of Calvin and Elizabeth Cloud. Her father was one of the earliest settlers in Greene county and he owned an excellent farm here and spent the rest of his life on the home place, and there his wife died also.

To Mr. and Mrs. Kinser four children were born, namely: Mrs. Laura Estes lives in Greene county; Mrs. Lula Patterson is living at home with her father; Mrs. Lennie White lives in Greene county; James E. is living on the home farm.

Politically, Mr. Kinser is a Republican, and is loyal in his support of the party, although is no office seeker or public man.

(Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records of Many of the Representative Citizens [pp.1739-1740])

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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