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An Alphabetical Listing of RW Soldiers Known to have Resided at Some Time
in the Area of Warren & White Cos TN and/or Descendant & Neighboring Counties.

Note: The following "mini-biographies" are based on numerous Sources, some more reliable than others. This report is provided for "clues," not documentation - an aid for further research and in determining migratory patterns of families of Warren, White & their neighbor counties. Many of these records were collected by the Combs &c. Research Group, and include hot links to various Combs and/or Combs-Associated Families and/or Combs Counties.

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Revolutionary Soldiers of Warren Co, TN &c Surrounding Counties

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GEORGE AILESWORTH, Private, VA Continental Line, White Co, TN. $96.00 Annual Allowance, $504.00 Amount received, 12 Feb 1829, Pension Started, Age 76. See Also Grayson Co, Virginia

JOHN ALLISON, Private, North Carolina Line, White County, $46.66 Annual Allowance, $116.65 Amount Rec'd, Aug 14, 1833 Pension Started, Age 71

BENJAMIN ARNOLD, Private, SC Militia, $31.66 Annual Allowance, $94.98 Amount Received, November 25, 1833 Pension Started, Age 71, Warren Co, TN, 1832 List. Note: VA Service also listed in pension application dated 31 Jan 1833, Warren Co, TN, at which time ARNOLD stated he was age 70, and that he had been drafted in Lawrence Co [Laurens] SC at 17 yrs of age, following which he went to Henry Co, Virginia with his grandfather & served as a substitute from that county. Following his discharge, he declared he went to Amherst Co, VA to see his uncle, Hendrick ARNOLD & again served as a substitute for him. He further declared that he was born 28 Jan 1762 in Buckingham Co, Virginia & lived Amherst Co 10 years, then Henry Co 15 years, then Rowan Co, North Carolina 5 years, then removed to Greenville Dist SC for 12 [years?], thence to Warren County, Tennessee. In 1836, he "returned" to Warren County, Tennessee aft 2 yrs in IL. (RW Pension File S2920)

FRANCIS ARNOLD applied in 1818 in Madison Co, Alabama, and in 1820 was in White Co, TN, at which time he declared he was aged 68 (b ca 1752) with a wife, Elizabeth (neè PARKER), aged 52, and a daughter, Barbary, aged 17. His widow applied on 5 Apr 1851 in Coffee Co, TN (formerly White/Warren), aged 76, and stated they had married 05 Aug 1790 in Greenville Dist SC. Her husband had died 5 Feb 1830 in White Co, TN. (RW Pension File W106). FRANCIS ARNOLD, White County, Private, Virginia Cont'l Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $ Amount Rec'd, Jun 1, 1819 Pension started, Dropped May 1, 1820. Note: It is not known if Francis was kin to Benjamin ARNOLD, but given the Greenville Dist SC references, a relationship was possible. Another RW, Lindsey or Lindsay ARNOLD, applied in 1821 in Rutherford Co, NC, and his widow, Elizabeth (neè DAVIS), stated they married 18 Nov 1785 in Louisa Co VA, and file mentions a Nancy ARNOLD of Coffee County, Tennessee who also claimed to have been widow of Lindsey ARNOLD whom she claimed lived in Burke Co, North Carolina, and drowned in 1830. (RW Pension File W3750)


PETER BAKER, Private of Dragoons, North Carolina Line, White County, >$93.33 Annual Allowance, $180.16 Amount Rec'd, Feb 13, 1833 Pension Started, Age 78, Died Feb 7, 1833

James BARKLEY, Private, NC Militia, $23.33 Annual Allowance, $69.99 Amount Received, October 15, 1833 Pension Started, Age 73 in 1832, Warren Co, TN Pension List. Applied 19 Apr 1832 Warren Co, TN, aged 71, b 26 Nov 1761 Rowan Co, North Carolina & lived there at enl & aft the war moved to Rutherford Co, TN, then to Warren Co, TN. His widow, Sarah, applied 18 Jan 1839 Cannon Co, TN aged 76, declared they had married 17 Apr 1787, and that her husband died 27 Feb 1837. Family records of his parents indicated that they were Henry & Mary BARKLEY, and that his father's children were Robert, born 25 Mar 1753; Mary born 4 Oct 1755; Henry, born 5 Oct 1758; the applicant, James, born 26 Nov 1761; John, born 13 Feb 1765; Thomas, born 11 Oct 1766. He had married Sarah KNOX on 17 Apr 1787 & their children were Mary, born 28 Mar 1788 & died 12 Oct 1791; William K., born 29 Oct 1790 & died 20 Nov 1791; Peggy, born 26 Oct 1792 & died 13 Mar 1802; Henry, born 26 Jan 1795 & d 28 Oct 1808; Betsy, born 12 Mar 1797; Jinny, born 27 Aug 1799 & d 17 Jul 1802; & Liddy, born 12 Dec 1802. (RW Pension File W44)

DAVID BENTON, Private, North Carolina Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $153.33 Amount Received, April 16, 1819 Pension Started, Age 77, in Warren Co, TN in 1832. Dropped May 1, 1820; applied 29 Jul 1818 Warren Co, TN, aged 61 [b ca 1757], served in Col. POLK'S Regt. in NC Line. (RW Pension File S39195)

Note: A David BENTON was listed as a Private in Nelson's Co, 15 June 1776 with 3year's service, discharged 15 June 1779. (Roster of North Carolina Soldiers) A David BENTON appeared on 1812 Warren Co, TN 1812 Tax List, but no BENTON found on 1830 Warren Co, Tennessee census (1820 not checked).

Note: The revolutionary veteran of Warren Co., TN, is the David Benton who served under Capt. John Nelson per his pension application. The David Benton in 1812, however, is probably his son, David Benton, Jr., who served in such latter war from Warren Co. with his Melton brothers-in-law. David Benton Jr. was squatting on Cherokee lands in Jackson Co., AL, by November, 1819 (and perhaps as early as 1817). In 1810, a David Benton and Mourning Benton join the Salem Baptist Church in Smith (DeKalb) Co. Since Cooper Melton, David Jr.'s brother-in-law, also joined this congregation in 1812, it is difficult to say whether this is an indication that David Sr. was in neighboring DeKalb Co. in 1812. The 1835 pension rolls reflect several individuals "dropped" on May 1, 1820, and from the math, David Sr. in addition to his initial draw, was only paid one further semi-annual draw in March, 1820. I believe the indications are that he died in March/April, 1820. Certainly, he is not on the 1820 census.

David Benton citizen of the County of Warren [marked out: County] in the State of Tennessee came before me and bound(?) to be placed on the pension list of the United States on account of his services as a soldier in the revolutionary war and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he enlisted into the service of the United States as a soldier on the 15th day of June 1776 under the command of Captain John Nelson in the 4th North Carolina continental Regt. Commanded by Colo. Thomas Polk. Gen. Culloom(?) commanded the Brigade who was succeeded by Genl. Nash, that he enlisted for [marked out: three years] two years and one half and served faithfully three years wanting five days and was discharged the 10th of June 1779 at west point on the North River being then in Capt. John (?)'s Company in the first North Carolina Regt. Commanded by Colo. Thomas Clark. That he has long since lost or (?) his discharge, that afterwards he served two tours in the Militia service. That he is in his sixty-first year and very infirm, that he is in very reduced circumstances, and needs the aid of the government. That he never had a pension from the United States or any State. David his "D" mark Benton.

Sworn & Subscribed before me this 29th day July 1818. John McNairy, District Judge.

Joel Gunter, a citizen of Warran County aforesaid came before me and made oath that he is acquainted with the said applicant David Benton and was with him in the service of the United States in the revolutionary war in the same company &Regt. after he was transferred from the 4th to the 1st Regiment that he served more than nine months and is in very reduced circumstances and needs aid from Government. Joel his "O" mark Gunter.

Sworn to &subscribed before me. John McNairy, District Judge.

submitted by Kendall Sparkman

ENOCK or ENOCH BERRY, Private, North Carolina Line, $23.10 Annual Allowance, $69.30 Amount Received, October 15, 1833 Pension Started, Age 73. Applied 03 Oct 1832, Warren Co, TN aged about 69, stated his father (unnamed) was killed at battle of King's Mountain & his brother (unnamed) was wounded & died shortly afterwards (all 3 had lived in Burke Co NC at their enlistment), that he was born 11 Dec 1763 Burke Co, NC [then Rowan Co] & that after the war moved to Pendleton Dist SC for 10 years (see below) then to Madison Co, Alabama for 8 yrs then to Smith County, Tennessee [no records located in deed index] & then to Warren Co in 1839. He stated he lived in Cannon (formerly Warren) Co, Tennessee & is listed as having died there 21 Sep 1848. He m Berbara "Barbary" THOMSON [THORNTON?], his 2nd wife on 13 Nov 1823 in Smith Co, Tennessee (his 1st wife not named in file), and his widow applied 23 May 1855 in Warren Co, TN, a resident of Trousdale, Smith Co, TN at the time. An Anderson TAYLOR of Warren Co & David D. HIPP of Cannon Co signed affidavits, their relationship not stated. (RW Pension File W8128, BLW #26820-160-55)

Notes: A listing of King's Mountain Soldiers included the following BERRYS (none listed as killed or wounded): Bradley, James, Thomas, Andrew, & Robert BERRY. Also listed was an Andrew BARRY. ("Overmountain Men," Alderman, Overmountain Press, 1970, Johnson City, TN)

BERRY, Enoch, Census, 1790, 96th Dist, Pendleton Co, SC, tax list, column 7, 62, 1-1-4-0-0. (Heads of Families at the First Census, 1790, South Carolina, GPC, 1972)

BERRY, Enoch, Census, 1800, Pendleton Dist, Col. Kilpatrick's Regiment (Oconee Co), HH No. 276, 11010-43010-00. (1800 Census of Pendleton Dist, SC, NGS, Washington, D. C., 1963.)

BERRY, Enoch, 1830, Warren Co, TN, Page 327, 000000001-0011001 (listed between Mordeca DUKE and Elizabeth LONG)

See also Reuben BERRY under James JOHNSON, KY Militia. See also Enoch BERRY on 1782 Hampshire Co, VA tithe list. That same year, both Combs and HAWKS appeared on sd. list]

WILLIAM BOND, Private, North Carolina Line, $30.00 Annual Allowance, $90.00 Amount Received, September 27, 1833 Pension Started; applied 3 Oct 1832 Warren Co, TN, aged 67, born 4 Sep 1766 in Charlotte Co VA & moved to Wilkes Co, NC where he lived for 2 years aft the war, then moved to Greene Co GA [TN?] for 8 yrs, then to Green Co, KY [?] for 12 yrs, then to Warren Co, TN; son of Jesse BOND who also served in the RW. (RW Pension File S3027)

Note: May be same who is buried at Philadelphia Cemetery on the upper Collins River. Also Note: A William BOND is mentioned in a letter from H. M. STOKES of Jefferson, Ashe Co, NC, dated 12/21/1843, to Lyman C. Draper, who states in regard to Col. Benjamin CLEVELAND of Wilkes NC that he was b in Orange Co, VA in 1738; and accompanied a hunting expedition of 1770 with one William BOND, William HIGHTOWER, and Edward RICE; mentions attempt to recapture horses; a elk hunt with STRINGER in 1769; and that he was wounded in ambuscade in 1780; and present at hanging of [Tories] COYLE and BROWN; also mentions Tory RIDDLE'S attempt to capture him; and CLEVELAND'S Cherokee expedition; as well as surrender of British at King's mountain. (5DD14, Draper Papers, A. L. S. 5 pp.) William BOND is again mentioned in letter from Elijah CALLAWAY, 5 Nov 1844, Walnut Grove, Ashe Co, NC, to LC Draper, when stated that Col. Benj. CLEVELAND moved to NC in 1765; hunting expedition with BOND and WALTON, 1769; chief officer in comand of Scotch Expedition; elk hunt with (Reuben) STRINGER in 1772; Capt. Larkin CLEVELAND wounded in 1780; Col. CLEVELAND captured by Capt. RIDDLE Apr 15 1781; location of CLEVELAND plantation; Richard CALLAWAY wounded by Tories; CLEVELAND'S participation in Cherokee campaign; accts of Col. Richard CALLAWAY and Col. Hugh McGARRY. (5DD17, Draper Papers, A.L.S., 2 pp.)

Note: This may be an entirely different (younger?) William BOND, but also note that one Tory William Combs was not hung when CLEVELAND hung COYLE. (See Combs of Wilkes Co, North Carolina)

MILES BOTTOM, Private, Infantry and Cavalry, VA Militia, $48.33 Annual Allowance, $144.99 Amount Received, February 19, 1834 Pension Started, Age 82, Warren Co, TN Pension List. Applied 29 Jan 1834 Warren Co, TN, aged about 82, born 1751 in Amelia Co, VA & enlisted there several times & three years after the War moved to Charlotte Co, VA and then to Franklin Co, VA for 5 years, and then about 1829 to Warren Co, TN; died 12 Sep 1841. (RW Pension File S21561)

ROBERT BROWN, Private, North Carolina Line, 1779-1781. $80.00 Annual Allowance, $240.00 Amount Received, January 9, 1834 Pension Started, Age 76. Born 1758 in Rowan Co, NC, lived in Burke Co, North Carolina at enl, appl 10 Jan 1832 Warren Co, TN aged 75, after the war sol lived in Hawkins, Knox, Smith & Warren Cos TN. He died after 1840, buried Viola, Warren Co.

Note: In 1797 Robert BROWN sold 150 acres on Dodson Creek, Holston River, Hawkins Co, TN, to Martin Johnson (h/o Sarah Combs), property "where Miles BARRET & Jno. WILLIS now lives on and holds by a deed from James DODSON and Raleigh DODSON in that bounds joining John PAYNE and Jacob LAUSON [LAWSON]," wits: Jno PAYNE Jno. LANDEN [sp?] See Also Thomas BROWN below. (RW Pension File S3057) Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson were later in both White and Warren Cos TN

THOMAS BROWN, b 28 Feb 1753, Augusta Co, VA; enlisted in Tryon (later Rutherford Co), NC, but his father William BROWN lived at the Waxhaw Settlement in SC,* applied. 8 Oct 1833, Warren Co, TN, aged 80. His father, William, and brothers Alexander, Robert & William BROWN, Jr. also served in the war. In 1780, Thomas BROWN moved to the Holston River in Sullivan Co, North Carolina (now TN) for several years, then moved to Clinch River in Roan County, Tennessee, then to Smith Co, TN, then in 1808 to Warren Co, TN; died 3 Sep 1849 & left no widow but left children: William Jr., Alexander & Rebecca BROWN, Margaret HALL & Nancy McGREGOR & a George SAVAGE was admistrator of soldier's estate in 1850, & a Richmond McGREGOR was Clerk of the County Court for Warren County, Tennessee in 1850, but no relationship to pensioner's daughter was stated. (RW Pension File S3509). See Also Robert BROWN above and William BROWN, f/o Frances "Frankie" BROWN who m Matthew Combs in 1810 in Clay Co, Kentucky, formerly of Buncombe Co, North Carolina). Also note possible Clay Co KY connection with RW Samuel MOORE below. nb: The Waxhaws Settlement, named for local Waxhaw Indians, is generally recognized as including much of present-day Anson, Mecklenburg and Union Counties, NC and Chester, Lancaster and York Counties, SC, and was the birthplace of Pres. Andrew JACKSON, born there in 1767 (See also RW'S Andrew and Samuel DAVIS below)


DANIEL CARROLL, served VA Line, appl 11 Apr 1834 Warren Co, TN aged 69 on 10 Jan 1834, enl in Albemarle Co, VA & was b there 10 Jan 1765 & lived there some years after the war & moved to Goochland Co, Virginia for 6 yrs then to Warren Co, TN; mentions a bro-in-law (not named) in VA. Served under Capt. Sharp, regiment of Col. RICHARDS VA Line. (RW Pension File S3132)

ROBERT CARSON, Private, VA Militia , $30.00 Annual Allowance, $90.00 Amount Received, July 25, 1834 Pension Started, Age 81, Warren Co, TN Pension List. was born 20 Nov 1753 on Greenbrier River in VA near Englishes Ferry, lived in Washington Co, Virginia at enlistment & in 1782 moved to Greene County, Tennessee for 1 year, then to Jefferson Co TN for 14 years [1783-1797], then to Blount Co, TN for 12 yrs [1797-1809], then to Warren Co, TN [ca1809?] & applied there 8 Jul 1834. (RW Pension File S3207)

JAMES CHESSHER [a.k.a. CHESHIRE], served VA Line, sol enl in Mecklenburg & Halifax Cos, VA, applied 1 Jul 1844 Warren Co, Tennessee aged 87 (RW Pension File R1911). See Also Combs &c. Families of Montgomery Co, Virginia)

JOHN CHISAM, SC Line, sol's only heir, Nancy FISHER stated 5 Sep 1855 that he died 15 Jun 1829 in AL leaving a widow Sarah who d 30 Aug 1848 in White Co, TN. He and wife had 7 children, to wit: Nancy FISHER, John, Chisam [sic], Rachel RIDDLES, Polly PULLEN, Betsy BURNSIDES, Sarah CHISAM & Frances HATELY & all were dec'd in 1855 except Nancy FISHER. He and wife had married in Spartansburg Dist, SC in 1774. A Mary CHISAM stated in Aug 1855 that she was a widow of one of his sons & that she drew a pension as only heir of Jonathan & Margaret HARRIS. (RW Pension File R1932) See also RW Jonathan HARRIS below.

BURGESS or BURGIS CLARK, applied 3 Oct 1832 White County, Tennessee aged about 69 or 70, lived in Chatham Co, North Carolina when he enl with his bro William CLARK. He was born in 1763 in Goochland Co, Virginia, moved from Chatham Co, North Carolina to Richmond Co, North Carolina then back to Chatham Co NC, then to York Dist SC, then to Lincoln Co, North Carolina then to White County, Tennessee. He declared he served part of the time under a Capt Alexander CLARK, but no relationship was stated. His widow applied 21 Nov 1850 White County, Tennessee, and declared that they had married 14 Aug 1799 in Richmond Co, North Carolina. He died 22 Oct 1850 in White County, Tennessee, and a Joseph CLARK, Sr. & a Derias CLARK, Sr. made a joint affidavits in White Co, Tennessee in 1850 but their relationship not stated. His widow applied for BLW 21 Apr 1855. Her name before marriage was Roady MORRIS. A half-brother, Joseph JOHNSON was also mentioned. (RW Pension File W275B, BLB X34972-160-55)

See Winifred JOHNSON of Richmond Co, North Carolina census of 1790. See also BROWN/DAVIS re Waxhaw Settlement and York SC.

JOHN COCK, Private, NC Militia, $30.00 Annual Allowance, $ Amount Received, May 29, 1834 Pension Started, Age 78; was born 12 Feb 1756 in Bedford Co, VA & lived at enlistment in the part of Montgomery Co, VA which was later Grayson Co, VA. He was still single in 1781, and after the Rev War, he lived in Cumberland Co, KY, Overton County, Tennessee & Warren Co, TN. He applied 14 Apr 1834 Warren Co, TN, & was living at the time on the Barren Fork of the Collins River, having lived there since 1811. He died 20 Jul 1834. (RW Pension File S3171) Note: May have been a.k.a. COOK or COX.

HIGGINS COPPINGER, VA Line, enlisted in Bedford VA, applied 26 Oct 1822 Washington Co, TN aged 84 & sol d there 4 Jan 1832 leaving a wid who lived but a few months & died in the same yr, in 1855 surviving heirs of sol were Mary MITCHELL & Nancy HARRELL both of Washington County, Tennessee & Elizabeth MITCHELL of Sevier County, Tennessee & all were widows. , (RW Pension Files S40051, BLW #2494) May have been same who was on 1818 pension list of Warren Co, TN. Questions: Was Mary MITCHELL kin to RW Mark MITCHELL below? Was Nancy HARRELL kin to Lydia HARRELL, wife of George Combs, and d/o RW John HARRELL of Hawkins Co TN?

JOHN CUNNINGHAM, Private, VA Line, $23.33 Annual Allowance, $69.99 Amount Received, December 14, 1833 Pension Started, Age 86; born 10 Feb. 1747, Lunenburg Co., VA, died 18 Dec. 1842, Warren Co., TN, buried Cunningham Cemetery south of Viola. In 1840 he lived with William KENNARD; married in 1782 in Charlotte Co., VA, Kiziah CHANDLER.

Note: His tombstone says: “SACRED to the memory of John Cunningham, sr was Born Feb 10 1717 Died Dec 18 1842 Aged 94 Yers 10 Months 8 Days. Hark Hark what awful Tidings roar what strains of Grief we hear the mighty Herald is no more and Zion drops the tear.” John Cunningham Virginia Pvt VA REGT Revolutionary War Feb 10 1748 - DEC 18 1842.
His wife's tombstone says: “In Memory of Kiziah Cunningham Consort of John Cunningham. Born 6 March 1755 Died 22 April 1783? For Why the Lord Your God is Good His mercy is for ever sure His truth at all times firmly stood And shall from age to age endure.” Submitted by Christopher Albert Cunningham


ANDREW DAVIES or DAVIS, NC & SC Line, born 24 Dec 1756 in Waxhaw Settlement SC near line btn NC & SC; lived there at enlistment & until age 49 [ca1805] when he moved to Iredell NC for 4 yrs, then to Rutherford Co, TN for 18 months, then to Warren Co, TN for 17 yrs [ca 1811-28?], then to Bledsoe Co, TN where he applied 15 Aug 1832. In 1845 he was referred to as of Benton Co, AL (RW Pension File S3256)

SAMUEL DAVIS, Private, North Carolina Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $931.46 Amount Received, November 8, 1819 Pension Started, Age 77, Suspended May 1, 1820, Restored November 17, 1824. DAVIS applied for his pension on 9 Oct 1819 in Warren Co, TN, declaring he had enlisted in Bute Co, North Carolina & that after the RW he had lived in NC for 14 yrs, then moved to SC for 15 yrs, then moved to TN. In 1825, he stated he was aged 67 [b ca 1758], a resident of Davidson County, Tennessee & that all his family had left him. (RW Pension File S39406) Other records may indicate that he may have been born in Craven Co, NC, that he died ca 1836 in Warren Co, NC, and that his residency in SC was in Chester. He is said to have removed to Warren Co, TN in 1818, and to have owned land in Dickson, Madison and Warren Cos, TN, although this has not been confirmed. Nor has his (possible?) marriage to Lucinda R. MUNSEY [MUNCY?], nor children Rachael, Samuel, James, David, Lucinda, Frances, Joseph H. Marcy C. and William. nb: Note that Waxhaw Settlement included Chester SC (See Andrew DAVIES/DAVIS above and Thomas BROWN above).


ANDREW EDWARDS, NC Line, appl 3 Dec 1833 Carroll County, Tennessee, aged 80; born 20 Oct 1753 in Pitt Co, NC, enlisted in Onslow Co, NC, declaration mentioned a wife & children (not named), and stated that after the Rev War, he lived "a considerable length of time" in NC then moved to Warren Co, TN, then moved to KY then returned to TN & in 1829 moved to Carroll Co, TN. (RW Pension File S3320)


John FISHER, Private, SC Line, $60.00 Annual Allowance, $180.00 Amount Received, October 2, 1833 Pension Started, Age 77, Warren Co TN Pension List.

James FORREST, Private, NC Militia, $30.00 Annual Allowance, $50.00 Amount Received, October 14, 1833 Pension Started, Age 83; born 24 Jan 1751 in Chester Co, PA & later lived in Orange Co, NC at enlistment. In 1794 he moved to Jefferson Co, TN for 7-8 years, then to Claiborne County, Tennessee, & in 1813, he moved to Warren Co, TN where he applied 3 Oct 1832. (RW Pension File S1663) Note: Possibly same who died 11 Apr. 1838, buried Shellsford Cemetery, Warren Co., TN. Also Note: A James FORREST was listed on the 1790 Orange Co, North Carolina census, p. 095.


Joel GUNTER, Private, North Carolina Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $533.60 Amount Received, April 16, 1819 Pension Started, Age 76, Suspended May 1, 1820, Restored September 8, 1825, Died August 29, 1829; applied 9 Aug 1825, Warren Co, TN, aged 71 [see below], and had originally applied 29 Jul 1818 (also in Warren) (RW Pension File S38780). Joel GUNTER, d 22 Aug 1839, Warren Co, TN, was the son of John and Amy TILLOTSON Gunter of Chesterfield Co, Virginia, later in Guilford Co NC. He also resided in Spartansburgh Co SC where he is listed on the 1790 Census of Spartansburgh Co. By 1812 he was in Warren Co., TN along with brothers James Glass GUNTER, Augustus GUNTER, & Claiborne GUNTER. These brothers migrated to Warren Co., TN via Burke Co., NC. On 1812 Warren Co TN tax lists were two John GUNTERS, one of whom was the son of Augustus. The other was possibly John GUNTER, another brother to Joel, who was a Cherokee Indian trader, and ancestor of American humorist, Will ROGERS. Joel died at the home of his daughter, Frances WADE in Warren Co., TN. (Sources: Gunter Researcher George Baumbach, KLW Gunn, 1995, John Gunter of Chesterfield Co., VA & Guilford-Rockingham Cos., NC & Some of His Descendents, privately published, Raleigh, NC)


SAMUEL HAND, Private, SC Militia, $46.66 Annual Allowance, $139.98 Amount Received, October 14, 1833 Pension Started, Age 73; applied 6 Oct 1832, Warren Co, TN aged 71, declared he had lived in Union Dist SC at enlistment & aft 1781 he moved to Washington County, Tennessee for 3 yrs, then moved back to York Dist SC for 20 yrs, then moved to Pulaski Co Ky for 4 yrs, then to Bedford County, Tennessee a few mths then to Rutherford Co, TN for 2-3 yrs, then to Warren Co, TN; was born 11 Jun 1761 in New Jersey. His widow, Mary, applied 7 Jun 1844 Warren Co, TN aged about 69, and declared they had married in 1792, that he had died 19 Jun 1840. Children named were: Elkins b 12 Oct 1783, Afee b 10 Mar 1786, Temperance b 28 Feb 1788; and James C. was his 1st child by his 2nd wife and was b 10 Mar 1793, then Elizabeth, b 3 Sep 1795, Jene b 18 Jan 1798, William Bradford HAND b 2 Jan 1801, Asenath b 27 Mar 1804, Harriet b 16 Dec 1809 & Nanch [Nancy? Nance?] b 20 Oct 1812. Also shown: Abner C. WOMACK b 10 Feb 1832, James Jackson WOMACK b 7 Jul 1834, the exact relationship of the WOMACK births not stated. (RW Pension File W10) See also Combs-Hand families of Surry Co NC. Re possible naming patterns, see Asenath ELLIS Combs of Wilkes Co, North Carolina and Tempie Combs (unidentified) of Warren Co, TN. Question: Has Tempie HAND been identified?

JONATHAN HARRIS, NC Line, applied 16 Aug 1833 White Co, TN aged 82, he lived in Rowan Co, NC at enl, was born in 1751 in Hopewell Co in East Jersey; his widow applied 4 Apr 1838 White County, Tennessee aged 86, declared they had married in Feb 1772 in Lancaster Co, PA. He died 28 Jun 1834, and his daughter Mary CHISOM made affidavit on 24 Feb 1852 White Co, Tennessee & she stated her mother had died 24 Aug 1849 leaving only 1 child Mary "Polly" CHISOM; a copy of his will is in the file dated 25 Jun 1834 in White County, Tennessee, naming his wife and John CHISOM whom he appointed executor & Polly CHISOM; refers to grandchildren (not named) (RW Pension File W4979) See also RW John CHISUM above.

RICHARD HENDERSON b 29 Dec. 1765 in SC; d 11 Dec 1833 Limestone, AL. He was son of Rev. soldier SAMUEL HENDERSON b 1737 Laurens Co, SC; d 1821 - buried Rutherford Co, TN. I am in his direct line. Richard's son was Preston Henderon b SC 10 Mar 1795; d 26 Oct 1857 Wilson Co, TN (Norene - [Henderson X Roads]) (Submitted by Ceacy Henderson Hailey)

JAMES HEREDEN, Private, VA Line, $76.66 Annual Allowance, $229.98 Amount Received, October 14,1833 Pension Started, Age 72, Warren Co, TN .

THOMAS HOOD, applied 21 Aug 1832 White Co, TN. Pension statement that he enlisted in 1777 under Capt. DOWNEY in Bedford VA; marched to Williamsburg; sub for Moses JOHNSON in Capt. Isaac WILSON'S company; associated w/Col. Evan SHELBY, Col. Charles ROBERTSON and Capt. John SEVIER; sub for Adam HALL in Capt. James MORRISON'S Co. of Col PHIFER'S Regt; under comm of Capt John SMITH and Col. HOLMES at battle of Ramsour's Mills in battle of Kings Mountain; Capt. John CLEVELAND, Col. Benjamin CLEVELAND mentioned. (RW Pension file abstracted from Draper MSS. 2DD185-187)

JOHN M. HOOVER, Private, VA Line, $20.00 Annual Allowance, $60.00 Amount Received, February 10, 1834 Pension Started, Age 74, Warren Co, TN Pension List.

JOSHUA HORBIN or HOBRIN, Private, North Carolina Line, $35.56 Annual Allowance, $106.68 Amount Received, May 5, 1833 Pension Started, Age 78. Warren Co, Tennessee Pension List.

WILLIAM HUTCHESON [HUTCHISON], VA Line, born 1760 Amelia, VA, lived Henry VA at enlistment, & after the Rev, then to Hawkins TN for 10 to 12 yrs then to Bledsoe TN for 10 yrs, then to Warren County, Tennessee, then to Wilson TN for 1 yr then to Giles TN where appl 26 May 1834. (RW Pension File R5543)


BARNABAS JOHNSON, Private, North Carolina Line, $20.00 Annual Allowance, $60.00 Amount Received, January 18, 1834 Pension Started, Age 81; was b in 1753 in Edgecomb Co, Virginia [nb: NC]; lived in Cumberland Co NC at enlistment, & he for "a few years" after the Rev War, then moved to Johnston Co, North Carolina for several years, then returned to Cumberland Co NC & in 1827 he moved to TN where he applied 8 Oct 1832 Warren Co, Tennessee (RW Pension File S4448)


JOHN KERSEY, Private, VA Line, $20.00 Annual Allowance, $50.00 Amount Received, September 13, 1833 Pension Started, Age 75; Warren Co, TN Pension List. born Hanover [VA?] Apr 1757, lived at Charlotte [VA?] at enlistment (to where his father had moved when soldier was a child, and after the RW, he moved to Franklin VA for 14 years [1782-1796?], then to Warren Co, TN where he applied 5 Feb 1833. (RW Pension File S1679). In 1840 Warren TN census, he was in HH of Jonah DUTY (a.k.a. DOUGHTY?).

PHILIP KING, Private - Corporal, North Carolina Line (?), $68.66 Annual Allowance, $171.65 Amount Received, December 27, 1833 Pension Started, Age 72, Warren County, Tennessee Pension List. Also listed as VA Line, born 22 May 1760, Louisa Co, Virginia, in 1774 moved to Westham (Henrico Co?) VA and lived there at enlistment, after RW, moved to Richmond VA for 2 years, then to Cumberland VA, then back to Louisa for 6 years, then to Sullivan County, Tennessee for 8 years, then to Hawkins Co, Tennessee for 8 years, then to Warren Co, TN, where he died 14 Aug 1836, Wife Nancy d 22 Oct 1840. Surviving Children in 1841: William KING, Nancy LESTER, Drury KING, Catharine BURUM(?), Wilson C. N. KING, Thomas Jefferson KING and Lucy BONNER. In 1840, a Mary KING of "lawful age" testified in Campbell Co, Virginia, relationship not stated (Pension File R5961) See Also Combs-BUREM-KING of Hawkins Co, Tennessee, w/Combs later to Warren Co, TN


JOHN LISK, OR LUSK, Private, New York Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $1,346.96 Amount Received, October 6, 1820 Pension Started, Age 99, Warren Co, TN Pension List

Saturday, July 7, 1838. Memphis Enquirer "Death of An Old Patriot - The Last Soldier of the Old French War In Canada Is Gone Died In Warren county, Tennessee, on the 8th of June, Mr. John LUSK, (pronounced LISK in his native Dutch) at the advanced age of one hundred and four years. He was born on Staten Island, New York, on the 5th of Nov., 1734, and was of Dutch extraction. Mr. LUSK was in regular service for well nigh sixty years..."

JOHN LOCKHART, Private, North Carolina Line, $80.00 Annual Allowance, $240.00 Amount Received, August 14, 1833 Pension Started, Age 75, Warren Co, TN Pension List; SC [sic] Line, widow, Prudence, appl 20 Jun 1844 Warren Co, TN, aged 78 and sol & wid had m 10 Jan 1784 in SC; he died in Grundy County, Tennessee. On 20 Sep 1886 a James M. LOCKHART of Grundy Co, Tennessee was adm'r of sol's estate & he stated John LOCKHART had died between 1840 & 1845 in Warren Co, TN; a daughter Margaret TATE of Warren Co, Tennessee signed power of attorney on 14 May 1884. (RW Pension Files S384, BLW #12306-100-5) In 1840 Warren TN Census, John LOCKHART was in HH of Robert TATE. Prudence died 27 Sep 1851. John LOCKHART listed on p. 364, line 24 of 1830 Warren County, Tennessee Census.


WILLIAM MACKEY [MCKEY?] buried Pleasant Cove Cemetery, Warren Co, TN, on the McVEY place (1840 TN DAR Yearbook)

ELIAS MAIR or MAIRS or MOYERS, Private, North Carolina Line, $80.00 Annual Allowance, $240.00 Amount Received, August 14, 1833 Pension Started, listed as age 73 in 1832 (or 1833?) pension list of Warren County TN, appeared before Audley HARRISON and Aaron HIGGINBOTHAM in 1832 and declared he served in 1776 from Mecklenburg, NC; served with the Cherokee Expedition from Burke County, NC; from Salisbury to South Carolina; and again served from Mecklenburg. Witnesses: William ARMSTRONG and William McGREGOR. Stated he was born in 1762, that his father was Adam MAIRS, and he married a Dutch lady by the name of CRUSE and had children: William; Moses married Elizabeth; Philip, died 1835, married Mary WHITE COOK; Kate, married Jacob MARTIN; Mary "Polly," married Richmond McGREGOR; a child who married a JARRAD; one who married an OFFENSHINE; and Rose, married William STOKER.

DAVID MARSH, served VA Line, applied in Sep 1834 Wayne Co, KY aged 75 on 16 Oct 1834 & stated he lived a little south of the TN Line in the mountains where he had lived for 3 years, was raised in Amelia Co, Virginia & aft the Rev War he moved to Rutherford Co, NC, then 'returned' to the Clinch River in VA (NC/TN?) then to Greenville SC for 6 years, then to Campbell County, Tennessee for many years then to Wayne Co, KY, then to McMinn Co, TN then to Bledsoe Co, TN then to White Co, TN, then to Wayne Co, KY. (RW Pension File R6918)

HENRY MARSH, served VA and NC Line, applied 9 Oct 1832 White Co, TN aged 71, he enl in Surry Co, NC & later ret'd to his mother's in Henry VA; was b in 1761 in Amelia Co, VA; after the Rev, he lived in Washington Co, now Russell Co, VA then to Wayne Co, KY, then to the MO Territory near St. Louis MO then to McMinn Co, TN, then to Bledsoe Co, TN, then to White Co, TN. Aged 66, m Phereby HARVEY on 6 Sep 1856 Overton County, Tennessee & sol d 25 Sep 1859 in White County, Tennessee. (RW Pension File Phereby, W9531, BLW #261-160-55)

WILLIAM MATHEWS, Private, VA Line, $80.00 Annual Allowance, $240.00 Amount Received, August 14, 1833 Pension Started, Age 81, Warren Co, TN Pension List.

THOMAS McGEORGE, Private - Sergeant, VA Line, $75.00 Annual Allowance, $187.50 Amount Received, December 28, 1833 Pension Started, Age 74, Warren Co, TN Pension List.

Daniel MEADOWS (a.k.a. MEADERS) was listed on 1835 pension list of Bedford County, TN as a Private in the Infantry And Cavalry of the North Carolina Militia; $23.38 Annual Allowance; $58.45 Amount Received; October 17, 1833 Pension Started; Age 70. He applied 15 Aug 1832 from Bedford Co, TN, aged 69, declared he lived in Granville Co, NC, where he was born 14 Nov 1762, at enlistment, and moved from there to South Carolina and thence to Tennessee. "3. Where were you living when called into service where have you lived since the Revolutionary War and where do you now live. Answer. I was living in Granville county in state of Northcarlinia (sic) at time I went into service and resided there till about fifteen years ago I removed from there to Garrard [sic] county in the state of Tennessee remained there one year then I removed to Warren county in state aforesaid lived there several years do not recollect how long then removed to Bedford County in state of Tennessee where he has lived ever since." Daniel MEADOWS [sic] appears on line 75 of the 1812 Warren Co, Tennessee Tax List of John Hammons with Anderson and William MEADOWS and on the 1820 Warren Co, Tennessee Census as Daniel MEADOWS, on handwritten page 11, printed page 11, line 16: 000101-00101. (Researcher Steve Carson, See also Steve's transcription of Daniel's RW Pension File in the Warren Co, TN GenWeb Archives).

Joel MEARES or MEARS, NC Line, applied 9 Jul 1835 Warren Co, TN aged 80 to 81, sol lived in old Dobbs Co, North Carolina at enl & sol was also b there in May 1754 & in 1780 he moved to Cumberland Co, NC and at the close of the Rev he moved to Henry Co, VA for 20 years then to Hawkins Co, TN then to Buncombe Co, NC & in 1810 he moved to Warren Co, TN. (RW Pension File S2816)

John MILLER was born in 1765, lived in Washington Co MD at enl & aft the Revolution, he moved with his father to PA, then to the Shenandoah Valley in VA, where he m Mary DOTSON 05 Jul 1787 in Shenandoah Co, VA. He next resided in Botetourt Co, Virginia then to Grainger County, Tennessee then to White Co, Tennessee where he applied 13 Oct 1834, having lived there since 1820. He died in White Co, Tennessee on 04 Nov 1846, and his widow applied there on 14 Aug 1849, aged 81. In 1846, a Hiram & Valentine DODSON [sic] made affidavits on her behalf in White Co, Tennessee, relationships, if any, not stated. (RW Pension File W47)

Notes: Hiram on White Co, Tennessee 1830 census as hh on p. 6., the same page as Burgess CLARKE herein (brother of William CLARK and Capt. Joseph JOHNSON). Per Lucas' "The Dodsons of Northfarnum Parish, Hiram is considered to be probable descendant of John [D36] DODSON [Shenandoah Co, Augusta Co, Surry NC, Montogmery CO, Grayson Co, Carroll Co, VA.] and may be connected to GOADS and PHILLIPS.

Note: A John & Elizabeth GOAD Dodson settled in Shenandoah Co, VA. Their son, Charles DODSON later settled in Greene TN. His son, John DODSON, lived in Greene Co, then later purchased land on Dodson Creek of Hawkins Co, TN, from a Mark MITCHELL (See Next), but kinship, if any, to Jesse & Judah Combs Dodson of Halifax Co VA & White County, Tennessee, unknown. Likewise, not known if kin to John DODSON, s/o Lambeth DODSON, who d in White Co, TN aged 100-110. (Primary Source: Dodsons of Northfarnum Parish, Rev. Silas Lucas & S. Underwood Williams, Southern Historical Press)

MARK MITCHEL, Private, VA Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $1,491.73 Amount Received, May 1, 1819 Pension Started, Age 81, Warren Co, Tennessee Pension List. In Aug 1818 he stated he was 63 or 64 (b 1754-55), and in 1820 his (second) wife was aged 47 (b ca 1773). He had 2 daughters (unnamed) aged 14 & 11 and a son, James, aged 6 and Isaac, aged 02 years. He was still residing in Warren Co, Tennessee in 1836. (RW Pension File S38947)

Notes: Mark MITCHELL m (1) Mary RYDER in St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co, VA on 26 Mar 1787; (2) between 1795 and 1806, Ana HAWK. His son, John (by 1st marriage) m Elizabeth JOHNSON, d/o Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson, Sr.. Mark MITCHELL listed on the 1830 Census, Warren Co, TN, P. 369, Line 21: 20110000001-00001001. He does not appear to be the same Mark MITCHELL who was in Early East TN, s/o Joab and Mary HENDERSON Mitchell (by oral family tradition); however, the latter Mark MITCHELL appears to have been closely involved with the same families with whom the CODYS, Combs, DODSONS, JOHNSONS and STACYS associated in early East TN. Also Note: A Mark MITCHELL (2) Report will be provided shortly.

Samuel MOORE, Private, North Carolina Line. Born 8 Oct 1762 in Orange Co NC & lived with his father in Rutherford Co, North Carolina at enlistment and was severely wounded and taken to his brother Andrew MOORE'S home in Burke Co GA and later returned to Rutherford Co, North Carolina where he enlisted again and after the War he moved to Burke Co GA, then to Claiborne Co, Tennessee, then to Clay Co, Kentucky, then to Bedford County, Tennessee, then to White County, Tennessee, then to Wayne County, Tennessee, then returned to White Co, Tennessee where he applied 11 Oct 1832. MOORE died 16 Sep 1850 in Van Buren County, Tennessee. He had m Nancy or Nansey CARY 14 Apr 1792 or 1793 or 1825 (all three dates given by widow under oath) in Dickson County, Tennessee. She applied 06 Dec 1850 Van Buren County, Tennessee, aged 75 and in 1850 a William MOORE was of Van Buren County, Tennessee, but no relationship stated. In 1867 the only surviving child of widow was Rose Ann SEAMANS (not stated if she was MOORE'S daughter). MOORE had declared that his step-daughter had m the son of John HAILEY, an Englishman who had served in the British Army. Payments: White County, TN: $60.00 Annual Allowance, $180.00 Amount Rec'd, Aug 14, 1833 Pension Started, Age 72. Note: See Samuel MOORE (same?) on 1811 Clay Co, Kentucky Tax List (was not on 1810) among numerous Combs of Clay Co, Kentucky, and in White County, Tennessee on land adjacent to that of William RIDGE, Jr., s/o British Loyalist William & Winnifred Combs Ridge (Allen), Sr. of Surry Co NC. Also note possible Georgia connection to William & (Tisha Combs?) Johnson of Warren Co, TN, the former brother of Martin (& Sarah Combs) Johnson, also found with William & Sarah HORN Ridge, Jr. in White County, Tennessee

Robert MORROW. Wife: Elizabeth, served NC Line; widow applied 16 Jul 1840 Warren Co, TN aged 80; they had married 4 Nov 1779, and he died 18 Mar 1824. She died 23 Oct 1848 leaving children Robert, Hugh & Alexander M. MORROW, Jane SILES & Mary MARTIN. One Hugh MORROW made affidavit on 18 Oct 1832 in Warren Co, TN, aged 66, that children's births were George born 30 Aug 1780, Margaret born 16 Aug 1782, Elizabeth born 18 Nov 1784, Hugh born 7 Nov 1786, Elizabeth 2nd born 23 Nov 1788, Mary born 18 Oct 1790, John born 25 Feb 1793, Robert born 12 Feb 1795, Jean born 4 Nov 1797, Alexander Martin MORROW born 18 Mar 1801 & Alexander M. born 14 Mar 180? (RW Pension File R7431 and Tennessee Cousins, Worth Ray, p. 525) See 1812 Warren Co, TN Tax List of Christian Shell.


John NELSON, Private, North Carolina Line, $80.00 Annual Allowance, $240.00 Amount Received, September 17, 1833 Pension Started, Age 80, Warren Co, TN; m. Lucy HART 12 Oct 1786 in Chatham Co, NC by Rev. Sherwood WHITE & she was born 11 Dec 1772 & he was born 9 Jul 1755 in Cumberland Co NC. He lived in NC at enl & after the Rev he lived in NC, SC, KY, IN, & TN. He applied 1 Oct 1832 Warren Co, TN, and his widow applied 23 Oct 1843 Coffee County, Tennessee where he died 19 Aug 1843. He and wife had 2 daughters; Mary born 25 May 1789 & Rebeckah born 11 Jun 1791 & the dau Rebeckah m James DAVIS 25 Jun 1807. (RW Pension File W53)

Note: A John NELSON appears on Northampton Co, NC 1787 tax list on p. 27 w/Benjamin JOHNSON, and on p. 28 are Dardan and Barnaba JOHNSTON Jr as well as a Francis MABREY, James VINSON and others. (See RW Barnabas JOHNSON of Warren Co, TN, and see Combs-Mabry Connections. John NELSON listed on the 1830 Warren Co, TN census on p. 329: 0000000001-000000001. In 1840 listed in Coffee Co, TN.


Charles PAYNE or PAINE, Private, VA Militia , $23.33 Annual Allowance, $ Amount Received, January 30, 1834 Pension Started, Age 76, Warren Co, TN Pension List. Per RW Pension file served both NC & VA Line; was born 4 Apr 1758 in Halifax Co, Virginia & at age of 5 or 6 years he moved to Pittsylvania Co, Virginia where he lived at enl & later moved to the part of East TN which became Hawkins County, Tennessee for 14 years, then moved to GA for 19 years, then moved to Warren Co, Tennessee where he applied 3 Apr 1833. Soldier declared that after leaving GA he had lived 1 year in Marion County, Tennessee. He died 7 Sep 1838. (RW Pension File S4643) See 1830 Warren County, Tennessee Census Page 369, Line 5 for Charles PAYNE: 0000000001-0000000001. Seeking to learn where in GA Charles PAYNE lived due to mystery of where William and (Tisha Combs?) Johnson were residing in 1806 when son, James M. JOHNSON b in GA (Wm. JOHNSON in Warren TN by 1810). Charles PAYNE believed related "somehow" to Daniel PAINE who m Sylvia Combs and also resided in Warren TN near Combs-JOHNSON families.

WILLIAM PELHAM, Private, SC Line, $30.00 Annual Allowance, $90.00 Amount Received, April 26, 1834 Pension Started, Age 80, Warren Co, TN Pension List. Wife: Martha. He was born about 1750 on the big Peedee in SC "near the Anson Court House" & he lived in Union SC at enlistment, later moved to the Edisto River in SC & later returned to Union Co, SC then to Burke Co, NC then to Warren Co, TN where he applied 18 Apr 1834. His widow applied 1 Jul 1850, Cannon Co, TN, stated they had 9 children who in 1834 were Rebecka 51, Fanny 48, Polly 45, Susan 39, Isham 36, Tempey 34, Levi 32, Alexander 28 & William aged 26. (RW Pension File R8080)

Note: See Also Combs of Augusta Co, Virginia for more re possibly this PELHAM Family. Also note possible connection to Waxhaw Settlement with RW'S BROWN and DAVIS

Charles PENNINGTON was b 6 Jun 1758 Bucks Co PA and lived in PA at time of his enlistment where he had served under a Capt. David PENNINGTON (Rel. not stated). After the RW he moved to Rowan Co NC for 5 years, then to Grayson Co, Virginia for 17years, then to Clinch Mountain VA for 5 years, then White Co, TN for 17 years, then to Lawrence Co IN for 4 yrs then to Coles Co IL where he applied for his pension on 25 Mar 1840. (RW Pension File R8098)

MOSES PERKINS, Private, Georgia Militia, $59.00 Annual Allowance, $ Amount Received, January 17, 1834 Pension Started, Age 76, Warren Co, TN Pension List; applied 10 Oct 1833, Warren Co, TN, aged 75; he lived Wilkes Co GA at enlistment, was b in 1758 in Lincoln Co, NC, sol lived in Wilkes Co, GA some years aft the RW then moved to Pendleton Dist SC & in 1804 moved to Warren Co, TN . (RW Pension File S3677) Moses PERKINS died in Sep 1849 of old age at age 88, born in VA (1850 Warren County, Tennessee Mortality Schedule, Warren Co, TN GenWeb Archives) Updated 21 Dec 1998.

WARREN or WARRAN PHILPOT, NC Line, was born 28 Aug 1756 in Charles Co, MD & in 1778 he moved from Frederick Co MD to Bedford Co VA & in 1779 he moved to Guilford Co, North Carolina & in 1780 he returned to Bedford Co, Virginia & in 1784 he moved to Franklin Co GA & in 1801 moved to Pendleton Co SC & in 1807 moved to Warren Co, TN & in 1830 moved to Washington Co in the AR Terr & he applied there 12 Dec 1833. (RW File S31907)

ANJER PRICE, Sergeant, VA Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $1,198.80 Amount Received, July 3, 1833 Pension Started, Age 77, Warren Co, TN Pension List; was born He was b 27 Feb 1756 in Culpeper Co, Virginia; died 10 Dec. 1829, applied 18 Aug 1818 Warren Co, TN, and in 1821 was aged 64 with a wife Jane aged 56 & 3 children; Rewben age 34, a lunatic, Polly 16 & Patsey aged 13, all living at home. His widow applied 14 Oct 1839 Coffee County, Tennessee, aged 74. He had lived in Shenandoah Co, VA at enlistment & had married there to Jane (PRICE) his cousin on 10 Apr 1783 & she was born 3 Oct 1765 in Granville Co, North Carolina. After his service, PRICE lived in SC for 2 years then moved to Russell Co, VA & later moved to Warren Co, TN. After he was discharged he gave his papers to a relative Mary PRICE who later moved to GA. In 1842, his son, Col A. J. PRICE, was referred to, and soldier Anjer PRICE'S sister, Lucy PRICE, was of Warren Co, Tennessee in 1821. In 1821 a Reuben PRICE stated he remembered Anjer PRICE returning home with a wound. In 1842 a Richard PRICE aged 83 was of Hamilton County, Tennessee. (RW Pension File W1073)

Anjer Price's daughter Christian Jane PRICE married William M. McFARLANE, submitted by (Gwineth Irene WALTON)

Notes: The "other" [?] Reuben PRICE (soldier's nephew?) had m Dolly CODY (d/o William & Sinai STACY Cody). Sinai STACY's brother, Benjamin STACY m Ann Combs, and her sister, Sith STACY, m William Combs, both children of Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr. of Richmond, Stafford & Frederick Cos, VA & Surry Co NC, and the CODYS, Combs, PRICES & STACYS are also found together in Russell Co, Virginia in the 1780s and 1790s. It is not known if Anjer PRICE was kin to William PRICE that follows (Combs-Stacy-Price Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews).

THOMAS PRICE, NC Line, s/o Capt. Thomas PRICE, b 9 Jul 1766; d 13 Feb 1827, White County, Tennessee, m bef 1794, Burke Co, NC, Margaret ROBERTSON, b 6 Aug 1768, d 4 Apr 1845, White Co, TN. Also resided Rutherford Co NC, Greene Co, VA [sic], Jackson Co, TN and KY. Daughters m CARR, McDANIEL and RUTLEDGE (RW Pension File of Margaret ROBERTSON Price, which includes significant additional detail)

WILLIAM PRICE, NC Line, was born 19 Dec 1762 in York Dist SC & was raised in Rutherford Co, NC & he lived in what later became Carter Co, TN (then Washington) when he enlisted. His father was Thomas PRICE, and his mother was living in Rutherford Co NC in 1784. His father, Capt. Thomas PRICE, was killed in the battle of Augusta during the Revolution. He applied 9 Oct 1832 in White Co, TN where he had lived for about 20 years [since 1812] & died there 30 Oct 1844. He had married Elizabeth HAMPTON 19 Dec 1784 in Rutherford Co NC. His widow appl 12 Jun 1846 in White Co, Tennessee aged 79 [b 1767]; she died 1 Jun 1855, and children were referred to but none were named. In 1856 a granddaughter, Catheriene, the wife of James WEATHERFORD was living in White County, Tennessee, and William's brother, George PRICE, was aged 67 in 1846 a res of White County, Tennessee. William's widow rec'd BLW warrant dated 29 Jan 1856. (W1072, BLW#14969-160-55) WILLIAM PRICE, White County, Private - Musician, North Carolina Line, $84.00 Annual Allowance, $224.00 Amount Rec'd, Jun 22, 1833 Pension Started, Age 72.

Notes: Elizabeth HAMPTON was the daughter of Colonel Andrew HAMPTON of Rutherford Co., NC of Kings Mountain fame by his second wife, Catherine HYDER (Combs-Cody Researcher George Baumbach) William was the brother of the above Thomas PRICE. See also RW William PRICE'S Pension File Transcription


JOSEPH RANKHOW [or RANKHORN?], Private, North Carolina Line, $40.00 Annual Allowance, $120.00 Amount Received, October 2, 1833 Pension Started, Age 74, Warren Co, TN Pension List. Listed on 1840 census of DeKalb Co, TN

SAMUEL REIDINGER [a.k.a. RAIDINGER, REDINGER, but his signature was REIDINGER], Private, Pennsylvania Line, $20.00 Annual Allowance, $60.00 Amount Received, February 1, 1834 Pension Started, Age 75, Warren Co, TN Pension List. Abstracted by Researcher Steve Carson from Revolutionary War Pension Application, S32468: Samuel RAIDINGER, PA Line, W32468, applied 8 January 1834 from Warren County, TN, soldier was born 6 Jun 1758 in York County, PA and he lived there at enlistment and he lived there for 15 to 20 years after the Revolution then moved to Montgomery County, VA for 21 years and in 1822 moved to Warren County, TN, soldier referred to his brother John REIDINGER, on 19 February 1835 soldier had moved to AL to be with son and son-in-law. Samuel RIDINGEAR [sic], appears on the 1830 Warren County, TN, page 329, line number 10:1000100001 - 100010001. (See also Steve's transcription of Samuel's RW Pension File in the Warren Co, TN GenWeb Archives) Updated 21 Dec 1998

LUNEY [LUNAR, LOONEY] RHEA, Private, 39th Regiment Infantry, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $1,262.66 Amount Received, January 24, 1817 Pension Started, $64.00 Annual Allowance, $416.00 Amount Received, September 4,1827 Pension Started, Warren Co, TN Pension List. Note: s/o Rev. John RAY [a.k.a. RHEA, WRAY]

REUBEN ROBERTS, Private, North Carolina Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $1,141.86 Amount Received, June 1, 1819 Pension Started, Age 79, Dropped May 1, 1820, Restored October 7, 1823, Warren Co, TN; applied 11 Sep 1818 White Co, Tennessee aged 67, on 7 Oct 1820; had moved to Warren County, Tennessee & at this time gave his age as 65 yrs & ref to 2 sons aged 19 & 13 & to 2 daughters aged 22 & 21 (no names given). He had enlisted at Hillsboro [Orange Co] NC, had served in the battles of Brandywine, White Horse, Germantown, King's Mountain, and Guilford Courthouse; m Mary Milly ASHOR in Aug 1785; died 2 Aug 1841; and his widow applied 19 Feb 1844 Warren Co, TN; they had had 12 children, but file included names of only (1) John who stated in 1823 he had wife & child; James, who was b 29 Dec 1793, & in 1844 lived in Warren TN; & Cobb who was aged 16 in 1823. (RW Pension File W1492) Buried in Ashbury Cemetery with DAR marker on grave.


JESSE SAPP, Private, VA Line, $23.33 Annual Allowance, $58.32 Amount Received, September 28, 1833 Pension Started, Age 71, Warren Co, TN Pension List. The 1830 Warren Co, TN census lists Jesse SAPP on p. 311.

THOMAS SHOCKLEY, served VA Line, was born in Sep 1755 in Pittsylvania Co VA [then Lunenburg] & lived there at enlistment, & after the Rev War, moved to Grainger County, Tennessee, & in 1816 he moved to White Co, Tennessee where he applied 13 Jul 1833. In 1833 one Isaiah SHOCKLEY made affidavit in White Co, Tennessee & stated he remembered Thomas SHOCKLEY stopping at the home of his father (not named) in Grayson Co VA on his return from the Rev, kinship not given. (RW Pension File S3905) Daughter Margaret SHOCKLEY m (1) James GOAD and (2) John FRANKLIN (See 1829 Rocky River Baptist Church Membership List for additional)

EBENEZER SNOW, born 1758, Kent Co, DE, d 1835, Roane Co, TN, served in both Delaware and Surry Co, NC. Married Sep 1783, Surry Co, NC, Sallie WICKER, removed to Warren Co, TN (See 1812 Warren County, Tennessee Tax List of Thomas BURGESS for much additional detail).

JOHN SPRADLIN, Private, North Carolina Line, $40.00 Annual Allowance, $120.00 Amount Received, December 27, 1833 Pension Started, Age 86, Warren Co, TN Pension List

SIMEON STEWART, Private, 1st Regiment Rifles, $48.00 Annual Allowance, $240.00 Amount Received, February 12, 1822 Pension Started, Died September 17, 1814, Warren Co, TN Pension List. Heirs: ALEXANDER STEWART, ISAAC STEWART, JAMES STEWART, RACHEL STEWART

WILLIAM STURMAN, Private, VA Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $856.00 Amount Received, April 14, 1823 Pension Started, Age 77, Died January 30, 1832, Warren Co, TN Pension List. See 1812 Warren County, Tennessee Tax List of Christian Shell.

GEORGE SULLIVAN, served NC & PA Line, applied 16 Nov 1833 White Co, Tennessee aged 73. (RW Pension File S4025)


JOSEPH TIPTON, VA Line, born ca. 1734/5 Baltimore, MD, died ca. 1840 Warren Co., TN, buried Viola, married ca. 1774 in Dunmore [Shenandoah] Co., VA to Elizabeth DENTON. [Source?]

THOMAS TUCKER, Private, Maryland Line, $20.00 Annual Allowance, $60.00 Amount Received, January 6, 1834 Pension Started, Age 83 in 1832, Warren Co, TN Pension List; was born 14 Oct 1750, lived Calvert Co MD at enlistment, & after RW moved to Stokes Co, NC for 13-14 years [1782-1796?] then to Morgan Co, GA for 2 years, then to Warren Co, TN, where he applied 9 Jan 1833. (RW Pension File S3835)

JOHN TURNLEY, Private, VA Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $345.33 Amount Received, January 31, 1829 Pension Started, Age 76, Died December 7, 1832, Warren Co, TN Pension List of 1832.


JAMES WITHROW, James, NC Line, was b 10 Jun 1764 in Rowan Co, NC & moved from there to the forks of the Catawba River in what became Burke Co, North Carolina and he lived there when he enl & later moved to Knox Co, TN then moved to Madison Co, KY, then moved to Warren Co, TN in 1811 where he applied 5 Dec 1836. (RW Pension File S6403)

Primary Sources include:

Microfilm of original RW Pension Files, National Archives, Washington, D. C.
Various 1818 and 1832 Pension Lists.
Various 1840 US Census Records
Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Abstracted by Virgil D. White, Published by The National Historical Publishing Company, 1990.
Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records, Patrick Wardell

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