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Important! Due to a "surplus" of marriage records, we fell months behind in adding Combs Marriage Records to our Index. Fortunately, Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews (See Below) has come to the rescue (Aug 1998), and will be gradually updating our Index until we are once again “caught up”, and thereafter maintaining the Index. In the meantime, please see also (1) our Combs Counties of Record where additional marriage data is often located; and (2) the Combs Research List Archives for the Combs Research List. Also note that our Combs &c. Research Project is still very much a Work-In-Progress, with over 200 Combs &c. Researchers working simultaneously to Add to and Correct information, thus accuracy is not guaranteed; i.e., we are currently still For Reference Purposes Only.

Notice! Numerous corrections have been made to Perry Co KY Marriages as a result of the new transcription of the 1850 Perry Co KY Census (All marriage web pages showing update of 27 Jul 1998 or later reflect corrections to Perry Co KY Marriages).

The Index to Combs Marriage Records includes not only marriages of public record, but those garnered from bible records, obituaries, deeds, wills, letters, biographies, etc. The Marriage Records are fully cross-indexed by both Bride and Groom as well as by witnesses, bondsmen, parents, and other named parties.

In many instances, the Combs Marriage Record is Annotated, in which case, the Combs Given Name is also a direct hot link to the additional data, which often includes records of Implied Marriages; i.e., those not found in County or Parish Records. Every Marriage Record is also Cross-Indexed to its Source, although some records are still undocumented, such as those from Marriage CD's, in which case the present, undocumented record should be considered only a "place-holder" until the Original Record is located. Ultimately, we hope to have all marriage records cross-referenced to the Combs County of Record, which should always be checked (although hundreds of Combs Counties are still in the editing room at this time).

Reminder! Many of the marriage records are under 'nicknames,' not formal given name. See Also Our Combs Nickname List

Our Early Combs Marriages Records Are Indexed as follows:

I. Combs Brides and Grooms by Given Name


* Only Combs Brides or Grooms are Indexed by Given Name. See III below for Other Combs named in the Marriage Record. Also Note: Variant spellings have been ignored for Indexing Purposes only. The record itself is faithful to the original spelling, and is indicated with the record when spelled other than “Combs”.

II. All Non-Combs by Surname, Given Name


* Includes the Non-Combs spouse, parent, bondsman, witnesses, etc..

III. Index to All Other Combs

Other Combs Index

* Includes those Combs who were part of the marriage record, but neither Bride nor Groom; i.e., bondsmen, parents, witnesses, etc. No Combs Brides or Grooms are listed in the Other Combs Index as those can be found under their Given Name in the Combs Marriage Records.

Special Thanks To:
Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews who originally proposed and has contributed hugely to the Combs Marriage Records
Combs-Vaughan Researcher Mary Sapp Gregg, whose on-line VA Vaughan Marriages provided us with both inspiration and the basic framework for this project.

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