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Note: Many of the Genealogies and Research and Family Reports* herein are designed to be utilized in conjunction with our Combs Counties, our Combs Bibliography, etc. Organization is Alphabetical by Given Name of earliest Combs, and includes primary Associated Surnames and Locations. See Also our “Combs &c. Families” (a.k.a. Combs-Associated Families).

*Use of the term “Reports” indicates that all available documentation is provided, either in the Report itself, or via a hot-link, by Combs Researchers (as versus “Genealogies”, some of which link to (possibly) unsourced gedcom-style web sites.

Warning! The simultaneous addition of numerous records to numerous Combs Counties has caused a number of our Combs Research Family Reports to appear to be in conflict with either records, and/or annotations to records. Your patience is requested while we continue to add to and “repair” various reports - whether of our families and/or their counties.

Abraham Combs of Old Rappahannock Co, VA & St. Mary’s Co, MD (16??-1684) - includes Alvey, Clark, Meador & more…Report
Alexander Combs: Two Alexander & Mary (Polly) Combs of Perry Co, KYReport
Andrew Combs (COOMBS) II (pre-1728-1773/4) of Coombs’ Fort, Tonoloways Settlement, MD & PA and Loudoun VA (son of (?) Joseph I)Report
Ann Combs of Stafford, Frederick, Montgomery & Russell COs, VA; and Lincoln and Green COs, KY (1742-18??) (d/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.), m Benjamin STACY, Sr. (s/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy, Sr.)Report
Archdale Combs I of Stafford & Old Rappa Virginia (1641?-1684?) - includes Cammock, Foxhall, Savage, Thatcher, Underwood and many, many moreReport
Archdale Combs II & III of Richmond, Essex & King George COs VA - includes Cope, Dorsett, Tutt, Underwood (>1700-1735) (s/o John & Hannah Combs, Sr.)Report
Biram “8” Combs & Unknown RIDGE of Surry Co, NC, Cumberland, Wayne & Clay COs KY, and Greene(?) Co, IN (176?-18??) (s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.)Reports
Carlton Wilbur Combs, grandson of John & Sarah MABRY Combs (m 1772 Guilford NC, later in Washington VA & East TN) - Transcription of a 15-page letter detailing 4 generations of Combs of VA, NC, TN, GA, AL, IN, IL, IA, KS, including surnames too numerous to list - also includes Carlton’s portrait…Letter
Charles (& Elinor?) Combs of Old Rappahannock. & Essex VA - includes (BUTLER, VEALE) See BUTLER - COMBS Connections (A Combs Research Report)1693-1711
Charles Combs of Seneca Co, NY (c.1791-1838)Report
Charles Allen and Caroline Rushing Traylor CombsReport
Cuthbert B. & Sally DANIEL Combs, Jr. of Stafford VA & Clark KY (1783-1853) (s/o Cuthbert & Sally EVANS Combs, Sr.) (Barbara Rivas’ Combs Family Tree)Report
Cuthbert & Sally EVANS Combs, Sr. of Stafford VA & Clark KY (1745-1815). (s/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr.)Report
Edward & Rebecca STILLWELL Combs (COOMBS) I (1736-1820) of Coombs’ Fort, Tonoloways Settlement,MD & PA and Nelson KY (son of(?) Joseph I)Report
Elijah “8” & Sarah “Sally” ROARK Combs, Sr. of Hawkins TN & Perry KY (1770-1855) (s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.)Report
Elitia Combs, wife of Rev. Richard SMITH and d/o “Danger” Nicholas & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr. of Perry Co, KY (AKA Alicia, etc.)Report
Elizabeth (-----) (Underwood) (Underwood) Combs, w/o Unknown UNDERWOOD, Col. Wm. UNDERWOOD, and Archdale Combs I of Old Rappahannock Co, VA16??-16??
Elizabeth Combs, (169?-17??), d/o John & Ann/Hannah (MASON?) Combs of Richmond Co, VA, m William KENDALL - of Richmond & Stafford COs VAReport
Ellis & Judith BARGER Combs of England (1600s), London, EN and Willand, DevonshireReport
Enoch & Barbary Combs, Sr. of (Lancaster Co, VA?) & Calvert and Talbot Counties, Maryland1638-1695+
Dr. Evan Ennis Combs, (s/o Cuthbert & Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr.) of Montgomery County, KyReport
Francis (1722-1822) & Charity WOOD Combs of MD, Surry Co, NC & Nelson Co, KYReport
George “8” & Lydia HARRELL Combs of Hawkins Co, TN; and Clay & Perry COs, KY (pre-1774- 1826/7) (s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.)Reports
George & Ann (DENNEY? BALTRIP?) Combs of Wilkes Co, NC1761-1843
George & Phebe Combs of Amelia and Halifax, Virginia, and White, Tennessee (See John Combs I of Amelia)1721-1799
Gilbert & Christianna DENTON Combs (17??-1781) of Monmouth NJ; Shenandoah, Culpeper, Botetourt COs, VA; and TN (g/so Robert Combs, d 1781, Shenandoah Co, VA).Report
Henry “8” & Rachel CLEMENTS Combs of Montgomery Co, VA, Clay & Perry COs KY, and (Greene CO?) Indiana (m 2 Phoebe FRANCIS) (s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.)Report
Henry & Tempie Proffit DAVIS Combs of East KY (s/o Matthew & Frankie BROWN Combs, Jr.), including HICKS, TAULBEE and more… Another Must-See Site, includes an All-New Index to Online Census Records, plus various Obituaries and other Records Archives.Genealogy
Hiram & Mary Combs, Two of Perry Co, KY and Madison Co, AR: (1) Private Hiram, s/o Clinton & Matilda Combs Combs; and (2) Capt. Hiram, s/o Elijah and Mary “Polly” COMBS Combs, Jr.Report
Jane Combs & John ASHBY of Stafford Co, VA (d/o Joseph Combs I of Stafford)Report
Jeremiah L. “Long” Combs, Sr., h/o Nancy (COMBS?) and s/o John Combs III(?) of East KentuckyReport
Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs (s/o Mason & Dorothy Combs (Jr.?)), of Hawkins & Warren COs, TN & Madison Co, AR.
(See Also Travis’ Descendants of Jeremiah & Charity RHOADS Combs of Warren Co, TN and Madison Co, AR)
Jeremiah Combs of the Early Southern Frontier (Six)Report
Jesse & Polly BOLLING Combs, Sr. of Perry Co, KY (1798-1874) (s/o Elijah & Sarah ROARK Combs, Sr.) including original Combs Family RecordsReport
Joanne Combs (?) & John MEADOR of Old Rappahannock VA (See Also Abraham Combs & Old Rappahannock Co, VA)16??-168?
Job Combs - Timeline and Research Tool for Straightening out the Job Combses. Other Combs include: Michael (brother of Job), Samuel P., Solomon, Thomas and Zur. Associated Families include: ACCORD/ECKERT, BARRETT, CASE, COONS/KOONTZ, DENTON, LOVE, McCONNELL, McNEIL, NEELY, O’DELL, PINKLEY, ROCKHOLD, SLAUGHTER/SPANGLER, STOCKWELL, STRAIN, TAYLOR, Van METRE & WILLIAMSReport
John Combs of Amelia Co, Virginia - including BOOKER, DODSON, ELAM, EVANS, HAMMOCK, JETER,MABRY, WINN, YATES and Halifax Co, VA; Wilkes Co, GA; Fairfield Co, SC; Jefferson Co, TN and more…Report
John Combs of Amelia (& Lunenburg?) Co, VA, Fairfield District, SC and Wilkes Co, GA1759 - ????
John & Alice JOLLY Combs (COOMBS) I (ca 1733-1801) of Coombs’ Fort, Tonoloways Settlement, MD & PA and Nelson Co, KY (son of(?) Joseph I)Report
John & Lydia Combs of Montgomery Co, KY, and their Descendants. (Also Includes Daniel & Thomas Combs) (1782-1865)Report
John & Margaret ARCHDALE Combs of England (1500s-1600s)Report
John “8” & Margaret Combs of Shenandoah VA & Lincoln & Perry COs, KY (1761-1848), Revolutionary Soldier (s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.)Report
John & Nancy HARDING Combs of Frederick, Shenandoah and Montgomery COs, VA; Surry Co, NC; and East KY, parents of “the eight” (ca 1735-1820?) (s/o Mason Combs, Sr.)Report
John & Sarah MABRY Combs (17??-c1808) of (Stafford, VA?); Guilford, NC; Washington & Russell(?) VA; Grainger, Jefferson ( & more) East TNGedcom Report
John & William Combs & the LOWE & ROWE Families of Lancaster Co, VA; and Talbot County, Maryland (includes GORSUCH, LOVELACE, POWELL, STACY & more… )16??-17??
John Combs (17??-1786), husband of Seth BULLITT & s/o Joseph Combs I, of Stafford & Prince William, Virginia
See Also Barbara Rivas’ Combs Family Tree
John Combs (c1662-1717) & Ann/Hannah (MASON?) Combs (Wroe?) of Richmond Co, VA, son of Archdale Combs I of Old Rappahannock)Report
John Combs, Jr. (17??-1780) & Sarah LUTTRELL of Stafford, PW & Fauquier, VA (son of John Sr. and Seth BULLITT Combs of Stafford)Report
John III & Sarah (?) Combs of East KentuckyReport
John Joseph Combs (c1810-1838) of Fauquier?, Hampshire & Hardy COs VA, and Allegheny MD, and Susan Melvina CRAWFORD, including surnames FULLER, RUSH, SEABER & ATHEY - Also the home of the Combs Counties of Hampshire VA and Allegheny MD.Report
John L. Combs b. abt 1797 d. aft 1860 of Barren Co, KY and Pettis Co, MO and his wife PhoebeReport
Jonathan & Thomas Combs of Pennsylvania & Sullivan Co, TN. Includes GLOVER, HICKS, MORRELL, O’DELL and more.Genealogy
Joseph Combs (COOMBS) I (pre-1708-????) of Coombs’ Fort, Tonoloways Settlement, MD & PA (and sons(?) Joseph II, John, Edward, Andrew and Samuel)Report
Joseph Combs (COOMBS) II (1728-1803) of Coombs’ Fort, Tonoloways Settlement, MD & PA (son of(?) Joseph I)Report
Joseph Combs I (16??-1756?) of Stafford Co, VA - father of John, Sr., Joseph II and Jane Combs Ashby, also includes SIMPSON, JUDD and more…Report
Joseph Combs II (<1731-1808?) & Elizabeth HARRISON (and others) of Frederick, Stafford & Loudoun, Virginia (son of Joseph I)Report
Joseph Combs III (c1750-1810) of Stafford, Virginia (son of John and Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr.) [Pending re-write]Report
Joseph Combs of Clark Co, KY (-1842), s/o Cuthbert & Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr. and h/o Susannah CLARKReport
Gen. Leslie Combs of Virginia & Kentucky (1793-1881), s/o Benjamin & Sarah RICHARDSON Combs
**Fondly Dedicated to the Memory of our Combs Cousin, the late Becky Goodin**
Levi & Sarah ARRINGTON Combs of Wilkes, NC; TN; IL; and Washington Co, AR (1796-1886) (includes Bennett & Dorothy Combs of Pendleton SC & others)Report
Mason “8” & Jane “Jennie” RICHARDSON Combs of Wythe Co, VA and Clay and Perry COs,KY (s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.)Report
Mason & Dorothy Combs ( Jr?). (1747?-180?) - Hawkins TN -- Includes Simon( & Martha MURRELL) & Jeremiah (& Charity RHODES) + a few dangling TN Combs who may be theirs, too. (probable s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.)Report
Mason & Matilda WATTS Combs of East Kentucky (possible s/o John Combs III)Report
Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr. (1714-1785) of Richmond, Stafford, Frederick Virginia & Surry NC (s/o John & Hannah Combs, Sr.)Report
Michael & Job Combs - A report by Linda Berney. Report
Nicholas “8” Combs, Sr. and Nancy GRIGSBY of Frederick and Shenandoah Co, VA; Surry Co, NC; Sullivan Co, TN and Perry Co, KY, Revolutionary War Patriot and Tory (s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.)Report
Nimrod Combs alias LUTTRELL (ca 1767-1781) Husband of Betsy Kenner MARKHAM & (son of John and Sarah LUTTRELL Combs, Jr.)Report
Phillip & Elizabeth COMBES of Charles, St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties, MarylandReport
Phillip & John Combs of Amelia Co, VA, SC, TN & Wilkes GA1752-1837
Phillip Combs, Jr. & Sr. of Westmoreland Co, VA & St. Mary’s Co, MD?, including John & Simon Combs; Manly BROWN; Phillip BAUGOS (Boggess) & the YOUELL & KENDALL Families. See also Fairfax Co, VA.1688-1731
Richard Combs I of Hempstead, NY (includes Jamaica NY, and Monmouth & Middlesex COs, NJ, and more…Report
Richard COOMBS, Sr. of Charles County, MarylandReport
Robert (ASHBY?) Combs of Frederick, Loudoun and Fauquier COs VA (s/o Joseph Combs II of Stafford)Report
Robert Combs (17??-1781) of Monmouth, NJ; Powell’s Fort, Shenandoah, VA; & TN - (Includes Elijah, George, Gilbert,Job, Martha, Solomon, Thomas)Report
Robert COMBE of Haddingtonshire, Scotland - Generously submitted by Donald L. CombeReport
Samuel & Mary WILKS (CHESTNURT?) Combs (COOMBS) I (1728-1815) of Coombs’ Fort, Tonoloways Settlement, MD & PA, Loudoun VA & Nelson KY (son of(?) Joseph I)Report
Samuel S. Combs (1824-1894) of KY, Clay Co, IN, IL, Delaware & Clayton Cos, IA. A brief bio of Samuel S. Combs prepared by Combs Researcher Wes Blank.Report
Sarah Combs (1779-1828) & Martin JOHNSON of Hawkins & Warren TN, Madison Co, ARReport
Sarah Combs (c1775-1840) & Jacob HARLAN of Lincoln Co, KY & McDonough Co, IL (d/o Stephen & Barbara ALLEN Combs)Genealogy
Stephen Combs (c1750-181?) & Barbara ALLEN - Loudoun VA & Lincoln Co, KY. A Combs & c. Research Report. (See Also Judy’s Allen-Combs-Harlan Report)Report
Sylvia Combs (c1779-1857) & Daniel PAYNE of Hawkins & Warren COs TN; Walker Co, AL; Hancock Co, IL; and Lee, IA. (includes transcripts of written family histories)Report
Talbert & Ann ROSS Combs (1820-1860/70) of Bibb Co, GA, and much, much more…Genealogy
Thomas Combs (169?-1757) of Monmouth Co, NJ - includes surnames LIMING, NORTON, HUTCHESON, FITZRANDOLPH, SEABROOK & more, as well as an excellent index of genealogical resources. (Offsite, opens in new window)Genealogy
Thomas Combs (176?-1849) & Keziah HAYS (Hayes) Wilkes Co, NC; Hancock IN & Monroe IA including surnames ANDERSON, ELLIS, HENDREN, KENNEDY, McCRAY, SOUTHER, SPIVEY, STEEL, WATSON and more…Report
Thomas Combs (1794-1861) s/o Francis Coomes/Combs of Hampshire Co, VAReport
Thomas Combses Working Paper (A report by Jennifer Wilhelmi on all Thomas Combs &c. born prior to 1810, in an effort to determine their respective lineages)Report
Tisha (Leticia? Lishley?) Combs (1780-185?) & William JOHNSON - Includes SC, GA, Warren TN, and Madison ARReport
William & Mary HATTON Combs, Sr. of St. Mary’s Co, MD, and descendants - See the new Fannie Combs Gough Manuscript16??-1742
William (166?-1719) & Mary Combs of Richmond Co, VA (s/o Archdale Combs I of Old Rappahannock) - Includes BROWN, TAYLOR & more…Report
William Combs, Sr. (1755-1843) & Sarah Ann MILLION of Stafford & Russell VA; Montgomery KY; Edgar IL - includes Holliday, Jackson, Thompson, Varvell & more…Report
William Combs (176?-1816) of Wilkes NC, Charlotte & Chesterfield COs VA, and Sullivan Co, TN. (includes COOK, JOHNSON, NANCE, STARE, TAYLOR, THOMPSON, TOUSSON, TRAYLOR)Report
William Combs, Jr. (1777-1841) & Anna THOMPSON of Russell VA (son of William & Sarah Ann MILLION Combs, Sr. above)Report
William Combs, Sr. of Stafford, Frederick, Montgomery & Russell COs, VA, (1740-18??) (s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.), m Seth STACY (d/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy, Sr.) See Also Cody-Combs-Stacy ConnectionsReport
William Jefferson Combs & Sarah Elizabeth BAKER; Family of Dyer County, Tennessee.Report
William & John Combs & the LOWE & ROE Families of Lancaster Co, VA and Charles & Talbot Cos MD, including GORSUCH, HOWELL, LOCELACE, SMITH and more…16??-17??
William “8” Combs, Revolutionary Soldier of Shenandoah Co, VA and Lincoln, Bath, Fleming and Fayette COs KY (s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.).Report
William Combs (1789-1872) & Barbara BAUM of PA; Ross & Wyandot COs, OH; Sumner, KS, Buchanan, MO and more… Surnames include BRINSON, HAHN, LINDSAY, PITMAN,VANGUNDY and more…Genealogy
William & Mary “Polly” SKAGGS Combs Sr of Green Co, Kentucky, descendant of Archdale Combs of Stafford and Old Rappahannock Cos VAReport
Wilmouth Combs (d/o Revolutionary Soldier William “8” Combs) & Henry BANTA of Madison Co, KY; includes Platte, DeKalb, Howard, & Clinton Cos, MO; Sutter, Placer, Sutter, & Yolo Cos, CA.Report
Winnifred Combs (1749-18??) of Stafford & Frederick COs VA, & Rowan/Surry COs NC, m (1) British Loyalist William RIDGE of Surry NC & (2) Nathan ALLEN (who “grass-widowed” her). Also includes White Co, TN as well as numerous other areas/surnames. (d/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.)
See Also Tories of Surry Co, NC, a Special Report, which includes the William Ridge Estate File, published by Cody-Combs-Ridge-Stacy Researcher George Baumbach. Includes numerous transcriptions of original Combs & c. Documents, providing significant genealogical data.
Winnifred Combs (>1770-c1860), m (1) Samuel SUMNER; and (2) Robert HICKS, Sr. (d/o William & Seth STACY Combs, Sr.), of Montgomery & Russell COs, VA; East TN; Clay & Perry COs, KY; IN and MO. Provided by Combs Researchers Gloria Bogart Carter & Pat Osborne Orton.
See also Cody-Combs-Stacy Connections, an overview of the Southern Cody, Combs and Stacy Families
Zachariah Ellis COOMBES, Sr. (1833-1895), of Dallas, TX, lawyer, state legislator, and Confederate soldier, s/o William Nelson and Ivy (GREEN) COOMBES m. Rebecca Finch BEDORDReport
Zedekiah (Zadock) Combs (ca 1775- >1821) of Grayson Co, VAReport

Important! Researchers should also refer to our Combs & c. Bibliography for additional and/or more complete source citations.